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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Beryl is ironing at the Palmer house when there's a knock at the door. She goes and opens it and finds Heather standing on the step. She explains to Beryl that she's there to bring back some eggs - which she hands over - and also to deliver an enevlope which was in the letterbox. She hands that over as well; it's the one sent by Patricia. Beryl looks at it and notices that it's addressed to Rosie. Heather comments that she's not back yet, is she, and Beryl replies that, no, she isn't - she and Doug are still with Susan, her daughter. She adds that she's sure it can wait until Rosie gets back. Changing the subject, she tells Heather that she'd invite her in, only she's running late for the children's home. Heather says to her that if she'd rather call tonight off... Beryl quickly replies that she's looking forward to it. Heather says to her that if she's sure... Beryl assures her that she's fine - she's already done most of the cooking. Heather tells her that she'll see her tonight, then. She goes, and Beryl shuts the door. Standing outside, Heather looks thoughtful. Inside, Beryl places the envelope above the fireplace.

A car pulls up at Woombai, and Stephen, the driver, gets out and says he'll get the stuff out the back. Barbara, Fiona and then Jill, carrying baby Fee, also climb out. Barbara offers to help Jill, but Jill assures her that she can manage. She then adds that she's never been fussed over so much in all her life! Fiona looks at Fee and comments, "Dear little mite... she's fast asleep." Stephen remarks that that's quite a wonder, seeing as the three women haven't stopped yakking since they came back from the hospital! As they approach the house, they notice Robin standing on the verandah, and he calls out that he was beginning to wonder where they'd got to. Stephen looks at him in annoyance and asks him what he wants. Robin tells him that he'd like to talk to him and Gordon. He looks at Jill and asks how her daughter is. Jill cooly replies that she's fine. Stephen tells Robin that Gordon is in Melbourne, trying to fix up the mess that he caused; if he wants to talk, it'll have to be to him. Robin replies that it's a start. Stephen tells him that he'll see him in the office. Robin tells Jill that he's got a little present for her baby; he'll see her later. He walks off and the three women go inside.

As they enter the lounge room, Fiona snaps that she just cannot understand the cheek of that man - after everything he's done, he turns up there, bold as brass. Barbara chips in that she guesses he's running scared - he doesn't want to be charged with blackmailing Wayne and Amanda. She heads off to get some tea, and Fiona looks lovingly at baby Fee. She comments, "Oh my... can't she sleep!" Jill replies that she'll sleep at night, too, she hopes! They sit down. Looking concerned, Fiona asks Jill what will she say if Robin comes round? Jill says she doesn't know - it's difficult; if it hadn't been for him, she might have lost Fee. Fiona asks her if she can't forget what he's done to Wayne and Amanda. Jill sadly says, "No." Fiona tells her that, if he does turn up, she should make it quite clear that he's not welcome. Looking uncertain, Jill says, "I guess so..."

In the office at the guest house, Stephen angrily tells Robin that he astonishes him; he doesn't know what sort of reception he expected... Robin retorts that he expected Stephen to at least listen to his side of the story. Stephen angrily asks, "After what you put Amanda through?" Robin snaps at Stephen to come on - they're not talking about some innocent little kid here - he thought she'd handle it. Stephen snaps that he doesn't know what sort of girl could handle having to cover up a miscarriage. Robin snaps back that maybe it's the same sort that marries for money. He then continues that, anyway, when he realised that she'd changed, he tried to let her off the hook... He then adds that Stephen knows all that. He takes out a piece of paper and hands it to Stephen, telling him that it's the full amount he got from Wayne; he doesn't like giving it back, but he doesn't want to go to jail either; he suggests they forget the whole thing ever happened Stephen takes the cheque and asks Robin if he thinks this wipes the slate clean. Robin replies that he doesn't see why it shouldn't. Stephen snaps at him that he put the kids through hell; he and Patricia got them so confused that they had no alternative but to run away; now he's trying to buy his way out of it. Robin snaps that he's going to have enough trouble with his wife turning up, without getting a hard time from him as well. He then pointedly adds that he did co-operate. Stephen cooly replies that he'll talk to Gordon when he gets back. Robin snaps that it's a two-man jury, eh? He then reluctantly adds that that's fine, and asks when Gordon is expected. Stephen tells him that it shouldn't be more than a day or two. Robin says he'll book into the riding school, then. Looking surprised, Stephen says he doesn't think that's a very good idea. Robin assures him that he'll keep out of everyone's way. He then adds that he'd like to see a bit of Jill and the baby while he's there - if she doesn't mind. He goes to leave. As he stands by the door, he tells Stephen that he needed the money so he took an opportunity to make some; it didn't work out so he paid it back; it's business, in his book, not crime. He goes. Stephen stands there, looks at the cheque and sighs.

Rosie and Doug arrive back at the Palmers'. As she hears them coming in, Beryl calls out that she'll be out in a minute. Rosie looks at Doug in surprise and comments that Beryl should have stayed in Macedon a bit longer. Doug notices the flowers on the table and he picks up the card to read it. Rosie asks if they're from David, but Doug replies that, no, they're from Kevin and Lynn. He adds that it's a good job they did come back early: "To the best mum and dad in the world. Happy anniverary." Rosie realises that she and Doug had completely forgotten. Beryl comes in and cheerfully comments that she hadn't expected them back until later. She then adds that she's glad they're back, as she's invited the O'Briens and Victor and Muriel for dinner tonight. She then continues that she has to get going. Before she has a chance to move, Doug tells her that he saw David after she left for Macedon. Beryl curtly tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it. Changing the subject, she asks if Gordon got in touch with them. Rosie explains that that's why they're back: there's been a problem with young Wayne; Gordon thinks he might try to get in touch with her, and she wants to be there if he does. Beryl asks what's wrong, but Doug tells her that she's got enough trouble as it is, without worrying about something else. Beryl agrees that she's running late, but she adds that he can tell her later. She suddenly remembers something and tells Rosie that an envelope came for her earlier; there was no stamp on it so it must have been hand-delivered. She points it out on the fireplace and then goes. When they're alone, Doug anxiously asks who she thinks she's kidding. Rosie says it's hard to know what to do. She starts opening the envelope, saying as she does so that it's best to let things stand and not worry about them too-- Having taken the picture out of the envelope she stands and looks at it in shock. Doug asks, "What is it?" Rosie hands him the picture and he looks at it and says, "It's Gordon..."

A short time later, in the kitchen, Doug gives Rosie a cup of tea. As he does so, he tells her that there's only one person who'd send a thing like that. Rosie growls, "Patricia..." Doug asks who else it would be, adding that Gordon said she was in a right old mood. He continues that she probably got some floozy to play up to him and then had one of those Private Investigator blokes take pictures. Looking astonished, Rosie says, "Please..." She then, though, admits that he's probably right about how it happened. She continues that it doesn't alter the fact that he did it, though; how could he? Doug tells her that a man's a man; some young flibbertigibbet comes along... Rosie interrupts and cries, "What happened to decency?" Doug tells her that he bets her ten quid that if Patricia sent that to her, there's one on the way to Mrs. Hamilton right now. He continues that the harm's been done there, but they can stop her seeing it. He gets up and leaves the room.

The 'phone rings at Woombai and Jill answers it. STD pips sound and Doug then comes on. He asks if Fiona's there, but Jill explains that she's out seeing a friend of hers at the guest house. Doug asks Jill to hang on a minute. He turns to Rosie and tells her that Fiona isn't there. He asks if he should ask Jill, but Rosie points out that, the fewer people that know, the better. Doug asks Jill if she can ask Fiona to call them at Beryl's. Jill asks how Beryl's coping. Doug tells her that she'd be better if she let it all out. Jill tells him to give her their love. There's a knock at the door, and she says she has to go; she'll give Fiona the message. She hangs up. In Melbourne, Rosie asks Doug if he thinks it's alright asking Fiona to tamper with the mail. Doug replies that it's better than Mrs. Hamilton seeing it - it would break her heart. He adds that Fiona just has to keep any letters postmarked 'Melbourne' until Gordon has a chance to see them. Looking worried, Rosie suggests that perhaps he doesn't deserve to be protected; he's always been such a fine man...

At Woombai, Jill walks into the lounge room holding a parcel wrapped in gift paper. Robin follows her in and cooly comments that they've done a good job on her. Jill asks who he's talking about. Robin snaps, "Come on..." Jill tells him that he can't blame her. Robin replies that, he thought that, if anyone was going to be nice to him, it would be her. Jill asks him if he doesn't think she wants to be. Robin just says, "Yeah..." He asks Jill if she's going to open the present. Jill, though, just angrily asks what could make someone so desperate for money that it would make someone do what he did... She adds that she wants to know... to understand... Robin tells her that it's a long story, and he's not very proud of it. Jill replies that it might be silly, but she'd rather not accept the present. She hands it back and Robin takes it, telling her to suit herself. He asks Jill what she's called her daughter. Jill replies, "Fiona. I mean Fee." Robin says that's that nice. He goes. Jill stands there, looking worried.

A while later, Robin is standing out in the grounds, leaning against a fence post. He unwraps the present and takes out a cuddly toy dog. He looks up and suddenly notices Fiona walking along with some of the guests and a couple of horses. She turns and looks at him. Robin stares back, but then appears to make a decision.

Jill is sitting in the armchair when there's a knock on the door. She gets up to go and answer it, but Robin comes in. He hands her the toy dog and asks her to give it to Fee for him. He continues that delivering Fee made him do one of the few decent things he's ever done in his life; he supposes he's selfish enough to expect a bit of credit for it. He tells Jill that he's just an ordinary bloke with one hell of a problem and no money to solve it; if she wants to hear his story, he'll tell her, and then hopefully everyone round there will stop treating him like he's got the plague. Jill looks at him.

Robin tells Jill that she was 28, wealthy, attractive, successful...; he was 18 and ambitious; he admired her for all the wrong reasons. Jill asks what her name was, and Robin replies that it was Kathleen; never Kathy - that's the type of woman she was. He continues that, about six months into their marriage, he realised what a trap he'd got into; she was the jealous type, with a capital 'J'; as time went on, things got worse and worse. Jill asks him if he couldn't get out of it. Robin tells her that he tried several times, but he guesses he was too weak. He then corrects himself, saying he wasn't weak, but young: he was 20, 21...; she was a very strong lady; she had all the money and the contacts, and his success was tied up with her. He continues that, one day, he just snapped: he knew that she'd been using her knowledge of computers to diddle a few companies; he made sure she was found out; she went to jail and he went to Melbourne and did everything possible to make sure she couldn't find him once she got out. As he pauses, Jill asks him if this the truth. Robin tells her that of course it is. Jill explains that it's just that Gordon told them a completely different story; things Margaret found out. Robin retorts that that's the version she told Margaret in Perth; what he's telling her now is the truth; when Margaret told him that she recognised him from the photo that Kathleen had, the bottom dropped out of everything - the one reason she'd have a photo of him wouldn't be for love, that's for sure; she keeps it with her just to remind herself who she hates most in the world; she'd have figured out who put her inside, no doubt about it. Jill comments that he's making her sound like some kind of monster. Robin replies that she is if you're on the wrong side of her; if you're not, she can be as sweet as pie. He stands up tells Jill that she can add 'coward' to the list of things wrong with him; he's scared of her - that's why he wanted the money: he knows that, if he couldn't buy her off, he wouldn't put anything past her - she's had a long time to think about things. He continues that there are a lot better people in the world than him - and a lot worse - but he's frightened, pure and simple - and if anyone can't understand how a guy like him can be scared of a woman, then they obviously haven't met Kathleen. He tells Jill, "End of story." He then adds that it's not an excuse, just an explanation. As Jill looks at him, he asks her if the toy now gets to sleep with Fee. Jill smiles and says, "Yeah - it's a lovely thought."

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Doug snaps, "Ruddy dog." John tells him that it's just a couple of plants, but Doug snaps that he's going to have a word with them tonight. Rosie asks John if he's just got back, and he tells her that he has. Rosie asks him if Andy's with him, but John explains that he left him with his new band. Rosie offers him some lunch, but John assures her that he can get himself something. They head into the kitchen and John notices a huge pavlova sitting on the table. Looking worried, he asks Rosie if she made it. Rosie explains that she knows pav is Beryl's favourite. John tells her that he's sorry, but if she serves that today, Beryl's likely to crack. Rosie asks why, and John explains that that's how she first met David: she was working as a waitress and she spilled pavlova all down herself; David helped her clean herself up and that's how they first got talking. He tells Rosie that he might be wrong, but he really thinks it would upset her.

A short time later, Rosie is laying the table in the living room, and she says to Doug that she wasn't to know; he never told her the story. Doug tells her to stop worrying; what with that and Gordon... Rosie comments the he can't blame her. Doug continues that John is fussing over nothing - when Beryl saw it in the 'fridge, she was fine. Rosie retorts that she seemed fine. Doug tells Rosie that she wasn't to know. In the kitchen, John opens a bottle of wine. He asks Beryl if she's OK. Beryl tells him that she's working on it. She goes to the 'fridge, and as she opens the door, she looks at the pavlova. John tells her that he was going to throw it out, but they didn't want to waste it. Beryl replies that that would have been silly - she's not going to go to pieces at the sight of a cake. Looking distant, she comments that it's a funny way for her and David to meet - he was very gentle that day... John puts his arm round her.

Jill and Barbara are sitting in the lounge room at Woombai. Fiona is standing up and saying that Doug can be an old eccentric, but why on earth would he be worried about the mail? Jill tells her that he rang three times. Fiona comments that he really is a sweetheart, but he can talk when he gets on the 'phone! Jill tells her that, the third time he rang, he asked if the postman had been; when she said he had but they received no mail, he seemed to calm down a bit. Barbara suggests that they probably sent a present to Fee and wanted to see if it had arrived. Jill agrees that that's probably it. Fiona says she'll ring him after dinner - she's sure it can wait until then.

Stephen is in the office at the guest house when there's a knock on the door and the receptionist comes in. She hands him an envelope - the one from Patricia - and tells him that it just came by special courier from Melbourne; it was delivered there because it's addressed to the riding school. Stephen takes it and says he wonders what could be so important that it's sent by courier. He then adds that they'll soon find out. He puts the envelope down on his desk.

Jeff and Heather are sitting in the lounge room at the O'Briens'. Mike comes in and says he's ready, and he calls for Katie. She calls back that she'll be 30 seconds. Jeff calls out to her that she doesn't have to look good - Andy won't be there! Mike tells his son that he's got to apologise for the damage that Titus has done when they get to the Palmers'.

John, Beryl, Rosie and Doug are all in the kitchen at the Palmers', and Doug snaps that it's rough when a man can't go inside to make a 'phone call without the plants he just put in being dug up; he's going to have a go at them. Beryl snaps at him that he's not to do it tonight - especially in front of Victor. Doug retorts that, if they can't keep it in their yard-- Beryl interrupts him and tells him to forget it - she doesn't want tonight spoiled.

As they walk up the path to the Palmers', Jeff looks around and comments that you can't even tell that Titus did anything. Mike points out that it's too dark. Jeff complains that old Mr. Palmer is as big a whinger as Mr. Hardy.

Inside, Rosie and Doug go to answer the door. John tells Beryl that she was a bit hard on Doug. Beryl says she knows...

By the door, Doug and Rosie invite the the O'Briens in and Doug tells them that Beryl won't be long. Rosie offers them drinks. The visitors sit down, but as they do so, Mike announces that Jeff has an apology to make. Jeff stands up again and says it's about Titus: his mum saw some flowers being dug up in the garden; he's sorry. Doug tells him that he wasn't going to say anything, but since he brought it up...

In the kitchen, Beryl is looking in the 'fridge. She tells John that she can't find the cucumbers. She suddenly spots that they're right at the back. John asks if he should get them, but Beryl says she'll be right.

In the lounge room, Doug tells Jeff that he's glad he apologised, but he hopes he'll keep an eye on Titus in future - dogs round the place are all very well as long as they behave.

In the kitchen, Beryl overhears Doug talking and angrily asks John if that man ever listens. Holding the pavlova, she goes to take it into the lounge room, but as she does so, Doug comes in through the kitchen doors. He bangs into Beryl and the pavlova spills and goes all down her dress. Looking horrified, Doug says he's sorry, and he tells her that he'll give her hand to clean herself up. Beryl cries, "No - I can do it myself." She suddenly starts to break down, as the memories of twenty years of marriage become too much. John and Doug both try to help, while in the lounge room, the O'Briens look at each other, uncomfortably. Beryl cries over and over again, "I can do it myself..." She then breaks down in John's arms, crying, "David... David... David..."


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