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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona says, "Jill..." Jill looks at Terry and says a curt, "Hello." Terry replies, "G'day," in a somewhat muted voice. Fiona takes Fee back from him and asks Jill if she got the bottle warmed. Jill bluntly replies that she did. Fiona nervously says that's good. She then cautiously continues that Terry was just saying what a beautiful baby Fee is. Jill snaps, "Thanks." She then says to Terry that he's there to see Fiona, is he? Terry replies that that's right. Jill tells him that she thought so. She then turns to Fiona and adds that she doesn't have to worry any more about where he is, does she. She takes Fee and tells her that it's time for her bottle. She then looks at Terry and tells him that she'll see him around. She walks out. Terry immediately comments to Fiona that Jill knows how to make her point, doesn't she. He then assures her that it's not her fault - he shouldn't have come there; he'll push off. Fiona tells him that there are other things; they should talk... Terry suggests they do it tomorrow - he'll give her a call. Fiona asks him if he promises. Terry replies that he said so. Fiona tells him that it's so good to see him again. She then adds that she's sure that when Jill gets used to seeing him around again, things will be different. Terry just says they'll see. He goes. Fiona then walks into Jill's room and tells her that he's gone. She adds that it was her fault that he was holding Fee when she walked in; she's terribly sorry. Jill tells her that she knows what she wants, but she can't give it to her; she'll never feel what Fiona wants her to about Terry. Fiona walks out, sadly. Jill starts to feed Fee.

Mike and Heather are sitting on the couch at the O'Briens'. The TV is on. Heather asks Mike if he wants to watch any more, but Mike replies that he's had enough, and so Heather reaches out with her foot and switches it off! Mike then comments that it's about time Jeff should be home. Heather tells him that he shouldn't be too much longer. Katie wanders in, and Mike asks her if she's off to bed. She tells him that she is. She then continues that she wonders where Uncle Jim is. Heather tells her that he's old enough to look after himself. Katie comments that he's probably gone back to the motel, and Heather agrees, "Probably." Katie heads off to bed. As she does so, Jeff arrives home. He apologises for being late, explaining that he had to do three extra laps of the oval. Heather points to the table and tells him that there's a present there for him - from Jim; he brought them all one. Jeff immediately snaps that he doesn't want any of his presents. Heather asks him if he's not even going to open it. Jeff snaps that he's not letting that show-off work his way around him. He heads off to the kitchen to get some dinner. Mike comments to Heather that it seems like their son doesn't like show-offs. Heather replies that she thinks there's a bit more to it than that. She tells him that when the two of them separated, she gets the feeling that Jeff put a lot of the blame on Jim. Mike says that's silly. Heather explains that Jeff saw Jim dragging him off to all those social dos, and he probably imagined that there were all these young women there; Jim was the one who led him astray, in Jeff's eyes. Mike agrees that that would explain why Jeff doesn't like Jim. Heather asks if Jim could stay for a while. Mike retorts that they've been over it time and time again... Heather tells him that she wants Jeff to see that she doesn't blame their break-up on him. Mike asks if that's the only reason. Heather admits that it isn't: she likes Jim, and deep down, so does he; they both know they love him! Mike says, "Yep..." He then looks ruefully at the set of headphones that his brother bought for him so that he won't go deaf from the noise of the lawnmowers all day. Heather tells him that Jim's heart is in the right place. Mike ruefully says he just wishes his brains were!

Next door, Beryl is lying asleep in bed. Outside, a man crawls up the path on all fours. It's Jim. As he reaches the front door, he manages to stand up, and he starts trying to get inside. Although there's noise from the door rattling, Beryl continues to remain fast asleep. Giving up, Jim collapses down onto the doorstep, fast asleep and leaning against the door.

The next morning, Beryl heads to the front door, and as she opens it, Jim falls into the hallway from where he's still collapsed on the doorstep. There are gasps of shock on both sides!

A short time later, Jim is sitting in the kitchen with John and Beryl. John comments to him that he doesn't get on too well with his brother and family, eh? Jim replies that they have a few wrangles now and again, but most of the time it's OK. Beryl tells him that she still doesn't understand how he mistook their house for next door. In reply, Jim asks her if she's never been blind drunk. He then quickly corrects himself, adding that, obviously, a woman like her... He tells her that it's easy to do. John asks him where he went when he left the O'Briens'. Jim says, "Who knows?!" He adds that he visited one pub after another; he doesn't like arguing with people - especially his family; he supposes he went out to try and drown his sorrows. Beryl asks if it worked. Jim replies that it didn't; it never does. Beryl then suggests to him that he go next door and talk it over with Mike and Heather. Jim tells her that that's what he intended to do last night when he turned up there; now he doesn't think it's such a good idea... Changing the subject, he continues that the first thing he needs to do is get cleaned up and try and work out where he left his car. John stands up and says he'd better get ready for work; his old man is picking him up in the truck soon. Beryl offers Jim something to eat, but Jim tells her that he doesn't think he's ready for food just yet. He thanks her for not yelling the neighbourhood down when she found him this morning. Beryl tells him that it's a good job he told them who he was before she called the police! They head towards the front door, and as they do so, Beryl asks if she should call him a cab. Jim tells her that he'll start walking and try and clear his head. He starts patting his pockets and then stops in his tracks. Beryl asks what's wrong. Jim replies that he must have lost his wallet somewhere. Beryl offers him a loan of $10, which he reluctantly accepts, telling her that he'll take it in case he does decide to get a cab. Beryl goes to get her purse from her bedroom.

A few moments later, a car pulls up outside and the driver toots the horn. It's David. He gets out and sits on the bonnet to wait for John. As he does so, he sees Jim and Beryl walking down the path towards him. As they reach the pavement, Beryl spots David and says a curt, "Morning." She then tells Jim that she hopes everything works out OK. Jim replies that so does he. He thanks her for everything and goes. Beryl calls out to David that John will be ready in a minute.

Back in the kitchen, Beryl snaps to John that his dad would have to be the most suspicious man she knows. John asks what's wrong. Beryl replies that he's parked outside, waiting; he should have seen David's face when she said 'goodbye' to Jim. John asks her what she means. Beryl explains that David thinks Jim spent the night with her. John incredulously says, "Come on..." Beryl angrily asks him if he doesn't think she knows the way David's mind works. John tells her that she's imagining things, but Beryl snaps that she isn't. She then snaps, "How dare he? It's alright for him to go off and set up house with his girlfriend, but I have to spend the rest of my life like a nun." She tells John that if David asks anything about Jim, he's to tell him to mind his own business. John stands there looking exasperated!

David is sitting in the car when John comes out. John gets in the passenger side and says, "G'day." David tetchily asks him if he slept in. John points out that he's a bit early. David comments that he did time it a bit badly... Realising what he's implying, John tells him that the bloke coming out with Beryl was Jim O'Brien - Mike's brother - so he shouldn't go thinking anything stupid. David snaps that he's not - Beryl's entitled to see anyone she likes. John tells him that she never saw Jim before this morning. David ignores this, starts the car engine and roars off.

Fiona is cuddling Fee at Woombai. She asks Jill how long she's going to be, and Jill replies that she should be a couple of hours; the appointment is at 9:30am, and then she's doing some shopping. Fiona hands her granddaughter over and tells Jill to drive carefully. Jill says she will. She goes. As soon as she's alone, Fiona walks to the 'phone. She stands there for a moment, looking thoughtful, and then starts dialling. The call is answered by Terry. Fiona says it's her, and Terry says a bright, "G'day!" Fiona tells him that she knows he was going to call her, but Jill has had to take Fee to the doctor's-- Terry interrupts and asks if something's wrong. Fiona assures him that it's just a check-up. She then continues that Jill will be gone for a couple of hours and she thought he could drop over and they could have that chat. Terry tells her that he'll see her in half an hour. Fiona smiles and says, "Good." Terry says, "Bye," and hangs up.

A while later, Terry is at Woombai and he asks Fiona what Jill had to say when he went last night. Fiona replies that she didn't say anything much; she just made it clear again that she doesn't want him anywhere near Fee. Terry sadly says that if that's what she wants... Fiona assures him that she'll change her mind eventually; it might take time, but she'll get there. She offers him some coffee, but he declines. They sit down, and Fiona asks him how he spent his time since he left Woombai. He tells her that he worked in Sydney mostly. Fiona asks him what he was doing. Terry replies that it was labouring mainly; still, it kept the money coming in, and he met some nice people. Fiona comments that she supposes he's glad to be back out in the country. Terry, looking thoughtful, says he doesn't know; he liked Sydney; he reckons he could live there if he wanted to. Fiona smiles as she says she thought he was a country boy to the last! Terry tells her that there's nothing wrong with a bit of a change. Looking thoughtful, Fiona replies that, as a matter of fact, it could work well all round; she's been toying with the idea of going back into business in Sydney herself. Terry asks what she'd do. Fiona tells him that she's not sure really; something like before - a small block of flats or a boarding house; it depends on the market. Terry asks her if Jill will be going down with her. Fiona tells him that they haven't really talked about it, but there's no reason why she wouldn't - and if he was moving down at the same time... Terry finishes the sentence, saying Jill couldn't object if he came round every so often. He adds that it would be great if he could see Fee whenever he wanted; at one stage, it didn't bother him if he never saw her, but after holding her last night... his own kid... Fiona tenderly says, "I know..." Terry tells her that he thinks he understands what it must have been like for her when she thought she'd lost him.

A delivery man knocks on Beryl's front door; he's holding an arrangement of flowers. Beryl answers the door and, looking surprised, takes the flowers. The delivery man asks her to sign for them, which she does. As she does so, the man comments that he'd say she has an admirer! Beryl curtly replies, "Would you?" She closes the door, takes the flowers inside and puts them on the living room table. She then opens the accompanying envelope and takes out a piece of paper and a $10 note. She reads the piece of paper, on which is written, "Dear Beryl, Just to let you know I found my wallet - it was in my car, which I found in a hotel car park. Anyway, thanks for the cup of tea this morning; believe me, it was just what I needed! Regards, Jim." Beryl laughs.

At the O'Briens', Katie is in the hallway, hugging Jim and she happily tells him that she's so glad he's back. She adds that she doesn't know how her dad will feel, though. Jim tells her that he was in two minds about coming, but he thought 'what the hell? - the worst they can do is kick me out'. Katie tells him not to worry about the computer program - it can be fixed. Out in the kitchen, Mike comments to Heather that it sounds like Jim has won Katie over - again. Heather tells her husband not to be too hard on his brother. Mike replies that, if he keeps hanging around, he'll only keep causing problems like he always does. Heather asks him to let him stay, adding that she knows he wants to. Katie comes in and says, "Guess who's back!" Jim follows her in and tells Mike that he put on a bit of a turn last night; he's prepared to forgive and forget if Mike is. Mike replies that he must be the greatest idiot on earth, but he reckons he can put up with Jim's ugly dial for a while!

In the grounds at Woombai, Stephen calls to Terry, who's standing by one of the fence posts. He walks over to him and asks him when he got back. Terry replies that it was yesterday; he's just been saying 'hello' to a few of the boys while he waits for Mrs. T. Stephen asks him if he's seen her, yet. Terry replies that he saw her just now; she's coming over to his mum and dad's for lunch. Changing the subject, Stephen tells him that he owes him an apology for believing the lies Patricia told about him and asking him to leave the property. Terry tells him that he thought he was doing the right thing.

At the homestead, Jill tells Fiona that she thinks it's a terrific idea; when's she going to buy a place? Fiona points out that she's got to look around first! Jill tells her that the sooner the better, as far as she's concerned. Fiona says she'll give the agents a ring tomorrow; in the meantime, she'd better shake a leg. Jill asks her where she's going, and Fiona explains that she's going to have lunch with the Hansens; Terry's driving her over; he's waiting for her outside now. Stephen comes in and Fiona tells him that he'd better have a talk with Jill, as he's going to need a new assistant soon. She goes out, and Stephen asks Jill what she means. Jill tells him about Fiona buying a place in Sydney, and she adds that she'll be going with her; she won't be able to work for him anymore. Stephen tells her that that's a pity - he was holding the job open in case she wanted it back. Jill assures him that she really appreciates that. She then continues that at least this means Fiona has given up the idea of trying to push her and Terry together; with him up in Woombai and her down there in Sydney, she won't be constantly trying to make her like him all the time. Stephen asks her if she's got a few minutes. Jill asks why. Stephen explains that he thinks one of the receptionists could handle the job with some training. He asks Jill if she can show her the ropes.

A while later, one of the receptionists from the guest house is sitting at the table at the homestead, and Jill hands her a file, which she explains contains everything she needs to know. The receptionist - Jenny - asks who made the file up. Jill tells her that she did it before she went into hospital. She adds that if there's anything Jenny doesn't understand, give her a yell. Jenny comments that it won't be the same round there with everybody gone: Jill and Fiona and Terry... Looking surprised, Jill says, "Terry?" Jenny tells her that he's off to Sydney; she never thought she'd see the day! She thanks Jill for the notes and goes. Jill stands there for a moment, looking annoyed. She then walks over to the 'phone and dials a number. STD pips sound and Robin comes on. Jill tells him that it's her, and he asks her how she is. She tells him that she's OK, but she wondered if the offer to stay at his apartment is still open. Robin tells her that of course it is. Jill continues that she'd like to catch the train this afternoon. Robin remarks that it's a bit sudden. Jill replies that she'll explain when she sees him. Robin tells her that he'll meet her. They hang up. Jill sighs and heads out.

It's nighttime when Jill arrives in Sydney. Fee starts crying as Robin opens the front door of the Morrell apartment and the three of them walk in. As Jill tries to quieten her down, she tells Robin that he won't have to put up with them for too long - just until she finds somewhere else to stay. Robin assures her that she can stay for as long as she likes. He then adds that Fiona can't be very happy that she's coming to stay with him. Jill replies that she didn't tell her. Robin, looking surprised, says he reckons she's done the right thing: she can't have other people tyring to run her life for her. Jill agrees, "No..." Robin then tells her that he has to dash, as he has an important client to see; it could mean a lot of money, and he needs all he can get at the moment. He adds that she should make herself at home - there's plenty of food in the 'fridge. Jill thanks him. Fee continues to cry as Robin goes. Jill looks at her and says, "Well, kid - there's no Terry around; where do we go from here?"

Fiona arrives back at Woombai and calls out for Jill. There's no answer, and so she goes into Jill's room. It's in darkness. She suddenly notices that the wardrobe doors are open and there aren't any clothes hanging up inside. She starts calling frantically for Stephen, but again there's no answer. She walks into the lounge room and Stephen suddenly comes in. She asks where everyone is. Stephen tells her that he was wondering when she was going to get home. He then continues that Jill has gone to Sydney. Looking shocked, Fiona asks, "Why?" Stephen tells her to calm down. He then explains that Jill felt that, when Fiona asked her to go and live in Sydney, she'd given up the idea of trying to push her and Terry together; now she's found out that that's where Terry's going too. Looking horrified, Fiona cries, "Oh god..." She adds that it's no wonder the poor girl walked out; Jill must think she's the worst in the world. Stephen tells her that Jill said she's welcome to go and see her when she's found a place to live - but she doesn't want anything to do with Terry, full stop. Looking thoughtful, Fiona says Jill won't have found anywhere to live yet; where will she stay until she does...? Stephen tells her that she didn't say. Fiona continues that she was very pally with Robin Elliott; she wouldn't be at all surprised if she was with him, of all people. Stephen points out that it's her decision. Fiona tells him that Robin Elliott is a very nasty piece of work; she shouldn't be with him. Stephen points out that Jill is a sensible girl - she can look after herself.

At the apartment in Sydney, Jill is holding Fee and she has a bottle in her hand. She sits down to start feeding her daughter, but as she does so, there's a knock at the door. Looking annoyed, Jill gets up and, still holding Fee, goes and answers it. There's a woman standing on the step, and Jill says, "Yes?" The woman tells her that she's sorry to bother her, but she's looking for Robin Elliott - is he there? Jill explains that he's out at the moment. He asks the woman who she is. She replies. "I'm his wife - Kathleen." Jill looks at her in shock.


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