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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

At the Palmers', Matt tells John that it was a tough thing for Patricia to have to admit, but she finally did it. John asks him when he took her to the rest home. Matt replies that it was a couple of hours ago. John asks if she's alright. Matt replies that she's as alright as she can be; the main is that she's recognised that she has a problem. John asks if it would help if he was to go and see her. Matt tells him that it would. He then adds, though, that he shouldn't see her just yet as she needs time to flush it out of her system. John says he just wants to see her well again. He then tells Matt that he hopes that, one day, she'll recognise what he has done for her; he thanks him. Matt replies that it's all part of the job. He then announces that he'd better get going, and he apologises to John for dragging him out of bed. John asks him when he's heading back to Sydney. Matt replies that he's not quite sure; first thing in the morning, he wants to see Margaret...

The next morning, Margaret is lying in her hospital bed, still covered in bandages, and she weakly asks Matt why he's there so early. Matt tells her that he wants to give her something to think about for the rest of the day. Margaret retorts that she's got enough on her mind. Matt, though, replies that it's not as important as what he has to tell her. He continues that Patricia won't be coming to see her for a while. Margaret asks what happened. Matt tells her that he made her take a rest - a long one. Margaret remarks that it was the pressure she was under... She asks Matt if he put her in a home. Matt replies that he did. Margaret asks if it was a breakdown. Matt tells her that it was. He then tells Margaret that her recovery is going to have a great deal to do with Patricia's recovery: her lying there feeling sorry for herself isn't helping her one bit; how the hell are other people supposed to help her when she won't help herself? Margaret tells him to try lying there in her condition for five minutess and see if he likes it. Matt tells her that she's probably the most important person in Patricia's life at the moment; if Patricia thinks she won't be there when she comes out, she's not ever going to want to come out; it would be quite something to have on your conscience. Leaving Margaret with that thought, he tells her that he has to go. Margaret lies there.

Mike is in the Palmers' front garden, having just mown the lawn. Andy comes down the path and Mike says to him that he hopes he didn't wake the house. Andy assures him that they were up early. Mike comments that he thought Andy would have slept in after his night out with Katie. He then adds, though, that Andy did bring her home at a reasonable hour. Andy just warily replies, "Yeah... you know..." Changing the subject, he asks if he should get the lawn money from Beryl - she's inside cooking breakfast. Mike tells him to leave it - it's Katie's job to collect the cash; she'll be around later. Andy tells him that he'll see him, then. Mike heads off back next door, leaving Andy looking worried. He turns and heads back into the Palmer house.

As Mike closes the front door at the O'Briens', Katie suddenly comes over to him and, in a pleading voice, says, "Dad..." Mike tells her, "No!" Katie tells him that she just wnats an advance on her pay - only until tomorrow. Mike replies that, in that case, it's definitely no: they're running the business like a business, and the fact that she's his daughter doesn't come into it. Katie tells him to pretend that she's a desperate employee! Mike repeats, "No," and walks off. Heather comes over and joins her daughter. She asks where Mike is, and Katie replies that he's gone to wash his hands. Looking at the expression on her daughter's face, Heather tells her that, just because she didn't win, there's no need to pout. She then adds that Katie's not to forget that it's Jeff's sports day at school - it would be nice if they could all be there to watch him. She walks off and Katie goes into the living room. She walks over to the 'phone, picks up the handset and starts dialling. The call is answered by the receptionist at a motel, and Katie asks to be put through to room 73. As she's waiting, Katie suddenly spins round in shock as Jeff appears behind her and asks her what she's playing at. She snaps, "What?" Jeff tells her that she wasn't out with Andy last night; he wants to know what's going on - she doesn't normally lie to their mum and dad. Katie snaps at him that it's none of his business. She then asks him if he minds, as this is a private call. Jeff walks away. Katie returns to the 'phone, but the receptionist tells her that there doesn't seem to be any answer from room 73 at the moment. Katie asks her if she can tell the guest that she called and that she can get the money; she'll call back later. The receptionist repeats the message and then hangs up.

At Margaret's apartment, David asks Tony if he's been in touch with his mum lately. Tony tells him that he got a 'phone call from her late last night. David asks if she and her sister are well. Tony replies that they can't wait to see him! Changing the subject, he comments to David that he doesn't look too good, and he asks him if he had any breakfast. David replies that he didn't bother. Tony asks him if he's having problems with Margaret. David sadly replies that, if he could only talk to her... Tony points out that moping around there won't do any good. David says he knows he should get back to work on the truck, but he just can't explain it... Tony offers to move into the apartment with him, but David says he doesn't know... Tony then tells him to go and see Margaret, adding that she can't stop him. David explains that he doesn't want to make things worse. Tony tells him that there must be something he can do. He then announces that he has to get going, as he has to pack up his junk. He adds that he'll pop round and see David tonight before he goes. He walks over to the front door. As he does so, someone knocks on it and he opens it to find Matt there. Tony goes and Matt comes in. He introduces himself to David, who tells him that he's heard a lot about him. Matt asks him if he has five minutes. David asks what the problem is. Matt replies that he won't beat round the bush: Patricia has had a serious breakdown and she's gone into a rest home. Looking shocked, David asks if it's as bad as last time. Matt replies that it's worse, he thinks. He continues that he's already been to the hospital and told Margaret; he wanted David to know because he and Margaret seem to be the two people closest to her. David asks how Meg took it. Matt replies that she was alright, he thinks - he hopes it'll pull her out of her depression; it's vital for Patricia's sake that Margaret recovers, as she seems to be the single motivating force in her life at the moment. David asks Matt if he's saying he wants to use Margaret. Matt tells him that he wants to use both Margaret and Patricia - and him. He continues that he thinks he's shown Margaret that Patricia needs her; now if he can convince her that he needs her as much, it could be the turning point for her. David explains that he's been trying but she doesn't want to know. Matt replies that, after his talk with her this morning, today could be the time for him to say his piece.

Fiona and Jill are clearing the table in the living room at Woombai. Fiona says she feels so sorry for him. Jill agrees that Stephen has had to cope with a lot more than he deserves lately. Fiona curtly retorts that Patricia has brought most of it on herself. Jill points out that it's still a pretty terrible thing to happen. Changing the subject, Fiona asks her if she's picking up the photos of Fee this morning. Jill replies that she is - but she wants to go and say goodbye to Robin first. Fiona's face drops. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Freddy walks in. Looking surprised to see him, Fiona asks him what he's doing there. Freddy is holding a present for Fee, and he explains that it's from Terry. A look of happiness suddenly crosses Fiona's face, but Jill looks upset as she takes the gift. She goes and sits down on the couch as Fiona asks Freddy where Terry is. Freddy just replies that he'll be in touch soon. He adds that that's all he came for. Jill uncertainly thanks him. Fiona tells Freddy to tell Terry that she's looking forward to seeing him. Freddy says he will. He goes.

A while later, Jill is sitting in the reception area at the guest house with Robin, and she angrily asks how dare Fiona think Terry can start playing at being a father; she hopes he isn't thinking that he's going to start hanging around, because she won't have a bar of it. Robin says he supposes it's fair enough that Terry should feel something. Jill, though, snaps that she's sticking to what she said - and Fiona's not helping either: she's still got the crazy idea that she's going to start playing mummies and daddies with him. She continues that she can understand how Fiona feels, and she wishes she could go along with it, but she just won't see her side of it. Robin asks how she'll tell Fiona that she doesn't want Terry at the christening. Jill says she doesn't know. She then continues that there's one way out: just to have it as quickly as possible. Robin, looking thoughtful, says it's cheating, but it's sensible - and he can drive her to the church any time she likes. Jill remarks that she thought he was going home this morning. Robin tells her that this afternoon is just as good. Jill comments that he's putting it off. Robin replies that he's got nothing much to go back to... He suggests they go. Jill smiles.

Margaret is lying in her bed at the hospital when the door opens and Tony comes in. She asks him how he's doing, and he replies that he's great. He then adds that he thought he'd pop in and say goodbye - he's off to stay with his mum and sister. Margaret tells him that it was kind of him to think of her. Tony replies that she was kind to him through his mum's trial and all that. He then jokingly asks her when she gets out of the 'freaky place', as it gives him the creeps! Changing the subject, he continues that he's not absolutely sure that he'll be going home tonight - it depends how David is. Margaret asks what's wrong with him. Tony tells her that she should see the flat: David just sits there all day, moping around; he thinks he's missing her more than he's letting on. He continues that Margaret knows how he feels about David and Beryl, but he's never seen David like this; he just thought she should know. Margaret quietly thanks him. Tony asks her to give David a go, as he's a good bloke. Margaret smiles at Tony and tells him that he's not so bad himself.

Jill arrives back at Woombai and hands Fiona the packet of photos that she's just collected. Fiona asks if Robin has gone. Jill tells her that he hasn't yet - he drove her into town, actually. Fiona, looking annoyed, says, "Oh..." Jill continues that she went to see the Minister: she's decided to bring the christening forward to this week - in a couple of days. Looking surprised, Fiona starts to bluster that that's much too quick - it won't give any time for Gordon and Barbara to get organised, and they'll be so disappointed if they're not godparents. Jill says they can get around that: she and Stephen can stand in for them. Fiona continues that she still thinks it's far too soon - there's no great hurry; even if they make it another week... She stops as she sees the expression on Jill's face and realises that Jill wants to make quite sure that Terry isn't there. Jill says that's right. Fiona tells her that she's being so unfair; hasn't he proven by now that-- Jill interrupts and snaps that Fiona's talking about 'best intentions' again. Fiona retorts that Jill just can't judge him like that. Jill angrily tells her to hang on, and she asks who's being the judge when it comes to Robin: what he did is a darn sight less than what Terry did - and he's trying to make an effort; if Fiona's going to stick the boot in, she should at least be consistent about it. She walks out.

A while later, Robin is at Woombai, and he says to Jill that Fee is asleep, is she? Jill replies that she's having her afternoon nap. Robin says he won't disturb her, then. He turns to Fiona and asks her what she thought of the photos. Fiona curtly replies that they were very nice. Robin says, "Good!" He then adds that he only called by to say goodbye. Fiona heads out of the room, saying a curt, "Goodbye, Robin," as she does so. When she's gone, Robin remarks to Jill that she's not exactly subtle! Jill wishes him good luck with his wife when she arrives. Robin tells Jill that he's more worried about her. Jill says she'll just have to put up with Fiona, she guesses. Robin comments that it's a pity - he knows how fond she is of the old girl! Jill laughs that she's glad Fiona didn't hear him say that! Robin tells her that if it ever gets too much for her, there's always a room for her and the baby at his place. Jill says she hopes it won't go that far, but it's really nice of him. Robin says he'd better go. He says 'goodbye' to Jill and wishes her good luck. Jill says, "You too." He goes.

Katie knocks on the front door of the Palmer house. As she stands on the step, she looks at a wad of notes that she's already collected. She then thrusts them into her pocket as the front door is opened by John. She tells him that it's time to pay up - her dad did the lawn this morning. John invites her in, but Katie declines the invite, saying she doesn't want to be rude, but she's expected home. John tells her to hang on a tick. He goes to get the money while Katie stands there, waiting. He soon comes back and hands her the cash. She thanks him before adding that she's surprised he doesn't mow the Palmers' lawn himself. John tells her that the grass would be knee-high if it was left to him!

At the O'Briens', Mike is putting his jacket on. Heather asks him if he's taking a camera. Mike asks what for, and Heather points out that it might be nice, having a shot of their son winning a race. She then tenderly thanks him for coming. Mike tells her that Jeff is his son, too - it'll take a bit of time, but they'll get it back together again. Katie comes in and Mike asks her if she's got the lawn money. Katie tells him that she hasn't had time. Mike tells her that she can get it tomorrow. Looking at the expression on her face, he asks her if she's alright. She replies that she's feeling a bit rotten - her stomach's been aching all morning. Heather tells her that she had better not come with them, then. Katie continues that she feels so tired... Mike suggests she go straight to bed. Katie asks them to tell Jeff that she's sorry. Mike asks her if she's sure she's OK. Katie insists that she's positive. Mike and Heather go. As soon as the front door is shut, Katie goes to the window and looks out to make sure they've gone. The car starts and they drive off. She then goes to the 'phone and dials a number. She gets through to the motel again and, when it's answered, asks for room 73.

There's a knock on the door of Margaret's apartment, and David answers it to find Tony standing there. Tony comes in and asks David where he's been, as he's been trying to ring all afternoon. David explains that he had to go shopping; he had to get something important. Tony tells him that he bets it wasn't as important as him getting to the hospital. He continues that he went to see Margaret; she's pretty keen to see him. David asks what about him and Beryl. Tony replies that he can see how he's been - and there must be something going for him and Margaret; he'd like to see him and Beryl back together, but David's a mate - as long as he's happy, that's the main thing. David says he'd made up his mind to go to the hospital, anyway - that's why he went shopping. Tony asks him what he bought. David tells him that it doesn't matter. He tells Tony to stay for a bit, but Tony says he's still got some junk to pack up; he'd better be going. David thanks him and tells him to take care of himself. Tony smiles and asks him who he thinks he's talking to! David smiles back and tells him that he's one of the best ratbags he's ever known. Tony replies that he's a bit of one himself! David says he'd have to be to put up with him! They hug! Tony tells David that if he doesn't come and visit him, he'll have lost a mate. David tells him to give his love to his mum. Tony goes. David smiles.

Fiona and Jill are sitting on the couch at Wooombai. Jill, who has a broad smile on her face, tells Fiona that they're a hopeless pair; she's sorry she stormed out before. Fiona replies that she should apologise - she's been a real pain; she knows it's because of Terry and so does Jill. She asks Jill if she can understand how she's feeling. Jill replies that of course she can. She then adds that she'd like to be on Fiona's side, but... Fiona says she promises it won't be the last time she'll ever do anything funny or say something, but at least next time Jill will know that she doesn't really mean it; as long as it doesn't affect them - they go back so far. Jill tells Fiona that she just wants her to be happy; to enjoy her granddaughter; they'll go to the christening and the three of them can have a good time. Fiona tells her that of course they can.

David walks into Margaret's room at the hospital and looks at her; she's asleep. He pulls up a chair and sits down next to her. He continues to look at her and places his hand on top of hers. Margaret lies there, not moving.

In Adelaide, Amanda and Wayne are walking along, holding hands and smiling. They cross a road and walk towards a newspaper vendor. Wayne buys a paper and the two of them walk off. As they go, the vendor puts down a new pile of papers. He pulls off the top sheet, which contains the headline: "National Informer: Company Director Assaults Sex Scandal Investigator. Link with Drowning Case".

David is still sitting looking at Margaret when she wakes up. She looks at him, and he comments that she had a good sleep. Margaret quietly says she thought she must be dreaming. David tells her that she isn't. Margaret asks him if he's sorry he came. David asks her what she thinks. Margaret says he knows why she didn't want him to come. David smiles and says he can't imagine! Margaret continues that they'd only just got to know each other well; it would be so unfair to him... he knows what she's going to look like - she won't be the same person. David gently tells her that that's a silly thing to say. Margaret says she knows they can fix her face, but... her body... She tells David that she'll understand if he wants to leave her. David tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself - he's there, isn't he? - that must say something. Margaret tells him that he's probably there because he feels he should be; because he feels sorry for her. She continues that, when she comes out of there, she doesn't want any sympathy; she doesn't want him to stay with her just out of sympathy. David tells her that he just wants her to get better - not just for herself. He goes on that Beryl has agreed to a divorce; their farm is waiting...; it would be pity to waste the money. He then adds that, if she thinks he's not keen... He puts his hand into his pocket and takes out a small case, containing a ring. As he shows Margaret, he tells her, "...this should prove it." He closes the case and puts it in Margaret's hand, which he squeezes. He looks at her, lovingly...


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