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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Later that evening, the meal is over, and Jill is sitting opposite Kathleen at the dinner table. Robin comes back from the kitchen and suggests they grab a coffee and watch a couple of movies. Jill comments that she thought he got the videos for Kathleen. Robin replies that he's sure she wouldn't mind them watching with her. Kathleen assures them that she's happy with whatever suits them. Jill chips in that she'd like an early night. Kathleen says she'll get the coffee, and Jill tells her that it was a lovely meal. Kathleen retorts that she has her uses... She heads off to the kitchen. Alone with Jill, Robin asks her to stay up for a couple of hours. Jill tells him that she's pretty tired, but Robin explains that he can't seem to relax when he's on his own with Kathleen. Jill points out that he'll have to get used to it when she moves out. She then adds that he owes it to Kathleen to help her get back on her feet. Robin replies that he will - he's not going to run out on his responsibilities again - but he just needs to ask one favour: can Jill hold off moving out - just until Kathleen has sorted herself out?; he can't seem to manage on his own. Jill smiles and says, "Alright!" She then adds that it looks like she won't get an early night, doesn't it! Robin holds a videotape in each of his hands and puts them behind his back. He asks Jill which one she wants, and she chooses the left hand. Robin looks at what he's holding and remarks that it's just the movie he wanted to see! Jill laughs and says, "Cheat!"

A while later, Robin yawns as the film finishes, and he comments to Kathleen that it wasn't bad. Kathleen replies that it was good. Robin stands up and looks at Jill, who's dozing on the sofa. He remarks, "Look at old sleepyhead there!" Kathleen tells him not to wake her. She then asks if there's any more coffee in the pot. Robin picks it up and tells her that it's only lukewarn. Kathleen says that'll be fine. Robin pours her a cup and then sits down again. Kathleen comments that Jill has had a tiring day - she's done a lot for her; she really likes having her around. Robin comments that Jill has got quite an old head on young shoulders - she's been through a lot. Kathleen tells him that she's still not quite clear how he and Jill met. Robin explains that Jill helped him up at Woombai; she did a good job, too; but he really got to know her when they were stranded out in the bush and she went into labour - she's a brave young lady. Kathleen remarks that he and Jill will both be sorry when Jill moves out. She asks when Jill is thinking of going, and Robin replies that it'll be soon. He then adds that maybe he should help her look for a place. Kathleen says she imagines it's difficult to find somewhere that doesn't cost the earth. Robin agrees that it is in Sydney. He then continues that they could kill two birds with one stone: Kathleen could look around while they're scouting for a place for Jill. Kathleen, taken aback, replies, "Of course..." Robin tells her that he doesn't want to rush her, but when she's ready, he thinks it would be better if she gets somewhere on her own so that they can both get on with their own lives. Kathleen reluctantly agrees, "Absolutely..." She then adds that so much has happened since she's been in jail; they could hardly expect to pick up where they left off, could they...

The next morning, Beryl is on the 'phone at the Palmer house, talking to her mother. She comments that it's so quiet without the boys. Aileen suggests that, if she's on her own, she could hop on a 'plane and come up to Macedon for the weekend. Beryl smiles but says she doesn't think so. Aileen tells her that it would be lovely to see her. Beryl replies that maybe in a few weeks. Aileen points out that she'll sit around the house all day, worrying. Beryl tells her that she'd be a lot happier if she even knew where this farm was. Aileen suggests that they may be a perfectly ordinary bunch of kids. Beryl, though, replies that she just has this 'feeling'. Ailseen tells her that she has a lot of faith in John.

John sits down and rests against a tree in the middle of a garden area. There are other young people around, and a run-down-looking building nearby. Andy walks over to him and remarks that he looks like death warmed up! John sarcastically replies, "Thanks!" He asks Andy how he can be so chirpy; not getting to bed until 3am, then being put through the mill, and then up again at 6am... Andy replies that he's fine - and they didn't put him through the mill. John retorts that he doesn't know what Andy would call it, then: the way they dragged all that stuff out of him about his mum and the band...; it's none of their business. Andy tells him that they're concerned. John retorts, "So they keep saying..." He then adds that if he'd had to listen to any more of that bull about 'caring and sharing' he would have thrown up! Andy explains that he appreciates the chance to get a whole lot of things off his chest. John comments that he thought he was going to end up with a gibbering idiot on his hands! Andy retorts that he had to face up to a few unpleasant truths so that he can start sorting things out. He tells John that if he'd just loosen up a bit, he'd like the place.

Beryl is sitting in the lounge room at the Palmer house, looking for a number in the Yellow Pages. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and she gets up and goes and answers it. David is standing on the step, and he says a curt, "Hi." Beryl just tells him to come in. They head into the lounge room, and David explains that he thought he'd come round and see what she wanted. He adds that he came round yesterday but she was out; he waited at the O'Briens' for a couple of hours, but she must have been having the world's longest lunch with whatsisname - Mike's brother. Beryl snaps that Jim is just a friend - nothing more; and they had a very nice time. David asks if it was as good a time as they had the other day. Beryl snaps that she thinks they should drop the subject. David retorts, "Suit yourself." He then asks what the big problem is, now that he's finally caught her at home. Beryl angrily asks him why he didn't 'phone yesterday - and he could have let himself into the house. David tells her that he wasn't game - he never knows what he might walk in on these days. Beryl angrily snaps, "Talk about the pot calling the kettle black." She continues that she hasn't even done anything - he's the one with-- She suddenly stops what she's saying and then snaps that she's sorry she even went to him for help. David asks what's been happening, but Beryl tells him that it doesn't matter - she can handle it herself. David snaps that there's not much point him staying then, and he goes. Beryl stands there looking upset. She sighs heavily.

There's a game of volleyball going on in the grounds at The Farm. A girl walks over to John, who's stretched out on a mat nearby, and asks him if he's just going to lie there. John replies that he's tired. The girl tells him that exercise will help him wake up, but John retorts that he's trying to get to sleep. The girl tells him that he looks so miserable. John reluctantly stands up and walks over to Andy and the guy he's standing with, Gary. He asks what's happening, and Andy replies that they're planning a trip to the city - they've got a gig in Preston tonight. John asks him when they'll be getting back, and Andy replies that it'll be tomorrow. John says he might come with them. Gary suggests to him that he stay at The Farm, but John retorts that he has a few things to do at home. Andy says he supposes they can all squeeze in the van. Gary ask John if he's going to be coming to The Farm with Andy tomorrow. John says he'll see. Gary assures him that they'd like to have him. John asks Andy if they can talk, but the girl who's standing with them tells him that there will be plenty of time to talk on the way to Melbourne; her volleyball team needs someone who can serve. Andy tells John to go on - he'll see him later. He and Gary walk off. John reluctantly takes the volleyball and punches it over the net.

At the Morrell apartment, Robin says to Kathleen that it's time he was off. Kathleen is oblivious to him, though; she's staring out of the window. She suddenly comes-to and comments that she was miles away. Robin asks her if she's alright. She replies that she is. Robin asks if something's wrong. Kathleen explains that she was just looking down at the street - it was as if she was hypnotised; if he hadn't come into the room... Robin asks her if she's saying she would have done something stupid. Kathleen assures him that she probably wouldn't have. She then continues that it's stupid: Jill asked her to go looking at houses with her and Fiona, but she said 'no', and now she's frightened to be there all by herself. Robin tells her that he would stay with her, but he has a very important lunch. Kathleen assures him that he must go; she'll be fine. Robin starts to say, " I don't suppose... No." Kathleen asks what it is. Robin reminds her that she used to like parties and meeting people... Kathleen says she remembers: the hangers-on... the clothes... the cocktails: a 'Manhattan'. She then sadly continues that she used to lie in her bunk in jail and wonder if it had really happened. Robin tells her that it happened alright. He then asks her if she'd like to be part of it again. Kathleen replies, "Yes, but..." Robin assures her that within five minutes it'll all come back to her. Kathleen says she wouldn't have the confidence; she'd freeze up. Robin points out that she won't know until she tries. Kathleen replies that no one is expecting her. Robin just asks her if she'll come, and she nods at him. Robin says he'll call them and tell them to put 'Manhattans' on ice. Kathleen looks pleased.

Fiona and Jill arrive at Dural after their house-hunting. Amanda is talking on the 'phone in the hallway and she tells Fiona that she's just in time: the call is for her. Fiona asks who it is, and Amanda replies that it's Terry. Fiona looks at Jill warily, but Jill smiles at her and tells her to take it! Fiona goes to the 'phone and asks Terry where he is. He replies that he's in a motel. Fiona asks if he means he's in town, and he explains that he just got down from Woombai. He asks Fiona what she's up to, and she tells him that she's been out and about, house hunting with Jill. Terry asks if they had any joy. Fiona laughs that he knows her: if the agent showed her Buckingham Palace, she'd worry that there wasn't enough cupboard space! Amanda and Jill head into the lounge room, and as they do so, Amanda asks if Fiona is really as fussy as that. Jill smiles and assures her, "Not quite!" Changing the subject, Amanda asks Jill if she's staying for dinner. Jill says, "Yeah." She then adds that, when Fiona's off the 'phone, she must ring Robin and tell him that she'll be late. Amanda, looking intrigued, comments to Jill that she's pretty keen on him. Jill retorts that she likes him, but they're just friends. Amanda, looking disbelieving, says she thought it was obvious. Jill tells her that she can think again. She then apologises, explaining that it's just a bit awkward with Robin at the moment.

Robin and Kathleen arrive back at the Morrell apartment, and Robin calls out for Jill, but there's no answer. Kathleen tells him that it looks like he's stuck with her, then - two disappointments in a row. Robin asks if he's saying he's disappointed. Kathleen retorts that he implied it. Robin asks when, and Kathleen replies that it was just now, in the car: he accused her of ruining the day for him. Robin retorts that all he said was that she could have made a bigger effort to mingle. Kathleen tells him that she tried, but she was all at sea. She adds that it's not easy keeping up with the latest chit chat when you've been out of circulcation for a while - and they'd all have wanted to know what she's been doing lately. Robin tells her that she would have handled it standing on her head, once. Kathleen snaps that she's sorry she wasn't the life and soul of the party. She asks him if he thinks she enjoys being a liability. Robin tells her to hold on; he got the impression that she was following him around to make some kind of point - that she wanted to make a fresh start, and he'd have to hold her hand every inch of the way. Kathleen retorts that she doesn't have to put on an act to feel out of her depth; while he's been living the good life, she's been missing out on the best years of her life. Robin tells her to try and relax - maybe he's got more to make up to her than he realised. Kathleen looks at him, intently.

John and Andy arrive back at the Palmer house that evening, and, as they join Beryl in the kitchen, she comments, "Look at the pair of you." She asks what the matter is, and John replies that he's just tired. Beryl says she hopes they're planning on an early night. Andy, though, says he can't, as he's got a gig. Beryl tells him that that's ridiculous - he'll fall down on-stage. Andy ignores this, though, and goes off to get ready. Beryl says to John that she hopes he isn't planning on going out. John replies, "No way - I'm bushed." Beryl tells him that, before he puts his head down, she wants to know exactly what's been going on. John quickly replies, "Nothing..." He then adds, "Everything..." Beryl asks what sort of answer that is - they both traipsed in there like zombies and she wants to know why. John replies that three hours' sleep a night didn't help - and all the talking... it never stopped. He continues that they weren't exactly unfriendly, but he got the feeling that they didn't want him and Andy to be by themselves so that they could talk about what was going on. Beryl asks what was going on. John tells her that it's nothing really 'wrong' - but he reckons that, if he'd made a fuss about it, the guys in the van would have come in there to make sure he didn't spend too long in there before he went off with them again. He tells Beryl that, right now, he's too tired to worry about it. Looking concerned, Beryl replies that it's just as well that she's not.

A short time later, Andy is in his bedroom. Beryl is also in there, and Andy tells her that she's barking up the wrong tree. Beryl retorts that she's talked to people who know about these things; she's read the newspapers; it happens. Andy tells her that he's not arguing: the guys at The Farm haven't breathed a word of religion the whole time he's been there. Beryl comments that John doesn't seem too keen on The Farm. Gary suddenly calls out from the hallway to ask Andy if he's ready. Andy tells Beryl to come and meet Gary for herself - he's a nice guy; they all are. He then adds that, as a matter of fact, they've asked him if he'd like to move out to The Farm and live with them. Beryl snaps that she hopes he told them 'no'. Andy replies that he said he'd think about it, and he will. Beryl asks him to promise her one thing. Andy says it depends. Beryl asks him to come back there tonight - after the gig has finished - get a good night's sleep, and then they can discuss it before he makes any major decisions. Andy smiles and says, "OK!"

Out in the hallway, John tells Gary that he thinks he'd better wait out in the van. Gary asks what the problem is. John retorts that it's a private house, and people only come in when they invite them. Gary tells John that it's up to him. He then adds that he's sorry that John is putting up all these barriers - he could have got a lot more out of his visit to The Farm if he'd been a bit more relaxed. John retorts that maybe he's not a relaxed person. Andy and Beryl come out and join them, and Andy introduces Beryl to Gary. Gary smiles and says he supposes Beryl finds it a bit odd having musos around the place. Beryl replies that she doesn't - one of her boys was a drummer. Gary asks if he was in a band, but Beryl replies that he wasn't - he just liked to practice. Gary turns to Andy and says they'd better not drag their feet. As they make to leave, Gary tells John that, any weekend he's free, he's welcome at The Farm. He and Andy go. John says to Beryl that he hopes Andy knows what he's doing. Beryl asks him if Andy told him that he's thinking of moving to The Farm - permanently. Looking shocked, John snaps, "Idiot." Beryl continues that, the worst of it is, she has suspicions that whoever is behind this 'farm' is roping people into some holy religious sect. She adds that she supposes it sounds far-fetched - especially with front men like Gary. John, though, tells her that it fits: they're all kind of single-minded. Beryl asks him if he thinks Andy will wake up to them. John replies that he might, but Gary can be pretty persuasive. Beryl tells him that Andy said he'd come back there tonight, but-- John finishes the sentence, saying she thinks they might push him into going straight back to The Farm. Beryl admits that, yes, she does. Looking weary, John tells her that all he feels like doing is sleeping, but if she thinks he should do it, he'll head off to the gig. Beryl replies that they should be on the safe side. John says he'll make sure Andy comes back there, even if he has to drag him.

The next morning, John walks into Andy's bedroom. It's empty. He quickly rushes into the kitchen, where Beryl is preparing breakfast, and tells her that Andy has gone. Beryl, though, tells him that it's alright - she heard his alarm go off at 6am, and then she saw him and he told her that he was going for a run. John sourly remarks that that would be right - they're pretty big on fitness up at The Farm. Beryl comments that she thought he looked dreadful. John tells her that Andy has bought their lifestyle lock, stock and barrel. He continues that, when he got to where the band was playing last night, they were really piling the pressure on him about going straight back to The Farm. Beryl grimly comments that she's not surprised. She adds that she hopes he listens to sense when he's finished his run.

Andy is out running. He's looking tired, and there's sweat pouring from him. As he runs around the corner into another road, a van pulls up by him. Andy stops. Gary gets out of the van and Andy walks over to him. They talk. Andy then looks around cautiously before climbing into the van and shutting the door. The van drives off.

Beryl is serving breakfast in the kitchen at the Palmer house. She puts a plate of food down in front of John, who remarks that it's quarter past eight, and he asks how long Andy can go out running for. Beryl says she hopes he hasn't hurt himself. John says he wondered if there's any way they can find out who owns the farm. Beryl replies that that's a good idea - if they can convince Andy that it's more than a few kids having a good time, maybe he won't think they're being hysterical. John says he wouldn't bank on it... Beryl tells him that the thing that's surprised her is how quickly they got Andy on-side. John replies that he can understand it: before he realised it yesterday, one of the girls there got him talking about Patricia - and he started opening up about the whole Lisa thing... Beryl comments that they play on needing to have someone to listen to you. John continues that he pulled up short because he's always had her and the family to talk things over with. Beryl takes up the thread and comments that Andy has no one close. John goes on that, pretty soon, Andy will start thinking that guys like Gary are the ant's pants because they take the trouble to listen. Beryl grimly says she thinks it's time-- She's interrupted, though, by the 'phone starting to ring, and she gets up and goes and answers it. Andy comes on, and Beryl asks him where he is, and whether he's alright. Andy tells her that he's in a 'phone box. He then goes on that, when he was out running, he bumped into one of the guys from the band, and to save time, he's decided to leave for The Farm straight away. Beryl, looking astonished, asks what about his clothes - isn't he going to collect them? Andy replies that they're not important - he can organise something. He then adds that he told the guys in the band about her theory about them being some shady religious set-up, and they nearly killed themselves laughing! Beryl asks him why he doesn't drop round there before he leaves. Andy, though, replies that it's a bit out of the way; he just wanted to ring to let her know that everything's fine. He thanks her for everything and asks her to say 'thanks' to John. He then hangs up. John asks Beryl to let him speak to Andy, but Beryl sadly replies that it's too late. She tells him, "He's gone - for good, I'm afraid."


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