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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Back at the homestead, Barbara hands Gordon a scotch, telling him as she does so that she knows it's a bit early in the day but it might help. Gordon assures her that he's alright. Barbara asks him how his hand is. Gordon replies, "Bloody sore!" He then continues that he was stupid, losing his temper like that. Barbara assures him that she was very proud of him. Gordon tells her that he could have held back if it was only him that Davies was insulting, but to drag her into it... Barbara tells him that he hasn't done anything to be ashamed of. Gordon, though, replies that they might not have heard the last of their 'reporter friend'. Barbara tells him that that's what worries her. She adds that he'll probably make Page 1 for punching Davies on the nose. Gordon points out that he could also sue for assault. Barbara asks if it'll go that far. Gordon ruefully replies that he wouldn't put it past him. Barbara points out that Davies has got his story, but Gordon tells her that it'll make more impact if the police are involved. Barbara suggests to him that he ring his solicitor.

Out in the grounds, Jill is sitting on a rug, holding Fee, while Robin crouches a few feet away with a camera. Jill remarks that it's hard to believe that Gordon hit someone. Robin suggests that the reporter may have stepped a little bit far off line. Changing the subject, he asks her to hold Fee up little bit, as he's got plenty of shots of her, but not of her baby! Jill does as she's asked, and Robin moves slightly closer and takes some more snaps. When he's finished, Jill tells him that it's really great of him to do this. Robin assures her that it's no trouble. He then continues, on a different tack, that the reporter isn't going to be the only one to suffer from what's happened: Gordon isn't exactly going to be in the best of moods when he confronts him. Jill tells him that Gordon won't take it out on him - he'll give him a fair hearing. Looking dubious, Robin says he certainly hopes so...

In the lounge room at Woombai, Gordon is on the 'phone, and he snaps to his solicitor, Harold, that he wants him to do as he asks - he won't be intimidated by these people. Harold tells Gordon just to tread carefully - he could be playing into the reporter's hands. Gordon snaps that he's sorry, but he wants Harold to go ahead and take out that injuction - and tell the editor that if the photo appears in The Informer, he'll sue for every penny they have. Harold says he'll get onto it straight away. Gordon thanks him and hangs up. He then turns to Barbara and tells her that that's the second time this morning that he's lost his temper - Harold is very good on business matters, but in cases like this, he tends to be over-cautious. He then adds that this all makes him so mad - there should be a more concrete way of stopping these people. Barbara points out that an injunction will stop them publishing the photos, won't it? Gordon replies that it will for the time being. Barbara tells him that that's it, then: they know the photos are fakes; they can't print them.

Robin and Jill walk into the reception area at the guest house. As they do so, Robin tells Jill that he should have the pictures back in a day or two. Jill excitedly says she can't wait to see them. Fiona comes over to them, holding a gift box, and Jill tells her that they just had their first session in front of the camera. Fiona cooly replies, "That's nice..." She asks Jill for a word, and Robin wanders off. She then continues that the Hansens have just sent a present for little Fee. Jill smiles and says that's nice. Fiona suggests to her that she should go and say thankyou; she's sure they'd like to see Fee. Looking wary, Jill says it might be a bit awkward - Fee isn't even really their grandchild. Fiona says she knows, but she adds that maybe it will make them feel better if they know that she's come to terms with the situation. Jill retorts that she hasn't come to terms with it. Fiona says she knows, but she asks her to please go and see them - at least to say 'thankyou'. Jill says she will. Fiona tells her that she knows it will make them very happy. She then continues that, while Jill's there, she could tell them that if they're in touch with Terry, there's nothing to stop him coming home now - he doesn't have to worry about Patricia anymore. Realising the ulterior motive, Jill laughs, "Alright!" She leaves Fiona and walks over to join Robin, who's sitting on one of the comfy chairs. She asks him when he's taking the film into town, and he tells her that it will be in a few minutes. He asks her if she'd like a lift. Jill explains that she'd like to show Fee off to some friends of Fiona's. Robin says he'll get the car and meet her out the front. He goes. Fiona looks at Jill in concern. Jill sees the expression on her face and tells her that she knows what she's thinking, but she can't have it both ways: she's going to see the Hansens for her, isn't she?

Heather is in the kitchen at the Palmer house with Beryl, and she tells her that she thought she'd pop in and see how Beryl was feeling. Beryl assures her that she's much better today. Heather says she's glad to hear it. Beryl offers her a cuppa, but Heather declines, saying she can't stay long. Beryl comments that it must have been very awkward for them all last night. Heather tells her not to worry about it - she supposes it had to happen sometime. Beryl replies that it's hard when you've been with someone so long and suddenly they're not there anymore. Looking thoughtful, Heather says, "Yes, it is..." Out in the lounge room, Rosie tells Doug that of course Beryl still cares about him - she'd hate to think of him and David cutting off from each other again. Doug snaps that David doesn't deserve any consideration, the way he's carrying on. Rosie tells her that the least he can do is go and see him - he's still his son, no matter what he's done. In the kitchen, Beryl says it's odd: it seems easier, somehow, since she's started talking about divorce. Heather asks her if she means that she sort of 'knows where she stands'. Beryl tells her that it's harder on David - she's only got herself to think about. She asks Heather if she's heard how Margaret is. Heather replies that she talked to Patricia ealier, and Margaret is allowed visitors now. Beryl comments that that must must please David. Heather continues that she thought she might go and see her today. As she says this, Doug comes in and tells Beryl that he thought she'd like to know that he's going to see David - only for her sake, mind. Beryl replies that as long as he talks to him - that's all she's asking.

A while later, Doug sits down at Margaret's apartment and tells David that Beryl seems to think this will do some good. He adds, "Lord knows why - I'm too disappointed in you to care anymore." David asks him if he hasn't changed his mind since the last time he was over there. Doug tells him, "No." David suggests that they forget about the divorce business and have a beer. He then adds that he's honestly sick of all the fighting. Doug grudgingly agrees.

On the 'phone at the Palmers', Rosie says, "That's wonderful!" Gordon tells her that he thought she'd be pleased! Rosie replies that she's just so thrilled that he could find a way out for them. Gordon sadly says he just wishes he could let them know; he still thinks Wayne may contact her. Rosie replies that she'd love to break the news to him. She then adds that he and Amanda will have lot to thank Gordon for. Gordon tells her that, if Wayne does call, she's to let him know that he doesn't have to stay in hiding. Rosie says she will. She then adds that she wishes she could see the look on Patricia's face when she realises that all her scheming has been for nothing. Looking worried, Gordon says he doesn't think he'll tell her, yet. Rosie asks why ever not. Gordon replies that he believes Patricia is headed for a breakdown - as much as he dislikes her, he doesn't want to make it worse for her; he's already arranged help.

Patricia opens the front door at Toorak to find Matt standing on the step! Looking surprised but delighted, she asks him what he's doing there. He explains that he was just passing through and he thought he'd drop in. Patricia tells him that it's lovely to see him. Still standing on the step, Matt asks her if she's going to ask him in! Patricia says she's sorry! He comes in and Patricia closes the door. She then asks what brings him to Melbourne. He tells her that it's business - but he heard about Margaret and thought she could use a friend. Patricia, looking genuinely appreciative, thanks him, adding that she couldn't think of anything she needs more right now.

At Margaret's apartment, David tells his father that it's not something that he wanted to happen. Doug retorts that he let it happen. David tells him that it was partly his fault - he's too much like him! Doug, looking indignant, says, "Just a minute!" David says, "Shameless - that's what they call blokes like us." He then adds that, the trouble is, they're too old to do anything about it. Doug tells his son not to drag him into it. David, though, tells him to look at the kind of married life he and Rosie have: they know what each other expects; that's the kind of married life he wants; he had it for a long time, too; not anymore, though - Beryl has changed; if she hadn't, they'd still be together. Doug points out that it wasn't Beryl who ran off with someone. David retorts that it's not as simple as that: Beryl has her own life - she doesn't need him to support her, anymore. He asks his father how he'd feel if Rosie started acting independently, like that. Doug growls that he always said money causes trouble - a man should be the breadwinner. David tells him that he and Beryl don't want the same things - it's something Doug just has to accept; Beryl and he have, and it would make them feel a lot better if he would, too. Doug finishes his beer and David offers him another one. Doug declines. He then continues that he supposes he can understand how David feels, even if he doesn't agree with it - but he still doesn't hold with this Margaret business. David tells him that he just has to accept it - he and Margaret make a pretty good pair; all they want is a small farm... a place to settle down... a quiet life... Doug points out that it's not working out that way. David replies that he would give an arm and a leg to have her better again. There's silence for a few seconds, which Doug breaks by saying he supposes he'd better be off. He shakes David's hand and tells him to keep in touch and let him know how things work out. David says he's off to the hospital again; he'll see if can get to see Meg again. Looking surprised, Doug asks him if he hasn't seen her. David replies that they keep saying 'Maybe tomorrow'. Doug remarks that that's funny - he heard the O'Brien woman saying she was going to see her today; Patricia must have told her that it would be alright. David looks thoughtful.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia pours a drink and hands it to Matt. She sits down and tells him that they tried to destroy her: Gordon... Fiona... all of them: first they wrecked her marriage - one of the few things she really cared about... A dubious look crosses Matt's face. Patricia notices it and immediately snaps that she's not making this up. She continues that they then tried to turn her sister against her: Gordon dragged her up to Woombai so that they could tell her all their lies without her being around; and now Margaret is lying in a hospital bed, fighting for her life; if it hadn't been for Gordon, she wouldn't be there - so he's ruined Margaret's life, trying to get at her; simple as that. Having heard all this, Matt comments that he's glad he dropped by - she does need someone to talk to. He asks her if she's going to the hospital, and Patricia replies that she is. Matt suggests they have dinner tonight, then, and talk some more. Patricia tells him that that would be nice. She then adds that it's been very difficult for her - especially since Margaret's accident. Matt says he can understand that. Patricia tells him that it's good knowing that there's somebody she can trust. Matt looks thoughtful.

Robin carries baby Fee into the lounge room at Woombai, commenting as he does so that he can't believe how good she is! Jill looks at her daughter and tells her that she's just one big smile! Robin asks if babies are always this good. Jill replies, "Don't ask me - I'm new at the game!" Fiona comes in and, looking annoyed to see Robin there, remarks that they're back. She tells Robin that Gordon wants a word with him at the guest house. Robin hands Fee over to Jill and goes. When they're alone, Fiona asks Jill what the Hansens thought. Jill tells her that they thought Fee is the cutest thing since the cat's whiskers! Fiona comments that she supposes Mrs. Hansen was really excited. Jill replies that she wanted all the details - weight, number of teeth, first word and so on! Fiona says she supposes she wanted to pass it all onto-- Jill interrupts her and tells her that they didn't say if they know where Terry is. She then adds, though, that Mrs. Hansen did ask her if she'd mind her telling him how Fee is. Fiona asks if they're expecting to hear from him. Jill says she supposes so - it's only natural for him to want to know if she's alright. Fiona looks thoughtful.

Gordon is sitting with Robin in the reception area at the guest house, and he tells him that he's explained the whole thing to the executors and they'll be happy if they get all the money back. Robin points out that they've got his share - but what about the rest? Gordon replies that, when he finds Wayne and Amanda, he doesn't think he'll have any problem convincing them to do the same thing. Robin tells him that Patricia won't give her money back. Gordon explains that he'll make up her share out of his own pocket. Robin asks him if he's sure the executors won't press charges. Gordon assures him that they're happy to forget that the incident occurred. He then adds, though, that he and Stephen could still proceed against Robin on Wayne and Amanda's behalf. Robin looks worried and says, "You wouldn't..." Gordon tells him that it's something to think about. Robin curtly points out that he wasn't forced to let Wayne and Amanda off the hook. Gordon reminds him that he started the whole business; now they can't even get hold of them to let them know that everything is alright. Robin tells him that he's got Patricia to thank for all that. He then adds that, if this gets out, his reputation will be shots to bits. Gordon angrily asks what he expects him to do about that. Robin replies that he hopes they'll keep it to themselves; he did co-operate - they owe him that much. Gordon more calmly tells him that he thinks he can get Stephen to agree to that. Robin continues that he's going to be in enough hot water when his wife gets out of jail - losing the business as well could put the lid on it. Gordon snaps his wife is his business; from what he's heard, he probably deserves what's coming to him fom that quarter. Barbara suddenly come in and, looking nervous, tells Gordon that there are two policemen outside: they want to talk to him about Alec Davies. Gordon looks annoyed.

Patricia is walking along the corridor in the hospital in Melbourne when David suddenly calls out from behind and catches up with her. Patricia spins round, looking surprised. She tells him that she wasn't expecting him to be there. David snaps that he bets she wasn't; it's been her stopping him from seeing Margaret, not the ruddy doctors. Patricia tells him that that's not entirely true. David snaps that he checked and they told him that she gave them strict instructions; he wants to know why. Patricia tells him that it's not her - it's Margaret: she's insisting; when they told her that some of the burns might be permanent scars, she felt that he might not want to see her. David retorts that that's silly. Patricia explains that she tried to tell her, but she wouldn't listen. David says that surely she doesn't think he's going to walk out on her - especially now. Patricia tells him that she knows he wouldn't, but Margaret has got it stuck in her head; she tried to make her understand... David says he wishes she'd told him from the beginning. Patricia tells him that she was hoping she'd change her mind. David asks her to talk to Margaret; she's got to believe that he cares; tell her that Beryl and he are getting a divorce. Patricia raises her eyebrows in surprise and tells him that she's sorry - she didn't know. David explains that they only talked about it last night. Patricia tells him that it should make a big difference. David suggests that maybe he should go and see Margaret himself. Patricia tells him that things would be better if they came from her. She walks off. David goes and sits down and puts his head in his hands.

Margaret is lying in bed, bandages wrapped round her head and sensors connected to her body. Patricia gently tells her that so much can be done nowadays. Margaret quietly mutters, "Not for me." Patricia tells her that skin grafts are very successful. Margaret asks what about the rest of her body - they can't do everything; it's hopeless. Patricia tells her that she mustn't think like that. Margaret asks why not - she's only being realistic. She adds that Patricia doesn't know what it's like: every movement hurts so much; she doesn't think she's got the energy to put up with it. Patricia tells her that she must find it - because she's got so much to live for. Margaret says, "Like what?" Patricia replies, "David." She continues that he still loves her; he and Beryl are getting a divorce - he comes there every day hoping that she'll see him... Margaret tells her to tell him not to bother - he's better off trying to save his marriage. Patricia replies that she thinks Margaret owes it to him to tell him that; she'll go and get him. Margaret cries that she doesn't want to see him. She asks Patricia to tell him; she wants him to remember her from the way she was...

At Woombai, Fiona says it 's all so unfair. Barbara sourly comments that it's not exactly Marquess of Queensbury! Fiona remarks that surely the police aren't going to take it seriously? Gordon tells her that they have to: Davies reported him for assault; they're obliged to take action. Fiona asks him if the police don't know how he was provoked. Gordon points out that that's only his version. Barbara comments, "Imagine what the paper will do with it." Gordon glumly replies that they won't have to use that photograph now; they've got what they want - they'll have a field day with him and there's absolutely nothing he can do about it.

Matt has arrived back at Toorak, but Patricia tells him that she's sorry, and she asks if he minds. Matt replies that of course he doesn't. Patricia explains that it's just that she doesn't feel like going out; after seeing Margaret today... Matt says, "Not too good, eh?" Patricia sadly says, "No..." Matt suggests that they knock something up there, then. Patricia tells him that it will have to be leftovers. Matt assures her that that's OK, and so she tells him that she'll show him where the pots and pans are!

At the Palmers', Beryl hugs Rosie and asks if she and Doug are sure they can't wait until morning. Doug explains that he'd rather travel at night - there's less traffic. Rosie asks Beryl if she'll stay in touch, and Beryl replies that of course she will. Rosie tells her that any time she needs a friend... Doug adds that they'd love to have her - any time. Beryl thanks him for seeing David, adding that she's a lot happier knowing that they're on speaking terms again. Doug comments that it's funny: he went there today not wanting to; the thing is, he came away feeling sorry for him - it's a real mess he's got himself into; a real mess. Beryl looks worried. Doug and Rosie go.

David walks into Margaret's apartment carrying some fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. He goes and puts them down on the living room table and then gets a knife and fork from the kitchen area. He goes back to table, sits down and sighs heavily. He then pushes the food away from him and sits there looking upset.

In the living room at Toorak, Patricia and Matt have finished dinner and Matt comments that it wasn't so bad, was it? Patricia tells him that it was very nice. Matt ask her if she's feeling a bit brighter now. Patricia replies, "A bit." Matt tells her that the two of them were always good together. Patricia smiles and comments, "Something about 'birds of a feather'!" Matt tells her that they just know too much about each other, that's all! Patricia says it's a good feeling - knowing that they can trust each other. Matt replies that, the things he knows about her, they've got no choice! Patricia says she's not so bad, is she? Matt smiles and says she's a bit naughty sometimes - those photos were pretty close to the bone. Patricia looks at him in surprise and asks how he knows about them. She then answers her own question, snapping that Gordon's been onto him - that's why he's there. Matt starts to say, "Patricia..." Patricia, though, angrily continues that she might have known: he didn't just 'drop in'. Matt asks if it matters. Patricia snaps that, here she is, thinking he's the one person in the world she can trust and he's one of 'them'. Matt tells her that it's not a question of sides. Patricia angrily asks, "Isn't it?" Matt tells her that Gordon and the others are worried about her, and so is he - she's not herself: one minute she's calm and then the next, she's screaming that everyone is out to get her. Patricia yells, "Because it's true." Matt tells her that it isn't - she's just imagining it; she's got to let him help her - because if she doesn't, she'll wind up being committed. Patricia suddenly lashes out and slaps him. She then orders him to get out. Matt tells her that he wants to help her. Patricia, though, yells that he's just like the rest of them. She repeats the order to get out, adding that she doesn't want him there. When he doesn't move, she yells, "I don't need your help; I don't need theirs; I don't need anybody's."


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