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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A short time later, Jill is on the 'phone, and she tells the person at the other end that she's going to Dural; her name is O'Donnel and there will be two passengers. She hangs up and then asks Kathleen if she's satisfied. Kathleen is reading a note that Jill has written, and she retorts that it's fine - Robin will understand why she felt she had to leave. Jill continues that the cab should only be a few minutes. Kathleen offers her a hand with Fee's carrier, but Jill snaps that she can manage. Kathleen tells her that she's glad she managed to see things her way. Jill, taking Fee and the carrier, cooly says she'll get someone to come and collect the rest of her things. She goes.

Amanda is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural. She says, "Alright, Aunty Barb - bye." As she hangs up, Wayne comes in and asks if everything is alright. Amanda, looking thoughtful, says she doesn't know - her dad answered the 'phone. Wayne asks what he's doing in Melbourne - he thought he'd gone back to Woombai. Amanda replies that she thought so too - he must have gone down to see Patricia. Wayne asks if that's what he said. Amanda replies that he seemed really evasive. She then continues that he must be down there to see Patricia; at least it explains why Barbara sounded twitchy. Wayne asks her if she reckons Barbara and Stephen are having an argument about it. Amanda tells him, "Probably," adding that Barbara wouldn't be too happy to think Stephen isn't really over Patricia. Changing the subject slightly, Wayne asks Amanda if she told Barbara that they would be down there in a couple of days to sort out the business. Amanda says she got the feeling that Barbara would like them to hold off for a while - until Stephen is out of the house. Wayne replies that what they have to do can wait at least a week. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Amanda goes to get it. The visitor is Terry, and he explains to Amanda that Fiona wants him to pick up a few clothes for her - she's with some friends in Manly, and they've asked her to stay the night. Wayne joins them and asks if he means Bunty and Thel. Terry replies that that's right, and adds that they're great! Amanda asks him what clothes Fiona wants. Terry asks her to find something, and so Amanda goes to head to the flat. As she does so, Terry asks Wayne how it went with Robin's wife - did he manage to work things the way he wanted? On hearing this, Amanda turns round and asks to see Wayne in the flat. She walks off again. Wayne immediately asks Terry angrily why he had to open his big mouth in front of her. Terry asks how the hell he was supposed to know.

A few moments later, in the flat, Amanda snaps at Wayne that he promised. Wayne guiltily replies that he knows. Amanda snaps that he has to interfere. Wayne says he's sorry he did, now. Amanda goes on that he lied about it. Wayne explains that he just thought it was the best thing for Jill: the quicker Kathleen is back to her old self, the quicker Robin is under her thumb again - and that would be the end of Jill's involvement with him. He adds, sadly, that it hasn't quite worked that way, though. Amanda asks him what he means. Wayne tells her that Kathleen is more together than any of them - he reckons he's made things worse for Jill. Amanda snaps that if he hadn't stuck his nose in, this wouldn't have happened. She then adds angrily that he asks for everything he gets. Wayne glumly says he knows. Amanda asks him why he doesn't stop it - he only ever ends up hurting people. She asks him if he'll promise that he won't do it again. Wayne, though, tells her that he can't - he doesn't trust himself: he knows he's like - when somebody does the dirty on him, he has to bite back. Amanda pleads, "Please..." Wayne sighs and says he's not making a promise he might not be able to keep - but for her sake, he'll try. Amanda smiles and says, "Thankyou."

At the Morrell apartment, Robin is reading the note from Jill. Kathleen tells him that she tried to stop her, but she insisted. She adds that Jill will probably tell him all about it when he gets in touch with her at her new place. Robin looks at the note and retorts that there's no address. Kathleen says she didn't notice... Robin angrily asks her what she said to Jill. Kathleen 'innocently' replies, "Nothing." Robin snaps that Jill didn't go because she wanted to. Kathleen asks why she'd want to make Jill leave. Robin tells her that he knows her too well. Kathleen retorts that she might have done something like that once, but not anymore - she swears she had nothing to do with it; the letter explains everything. Robin asks how long Jill has been gone. Kathleen replies that she didn't notice the time. Robin angrily asks if it was one hour... two? three? Kathleen says she's not sure. Robin snaps that that's a big help. He walks over to the 'phone on the bar and looks up a number in the index. He then starts dialling.

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Terry answers using the receiver on the bar in the lounge room. Robin comes on and says it's him - he's trying to find-- Terry interrupts him, though, and angrily asks him what he wants. Robin explains that he's trying to find Jill - is she at Dural? Terry says gleefully that Jill has walked out on him, has she?; he then adds that he knew she'd come to her senses sooner or later. Robin ignores this and snaps that, if she's there, he'd like to talk to her. Terry tells her that she isn't there - and if she does turn up, he'll do all he can to make sure she doesn't get in touch with him. Robin growls that he's sure he will. Terry tells Robin that he brought all this on himself; the last thing Jill needs is to be caught up in it; he thinks it's great that Jill has gone, and Robin should start getting used to it. Robin hangs up in annoyance, and so does Terry. At the Morrell apartment, a smile crosses Kathleen's face...

A while later, Jill is in the lounge room at Dural with Wayne, Amanda and Terry. She snaps at Terry that it's got nothing to do with him - if she wants to ring Robin she will. Terry growls that he's sorry he told her. Jill says she wishes he'd mind his own business. Terry snaps that, no matter what he says, he can't win. Amanda chips in that no harm has been done. She then turns to Wayne and tells him to ring Robin to get him to come over, so that Jill can explain what happened. Jill, though, says Kathleen will be waiting on every call that comes in and will recognise his voice. She turns to Terry and tells him that he caused the problem, so why doesn't he ring her? - tell her that he's a business contact of Robin's and that he needs to see him urgently; as soon as Robin gets on the 'phone, tell him to come over there. Terry tells Jill that she made the split with the guy and should leave it at that - she knows he's only trouble. Jill angrily snaps that she'll do what she likes; she only went along with the woman to get her baby out of there; she's got to see Robin and tell him that Kathleen hasn't changed - she's obviously just as bad as she was in the old days - and if he's not careful, she could turn on him like she did on her. She implores Terry to please just get on the 'phone and ring him. Terry gives in. Amanda suggests to Jill that she take Fee to the flat and settle her down. She adds that there are a couple of letters for her there, that Stephen brought down from Woombai.

A few minutes later, Amanda and Jill are in the flat, and Amanda is holding Fee. Jill says to her that she wishes people would stop trying to run her life for her. Amanda tells her to try not to let it worry her. She goes and picks up two letters that are lying nearby and tells Jill that they're from Ireland. She leaves the room to go and put Fee down, and Jill sits down and opens one of the envelopes. She takes out two sheets of paper and starts reading:

Dear Jill, You don't know how hard it's been for me, being away from you. Night and day, I think of nothing else. I can't stand it any longer - being back here in Ireland is as bad as I expected it: senseless killings and terrible violence - it's far worse than I remember. I just want to get back to some sanity - and to the girl that I love. I've done what I have to do to avenge my father's killing, and now I feel I've earned the right to live my own life. I've booked the flight and I'll be with you - and our little girl - in a few weeks. It can't go quickly enough as far as I'm concerned. I'll see you soon. All my love, Brian.

A broad smile crosses Jill's face, and as Amanda comes back in, she says, "Good news?" Jill excitedly tells her, "Brian's coming back!" Amanda says that's wonderful! Jill continues that he says he wants to be with her and their little girl. Amanda tells her that she's so happy for her. Jill goes on that it solves so many problems. Amanda asks her if she means about Robin. Jill says she does. She tells Amanda that she was right - she guesses she does find him attractive; she was kidding herself that she felt something, but now she knows she doesn't love him - the letter from Brian made her see things so clearly; she's never had the courage to say it before, but she always hoped he'd come back. She happily puts the letter down and opens the other one. She takes out some more sheets of paper, including a newspaper cutting. As she starts to read it, her face drops.

Terry puts the 'phone down in the lounge room as Amanda comes in and asks him if he's got onto Robin yet. Terry replies that he's on his way over. Seeing a look of worry on Amanda's face, Wayne asks what's wrong. Amanda replies that Jill has just got two letters from Ireland: one from Brian saying how much he loved her and that he was coming back; the other one from his family - it had been written a day later: there was a newspaper clipping saying that Brian had been shot down outside the Belfast Post Office; it was a political killing - he'd probably just posted his letter to Jill. Looking concerned, Wayne says Jill will be a mess. Terry says he'll go to her. Wayne snaps at him that he'll be the last person she wants to see. Terry retorts that he'll handle it.

Terry goes into the flat. Jill is sitting crying. Terry sits down on the couch and gently asks her if she wants him to give Fiona a call. Jill sadly replies that she can't do anything - why spoil her night? Terry assures her that Fiona won't mind, but Jill insists, "No." Fee suddenly starts crying, and Terry suggests that he take her in to Amanda; give Jill some time to herself. Jill thanks him. Terry stands up and makes to go and get Fee. Jill suddenly says "Terry..." Terry looks at her. She tells him that, when Robin comes, she will see him. Terry reluctantly says, "Sure..." Jill sits there looking devastated. She glances down at the newspaper clipping in her lap. There's a photo of Brian beneath the headline, 'Family loses second member in political shooting'. Terry looks at Jill in concern.

Sometime later, Jill has recovered her composure, and she dials a number on the 'phone in the flat. STD pips sound and Beryl then comes on. Jill says it's her, and Beryl, sounding surprised to hear from her, asks her how she is. Jill replies that she's fine. Beryl then asks after Fee, and Jill replies that she's good too. She then continues that that's why she's ringing: how would Beryl feel about having two house guests for a couple of weeks? Looking even more surprised, Beryl says it would be lovely. Jill tells her that she thought it was time Fee got to know her Aunty Beryl. Beryl asks her when they'll coming. Jill says it'll be tonight, if that's alright. Beryl tells her that of course it is. She asks if they should pick her up. Jill insists that she can get a cab, but Beryl tells her not to be silly - they'll see her at the airport. They say 'bye' and hang up. Beryl stands there looking thoughtful. John, who's sitting on the couch, asks if that was Jill - is she coming down? Beryl, looking puzzled, says she is - and she's bringing the baby. John comments that it's a bit sudden. Beryl replies that that's what she thought. John asks if they're picking her up. Beryl asks him if he minds, but he says he doesn't. Beryl tells him that it'll be good to have a baby around the house - the letter she's writing to Kevin and Lynn made her realise how much she misses little Davey. She adds that she's glad Jill called before she finished the letter, as it gives her something else to tell them. John asks her if she's mentioned anything about Andy. Beryl replies that there are just a couple of lines - it's of no interest to Kevin, but Lynn quite liked Andy; they didn't get to know each other very well, though - there wasn't much time. John, looking worried, says, "No..."

Amanda is feeding Fee in the lounge room at Dural when Terry comes in and asks where Wayne is. Amanda replies that he's gone to the bottle shop. She continues feeding Fee and suddenly becomes aware of Terry watching them closely. She asks him if he'd like to hold Fee for a minute. Terry, though, says he'd hate Jill to walk in and find him - she's got enough trouble without him making it worse. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Terry says it'll be Robin. He goes and answers it, and Robin tells him that he got there as fast as he could. He asks how Jill is. Terry tells him that she's waiting in the flat - but something has happened since he called: she's had some pretty bad news: her husband's been killed. Looking shocked, Robin says, "Oh no..." Terry continues that she's pretty upset - and if Robin says anything to make her feel worse, he'll have him deal with. Robin retorts that he's not likely to. He asks where she is, and Terry gives him directions to the flat.

A few moments later, Robin tells Jill not to let Kathleen upset her - she's got enough worries. Jill asks how can she not be upset; Kathleen is a dangerous woman. Robin replies that he can handle her. Jill tells him that she thinks Kathleen was jealous of her from the very beginning - and then when she saw them kissing... Becoming upset, she tells Robin that she's sorry - it's all her fault; she should never have talked him into letting her stay. Robin points out that he agreed to it. Jill asks him what he's going to do. In reply, Robin asks what he can do. He then continues that she's safe and they're together - that's all they need. Jill suddenly cries, "No, Robin... it was a mistake." She goes on that they can't - it was a mistake; when Kathleen forced her to leave, it made things a lot easier. Robin asks her what she's talking about. Jill cries, "Us." She then explains that she just got carried away with everything: him being there to deliver Fee and then helping her leave Woombai when she need to; she kidded herself that she felt something for him, but she doesn't - she's sorry. Robin tells her that he doesn't believe her: she's upset about her husband's death; she's not thinking clearly. Jill retorts that she doesn't want to talk about Brian. Robin says he still can't accept it. Jill tells him that he's going to have to; she hopes he sorts things out with Kathleen, but from now on, it's his problem, and she doesn't want any more to do with it. Robin asks if they can talk about it tomorrow, but Jill tells him that she's going to Melbourne to visit friends; she thinks it's best if they don't see each other again. Robin starts to say that she'll change her mind once-- Jill interrupts, though, and cries, "Please." Robin gives in and says there's nothing much more he can say. He tells her that he hopes things work out for her. Jill distantly says, "Thanks..." Robin goes, leaving Jill looking upset.

In the lounge room in the main house, Terry is smiling as Amanda feeds Fee. Wayne is sitting next to Amanda, watching closely. Amanda smiles as she says that, when she has a baby, she hope she's as well-behaved as Fee! Robin suddenly comes in and tells them that they can relax: they've got what they wanted. He goes. Terry asks Amanda if she can go and see what's happened.

A short time later, Jill is sitting at the table in the flat with a cup of tea in front of her. She tells Amanda that she had to make sure she wouldn't be tempted to go back to him. Amanda points out that she said a while ago that she didn't love him. Jill replies that she liked him; they started to have a really good friendship. Amanda asks what's wrong with that. Jill starts to break down as she replies that she's been bad luck for every guy she's ever been involved with; she's determined it's not going to happen again. Amanda says she thinks Jill is being a bit hard on herself. Jill, though, cries that Brian was the last straw - anyone getting involved with her is asking for trouble. Amanda tells her that she's got nothing to do with Brian's death. Jill, though, sobs that it's partly her fault. Amanda asks how. Jill replies that they were having a few problems when his brother came over; she's sure that's why he was so easily convinced to go back to Ireland - if things had been running smoothly, he wouldn't have gone. Amanda tells her that she doesn't know that. Jill cries that yes she does; they're all better off without her - including Robin. She breaks down and starts sobbing heavily.

At the Morrell apartment, Kathleen pours herself a glass of wine. The front door suddenly opens, and Robin walks in, slaps her face and orders her to get out. Looking astonished, Kathleen cries, "What?" Robin angrily tells her to pack her bags and go. Kathleen, her hand to her face, cries that that hurt. Robin snaps at her that she deserves a lot more than that for what she put Jill through. Kathleen tells him that she doesn't know what he means. Robin snaps that she scared the living daylights out of Jill and she used her baby to do it - and she conned him into thinking that she actually liked Jill. Kathleen retorts that she had to do something - Jill was coming between them. Robin snaps that there hasn't been anything between them for years. Kathleen replies that there could be - if they give it a chance. Robin snaps that he doesn't want to go back to what they had. Kathleen insists that she's changed, but Robin retorts that she hasn't from what he's seen - she's still the same Kathleen. Kathleen insists that she isn't. Robin tells her that he's had enough. Kathleen snaps, "Thanks for nothing." Robin continues that he's got to go out, as he's got an appointment; if she's not gone by the time he gets back, he'll have the greatest pleasure in throwing her out - and he means it. He goes.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Beryl says to John that they should have time to watch some television before they go to the airport. She looks at the guide and notices that there's a country music special on. Looking worried, John picks up the letter that she's written to Kevin and Lynn - which is on the dining table - and says he has something to tell her. Beryl comments that it sounds serious. John tells her that she's not going to like it. Beryl sits down and says, "Come on then." John tells her that he knows how they can get Andy away from The Farm - but it would mean bringing Lynn back for a visit. Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "Why Lynn?" John nervously replies, "Because... she and Andy got to know each other very well before she went away." Looking wary, Beryl glares at him and asks, "How well?" John replies that they sort of had an affair; if Lynn went to The Farm, he's sure she could get through to Andy - he still cares about her, even though he decided to call it quits; if Beryl paid for a ticket, she could come back home. Beryl listens and then snaps, "No." She goes on that she doesn't want anything to do with it. She then adds that it's a good thing Lynn is in London, because if she was there, she'd get more than a piece of her mind. John tells her that she has to think about Andy, but Beryl retorts that she's not sure he isn't getting everything he deserves. John tells her that she doesn't mean that. Beryl says, "Don't I?" She then adds that she's surprised he even suggested Lynn come back there. She goes on that she doesn't want to make a fuss - for Kevin's sake - but she's disgusted with Lynn. John points out that it still doesn't solve what to do about Andy. Beryl snaps that he's made his bed and he can lie on it. John tells her that just because of what happened between her and David doesn't mean she can't help Andy. Beryl asks what on earth that's got to do with it. John tells her that she and David spilt up, so she's scared the same thing will happen to Kevin and Lynn. Beryl agrees that if Lynn came back there, that could happen - and there's no way she wants to be a party to it. John looks annoyed.

Jill is in the flat at Dural with Fee. Terry comes in and tells her that he's going to head off now. He asks if there's anything he should tell Fiona. Jill asks him to explain to her why she's going to Melbourne; tell her that she needs to get away from Robin - she and Fee need friends at the moment; she'll be back when everything settles down. Terry tells her that he was very sorry to hear about Brian. Jill thanks him. She then asks him if he'd like to hold Fee. Terry says it's OK, but Jill assures him that she doesn't mind. Terry asks her if she's sure. Jill tells him that at least she' ll have made someone happy today! Terry walks over to her and she hands Fee over, saying gently as she does so, "Here, take your daughter." Terry smiles happily as he starts cooing over the little child. Jill smiles happily as she watches them.


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