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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A while later, Doug and Rosie are clearing up in the kitchen. John comes in and Rosie asks how Beryl is. John replies that she's a lot calmer, although she's got a headache and wants an aspirin. As he goes to get the tablets, he asks what happened with the O'Briens. Rosie tells him that they realised that Beryl wasn't up to entertaining this evening. Doug adds that he popped into Muriel and Victor's and told them that Beryl wasn't feeling too well. Rosie comments that she doesn't suppose Beryl is up to eating. John agrees that she isn't. Rosie tells him to take her the aspirin and she'll serve up dinner for the rest of them. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and John gets it. Gordon comes on and asks for Rosie. John calls to Rosie that it's Gordon, for her. Rosie looks wary, but takes the 'phone. John leaves the room. Rosie cautiously says, "Yes, Gordon?" Gordon asks her if Wayne has been in touch with her. Rosie replies that he hasn't yet. Gordon explains that he thought he might have called by now. Rosie curtly says she's sorry - she'll let him know if he rings. She then asks Gordon where he is now, and he replies that he's at Toorak. He asks why the question, and Rosie replies that she wants to talk to him. Gordon asks what the matter is. Rosie tells him that she'd rather not discuss it on the 'phone; she'll drop over shortly. She hangs up. She then turns to Doug and tells him that she'll dish up for him and John and then call a taxi. Doug asks her if she's not going to eat first. Rosie sadly replies that she doesn't feel very hungry.

The envelope addressed to Barbara is lying on the coffee table at Woombai. Barbara is clutching the photo to her chest in disbelief. Stephen tells her to give him the picture and he'll put it away. Barbara, though, just snaps that she doesn't believe it - she never thought Gordon would get involved with anyone like that. Stephen tells her that they can all be tempted - but some people are stronger than others. Barbara angrily asks if that's supposed to make her feel good; her husband cheated on her. Stephen retorts that Gordon has obviously been set up - he's not the sort to go chasing-- He stops and then tells Barbara that the question is: what is she going to do about it? Barbara says she doesn't know - but he'd better have a damned good story.

Gordon sits down in the lounge room at Toorak and remarks to Rosie that it must be important for her to traipse all the way over there. Rosie agrees that she thought so. Gordon asks what it's all about. Rosie hands him the envelope and Gordon takes out the contents. He looks at the picture. As he does so, Rosie says to him that he can understand how she felt when she saw it. Looking shocked, Gordon tells her that he doesn't know where it came from, but he can assure her that it's a fake. Rosie tells him that it looks real to her. Gordon says that she can't seriously believe--; nothing like this ever happened. Rosie, looking awkward, tells him that she wants to believe him; she really does...

John is sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers' when Beryl comes out from her bedroom. He tells her that she should be resting, but Beryl replies that there's no way she can; she's going to see David. Looking surprised, John asks her if she's sure she's up to it. She tells him that she isn't really, but she can't just lie there thinking about it - she loves David and wants him back, but there's no chance of it happening if he doesn't know how she feels. John asks what if he doesn't want to get back together. Beryl sadly replies that she'll at least know how he feels.

Gordon is pacing the lounge room at Toorak, and he tells Rosie that she knows how much he loves Barbara - he wouldn't do anything like that to her. Rosie tells him that the camera doesn't lie, but Gordon retorts that the photo is a fake. He sadly realises that she won't believe him. Rosie says she only hopes Barbara doesn't see it - she'll be more upset than she is. She then continues that that's what she came to say; there's no point hanging around. Gordon insists that he's telling the truth. Rosie just says she'll see herself out. She goes. Gordon walks over to the 'phone and dials.

The 'phone rings at Woombai and Stephen answers it. Gordon asks to speak to Barbara. Stephen says, "Just a minute." He turns to Barbara and tells her that Gordon wants to talk to her. Barbara, looking shocked and upset, shakes her head. Stephen tells Gordon that she doesn't want to. He then adds that an envelope arrived this afternoon. Gordon asks him to just tell her that the photograph is a fake; he'll be there as soon as he can tomorrow. They hang up. Stephen goes and sits down next to his sister and tells her that Gordon says the photos are fakes. Fiona, who's standing behind them, says she knew they had to be - she can't imagine Gordon doing anything like that. She tells Barbara that she should have talked to him, but Barbara stands up and cries that she couldn't. She walks out.

There's a knock on the door at Margaret's apartment. David gets up from the armchair in which he's sitting, reading the newspaper, and answers it. He looks surprised to find Beryl standing there. They say polite a 'hello' to each other, and David invites his wife in. He then tells her to sit down. He also offers her a coffee, but she declines. She asks how Margaret is, and David sadly replies that he still can't get to see her. Beryl asks if she's improving. David replies, "So they say." Beryl says she supposes he's wondering why she's there. She then continues that she's been doing a lot of thinking: twenty years of marriage is a long time; she just can't throw it away without at least making an effort to save it. David points out that she was one who asked him to leave. Beryl tells him that she was hurt and angry, and he didn't seem to want to understand how she felt. David retorts that he could say the same thing. Beryl nods in agreement. She then goes on that she loves him and wants him back; but he has to understand that she's changed - now the kids have gone, she needs outside interests apart from just being a housewife. David tells her that he drove to the house yesterday - their anniversary - but didn't go in because he knew they'd cover the same gound; he knows that she's changed and he doesn't like it; when he's with her, he doesn't feel comfortable like he used to; he needs what he had before, and he's got that with Margaret; things are good between them and she's going to get better. Beryl, looking upset, says that if that's how he feels, she'll talk to her solicitor and tell him that this is the beginning of their year's separation; after that she wants a divorce. David, looking shocked, says he'd never thought about that. Beryl says she thinks they should. David just says, "Fair enough." They stand up and Beryl walks to the door. As she opens it, she pauses, turns and says, "Bye, David." David just murmurs, "Yeah..." Beryl goes. David looks upset.

The next morning, at Toorak, Patricia comes downstairs, wearing her dressing gown, her arm still in plaster and a sling. Gordon comes out of the lounge room and yells that he wants a word with her. Patricia calmly asks if she can have a coffee first. Gordon immediately snaps that she might think it's amusing, but he doesn't. Patricia cooly says she presumes he's talking about the photographs. Gordon snaps that she's not getting away with it. Patricia tells him that she already has. Gordon yells that if she thinks she can make trouble for him with Barbara and Rosie, she's got another think coming. Patricia retorts that he shouldn't worry about them; its all his other friends and business associates that he should worry about: they've been sent copies, too; she thinks he'll find it very difficult to talk his way out of it with all of them. Looking furious, Gordon snaps, "My god, you're insane." Patricia cooly retorts, "Yes... you'd know." Gordon tells her that it's true - he was sure she'd get back at him, but the way she's using other people as well; she's sick. Patricia tells him that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Gordon retorts that he can tell her one thing: he won't rest until he gets Wayne and Amanda out from under her thumb.

At Woombai, Fiona tells Barbara that it's not very different to how it was for her when Terry was accused of attacking Patricia - she knows how she felt when the people she cared about wouldn't take her word that he was innocent; Gordon will feel exactly the same way - especially when it's his wife who doesn't believe him. Barbara listens, but then snaps that she's already been made a fool of by one husband; what's to say it's not happening again? Fiona tells her that Gordon loves her - she knows that. Barbara snaps at her to please just shut up about it. Fiona says she didn't mean to upset her. Barbara tells her that she does go on. She walks out. Fiona asks Stephen, who's sitting reading the newspaper, if he's still got the photo. Stephen asks why. Fiona replies that she's going into town after breakfast; she's got an idea that might help...

In Adelaide, Wayne and Amanda are peddalling a pedallo on a lake. They look happy. A while later, they're walking by the lake; there are gulls at the water's edge; Wayne has his arm around his wife. Later still, they're sitting on a bench, throwing bread to the birds. Wayne suddenly claps his hands and they all fly off, much to Amanda's mock annoyance! They move on and stand on some stones in the middle of a pond, and hug each other. They walk along, laughing and looking happy. They then come across two flautists giving a concert nearby and they stop and watch, Wayne with his arm around Amanda; he whispers something to her, and she smiles. Later, they're going up in an outside lift over the town centre. Later again, Amanda runs and stands on the wall round a fountain. As she walks along it, Wayne walks on the pavement. He then lifts her down and they walk along. Wayne asks Amanda if she's happy. Amanda smiles and says, "Yeah - it's a wonderful city. I love it!" Wayne asks what about him?! Amanda tells him that she loves him, too! Wayne says that's alright, then! Looking sad for a moment, Amanda says she just wishes they could let her father know that they're alright.

Gordon follows Stephen into the lounge room at Woombai, insisting as he does so that it's a fake. Stephen tells him that he doesn't have to make excuses with him. Gordon snaps that he isn't. Stephen continues that he's hardly one to throw stones, but he's just surprised, that's all - he wouldn't have expected it. Gordon angrily asks him what the hell he has to say to convince him. Stephen replies that, if that's what happened, fine - he's not going to argue. He adds, though, that Barbara is very upset. Gordon snaps that it's no wonder - if he was sent a photograph of his wife in bed with another man, he'd be upset, too, but at least he would give her a chance to explain - which is more than he's giving him; everyone is carrying on as though he's guilty when he hasn't done a damn thing. He suddenly notices Stephen's eyes darting to something behind him, and he realises that Barbara is standing there. He turns and tells her that he doesn't know how much she just heard, but the photos are a fake and that's the truth - he swears to God. Staring straight at her, he asks her if she thinks he'd look her straight in the eye if that's not the case; she must know it's true... Barbara quietly tells him that she believes him. Looking relieved, Gordon asks, "Honest?" Barbara walks over to him and he holds her.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl says she should go to the O'Briens' and apologise for last night. Rosie tells her that they understood. John agrees that it's alright. Beryl asks Doug if he's finished his cuppa, and she picks up the cup. She then remarks that he was very quiet over lunch. Doug tells her that he can't believe she asked David for a divorce. John mutters, "Me either." Berly tells them that they're just going to have to get used to it. Doug retorts that it seems so sudden - as if she hasn't thought about it. Beryl tells him that she has - and she feels a lot better knowing for certain what's going on. She then continues that she'll have to write to Susan and Kevin and tell them what's happened. John points out that they'll get a shock. Doug says it's a crying shame. Beryl tells him that she and David agreed that it's the only sensible thing to do. Doug snaps that she won't convince him of that in a million years. Beryl, though, tells him that she wants him to go and talk to David. Looking surprised, Doug asks why, adding that his son is behaving like a lunatic. Beryl explains that she doesn't want things back the way they were with them hardly talking to each other; he can at least hear David's side of the argument. Doug sullenly says he doesn't see what good that would do. Beryl tells him that it might help him understand. She continues that she's sad about what's happened, but the marriage is over and they all have to learn to accept it - including him.

At Woombai, Fiona tells Barbara and Gordon, "That is wonderful!" Barbara asks how she couldn't believe him now. Fiona agrees that her photography friend has put the icing on the cake - it didn't take him two seconds to confirm what she already suspected: she took the photo in for him to check it and he said that, although it had been done by an expert, there's no doubt in the world that it's a fake. Gordon thanks her. Stephen tells him that it seems he owes him an apology. Gordon assures him that, if he'd been in his shoes, he would probably have thought the same thing; at least he'll be able to convince Rosie now - he certainly couldn't last night. Barbara tells him that he should be able to convince a few more people than Rosie - he should be able to prove it to anyone else sent a copy. Gordon points out that he can hardly walk around with a signed letter! Barbara tells him that as long as the people who are his friends believe him, it doesn't matter - Patricia can't hurt them. Gordon says he wishes he agreed, but he thinks their troubles are just starting - he really does believe Patricia is mentally unbalanced. Stephen, looking surprised, tells Gordon that he thinks he's exaggerating just a litle bit - Patricia has done some terrible things, but it's because she's been very hurt; not because she's unbalanced. Gordon tells him that he's not just talking about the photos - what about what she's doing to Wayne and Amanda, and how she made threats to him and to Jill? He adds, "She needs help before it's too late."

A while later, the 'phone rings at Woombai and Gordon answers it. To his surprise, Amanda comes on. He asks her where she is and if Wayne's there. Amanda tells him that he is. Gordon asks to talk to him, but Amanda tells him that they just called to let him know that they're OK. She asks if he can tell Stephen that. Gordon asks her when they're coming home. Amanda, though, tells him that they money in the callbox is just running out - they have to go. She puts the 'phone down, and Gordon turns to Barbara and tells her that she hung up. By the payphone, Wayne tells Amanda that she still had a couple of minutes left. Amanda explains that Gordon was just about to try and talk them into going home - she could feel it - and she didn't want to start any more arguments. Wayne kisses her. At Woombai, Barbara asks Gordon if he didn't get a clue. Gordon asks how could he? - she hung up before he could say much at all; all he knows is that it was STD. Barbara says they'll just have to wait until they try again. Gordon, though, says he wants to talk to them now; tell them they don't have to disappear; he thinks he's found a way to help them. Barbara asks how. Gordon replies that it'll be by doing what they should have done in the first place: take the straight, honest approach.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Doug tells Rosie that he'll be glad when they get back to Queensland, after all the carry-on around there in the last couple of days. Rosie agrees that it hasn't been the happiest trip to Melbourne. She then says she'd like to call in on Gordon on the way home. Doug asks why, adding that she's already apologised to him for not believing him. Rosie replies that that doesn't stop her from feeling ashamed of herself. Doug tells her that it's been proved that the photos are fakes - there's nothing more to be said; she should put the whole business out of her mind. Changing the subject, Rosie asks him if he's going to see David before they leave. Doug retorts that there isn't time now. Rosie points out that Beryl asked him. Doug tells her that that doesn't mean he has to go. Rosie tells him that he should, and she reminds him of what happened to Beryl when she bottled things up.

At the hospital in Melbourne, David walks along the corridor and joins Patricia. He tells her that they still won't let him see Margaret. Patricia asks if he told them who he is. David replies that it doesn't seem to make any difference if they live together - only family are allowed. Patricia points out that they're the rules - she's sorry. David says he can understand not being allowed to see her on the first day, but you'd think that by now... Patricia tells him not to get upset - he'll be able to see her in a day or two, she's sure. David tells her that he feels so helpless. Patricia says she knows, but she's sure everything that needs to be done is being taken care of.

At Woombai, Stephen says to Gordon that they'd better get over to the Reid House - the sooner they let Robin Elliott say his piece, the sooner he can leave. Fiona chips in that the sooner the better, she says. She adds, looking worried, that Jill still seems to think the sun shines out of him. Barbara grimly remarks, "So we noticed." Gordon asks where Jill is. Fiona replies that she's off getting ready for Mr. Elliott to take a photo of her and her baby... Stephen tells Gordon that he'll see him over there, and he goes. Barbara asks Gordon if he should have said something to Stephen about what they've decided to do. Gordon tells her, "Not yet," adding that it might upset him more at the moment. He suggests they wait and see if anything comes of it first.

There's a man in the reception area at the guest house: it's Alec Davies, the reporter to whom Wayne gave the story about Helen Green. He tells the receptionist that he's sorry he arrived so late last night. The receptionist tells him that his office 'phoned to hold the booking, so they knew he was coming. She asks if the room was alright. In reply, Davies comments that the birds get up early round there! The receptionist tells him that you get used to it in the bush! Davies continues that he heard the school has a very good reputation. The receptionist replies that it's one of the top schools in the state, now. Davies says that's good, and he adds that the owners must be pleased. The receptionist says she thinks so. Davies tells her that he knows one of them, as a matter of fact: Gordon Hamilton - he understands he's staying there? The receptionist replies that that's right - although he's not there, but at the homestead. Davies asks what sort of bloke he is. Looking surprised, the receptionist says she thought he knew him. Davies explains that they've met a couple of times; his wife's name is Barbara, isn't it? The receptionist tells him that Mrs. Hamilton is a wonderful person. Davies says it's a happy marriage, is it? The receptionist tells him that it is. Gordon and Barbara suddenly come in, and Barbara looks at Davies in shock. Gordon angrily asks him what the hell he's doing there. Davies calmly remarks that he had quite a job tracking him down. Gordon asks him what he wants. Davies replies that he wants to talk to him about some photos that were sent to him; he thought it might be a good story. Barbara yells at him that they're fakes - which he'll find out if he has them checked. Davies tells her that he still thinks there might be something in it. He adds, "It's nothing to do with the Helen Green story, is it?" Gordon snaps at him that he's wasting his time. Davies, though, says he doesn't think so. He looks at Barbara and comments that she does seen to have a problem with husbands, doesn't she. Gordon suddenly lashes out and punches him on the jaw. Davies reels back but then quickly regains his composure. He tells Gordon, "Thankyou very much - you've just given me the story I need." He walks out triumphantly. Barbara walks over to her husband, a look of horror on her face. Gordon puts his arm round her.


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