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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beryl is doing some baking in the kitchen at the Palmers' when Heather comes in through the back door and says a cheery, "Hello!" Seeing the look on Beryl's face, she quickly apologises for startling her. Beryl explains that she was away with the birds! Heather looks down at the cake she's making and remarks that it looks complicated. Beryl assures her that it's just a simple Orange Cake. Changing the subject, Heather explains that she was on her way to the shops and she wondered if there's anything Beryl wanted. Beryl replies that that's very kind but there isn't. Heather tells her that she'll leave her to it, then. Beryl says she's sorry - it's just that her mind's on other things; she really does need to talk to someone about it. Heather replies that, if she can be of any use... Beryl tells her that she doesn't want to bother her - it's just that something very odd happened with John and young Andy; she really feels she has to talk to David about it - but it's very difficult. Heather suggests that, if it's that important... Beryl tells her that David would take it the wrong way, but Heather replies that that's silly. She adds that she wishes she hadn't held back some things from Mike - it would have made life a lot easier. Beryl tells her that David really is the only one she feels she can talk to about it. Heather tells her to talk to him, then. Suddenly looking decisive, Beryl replies that she's going to!

A while later, Beryl knocks on the front door of Margaret's apartment. She waits for several moments, but there's no answer. She sighs, and looks about to walk away again when the door opens to reveal David standing there in his night clothes. Beryl tells him that he looks dreadful. He explains that he had an all night job and he just got to bed. Beryl says she's sorry - she shouldn't have come. David tells her that it's alright, and he asks what the problem is. Beryl replies that it can wait until he's had some sleep, but David points out that he's awake now - she might as well come in. Beryl declines, though, saying she'll leave it until later; he should go back to bed and she'll be in touch. David says, "See you," and closes the door. Beryl stands there looking worried.

Amanda and Wayne arrive back at Dural, Amanda saying as the enter the house that the more she thinks about it, the more she doesn't like it. Wayne asks her if someone like Robin shouldn't get what's coming to him. He then adds that he won't do anything underhand. Amanda tells him that she just wants them to be two ordinary people. Wayne smiles and replies that there's no way she can be ordinary! She heads off upstairs, and as she does so, Gordon comes out of the lounge room, shutting the doors behind him. He asks Wayne if he's just back, and Wayne says he is. He asks his father if there's someone in the lounge room, and Gordon tells him that it's Fiona - they're looking at house possibilities for her; he's just getting a real estate magazine from the study. He asks how it went with Robin, and Wayne tells him that he thought about what he said and decided Robin could stay around. Gordon smiles and tells him that he's pleased - and Fiona will be too; she was worried about the effect it would have on Jill. He suggests to Wayne that he tell Fiona, and Wayne heads into the lounge while Gordon goes to the study. Wayne says, "Hi," to Fiona. Fiona asks him if she heard Gordon mention Jill out there. Wayne replies that he's decided to let Robin stay on at the apartment for Jill's sake. He tells Fiona that, for once in their lives, he thinks they're after the same end result - but he's going to need her help.

A few moments later, Wayne is telling Fiona that his main concern is Jill: seeing her over there made him realise how much Robin has got her on-side. He continues that the best way, as he sees it, is to leave Robin there; he's got his wife to worry about, and that might make Jill think twice about him. Fiona incredulously asks him if he expects her to swallow that story. Wayne 'innocently' asks her what she means. Fiona tells him that she admits he's changed a lot lately, but he can't fool her - she knows him too well: the main reason he's playing along is to get back at Robin; the fact that it might also be good for Jill isn't the point. Wayne says, "So what?" He then continues that the end result is the same: they both want Robin away from Jill; it doesn't worry him if Fiona doesn't like the way he goes about it. Fiona tells him that it had better not end up hurting Jill. Wayne replies that he'll tread carefully - she's not to worry. Fiona warns him that, if he doesn't, he's going to lose Amanda; mark her words: the quickest way to turn her off will be to get up to his old tricks again.

Kathleen is wearing her dressing gown at the Morrell apartment. Robin has just finished setting up the video player. Kathleen says she doesn't think she ever saw the end of a movie on television when she was inside - it was always 'lights out' before they finished. Robin tells her that she's got four movies there. Kathleen smiles and says she'll sit there until she's goggle-eyed! She then tenderly thanks him and tells him that it was very kind of him. Robin starts to say that, "Well, actually--" He's interruped, though, by Jill, who's standing behind the bar and says she thinks he deserves a medal for getting the video set up so quickly! Kathleen takes the remote control and says she just presses 'Play' does she? Robin replies that it's as simple as that! Kathleen presses the button and the video starts playing. Robin walks over to the bar and quitely asks Jill why she didn't let Kathleen know that she organised the whole thing. Jill tells him that it would be better if she thinks it's his idea; anyone who takes their own life needs to feel wanted, and that someone needs them; it'll have more effect if it comes from him. Robin tells Jill that she's amazing. Jill suddenly remembers that she forgot to tell him: Wayne has changed his mind - he can stay on there. Robin, looking delighted, tells her that Kathleen's not the only person who has to thank her today, then!

Jim is in the kitchen at the O'Briens' with Heather, and he tells her that he'd say that, within a couple of weeks, he should be cleaning up about $600. Heather points out that that's if he gets the job. Jim asks her if she doesn't think he can sell cars! There's suddenly a knock at the door and Beryl comes in. Jim asks her how she is, and she replies that she's not too bad. She then continues that she reason she came in was that she saw his car outside and wanted to thank him for the beautiful flowers. Jim assures her that it was nothing. He then comments that she doesn't look too bright today. Beryl explains that she's got a few things on her mind. Heather asks if it didn't go well with David, but Beryl explains that it wasn't the right time to talk. She leaves them to it, and Jim immediately comments to Heather that it's a shame about Beryl. Heather asks him what he's talking about. Jim explains that he means that a woman like that is so down in the dumps. Heather wryly replies that she supposes he has the answer. Jim, looking thoughtful, says he doesn't know; she needs more than flowers to cheer her up, that's for sure.

Beryl is walking back to her house when Jim catches up with her and asks her how she'd like to have lunch with him. Beryl, looking bemused, says, "Lunch?!"

As they go inside, Beryl says she really doesn't know. Jim tells her that she's been such good luck to him - the flowers aren't enough. Beryl points out that he hardly knows her - and as far as her bringing him luck, he's way off beam there. Jim asks how about giving him some company, then? Beryl remarks that he doesn't strike her as the kind of guy who has trouble finding company when he wants it! Jim persists that, OK, if she won't have lunch with him, what will she do instead? Beryl starts to say she doesn't know, but-- Jim interrupts and tells her that she can't just eat the cake to keep her going - and as far as he can see, she'll just stay there and stew over whatever's worrying her, and that's not going to achieve a thing, is it?! Beryl tells him that that's the advice she'd give someone else! Jim asks her why she doesn't take it herself, then. Beryl smiles and replies, "Alright - why not?!"

Robin walks past Kathleen and Jill, who are both sitting on the couch watching the video. He tells them that he thinks he'll give Wayne a ring before he goes back to work, but there's no response from the women, who are engrossed. Robin goes to the 'phone on the bar, picks it up and dials. The 'phone rings at Dural and Wayne answers it, sitting at the Dural bar. Robin says it's him. Wayne curtly asks him what he can do for him. Robin explains that he rang to thank him for letting him stay on. Wayne cheerfully replies that it would be silly to do otherwise. Robin tells him that he's glad to see he's not holding anything against him. Wayne replies that there's no point, really. Robin tells him that he'd better let him get back to it. Wayne thanks him for calling. Robin says, "Thank you!" Wayne hangs up, a thoughtful look on his face. Gordon comes into the lounge room and sees his son's expression. He asks what's up, and Wayne replies that it's Robin Elliott: he's so damn smug he gets right up his nose. Gordon comments that he thought Wayne had changed his mind about him. Wayne replies that he hasn't - just because he said Robin could stay at the apartment doesn't mean he likes the guy; in fact, it's quite the opposite. Gordon leaves him to it, and Wayne continues to sit there looking thoughtful. He then suddenly picks up the telephone handset and dials a number. The 'phone at the other end rings, and is answered by a guy named Stan Carruthers. Wayne says it's him, and Carruthers asks him what he can do for him. Wayne tells him that he's got something for him to think about before Monday: a friend of his is looking for a job in computer programming - she's got a hell of a lot of experience, but she's had a bit of a bad run; he'd like to help her get back on her feet; can he come up with something before Monday morning? Carruthers replies that that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Wayne thanks him and adds that he'll be sorting a big problem for him...

As the film finishes, Kathleen looks at the video and comments on what a marvellous invention it is. Jill smiles and replies that she can see it being a terrible trap for her if she doesn't watch herself! An awkward look suddenly crosses her face and, changing the subject, she tells Kathleen that this isn't something she likes to bring up - she doesn't mean to sound personal or nasty or anything - but she's surprised she hasn't done anything to brighten herself up: her hair or make-up - it would give her a boost if she did. Kathleen tells her that she knows what she means; she thought about it as soon as she got out - she thought she'd look like some sort of sensational model when she first saw Robin; then she decided that it would be better if he saw what all the years inside have done to her. She quickly adds that she didn't want to hurt him; just make him understand. Jill replies that she can see her point, but she still-- She's interrupted by a knocking at the door, and she goes to answer it. Kathleen heads off to her bedroom. It's Fiona at the door, and she says to Jill, "Hello, darling." Jill cooly invites her in. Fiona explains that she's in town hunting for a new house; Gordon has been giving her a hand. Jill snaps that that's good. Fiona tells her that she wondered if she'd like to come with her tomorrow to do the rounds of the agents; she's on her own - Terry is still up at Woombai. Upon hearing this, Jill throws her arms round her and thanks her for understanding. She adds that she wants things to be the same between them, and Fiona replies, "Me too! She then continues that she promises she won't say anything about Jill staying with Robin. She asks how Fee is, and Jill replies that she's snoring her head off at the moment! Kathleen comes back in, and Jill introduces her to Fiona. Kathleen just says that she was going to the kitchen. She leaves them, and Fiona comments to Jill that she's not at all what she expected. Jill explains that she felt the same when she met her; in fact, she was just talking to her about doing something to herself. Fiona suggests that even a touch of make-up would make a world of difference; if Jill could talk her into going out shopping with her... she could buy some clothes and some make-up; get her hair done...; it would make the world of difference. Jill points out that it's Saturday afternoon, and she asks where she could take her. Fiona suggests the local shopping complex, as it's open all the time. Jill agrees that it's worth a try.

At the O'Briens', Heather turns out a cake. David is with her, and he comments that it looks good. He then continues that he's there because he wanted to know if Heather knew where Beryl was. Heather explains that she's gone to lunch with Jim - Mike's brother. Seeing the expression on David's face, she quickly adds that it's nothing like 'that'. David just replies that that's her business. He goes on that Beryl came over to the flat this morning; she seemed to have something on her mind and he was whacked after an all-night job. Heather tells him that Beryl was anxious to talk to him. She suggests he stay and wait for her. David accepts.

Jim and Beryl are sitting at a table in a restaurant, and Jim offers Beryl another slice of cake, but she declines. She then tells him to go on with his story. Jim replies that there's not much more to tell. Beryl smiles as she says he reminds her so much of her brother: he used to throw money around like water. Jim asks what else it's for! Beryl agrees that that's one way of looking at it! She thanks him for a good laugh. Jim tells her that he likes making people laugh - and he's tickled pink to see the smile on her face. Beryl replies that the nice thing is that he hasn't even asked her what's worrying her. Jim tells her that that's up to her. He then suggests again that she have another slice of that nice rich cake. Beryl tells him that she'll go halves!

Fiona arrives back at Dural, and as she goes into the lounge room, Wayne asks her if Jill said anything about letting Robin stay on there. Fiona retorts that she's already told him that she's not getting involved in his dirty work; she and Jill had a nice chat, sorted a few things out, and then Jill went off with Kathleen to do some shopping - and that is all she's telling him. Wayne says that's fair enough. Looking surprised, Fiona comments that she thought he'd want to know an awful lot more than that. Wayne sits down and remarks that there are moves afoot to put Kathleen on top. Fiona replies that she's only going to get some new clothes and have her hair done. Wayne tells her that it's a start; it won't take her long to become the Kathleen they expected - and when she does, Mr. Elliott will get exactly what's coming to him. Fiona snaps that she was right about him: he really does only want to get back at Robin. Wayne smiles and tells her that it's so easy: all it needed for them both to get what they wanted was for people to be nice to Kathleen - and that's what happened; she's going to do the rest for them...

Jill leads Robin into the apartment, and he asks her what's got into her - it's like she's won the Lottery or something! Jill takes him to a spot in the middle of the lounge room and tells him to wait there. She then calls to Kathleen that she can come out now. Kathleen comes out from the kitchen, smiles at him and says, "Well - what do you think?" Robin takes in the fact that she's had her hair done, and is wearing make-up and a smart outfit, and he tells her that she looks great - just great; certainly not the same person who arrived from Perth; he's knocked out! Kathleen thanks Jill for talking her into it. She then goes to carry on with dinner. Jill tells Robin that Kathleen wants to do something for him - cooking a meal shows she cares. Robin, though, looking grim, replies that it also means she's taking over. Jill says she hardly thinks so. Robin tells her that it's subtle, but it's there - he's seen it before; he gets the feeling the axe is about to fall right on top of him - and there's not a damn thing he can do about it...

Sometime later, Jill is in the lounge room with Kathleen, and she comments that, from the smells coming from the kitchen, she'd say they're having a terrific meal! In reply, Kathleen asks Jill if she could do a favour for her: after dinner, could she leave her and Robin alone so that they can have some time together? Jill tells her that of course she can. She then continues that she feels she should say that, even though today has been terrific for Kathleen and she's sure tonight will be even better, she doesn't think she should push Robin too fast - he's still a bit wary, she supposes; if Kathleen was to push him too hard, she might have him running a mile. Kathleen replies that she knows what Jill is trying to say, but she knows what she's doing - and she knows Robin; after all, he is her husband. She tells Jill that she's very grateful for everything she's done, but there's no need to worry.

Wayne comes downstairs at Dural, and Fiona, who's standing in the hallway, tells him that she's been looking for him. Wayne asks what he's done now. Fiona tells him that it's not 'now' that she's worried about; it's what could happen. Wayne asks her if she's talking about Jill again. He heads into the lounge room and starts pouring himself a drink as Fiona continues that she's been thinking about what he's up to. Wayne retorts that he's not up to anything - Kathleen is going to do the work for them. Fiona asks him if it's occurred to him that, with all his interfering, Jill might end up the meat in the sandwich. Wayne snaps that he's not interfering. Fiona snaps back that he knows what she means. Wayne says he knows, but it isn't true. Fiona tells him that she'd hate to see Jill hurt through him again. Wayne growls that she can never resist a crack, can she? Fiona asks him if he can blame her. She then continues that she doesn't know what she'd do if anything happened to that girl again; she's already been through far more than she deserves. Wayne assures her that Jill won't get hurt. He adds that the worst thing that could happen is that she wakes up to Robin and Kathleen and gets out of it - which is exactly what should happen. Fiona, looking worried, says she wishes she could be so sure...

Jill is pouring some drinks at the bar at the Morrell apartment when Robin joins her and asks what she's mixing up. Jill explains that Kathleen wanted the meal to be a big deal, so she's making cocktails. Robin asks what they are, but Jill tells him not to ask her as she's just following the instructions on the bottle! Robin suddenly takes a small case out of his jacket pocket, and Jill asks what it is. Robin hands it to her and tells her to open it up. She does so and takes out a necklace. She looks at it and tells him that it's beautiful. Robin replies that he hoped she'd say that. Jill looks at him and says she really doesn't think-- Robin interrupts her, though, and tells her that he's wanted to do something like this for a long time, now - he just wants her to know how much...; how grateful he is to her - and how much she has come to mean to him. Jill tries to say that she still thinks it-- Robin interrupts again and says he's not pushing it, but he wanted her to know that what he feels for her has gone past just friendship. He takes the necklace back and puts it around her neck. Jill smiles and looks at him nervously. He tells her that he knows there's nothing they can do about it at the moment, but he feels there's been something from Jill; at least if she admitted it, that's a start. Jill quietly says she really doesn't think they should; she just wishes everything wasn't so... She then suddenly tells him, "Yes!" They start kissing passionately, not realising that Kathleen is standing watching them...


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