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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Katie tells her parents that it wasn't Andy who needed a loan - it was her Uncle Jim. Mike immediately snaps that he might have known. He asks where Jim is, and Katie replies that he's at a motel in St. Kilda. Heather asks how long he's been there. Katie tells her that it's been about a week - he wanted to front up there, but he wasn't sure he'd be welcome. Heather snaps that, while he's making up his mind, he's had her borrowing money for him. Katie explains that he got in a mess with his motel bill; they were going to throw him out if he didn't pay. Mike snaps that $50 wouldn't have gone far. Katie tells him that Jim put it on a horse. Mike snaps that he might have known. Katie tells him that it won. Mike snaps, "This time." Katie continues that if Jim had got a fair share of the business in Perth, he wouldn't be broke now. Heather snaps that Jim refused to take a cent. Katie snaps back that that's all the more reason to help him now, when he needs it. Mike snaps that Jim should have come to him, not to one of his kids, behind his back. Katie snaps that they can hardly blame him after the way they've treated him. Heather tells her that there are things she doesn't know. Katie asks them to fill her in, because if she's supposed to treat him like a leper, she'd like to know why. Mike snaps at her to just trust his judgement. He takes a set of keys out of his pocket, hands them to her and tells her to go and start the Sanderson job; he'll be there in twenty minutes. Katie turns to head out. As she does so, Mike snaps at her that he's glad she decided to tell him the truth. She walks to the front door but then pauses and listens as her father snaps that he should have known it was all talk when Jim said he'd stay in Perth. Heather points out that they're the only family he's got - and he never meant to do them any harm; his trouble is that he never stops to think of the consequences. Mike snaps that that's damn right: if he did, he wouldn't have put Katie's $50 on one of his 'sure things'; what happened with the business in Perth should have taught him that gambling is a mug's game, but he never learns. Heather says he can't change the way he is. Mike snaps that he just wants him to stay out of their lives; he's not going to spend the rest of his life bailing him out of trouble. Heather says she knows. Mike continues that the English had the right idea: they shifted the black sheep of the family off to the colonies; maybe they should buy Jim a one-way ticket to South America?!

Amanda, Wayne, Gordon and Barbara are all sitting at the breakfast table in the living room at Dural, and Amanda says she still can't get over it: they'd have been off by themselves for years if they hadn't seen the article. Wayne adds that they would have thought they were in strife with the law, as well; he thanks Gordon for bailing them out with the executors of Dee's will. Gordon tells him that it's all over now. Barbara smiles wryly and says she's sure the editor of the newspaper would be broken-hearted to know that they've done him a good turn! Wayne growls that he hopes he ends up on the receiving end, one of these days. Amanda comments that everyone gets what they deserve in the end: look at Patricia. Wayne says they should keep her in the funny farm for good. Amanda remarks that she still can't believe she committed herself. Barbara tells her that it was a great relief to Stephen - he couldn't bring himself to sign the papers. Gordon chips in that he thinks Stephen still loves her. Amanda says she'd like to see her father as soon as she can, and she asks Wayne when they can go to Woombai. Wayne replies that they can go whenever she wants. Gordon chips in that they could all go up today, as he and Barbara are going to be baby Fee's godparents. Amanda says she'll call her father to let him know they're coming. Gordon says he'll see if they can get on the next flight. He heads off. Barbara tells Wayne that he's made Gordon's day.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather tells Mike that his packed lunch is almost ready. She then continues that she thinks it would be a good idea if he tells Katie the whole story. Mike asks how he can - Katie idolises Jim, and he's been very good to her; he doesn't want to ruin that. Heather tells him that she thinks she can handle it. Mike says he'll think about it. He kisses her and tells her that he'll see her tonight. He heads out. As he does so, Heather calls after him that he's forgotten his coffee. Out in the hallway, Mike opens the front door - and finds Jim standing on the doorstep. Heather comes into the hallway and sees who's there. Jim tells her and Mike that the the prodigal's returned...

At Woombai, Wayne laughs as he tells Stephen, Jill and Fiona that just when Gordon thought he'd got rid of him for good... Gordon chips in, "There he is on the doorstep!" Fiona picks up her movie camera, and suggests they go outside so she can take some footage. Jill tells the guests that she's glad to have all the people she really cares about there for the service. She suddenly notices the expression on Fiona's face. Everyone starts to head outside, but Jill lingers for a moment and comments to Stephen that she's put her foot in it: she realises it would make Fiona's day if Terry was there. She continues, though, that she's never going to let Fee know that he's her father, so it's best if he doesn't have anything to do with her from the very beginning. Barbara comes back in to gee them up.

At the O'Briens', Jim asks how he was supposed to know he was causing hassles for Katie - she never said anything. Mike asks him why he went behind his back. Jim tells him that he didn't want him to know he was down on his luck. He adds that he never wanted to make trouble for Katie - honest. Mike tells him that he would have been in more trouble if his 'sure thing' hadn't come in. Jim points out that it did. Mike curtly retorts that that's not like another time he could mention. Jim, looking offended, asks what else he could do - he owed the motel $200. Mike snaps at him that he shouldn't have let it get so high. Jim explains that he meant to front up there straight away, but he just kept putting it off. Mike tells him that they don't want him hanging around. Jim asks if he can't have a cup of tea before he shoots through. Mike snaps that he hasn't got time - he has to work for a living, remember? He goes. Jim comments to Heather that that was a bit pointed, wasn't it? Heather tells him that she's damned if she knows why, but she missed him! They hug.

Katie is mowing the Sandersons' lawn when Mike rocks up. As he approaches, he suddenly yells at her to watch it. Katie turns the mower off and Mike points out that she was about to chop up the Sandersons' hose! He moves it out of the way. He then tells Katie that her uncle just showed up - Jeff saw him and her together and bailed him up; he turned up to take the blame for asking for the money. Katie says he didn't have to do that. Mike tells her that he told Jim to stay out of their lives, as they're better off without him. Katie angrily asks why. Mike replies that he's got his reasons. Katie snaps that if she's not supposed to have anything to do with him, she wants to know why. Mike snaps that Jim is too irresponsible. Katie asks if he's saying that just because he put some money on a horse. Mike, giving in, tells her that, when his and Jim's business was going downhill, Jim took the last of their working capital and put it on a 10-1 shot; he was Jim's partner, but Jim didn't say a word to him - he just did it; that was his brilliant idea for getting the business out of trouble; that horse is still running. Katie, looking shocked, asks her father if that's why he sold up. Mike explains that he couldn't be bothered going on. Katie asks if Jim's share of the business was the money he gambled, and Mike tells her that it was. Katie tells him she wishes he'd told her before. Mike explains that she always thought the world of Jim; he didn't want to spoil it. Katie comments that it's no wonder he's still mad at Jim.

At the O'Briens', Jim says to Heather that he still can't believe Mike is so anti - he knows he wasn't trying to take him down when he used the money from the company. Heather points out that Mike was his partner - he should have discussed it with him before he made that decision. Jim replies that he knew Mike would never go for it, so he decided to take a calculated risk; that's what business is all about. Heather tells him that she told Mike that his brother wasn't cut out to be a businessman. Jim points out that he wrote a lot of contracts, but Heather tells him that that was only because he undercut the competition and cut margins to the bone; Mike lost money on most of those contracts. Jim smiles as he comments that he wondered why Mike kicked him off the sales team! He adds that he should have kicked him off the company, too. Heather tells him that Mike couldn't bring himself to give up on him. Jim says he can't do the right thing, can he? Picking up a small bottle of perfume, Heather tells him that he still gives great presents! As she sprays some on her wrist, she comments that it was expensive. Jim ask why, if he's got the money, he can't enjoy spending it. Heather asks him if he's spent all his winnings. Jim replies that he's still got the price of a meal. Heather tells him that he's having dinner with them. Jim asks about Mike. Heather tells him that he won't begrudge him a meal. Jim replies that, if she thinks Mike will wear it... Heather tells him that looking after him is a habit her husband can't give up!

Terry and Freddy are driving along near Woombai, in Terry's panel van, when Terry sudddenly brings the car to a halt. Surprised, Freddy snaps at him to watch it. Terry says he's sorry. Freddy asks him why he stopped, and Terry tells him that he's having second thoughts about fronting up; he doesn't think Jill will want him hanging around. Feddy points out that she took his present, didn't she? - he should stop worrying; she'll be right - and Mrs. T. is dead keen for him to show. Terry suddenly notices Barbara and some of the other guests in the distance and comments that something's going on. He then adds that it must be the christening for sure. Freddy tells him that he's timed it just right, then. Terry, though, replies that there's no way he can hit on them now. Freddy reminds him that it's his kid, too. Terry replies that it isn't as far as Jill's concerned. He then adds that, for once in his life, he's going to do the right thing.

The guests from the christening arrive back at the homestead, and Stephen goes off to get some champagne. Jill, smiling happily, tells Gordon and Barbara that they'll make wonderful godparents. Fiona says she'll go and get the cake, and she leaves the room. Wayne tells Gordon, who has baby Fee in his arms, that he looks good holding a kid. Gordon replies that he's just getting into practice for when he and Amanda present him with a grandchild. Barbara asks Wayne if he and Amanda are going to try again. Wayne says they will as soon as Amanda gets over what's happened. Elsewhere in the living room, Amanda and Jill are looking at the christening gifts, and Amanda remarks that Fee has got some lovely presents. Fiona comes back with a huge cake, and everyone exclaims in surprise! Barbara tells Fiona that it's gorgeous! Jill asks Amanda if she'd mind holding Fee for a second, as she wants to get a glass of champagne. Amanda agrees, and Jill hands her baby over. Amanda starts feeding Fee from her bottle. Jill wanders over to the table and Barbara tells her that she's a very thoughtful girl - she was getting a bit worried about Amanda. Jill assures her that she'll be fine. Wayne tells Amanda that she and Fee look good together. Amanda sadly says she wishes she was theirs; she thinks Jill noticed she was getting twitchy! Wayne gives Amanda a sip of champagne. From a distance, Jill comments to Fiona and Barbara about how nice it is to see Amanda and Wayne so close. Fiona curtly replies that you'd never believe they got off to such a bad start. Taking the comment personally, Jill snaps that she'll get Fee. Barbara comments to Fiona that that was a bit heavy-handed, wasn't it? Fiona tells her that Jill isn't even giving Terry a chance. Barbara tells Fiona that if she carries on like that, she never will.

Terry is driving along in his panel van, country music blaring from the radio. He brings the vehicle to a halt outside the homestead, gets out and approaches the building. As he does so, he hears excited chattering from inside, and he stops in his tracks. After pausing a moment, he turns and heads back to the van.

Inside, Fiona is taking a photo of Jill, Fee and Gordon, who are sitting on the couch. Stephen walks over to Amanda and tells her that she looks happy. Amanda smiles and points out that she's just back from her honeymoon! Stephen comments that Adelaide wasn't so bad, then. Amanda tells him that it was lovely. Becoming serious, Stephen tells her that he feels responsible for what happened to her and Wayne. Amanda points out that he couldn't control Patricia. Stephen, though, replies that, if he'd woken up to her sooner... Amanda tells him that, in the long run, it backfired on her. Stephen says he doesn't follow. Amanda explains that Patricia wanted them all to be miserable, but look at them today; and by putting pressure on Wayne, she brought out the best in him - she'd be spitting chips if she could see how close Wayne and Gordon are now. Stephen tells her that he can see what a happy couple she and Wayne are, too. Amanda explains that they managed to be honest with each other; that's what they needed. She then tells her father that she wishes he could be happy. Stephen replies that he's made a good life for himself there; he's getting used to living without a lot of worries. He hugs her.

There's a knock at the O'Briens' front door, and Heather answers it to find Jim standing there. She tells him that his watch must be fast. Jim says he doesn't know - he pawned it! Heather explains that Mike isn't home yet, so she hasn't had a chance to talk to him. Jim remarks that he likes to live dangerously. Heather tells him, "On your head be it!" She offers him a coffee, but Jim says he'd rather have a scotch! Heather heads off to finish cleaning the bathroom. Jim sits down and looks with interest at Katie's computer.

A while later, a ute pulls up in the road outside the O'Briens' and, as Katie and Mike get out, Mike notices Jim's car parked in the driveway. He sourly comments that it seems as if his brother didn't get the message this morning. Katie points out that he has come a long way to see them. Mike remarks that nothing puts her off him, does it. Katie replies that she knows he did the wrong thing, but he thought he was helping. Mike says he reckons she'd forgive Jim no matter what he did. Katie replies that she likes having him around - and so does her mum. They go in.

Inside, Jim is sitting looking at Katie's computer monitor; there are several lines of code on the screen. Katie comes in and looks at her uncle in shock. She asks him what he's doing, and Jim replies that he's just recording what he's written. Katie anxiously says that he's not recording it on the cassette already in the machine... Jim starts to replies that, yeah, he-- Katie suddenly yanks the tape out of the machine and snaps that he's recorded over the video game she had on the tape; hours and hours of work down the drain. Jim explains that he didn't know there was anything stored on it. Mike asks his daughter if she hasn't got a copy. Katie tells him that she threw it away once she'd put it on tape. Jim says he's sorry - honest. Katie snaps at him that it's a bit late to be sorry now. Mike tells him that he can't go using other people's things without asking first. Katie suddenly throws the tape at Jim and snaps at him to keep using it; it's not much good to her, anymore.

A while later, Mike, Heather, Katie and Jim are sitting having dinner, and Heather is telling Jim that Katie's taking a year off before going to uni. Jim asks Katie what she'll be studying, and she glumly replies, "Computer Science." Heather continues that they're hoping she'll get into Melbourne Uni. Jim comments that he hasn't seen that yet - he's still finding his way round. Mike pointedly suggests to him that he take a city tour; see the sights before he goes back to Perth. Katie gets up to go and make some coffee. When she's gone, Jim comments to his brother that he's not the golden-haired boy anymore. Mike asks him what he expects. Jim says he didn't mean any harm, but Mike snaps at him that that's the story of his life. Jim decides to go and give Katie a hand. He leaves the room. Heather says to Mike that she supposes it's her turn to get the blame, for inviting him over. Mike tells her that this just proves his point: Jim is a walking disaster. Out in the kitchen, Jim meekly asks Katie what he has to do to be number one again. He then adds, "Don't say 'Go back to Perth!'" Katie tells him that he might as well - he's worn out his welcome there. Jim comments that he didn't think she'd ever give up on him. He asks what one little game is between friends - she's brainy; she'll make up other games, no worries. Katie snaps at him to stop harping. Jim tells her that she knows he wouldn't have done it deliberately; he's sorry. Katie explains that it's not just the computer: her dad told her about the 10-1 shot. She tells him that, when he ruined her game, she understood how her father must have felt when he found that money gone. She adds that she knows Jim didn't mean to hurt either of them, but he just can't help himself. Jim walks out. He returns to the dinner table, where he snaps at Mike that he had to dob him in about Perth. Mike asks what he expected him to do. Heather says, "Let's not argue," but Jim ignores this and tells Mike that Katie is important to him. Mike tells him to stay away from her, then. Jim says he got off to a bad start - things will be different from now on. Mike, though, tells him that he's done his fair share; it's time he stood on his own two feet. Jim tells Mike that he doesn't need him to prop him up. He thanks Heather for the invite and tells her that he's sorry it didn't work out. Heather asks him not to go yet. Jim, though, asks why he should stay. He adds that Mike's right: they'd all be better off without him.

At Woombai, Jill asks Fiona to hold Fee while she gets her bottle. Fiona takes the child and starts fussing over her. As she does so, she suddenly becomes aware of another presence in the room. She looks up and sees Terry standing in the doorway, smiling broadly. A look of delight on her face, she cries, "Scare me next time!" Terry explains that he didn't knock in case her visitors were still there. Fiona asks him when he got back, and he replies that it was about lunchtime; he drove over, but he didn't want to gatecrash the christening party. Fiona tells him that she wishes he could have been there. Terry replies that, to tell her the truth, he snuck a look from the back of the church. He then tells her that he's glad she's named after her. Fiona smiles and replies that Fee looks so like him. Terry smiles back and tells her, "So mum said." He adds that Enid gave him a call when she knew Fee was going to be OK. He comments that she's little, isn't she. Fiona asks him if he'd like to hold her. Terry uncertainly says, "No..." Fiona points out that she is his daughter. Terry tells her that there's no need to ask twice! Fiona hands her over, and says, "Here you are." Terry takes her starts fussing over her. He and Fiona suddenly both notice Jill standing there, glaring at them.


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