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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The 'phone rings at the Palmers', and John calls that he'll get it. He answers and David comes on. He tells John that he's been after him for ages. John explains that he's been to the markets with Beryl. David asks how she is, and John replies that she's good. He asks David if he wants to talk to her, but David says he'll catch up with her later. John asks what they can do for him, then. David asks him if he could drop in for a chat, as he has a few things to talk over with him. John says he'll come over in half an hour, and David tells him that he'll see him then. John hangs up and heads into the kitchen. Beryl is out there, and she asks who it was calling. John explains that it was David - he wants to see him about something. Beryl points out that Margaret is in hospital and Tony is leaving today; she supposes he wants some company. John replies that it's something like that, he guesses.

Andy is out running. As he runs past the O'Brien house, he sees Katie sitting on the step, patting and stroking Titus. Andy stops and calls out, "G'day!" Katie virtually ignores him, though, and Andy, looking puzzled, tells her that he'll see her later.

At the Palmers', John tells Beryl that he'll see her later. Beryl says, "OK." She then asks him if he'll be home for dinner, but John says he doesn't know - it depends on whether David wants to eat out. He goes to leave, but as he does so, Beryl stops him and tells him not to feel that he has to come home just because she and David... John stops her and tells her not to worry: he's not going to take sides. Andy comes in, sweat pouring from him, and Beryl offers him a drink. He accepts, and she goes to get it. Looking at the expression on Andy's face, John asks if anything is wrong. Andy replies that he was just thinking about Katie: he covered for her and he thought he was doing the right thing, but now it seems that she doesn't want to know him. John suggests that maybe she's feeling guilty. Andy says, "Maybe..." He then announces that he'll have a shower and then see what's up, adding that there's obviously something wrong.

John arrives at Margaret's apartment and David invites him in, telling him that it's good to see him. He offers him a drink, but he declines. They sit down, and, seeing the expression on John's face, David asks if anything's wrong. John replies that he wasn't expecting David to look so happy. David explains that he had a long chat with Meg today; the doctor reckons things will be on the up and up for her. John says that's great. David continues that they have a future now - something to look forward to; they're going to buy a small place in the country one day - when Meg gets better. John comments that it sounds nice. David goes on that, whatever they decide to do, he has to pay for it - so he's been out lining up some business. John asks him if he got much. David replies that he got tons - that's why he wanted to see him. John asks him if he wants a hand. David replies that he does if John is interested - he can't afford to turn anything down, but he still needs to spend a lot of time at the hospital with Meg. John says he can understand that. David asks him if he wants to join him, then. John agrees that he'll help him out. David explains that he didn't mean he wants help 'now and again' - he'd like John to be a partner. A look of surprise crosses John's face as David continues that, between the two of them, they can keep the truck on the road full-time and split everything 50/50 - plus John can learn some tricks of the trade. He adds that, if John doesn't want to... John assures him that it sounds terrific - he just wasn't expecting it; he'd like to be a partner. David happily tells him that that's great. He asks him if he can start next week. John replies that he can start tomorrow, if he likes! David, looking grateful, says it's good to see they're still mates. John asks him if they've ever been anything else.

Andy walks down the Palmers' front path. As he gets to the gate, he pauses as he sees a car pull up outside the O'Briens'. He watches as Katie walks to the car, hands something to the driver and is then handed something in return. The car then moves off. Andy stands there looking worried.

A few minutes later, Andy is standing on the O'Briens' doorstep, and Katie snaps at him to come in, if he likes. Andy walks in and tells her that he saw what happened outside. Katie retorts that the guy is a friend. Andy tells her that no one stays innocent in the rock scene for long: you see a girl slip a guy some money, you know what's going on. Katie snaps that it's nothing like that. Andy asks what it is, then. Katie snaps that it's none of his business. Andy retorts that he reckons it is - he had to lie for her. Katie snaps that it's not like she asked him to rob a bank or something. Andy tells her that she owes him some sort of explanation. Katie snaps back that she doesn't. They suddenly hear Mike calling loudly and forcefully for Katie, and asking if she's in her bedroom. Andy comments that he sounds pretty angry. Katie tells him to get out the back, and she'll explain later. Andy tells her not to expect him to cover for her again. Katie tells him that she won't. She pushes him outside through the back door and pulls it shut. As she does so, Mike comes in and snaps that he wants to talk to her: he doesn't like people doing things behind his back; he thinks it's about time she told him what she's up to.

Barbara is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, reading the newspaper. She suddenly snaps at Gordon that the bit she's reading is amazing: "After I received the photos of Mr. Hamilton, I found him hiding in a country town." She asks Gordon if he knew they were hiding! She then continues: "He insisted the photographs were fakes, but still hit me when I suggested other people might not agree." Gordon remarks that it's a very liberal version of the truth. Barbara tells him that it makes it sound like the photos are genuine just because he hit the reporter. She adds that if people believe it, they're stupid. Gordon points out that the newspaper also gives details of how they're going to sue him. Barbara comments that at least they couldn't have the photos printed. Gordon, though, replies that the damage is done - they just have to hope that mud doesn't stick. Barbara tells him that it won't with the people who count. Gordon says he's due at a business meeting soon - they'll be wondering if it's true or not. Barbara tells him not to go, but Gordon replies that he has to; if he doesn't, they'll think he's guilty. Barbara suggests that maybe they won't have heard about it yet. Gordon assures her that they'll have heard - Patricia will have made sure of that. Barbara snaps that, now that Matt Kennedy has got her locked up, she hopes they throw away the key.

At the O'Briens', Katie asks what she's done now. Mike tells her that he had three hours to kill between the heat and the final of Jeff's race today, so he thought he'd collect some money from the round; every person he spoke to said they'd paid her yesterday; it's true isn't it? Katie stands there and nods. Mike angrily asks what's got into her: one minute she's asking for an advance on her pay, and then she's lying about collecting money. He asks her what she did with it. Katie replies that she had to help a friend. Mike asks how much. Katie replies that it was $50. Mike incredulously asks which one of her friends needed $50. Katie quickly replies that it was Andy Green - he didn't ask her, but she knew he had to buy a lot of things for the band; she was only trying to help him out. Mike snaps that he doesn't mind helping her friends out, but to go behind his back... Katie retorts that Andy said he'd pay her back. Mike snaps that that's not the point - she also lied to him. Katie, looking guilty, says she's sorry. Mike tells her that they'll talk about it when he's watched Jeff run; he's disappointed, though. He goes, leaving Katie looking worried.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl tells John that it's a very good offer. John says he knows. Beryl suggests that maybe David is making sure the two of them don't lose contact. Andy comes in, and John asks him if he saw Katie. Andy replies that something funny is going on: she said she'll tell him later. He heads off to listen to a tape, leaving Beryl to ask John what's going on. John explains that Andy thinks Katie is avoiding him for some reason. He then returns to the original subject, and tells Beryl that David said that, if he ever sells out, he'll have first option on the business. Beryl asks John if he'd be interested in that. John replies that he doesn't know; it means he would have to pay a fair bit. Beryl points out that there's no problem there - she said she'd set him up in a business. John suggests they wait and see what happens. Beryl continues that she was going to ask David if he'd like her to buy his share of the house - so that he'll have some money - but she doubts he'll accept. John asks why not - it's his house as much as hers. Beryl replies that he has too much pride - but she can help him if she gives John the money to buy the trucking business. John smiles and tells her that she's incredible: she's divorcing the bloke but obviously still really cares for him. Beryl sadly replies that, when you've loved someone for as long as she has, you can't just turn it off.

Andy is sitting in the living room when there's suddenly a tapping at the window. He looks up and sees Katie standing there. He goes and opens the front door, and comments that most people knock. Katie says she knows, but she came to say sorry for pushing him out of the house. Andy asks her why her father was so upset, and Katie explains that she borrowed some money - $50 - and he wanted to know how she spent it. Andy comments that it's a funny thing to get upset about. Katie tells him that it would be worse if he knew what really happened; she couldn't tell him the truth... Looking worried, Andy says, "Katie...." Katie goes on that she couldn't; she doesn't like lying to her family, but it was the only thing she could think of. Andy asks what she told him. Katie replies that it all happened so fast.. Andy says he hopes she left him out of it. Katie tells him that she couldn't think - she told her father that she lent him the money. Andy snaps, "What?" Katie insists that she had to say something. Andy snaps that she didn't have to drag him into it again. Katie tells him that it won't be for long - she should have the money back tomorrow and that will be the end of it. She says to Andy that he won't tell her father, will he? Andy replies that he won't say anything off his own bat, but if he's asked, he's not covering up for her. Changing the subject, Katie looks at the tapes lying on the table and asks what they are. Andy replies that they're mostly the band. Katie asks if she can listen to some, and Andy tells her she can. Katie picks one of them up, looks at it and asks what it is. Andy quickly explains that it's mostly education - philosophy and stuff. He hands her another one and says he thinks she'll like it better. He turns the radio cassette player on, and the radio starts playing. There's horse racing commentary on, and the commentator mentions the name of a horse called 'Montego Bay'. Andy switches the machine to play the tape, but, looking surprised, Katie tells him to turn it back. Andy does, but when he asks why, Katie tells him to shush. She suddenly starts cheering-on 'Montego Bay', calling, "Go on... Go on..." John comes in, looking surprised. As the horse crosses the line in first place, Katie yells that it won; she doesn't believe it! - she thought he was only joking! She tells Andy that she'll be back in a minute, and she goes. John asks Andy what that was all about. Andy replies that he doesn't know; she must be backing the gee gees. He adds that it's no wonder she didn't want her old man to find out.

Back at the O'Briens', Katie is talking on the 'phone and she tells the person on the other end that 'Montego Bay' won! It's a man she's talking to, and he tells her that he said it would! Katie asks what she should do with the ticket. The man tells her to do the same as he's doing with his: cash it in. Katie, sounding surprised, asks him if he had a bet. The man says, "Yeah..." Katie asks how much he put on. The man replies that it was the whole $50. Katie points out that she gave him that to pay his motel bill. The man tells her that it came off, though, and Katie reluctantly says she guesses so. Jeff suddenly comes in and says to his sister, "Guess what?" Katie tells the man that she has to go. The man says he'll see her tomorrow morning. Katie tells him, "Same time, same place." She hangs up. Jeff asks who she was talking to, but Katie just says it was a friend. She then asks him if he won, but he tells her that he came in second. Katie congratulates him. Jeff then says to her that she was talking to the guy she went out with last night, wasn't she? Katie asks what if she was? Jeff asks who he is. Katie asks him to please not tell their mum and dad, as they'll kill her if they find out. At that moment, Heather and Mike come in, and Heather asks her daughter what she's doing out of bed. Katie replies that she feels a bit better now. Heather asks her if she's sure. Katie replies that she's fine. Heather tells her not to overdo it. She and Mike go to unpack the esky, leaving Jeff to tell his sister that he hopes she knows what she's doing. In the kitchen, Mike comments to Heather that Katie isn't herself. Heather says, "No..." Mike continues that he wishes he knew what to do about the money. Heather suggests to him that he drop it for a day or two - at least until Katie pays him back. Mike comments that it's so unlike her; maybe if it was Jeff, he could understand, but it's so unlike Katie; they've always been so close. Heather points out that she's only 18; everyone makes mistakes; she obviously likes Andy and is too embarrassed to talk to them about it. She adds that he's making a mountain out of a molehill. They kiss. Mike looks thoughtful.

Barbara is sitting, reading a magazine in the lounge room at Dural when Gordon gets back. Barbara asks how the meeting was, and Gordon replies that it was terrible: they all knew, although half of them pretended that they didn't; all he could do was stand there like a prize fool; the same thing will happen wherever-- He's suddenly interruped by a knock at the door, and Barbara gets up and goes and answers it. She finds Charlie standing on the step, and her face drops as she says, "Hello, Charlie." Charlie excitedly says she saw Gordon come in, and she thought she'd pop over - he must be feeling awful, all those ghastly things that people are saying about him. She heads into the lounge room and tells Gordon that she simply had to come over and say how sorry she is. Gordon thanks her. He then adds that he didn't know she read the National Informer. Charlie laughs that she doesn't - she heard all about it at Lady Jackson's luncheon. Gordon looks at Barbara.

Sometime later, Barbara, Gordon and Charlie are all sitting in the lounge room, and Charlie is saying that, anyway, she was the only one on the whole table who stood up for him. She suddenly realises the time and says she only meant to stay for a few minutes. Barbara, obviously wanting her to leave, tells her that they won't keep her. She and Gordon stand up, but Charlie remains seated and continues that the worst thing was when a man joined the party after lunch: he actually had some of the photos with him. Gordon asks who he was. Charlie replies that she didn't catch his name; he was a businessman, she thinks. Barbara asks if he said how he got the photos. Charlie explains that they simply arrived in the post. Gordon looks at Barbara, who growls, "Patricia." Charlie continues that she tried to convince everyone that they were fakes. Barbara snaps that they are fakes. Charlie replies that of course they are - but they certainly livened up lunch! She then announces that she must be off, as she's dining out tonight. As she stands up, she adds that, if there's any gossip, they can rely on her to set the record straight. She walks to the door and Barbara opens it for her. Charlie comments to her that Gordon doesn't look well. Barbara snaps that he was a lot better about an hour ago. Charlie comments that the strain must be terrible. Barbara snaps that it is. She then snaps, "Goodbye," and shuts the door. She rejoins Gordon and asks if there's any way they can strangle Charlie! Gordon agrees that it's tempting! Barbara tells him that he mustn't worry. Gordon replies that they can't make people forget it if they're talking as much as Charlie says they are. He adds that Patricia has certainly done the job well.

At the O'Briens', Mike and Jeff are watching TV. Mike yawns and suggests to Jeff that it's bedtime. Jeff gets up and heads out of the room. As he goes, Katie comes in and sits down next to her father. Unbeknown to either of them, Jeff stands just outside, listening as Mike asks Katie if she's feeling alright. She explains that she can't sleep. Mike turns the TV off and Katie continues that she's sorry she let him down. Mike tells her that he can't say he's not disappointed. Katie says she'll get the money back tomorrow. Mike tells her that it's not the money - it's the principle. Katie tells him that paying the money back will make her feel better. Mike suggests they just forget out it. Jeff is still standing, listening...

The next morning, Katie leaves the house. As she does so, Heather calls to ask her if she's well enough to go out. Katie calls back that she won't be a minute - she's going to get the money for dad. She walks down the path and strokes Titus, who's lying by the gate. As she opens the gate, she tells the dog to stay inside. She closes the gate behind her and walks off down the road. A few moments later, Jeff comes out of the house, carrying his schoolbag, and starts following her. .

A short time later, Jeff watches as Katie kisses the man she's meeting. The man, who appears to be in his 40s, tells her that he's got her $50, and he hands it over. Katie says that's great. The man asks her if she thought she'd seen the last of it. Katie assures him that she didn't! The man then asks her if she's collected on the ticket yet. Katie says she hasn't. The man tells her that it's worth $100. Katie looks surprised, but she tells him that he can have it back if he likes. The man, though, tells her that it's hers. Katie says she has to go; she told her mum she wouldn't be long. She kisses him goodbye and walks off. The man turns and walks towards where Jeff is watching. As he gets nearer, Jeff steps out and snaps at the man - who he apparently knows - "Hey - I wish you'd just stay out of our lives; it was bad enough before, but using Katie is really low." The man says, "Jeff..." Jeff snaps at him, "Why don't you just leave us alone?"

Gordon and Barbara are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural, but Gordon isn't eating, and Barbara asks him if he's not hungry. Gordon tells her that just a cup of tea will do. Barbara offers him some cereal, but Gordon assures her that he's fine - honestly. Barbara comments that he didn't sleep very well last night - he kept tossing and turning. Gordon explains that he was wondering what he's going to do from here. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Gordon snaps that he hopes it's not Charlie - the last thing he needs is the gossip from last night's dinner table. He goes and opens the door and looks shocked to find Wayne and Amanda standing there. Amanda says, "Hello!" Gordon asks what they're doing there! Wayne explains that they thought he might need a bit of support; they can't let the papers get away with what they're printing. Gordon starts to say that, all that business about Dee's money... Amanda interrupts and tells him that they're in a lot of trouble, they know, but they had to do something. Wayne adds that coming home seemed the best idea. Gordon hugs him gratefully.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Mike hands Heather two empty cups and comments that at least it's a nice day. Heather tells him that he should get a lot done. Mike says he hopes so. Katie comes in and hands over the $50 to her father. Mike remarks that she must have had a long chat with Andy. Katie just says, "Yeah..." Mike then asks her if she feels fit enough to push a mower around all day. Katie looks down guiltily. Mike asks what's wrong now. Katie looks up at him and tells him that it wasn't Andy that she lent the money to; she's been wanting to tell them for a while, but she knew they wouldn't like the truth. Looking worried, Heather asks what's going on. Katie doesn't reply. Mike impatiently asks her if she's going to tell them. Katie just says, "Yes." Mike tells her, "Well, we're waiting..."


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