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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

A short time later, back in the kitchen, Beryl asks John if he wants the last bit of toast. He declines, and so Beryl says she'll save it for the birds. John asks what they should do about Andy. Beryl snaps that if she had her way, she'd drive to the stupid farm and talk some sense into him. John points out that he doesn't want to listen. He then suddenly continues that there is someone who might know what to do - she should be awake by now; he'll give her a ring...

On the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural, Barbara asks John if there was nothing he could do to talk Andy out of it. She then snaps that the boy must be out of his mind. John replies that he sure as hell isn't seeing these people for what they're really like. Barbara agrees that he's certainly not. She tells John not to do anything until she gets there - she'll fly down this morning. She adds that she'll see him later and then hangs up. Gordon, who's sitting on the settee, asks what's happened with Andy. Barbara snaps that he's a stupid boy. Gordon says he's got himself involved in one of these stupid cults, has he? Barbara retorts that, apparently, yes. Gordon asks her what she can she do about it. Barbara tells him that Stephen had a problem with Samantha in America a couple of years ago - the same sort of thing: a bunch of religious nuts; he had the devil's own job trying to get her away, too - pardon the expression! Gordon comments that Andy is such a sensible boy - he's just not the type to get involved with people like that. Barbara points out that they're probably exactly the same as he is: clean-cut, fresh-faced... and Andy will be a prime target - the people there will offer him something to hang onto; to believe in. She then reminds Gordon about what has happened to Andy lately: one setback after another - they'll offer him all the answers and he'll want to believe them; then will comes the brainwashing: no sleep - and then, before they know it, they'll have lost him. Gordon asks if it got that far with Samantha. Barbara replies that it didn't - but only because Stephen was able to drag her away in time; and she intends to see that they do exactly the same for Andy. Gordon tells her that he'll come down with her. Barbara replies that that's very kind, but isn't Stephen coming up today to discuss business? Gordon recalls that that's right. He asks if Stephen should know about Andy. Barbara says yes, as they might need his help later on - but he mustn't say anything to Amanda; she'll just tell her that she's going to Melbourne to see a friend.

Katie and Jeff are sitting at the breakfast table at the O'Briens', and Heather tells them to get a move on, as she wants to get the place cleaned up. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Heather goes to answer it. Katie asks Jeff what he's doing today, and he replies that he's going to athletics training. A booming voice suddenly becomes audible, and Katie says, "Great - Uncle Jim's here!" Jeff immediately gets up and walks off. Jim and Heather come in, Jim talking about the problems with his current landlady as they do so. Katie asks him if he's having trouble with the place he's staying, and Jim replies that she might say that. Katie tells him to move in there, then. Heather immediately warns, "Katie..." Katie asks why not. Jim says he doesn't think so, and Heather points out that it could be pushing things a bit fast. Katie tells Jim that she'd like to see more of him. Jim replies, "Yeah, but..." He then quickly adds, "Hang on a minute..." He continues that he's just got his old brain ticking; he'll be back in a tick! He goes.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl tells Jim that he's got to be joking. Jim tells her to look at the advantages: rent on time every week, he's hardly ever home...; he'd be the perfect tenant - and the extra money will come in handy now that she's-- Beryl interrupts and says, "...Getting a divorce?" Jim continues that she can have a man there to help with jobs around the house. Beryl points out that she has John. Jim tells her that he'll get married one day! Beryl laughs that that won't be for a while yet! Jim goes on that the extra money must count - she'll be able to buy those little extras; it might make life that little bit more comfortable. Beryl smiles and tells him that she thinks there are one or two things he ought to know...

Next door, Heather and Katie are wiping up the dishes, and Katie says she wonders what Jim is up to - as soon as she mentioned that she'd like to see more of him, he got a funny look in his eyes. Heather says she thinks she knows what he's up to - she bets he's gone next door to tell Beryl Palmer what a great idea it would be if he moves in there! Katie roars, "Oh no!" in delight, and continues that he must be making up a great story about Beryl being the deserted wife struggling to make ends meet, and him being exactly what she needs! Heather laughs and says, "I know!" Katie says she has to tell Jeff. She heads into the lounge room, where Jeff is tying his shoe lace, and tells him to guess what she and mum reckon. Jeff snaps that he heard - he just feels sorry for Mrs. Palmer. He calls out to Heather that he's going and then tells Katie that Jim will stick to Mrs. Palmer like glue once he knows she's got a lot of money. Katie snaps that that's not fair. Jeff reminds her that she knows what he's like - always sponging off someone; he'll treat Beryl like a meal ticket. Katie snaps at him not to talk about their Uncle Jim like that. Jeff retorts that he'll do what he likes. Katie tells him that she thinks it's pretty rotten after the way Jim helped him when he was in trouble. Jeff retorts that he didn't ask him for help. He goes. Katie sighs heavily and heads back inside.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Jim tells Beryl that he feels a right galah - coming in there all gung-ho! Beryl points out that at least they've had a good laugh! John comes into the kitchen via the back door, and listens as Jim tells Beryl that he'll have to treat her with a lot more respect now! Beryl sees Jim to the front door. John sips from a glass of water, looking thoughtful.

A short time later, John is just about to head out, and, as he and Beryl stand on the front doorstep, Beryl asks where Barbara's staying. John replies that she'll be over at the Morrell house - Wayne and Amanda don't mind her using the place while she's in Melbourne. Beryl tells him that she hopes it all goes well. John says, "Me too..." Beryl suddenly notices that Jim's car is still parked next door, and she comments that he must be spending the whole day at the O'Briens'. She asks John if he heard that carry-on this morning about Jim wanting to board there; he's a funny man! She adds that she must pop in next door later - she has something she wants to ask him. John remarks that she's seeing a fair bit of Jim. Beryl innocently asks, "Am I?" She continues that he's a nice man and she enjoys his company - that's all there is to it. John apologises, and Beryl tells him that he's getting as bad as David. John kisses her on the cheek and tells her that he'll see her when he gets back. Beryl replies, "With Andy, I hope." John goes.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Jim and Katie are trying to decide who wipes up the lunch things when there's a knock at the door and Jim goes to answer it. Beryl is standing on the doorstep, and she says she hopes she's not interrupting anything. Jim assures her that she isn't. He invites her in and, as they head into the lounge room, Beryl tells him that she wondered if he'd like to come to a charity luncheon next week - she hasn't got a partner and he'd be doing her great favour if he'd come along. Jim smiles and says he'd love to. In the kitchen, Katie has overheard the conversation, and she remarks to her mother that it sounds like Jim will be living the high life! Heather comments that he'll be in his element! Looking wary, Katie asks Heather if she thinks Jim is keen on Mrs. Palmer because she's rich. Heather assures Katie that she doesn't think she has any worries. Katie says she doesn't think she'd like him anymore if he was like that. In the lounge room, Jim says he might get his photo in the social pages after this. Beryl laughs that he might!

Barbara is driving her car along an empty road with John in the passenger seat. He tells her that the weekend he was at the camp, they used to have what they called 'rap' sessions - where they got you talking about things that were really bad news; they had him going on about Patricia and Lisa - they made him think they really cared; they almost had him sucked in. Barbara tells him that that's how they operate: they pick on somebody who's weak and just hammer away at it. She adds that they must have had a field day with Andy. John agrees that they sure did: losing his mum... getting kicked out of the band in Sydney... plus a few other things...; they told him not to feel alone - that they'd be his family now. Barbara growls that she bets they did.

A while later, John points out a side road, and Barbara asks if this is it. John replies, "Yep." Barbara turns her car off the road nad up a muddy track. She stops the vehicle in front of a gate that has a big sign attached to it: 'NO ADMITTANCE. TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED'. John asks Barbara if she realises they may not let them talk to Andy. Barbara growls that they'd better; if they don't, she'll create such a ruckus that they'll let her talk to him just to get rid of her! John smiles. The two of them get out of the car and walk up to the gate, which has barbed wire running along the top of it. John opens the gate and they go through. He then closes the gate behind him and ties the security chain round it.

A short time later, in the grounds of The Farm, Andy is standing with another guy and a girl next to him, and he tells John that he's OK - really; there's nothing to worry about. Barbara asks him why he doesn't come back to Melbourne with her. Andy replies that he wants to stay there. Barbara snaps that the place is no good for him. Andy tells her that John might have the stupid idea that he's caught up in a religious cult, but nothing could be further from the truth; he likes being there; he likes what they're doing; he wants to stay there. Barbara angrily asks him if there's anything else they've taught him to recite. Andy snaps that there's no getting through to her. Barbara asks him if they could talk to him alone; could his friends leave them for just one moment? Andy retorts that he wants them there. John tells him that that's part of it: they never give you any privacy. The girl next to Andy replies that that's not true: they might ask a question about the group that Andy doesn't know the answer to yet. Barbara says, "Andy..." She then continues that Stephen's daughter, Samantha, who's in America at the moment, got caught up in exactly the same thing as he is; she knows what she's talking about - that the whole idea is to keep him by himself and keep him away from friends and family - and eventually he won't be able to think for himself, like these poor devils; she indicates the other guy and the girl. Andy retorts that she's wrong; she and John are there, and he's not being kept away from them. He tells them that he's staying on the farm of his own free will; the only hassles he's having are ones that they are making for him.

John opens the gate from The Farm side and, as he does so, asks Barbara if they should have stayed longer. Barbara snaps that they could have talked until they were blue in the face and it wouldn't have made any difference with those loonies hanging around. John agrees that they've got an answer for everything. He asks what they do now. Barbara shrugs and says she's not sure. She then adds, though, that there's one thing: she'd like to stop at the local police station and see what they say about the mob. They get in the car.

That evening, Mike, Heather, Katie and Jim are sitting at the dinner table at the O'Briens', and Mike asks his brother where he'll go if he moves out of where he is now. Jim replies that he doesn't know - he checked out the pub down the road and that didn't seem too bad. Heather comments that she doesn't like that idea. Katie agrees that she doesn't, either. Jim says he'll just wait and see what happens. Changing the subject, Heather offers coffee, and everyone accepts. Mike goes with her to the kitchen, to give her a hand. Alone with Jim, Katie suggests that he try the local paper - there are lots of places in there. In the kitchen, Mike comments to Heather that Jeff seems to be making a habit of not eating with them these days. Heather agrees that he does when Jim's around. Mike asks where he is tonight, and Heather replies that he's gone out with some friends. She then hesitatingly asks Mike why they don't ask Jim to stay with them. Mike, looking incredulous, says, "You're kidding!" Heather tells him that she knows he's thinking it'll be a disaster; that's what she thought when Katie suggested it. Mike suggests they leave it there, then. Heather, though, continues that she's thinking more of Jeff than Jim: if Jim was around more, they could force the issue and the two of them could work things out. Mike, looking dubious, says, "Maybe..." Heather points out that it's worth a try. Mike says he doesn't know. Heather tells him that they can't have Jeff disappearing every time Jim walks into the house. Mike asks how long it should take. Heather replies that a couple of weeks should be long enough. Mike asks if Jim goes after that, and Heather says, "Yes!" Mike gives in and says, "Alright!" Heather hugs him and thanks him, adding that he'll be doing the right thing. Mike says he'd better tell Jim the news. In the living room, Jim is talking to Katie about his past lodgings when Mike comes in. He tells his brother that he and Heather have been talking: if he would like to stay there with them for the next couple of weeks, he'll be more than welcome. Katie excitedly says that's great! Jim thanks Mike. Mike tells him that it will be until he finds some place he really likes. He then suggests that Jim go and thank Heather, and Jim gets up and goes. In the kitchen, he tells her that she's one in a million. Heather tells him that it will give him and Mike the chance to get back on a proper footing again. Jim says he's sure of it. He then adds that one thing is worrying him a bit: Jeff - he avoids him when he's around; and if they did have a run-in, one of them might end up saying too much. Heather says she doesn't think it's likely. Jim, though, continues that, if it did happen, and Mike found out that he'd been kept in the dark about what happened, he won't be too happy about it. Heather replies that she still thinks it was best not to tell him. Jim replies that so does he - but he can bet Mike won't. Heather tells him that she doesn't think Jeff will be silly enough to say anything. Jim replies that he's caused enough trouble for the family - he doesn't want to be mixed up in any more.

Sometime later, Mike, Katie and Heather are watching TV, and Katie asks if she can swtich over to a Clint Eastwood film. Heather tells her to go on! As she does so, Jeff comes in and says, "G'day!" He then adds that Jim's car isn't out the front; he's gone, has he? Mike replies, "Yep!" Jeff says that's good - that bloke gives him a pain. Mike then continues, though, that Jim will be moving in there for a couple of weeks. Jeff snaps, "What?" Mike tells him that his brother needs somwhere to stay. Jeff storms off in annoyance. Mike tells Heather that he'll talk to him. He follows his son into the kitchen, where he's getting his dinner out of the oven. As Jeff closes the kitchen door, Mike tells him that they misssed him at teatime. Jeff snaps that he went to the movies; he rang mum and told her. Mike replies that she told him. He sits down at the table and tells Jeff that, when Jim moves in there, he wants him to give him a fair go; he knows they don't like each other for some reason or other, but he thinks it's time Jeff acted more grown up. Jeff asks how. Mike replies, "By not disappearing." Jeff snaps that he can't help it: he knows Jim is his father's brother-- Mike interrupts and says that's right: he's making an effort, so why can't Jeff? He continues that Katie and Heather get on with Jim; Jeff is just making things uncomfortable for everyone. He asks Jeff if he'll give it a go, and Jeff mutters that he supposes so. Mike tells him, "Good man."

Beryl and Barbara walk from the Palmer kitchen into the lounge room, and Beryl thanks Barbara for wiping up. Barbara thanks Beryl for dinner, adding that she didn't fancy eating in a huge house on her own. They sit down with John, in front of the TV. Beryl comments to him that he's very quiet. John explains that he's been thinking of ways to help Andy. Barbara asks him if he has any ideas, but he replies that he just keeps drawing blanks. Beryl asks if the police said there was nothing they can do. Barbara tells her that their hands are tied: Andy is over 18 and on The Farm of his own free will; there's nothing they can do. John chips in that it's the same story they give all the families who come asking for their help. Beryl comments that it's a shame: they'll ruin his life. Barbara says they've done as much as they can today; she needs a good night's sleep. She suggests to John that they might come up with something tomorrow

Jim is in the kitchen at the O'Briens', pouring himself a glass of milk, and Mike asks him if he's got all his things unpacked OK. Jim replies, "Most of them." Mike tells him to make himself at home, and Jim thanks him. Mike heads off to bed, and Jim drinks his milk. Jeff suddenly appears in the doorway and tells Jim that he reckons his dad made the biggest mistake of his life letting him move in there. Jim just says, "G'day." Jeff ignores this and tells him that he'll only cause trouble for everyone. Jim asks him what makes him think that. Jeff snaps back that he always does. Jim asks him if it isn't time he grew up. Jeff retorts that he just doesn't want him around causing trouble for everyone. Jim snaps that that's great coming from Jeff, after all the trouble he put his mum through. Jeff snaps back at him to shut up about that. Jim suddenly realises that that's it: he helped Jeff out of a big scrape, and it really gets up his nose that he's got to be grateful to somebody he doesn't like. Jeff snaps at him to just keep out of his way for the next couple of weeks, and he'll keep out of Jim's; maybe that way, they won't end up in a punch-up.

Barbara arrives back at Toorak; the place is in darkness. She walks along the hallway, pauses and puts her handbag down on the telephone table. She then switches the table lamp on. She picks up the telephone handset and starts dialling.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, working, when the 'phone starts ringing. He answers it and Barbara says it's her. Gordon tells her that he was hoping she'd call. He asks how it's going, and she replies that it's terrible: she and John were at The Farm today, but trying to talk sense into Andy was like talking to a brick wall. She adds that she hasn't given up yet, though. She asks how everything is up there, and Gordon smiles as he says they're managing - Amanda is a pretty dab hand as a cook! Stephen comes into the room behind him as he says this. Barbara then asks if Stephen turned up, and Gordon replies that he's with him now. He asks her if she wants to talk to him, and Barbara says she does. Gordon tells Stephen that it's Barbara, and Stephen takes the 'phone. As he does so, he asks Gordon if there's any news on Andy. Gordon replies that there's nothing good. Stephen then says to Barbara that he hears things aren't going too well down there. Barbara grimly replies that he could say that - it's much the same situation he had with Samantha; she tried talking to the boy, but that's just not going to work; as far as she can see, they've only got one option left. Stephen asks what that is. Barbara tells him that she'd rather he didn't mention anything to Gordon, as she gets the feeling he might not agree, and he's got so much on his plate. Stephen warily asks her to get on with it. Barbara tells him, "I want you to come down and help me kidnap Andy."


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