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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Jill, looking worried, says, "I see." Kathleen asks her if she's expecting Robin back. Jill replies that he shouldn't be too long. Still standing there awkwardly, she introduces herself and explains that she's a friend of Robin's - he's helping her out for a while. She invites Kathleen in. Kathleen says to her that she hopes she's not disturbing her. Jill looks at Fee, who's crying, and explains that it's just feeding time. They both sit down, and Jill starts feeding Fee from her bottle. She looks at Kathleen nervously and asks her how her trip was. Kathleen stares back at her questioningly, and Jill continues that she's come from Perth, hasn't she? Kathleen says, "Fine, fine..." She goes on that Robin has told Jill about her, has he? - about where she's been for the last few years? Jill just replies. "Yes." Kathleen says that Robin's expecting her, is he? Jill again tells her, "Yes..." Kathleen sits there, looking gaunt and worried. Jill asks her if she can get her anything. Kathleen replies that she's fine - really. Jill sits there looking nervous.

At Dural, Wayne and Amanda are sitting on the settee, Wayne cuddling his wife. Amanda tells him that they'll have to think about spending some time in Melbourne soon, to tidy things up. Wayne points out that there's no mad rush. He asks her if she's sure she doesn't mind coming back to Dural to live. Amanda assures him that she's happy to see him and Gordon under the same roof again - without fighting! Wayne agrees that it feels good. He then asks Amanda if she thinks they should rent out the Melbourne house for the rest of the time they've got it. Amanda asks how long it is before it goes to charity, and Wayne tells her that it's about seven months. Amanda asks him what he thinks. Wayne points out that they could do with the money; once the year's income that Dee left them runs out, that's it - they have to get what extra they can. Making a decision, he continues that he'll get onto the agent while they're down there. Amanda asks about the apartment there in Sydney. Wayne replies that he'll take care of that tomorrow. Amanda asks him if he's throwing Robin out. Wayne growls that he'll enjoy every minute of it. Amanda tells him that she wants him to let it drop; she's just glad it's all over. She pleads, "For me?" Wayne reluctantly agrees. He then snaps that Robin will get it in the neck from his wife pretty soon - he'll leave it to her. Looking upset, Amanda asks him if he'll try and change his nasty side soon, because she doesn't like him like that. Wayne promises that he'll try - he loves her too much. They kiss.

At the Morrell apartment, Jill is fussing over Fee. Kathleen is sitting watching them, and she asks if she can hold the baby. Jill looks at her, warily. Kathleen says she understands - Robin has told Jill horror stories about her, has he? Jill explains that he told her about their life together. Pausing a moment, she then says she's going to seettle Fee down for the night, and she asks Kathleen if she'd like to help her. The two of them stand up. As they go to the bedroom, Kathleen says to Jill that Fee's not Robin's, is she? Jill assures her that she isn't. Kathleen says she's sorry - she had to ask.

A short while later, Robin arrives back at the apartment. The lounge room is empty, and he walks over to the bar and pours himself a drink. Jill suddenly comes out from the bedroom and says she thought she heard the door. Robin asks her if she's settling in OK. Jill replies that she was until half an hour ago: Kathleen's there. Looking shocked, Robin asks her if she means there at the apartment or there in Sydney. Jill replies that she's in the bathroom, freshening up. Robin asks her why she let her in. Jill retorts that she didn't have much choice. Robin, calming down, asks how Kathleen is. In reply, Jill asks him if he's been lying to her about her. Robin assures her that he hasn't - everything he told her is the truth. Jill tells him that Kathleen is nothing like she expected; she thinks he'll be surprised, too - she's like a little mouse. Robin tells her not to let Kathleen fool her - she's tough. Jill tells him that she doesn't think she's there to get at him, either. Robin retorts that he'll believe that when he sees it. Kathleen suddenly comes into the room and, staring at her husband, says, "Hello Robin - it's been a long time." Jill says she'll go and check on Fee, and she leaves the room. Kathleen and Rohin stand and stare at each other.

A few moments later, Robin tells Kathleen that he doesn't know what she expected. Kathleen suggests, "Maybe a bit of sympathy?" Robin asks what for - she broke the law and she went to jail. Kathleen snaps that he made sure she did. Robin retorts that he didn't make her do it. He then continues that he just wants to make sure they both know where they stand - he's working hard to get the money to get her off his back; there's going to be no emotional support - full stop. Kathleen tells him that she hasn't got anyone else. Robin snaps that that's too bad. Kathleen suggests that he should take a leaf out of his friend's book. Robins asks if she means Jill. Kathleen continues that Jill doesn't know her from Adam, but she showed her more sympathy than he has so far. She asks him what he expected: her to come whoosing in there, breathing fire and brimstone and screw up his life? Robin retorts, "Yes!" Kathleen tells him that, if she'd got out in the first six months, she might have; she hated him for what he did to her - but jail made her realise that she was her own worst enemy; she managed to turn every guard in the place against her; they made her life hell - and she was too scared to look twice at someone in case they flattened her or ignored her. She continues that she had lots of time to think about him and how she's treated him. Robin carries on glaring at her, and Kathleen snaps at him to stop being so damn hard. She tells him that she had years of that sort of treatment; isn't it natural to want to be with the one person you love? Robin ignores this and asks her where her luggage is. Kathleen replies that she left it at the bus station until she had a better idea of what she was doing. She asks why the question. Robin takes some notes out of his wallet, saying as he does so that he had a few problems getting it together, but it's a start. He hands her the money and tells her to book into a hotel and tell him which one it is so that he can get the rest to her. Kathleen reluctantly takes the money. She then tells him that she knows she was a bitch to him-- Robin glares at her and she stops talking. She goes and picks up her handbag and walks to the door. She then opens it and walks out. Robin looks annoyed.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural and finds Charlie standing there! She excitedly tells him that she was just with Jane Davies and Jane told her that she saw him and Wayne and Amanda together this afternoon; she told her that she couldn't have, but Jane insisted, so she just had to come over-- She suddenly notices everybody in the lounge room and smiles as she says it's true - they are back! She heads in there and tells them that she last she heard, they were fugitives from justice or something! She turns to Barbara and says it must have been so upsetting. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Barbara quickly says she'll get it. Gordon beats her to it, though! Charlie says to Barbara that she must have been so worried about them.

Jill comes out of the bedroom at the Morrell apartment and Robin tells her that he's sorry - he should have let her know that the coast was clear. Jill explains that she heard Kathleen leave; she thought she'd leave him alone for a while - she would have gone straight to bed, but she didn't want to leave Fee's bottle there on the coffee table. She picks it up. As she does so, Robin asks her if she thinks he did the wrong thing. Jill replies that it sounded very cruel to her; still, she only heard bits and pieces...

On the 'phone in the hallway at Dural, Gordon says to the person at the other end that he thinks they're doing the right thing - if they interfere now, she'll only resent it. He suddenly hears Charlie exclaiming, "I don't believe it!" He asks the person on the 'phone to excuse him, and he goes to shut the lounge room doors. As he does so, Charlie tells him that Barbara just told her about poor Patricia - she had no idea. Gordon explains that he meant to tell her, but something came up. He closes the door and returns to the 'phone. It's Fiona at the other end, and she remarks that it sounds like he's got Charlie there. She asks him not to say anything to her about Jill; Charlie means well, but the last thing Jill needs is Charlie over there trying to be a friend; a visit from him would help, though. Gordon says he'll drop by tomorrow. Fiona growls that if it was anyone else but Robin Elliott... Gordon laughs that he wondered what godfathers did to earn their title! Fiona thanks him and tells him that she'll see him tomorrow. Gordon tells her that Barbara will make the flat up. Fiona says she hopes she won't have to impose on him for too long if the house hunting goes alright. They say their goodbyes and hang up. Charlie comes out of the lounge room and tells Gordon that she's sorry to rush, but she must go home and book a flight to Melbourne - she feels such a bad friend getting tied up in that fashion nonsense and not knowing what was going on with Patricia. She leaves. Barbara tells Gordon that if she'd known the news would have that effect, she'd have mentioned it sooner! Everyone laughs!

Early next morning, the 'phone rings at the the Morrell apartment and Robin answers it, snapping as he does so, "Do you have any idea what time it is?" A man at the other end asks if that's Mr. Robin Elliott. Robin says it is. The man says he's afraid he has some bad news: he's calling from the Northern Suburbs Hospital: Robin's wife was admitted during the night - she tried to kill herself. Robin looks annoyed.

A short time later, Robin snaps at Jill that it's just the sort of thing Kathleen would try on. Jill asks him to promise not to fly off the handle when he gets to the hospital; speak to the doctors, and they'll be able to tell him whether it's genuine or not. Robin growls that if someone wants to commit suicide, they do it - they don't go and get themselves rescued in the nick of time; it's a sympathy ploy. Jill admits, "Maybe, maybe not." Robin says he will talk to the doctors. Jill asks what he'll do if they say it's genuine. Robin replies that he'll probably bring her back there - but only until she's on top of it; he doesn't want her death on his conscience.

Beryl smells the vase of roses in the lounge room at the Palmer house and then goes into the kitchen and comments to John that they were a lovely thought. John tells her that she'd better not let David know about them, but Beryl snaps that David can think what he likes. John sighs and tells her that he wishes they'd get together and talk it over. Beryl retorts that David has his life and she has hers. She sits down at the table and comments that, for a man who turns up on his neighbour's doorstep dead drunk, Jim O'Brien is quite a gentleman! Andy suddenly comes in, and John remarks to him that he thought he was going to be away for a couple of days. Andy replies that he will be - he just came to get some warm clothes. He turns to Beryl and asks her if John told her that he won't be in for meals until Monday. Beryl tells him that John said that he and a couple of his band friends are going to a farm. She adds that it sounds lovely. Andy explains that it's part of a commune - a load of kids who've got together to make their lives worth more. He adds that they do a lot of charity work - street collections and all that stuff. He heads off to grab his gear, leaving John to comment to Beryl, "Don't say there'll be another charity worker in the house - I couldn't stand it!" Beryl playfully hits him and tells him, "Watch it!" A look of worry suddenly crosses her face, though, and she repeats the word, "Commune..." She says to John that she hopes Andy hasn't got himself involved with a drop-out hippy mob. John points out that that was the Sixties! He adds that Andy is ugly enough to look after himself. Beryl reluctantly says she supposes so...

Barbara is coming downstairs at Dural, and as she does so, she hears Wayne angrily asking Gordon in the lounge room how come he didn't say anything last night. Gordon retorts that it was because he knew Wayne would go off half-cocked - just as he is now. Barbara walks into the room as Gordon tells Wayne that he was very relaxed last night - he didn't want to spoil it. She asks what's going on, and Wayne snaps that he was just hearing about Jill being at Robin's. He asks her if she knew about it, and Barbara replies that Gordon told her. She continues that she agrees that it's a bit worrying, but isn't he carrying-on? Wayne snaps that Jill is a sucker for a sob story; before she knows it, Robin will have her thinking he's the best in the world. Barbara retorts, "Like someone else once did..." She quickly apologises and says that was thoughtless. Wayne, though, tells her that she's right: it's just like him and her - she couldn't see through him back then, and she won't see through Robin now. He then goes on that, anyway, he was going to throw Robin out; he'll tell him to get lost and let Jill stay on - that will keep him away from her. Gordon snaps that Fiona has been on the 'phone asking them not to interfere - it'll only make trouble between them. Wayne snaps that Jill will understand it when he explains - it's not like he's going to do anything he wasn't going to do anyway. Gordon snaps, "Wayne..." Wayne ignores this, though, and walks out. As he heads upstairs, Amanda is coming down, and he tells her that he has to go to the apartment earlier than he thought; he's going to get changed. He heads upstairs, and Amanda goes and asks Gordon what's going on. Gordon asks Amanda if she can go with Wayne and try and talk him out of it.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Andy tells John that he should come too. John replies that he doesn't want to butt in. Andy assures him that he wouldn't be - unless he doesn't want to leave his mother on her own. Beryl assures them that she can look after herself. She tells John to go if he wants to. Andy says to John that he's not letting that tape rattle him, is he? Beryl asks him what he means. Andy explains that he lent John some of the group's tapes, and he thinks he thought they were weirdos! He adds that it's nothing like that at all - and there are some good looking girls there, too! John, apparently won over, says, "Alright - why not?!" He asks them to give him five minutes, and he goes to get changed. Alone with Andy, Beryl tells him that she's glad he asked John along - he hasn't been getting out much since he got back. Andy says he supposes John lost contact with all his old mates, staying in Sydney so long. Beryl nods in agreement. She then suggests that it must be the same for him - all his friends must be back up in Sydney. Andy says he doesn't mind. Beryl asks him if he doesn't have any desire to go back. Andy replies that a lot of bad things happened to him back in Sydney - especially his mum; he thinks about it a lot - that's why he's glad he's got involved with the blokes he has; it helps being positive with people - they've got a lot of new interesting ideas; there are about twenty of them - girls and guys. Beryl asks how they support themselves. Looking wary, Andy says he's not too sure - they run the farm, he thinks - and the blokes in the band have outside jobs. Beryl says she doesn't mean to sounds suspicious, but it isn't one of those funny religious groups, is it? Andy assures her that they're just a group of kids trying to make the best for themselves in life. Beryl smiles and says, "Once a mum, always a mum!" Andy assures her that she's got no worries with him.

Robin opens the front door of the Morrell apartment from outside and, as he and Kathleen walk inside, he asks his wife if she's alright. Kathleen, looking pale, says she's fine. Jill comes over and asks Kathleen how she's feeling. She replies that she's feeling pretty foolish. She asks to be excused, as she feels a little sick. She heads off to the bathroom. Jill tells Robin, "Good on you for giving in." Robin explains that the doctors were really convinced that she meant to do it - it was a complete fluke that she was found. Jill asks what she used. Robin replies that it was pills; he's got to keep a pretty close eye on her in case she tries it again. He snaps, "Damn." Jill tells him that there's not much else he can do. Robin admits, "No..." He then continues that the trouble is that it puts him in a real cleft stick - he's pretty sure that she's not faking the way she is; and once she's pulled herself together again, she's pretty likely to snap back to how she used to be; he gets the feeling that he's going to be the loser when she does...

A while later, Robin asks Jill if she's sure she'll be OK. Jill, who has just come out of one of the bedrooms, tells him that Kathleen is sound asleep. Robin says he feels lousy going out and leaving her lumbered with his wife. Jill tells him that she still thinks he's crazy working on a Saturday. Robin replies that that's PR for you - no rest! He adds that he'll be back soon. Jill asks him if, on his way home, he can get some videos - a couple of movies; he told her that Kathleen was mad on them - it might help her relax if she had something to watch. Robin smiles and comments to Jill that she really cares about people. Jill replies that she doesn't care anymore than anyone else. Robin tells her that she cares just a bit more - not many people would think of a little thing like that. He thanks her and kisses her on the cheek.

At the Palmer house, Beryl is sitting at the living room table looking at a file of papers. There's a thoughtful look on her face, and she suddenly stands up and goes to the 'phone. She flicks through the index next to it, finds the number she's after and dials. The 'phone at the other end rings and a woman called Alison Derby answers. Beryl introduces herself, and Alison asks her what she can do for her. Beryl explains that she's calling her in connection with charity business - she thought Alison might be able to help her. She asks her if she knows anything about a group of young people who collect on a regular basis in the Geelong area and live in a commune.

Amanda and Wayne are at the Morrell apartment with Jill, and Wayne snaps at Jill that he's chucking Robin out and that's that. Jill tells him that she knows how he feels, but could he please not do anything just yet. Amanda points out to Wayne that from what Jill said about Robin's wife... Wayne growls that he was counting on her to give Robin what's coming to him; now he finds out that she's some sort of wreck. Jill immediately admonishes, "Wayne!" Wayne says he's sorry, but he adds that Jill can keep that 'forgive and forget' rubbish. Fee suddenly starts crying in the bedroom. Jill asks Wayne to think about giving Robin some time to get Kathleen off his hands. She goes to see Fee. Alone with Wayne, Amanda says to him that she's got as much reason to dislike Robin as he has, but could he do what Jill says... please? Wayne snaps that he's really got off scot-free, then: nothing from them, nothing from his wife, either... He suddenly smiles and continues that, no, Jill's right: Robin should stay there for the next few weeks - then he'll know where he is and where the wife is. He goes on that he thinks someone should make sure she bucks up and gives him exactly what's coming to him in the process... Amanda looks worried.

On the 'phone, Beryl asks Alison if she's sure she's not wrong. Alison replies that they certainly sound like the mob she's heard about; it's one of those American groups. She adds that, in fact, there was an article in last Saturday's 'Age' about it: 'Mr. Big' in America is raking in all the money the kids raise on the streets. Beryl asks her if she means they've been having unofficial collections. Alison replies that that's right - but they're clever, though: they keep just inside the law. She tells Beryl that if she was her, she'd warn her boys off in a big way as soon as they get home. Beryl explains that only one of the boys is her son - the other is a friend. Alison advises her to bring his parents in on it too, then, but Beryl replies that she'll have to do the parent part, as his mother just died. Alison comments that it's sounding worse all the time. Beryl asks her what she means. Alison explains that she means that they're the sort of kids they go for: lost... upset...; enough brainwashing with their ideas and the kids are goners. She then tells Beryl not to panic until after the weekend, as they're probably out having a great time - it might just be a church fellowship group. Looking dubious, Beryl comments that it doesn't sound likely. She adds that she's sorry she didn't call before they went...

A van is driving along a road. Andy is sitting in the passenger seat with John behind him. The driver is another guy. Andy tells a joke and then realises that he's told it to John before. John, who's smiling broadly, tells him, "Only about three times!" The group all start laughing, and Andy reminds John that he told him they'd have a good time...


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