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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Stephen stares at Patricia for several seconds before asking her how she thinks she did all this for him - forcing him to live a life he didn't want. Patricia angrily asks if he isn't doing the same to her. Stephen retorts that she said she'd be happy to live there; why not be honest about it? Patricia snaps that he's so self-righteous; she thought she'd found somebody with the guts to go out and get what he wanted, but as soon as he missed out on Dee's money, it all was downhill from there; his whole ambition is just buried in Woombai. Stephen tells her that he's learnt a few things about himself, that's all. Patricia retorts that he's weak and gives in too easily. Stephen tells her that she said she loved him. Patricia replies that she does - and she still wants him to come away with her; she can make something of him; please come with her. Stephen cooly asks her how she can even think that. Patricia retorts that they're finished, then - she's damned if she's going to be dragged down to his level; she was a fool to waste so much time on him. Stephen snaps that he was a bigger fool - he knew what she was like and he wouldn't face it. He cooly adds that it won't happen again... Patricia storms off inside.

Gordon and Jill are still sitting in the lounge room, and when Patricia comes in, she snaps that she supposes they're both feeling very pleased with themselves. She then adds theateningly that they shouldn't think she'll forget their part in this. Gordon asks her when she'll learn to stop blaming other people for what she brings on herself. Patricia snaps, "Oh god, don't start moralising - I had enough of that when we were married." As Stephen comes back in, she turns, looks at him, and says she has to admit that she's got rotten taste when it comes to husbands. Stephen sternly tells her that he thinks it would be best if she packed her bags and left now. Patricia sarcastically asks, "Aren't I welcome?" She then adds that there's just one thing she has to do before she goes. She walks over to the table, picks up the pen lying there and signs the contract. She then declares that she's now a legal partner in Woombai, and she can come and go whenever she pleases - so they haven't seen the last of her; they're going to find out just how bad an enemy they've made... She stares at Stephen and goes.

A short time later, she throws her bag in the boot of her car. Stephen stands on the verandah and watches sadly as she gets in, starts the engine and roars off.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara tells Fiona that Gordon said Stephen is taking it very hard. Fiona comments that at least he'll be free of her, now. Barbara points out that she's still got part of Woombai, though. Fiona glumly says she would have had second thoughts about selling her share if she'd thought Patricia would get her hands on it. Barbara says she doesn't understand what went wrong: with all the money Wayne and Amanda have got, there should have been enough to buy her share. Fiona suggests that maybe Amanda didn't want to see the lot go on Woombai. She then continues that she's more interested in finding out how Patricia got her money. Barbara reminds her that it was from the investments that James Sheppard set up for her, but Fiona tells her that she doesn't believe it; she knew James very, very well - he was very upfront about money; secret investments were just not the sort of thing he'd do; she thinks Patricia is lying. John, who was talking on the 'phone at the bar while this conversation was going on, hangs up and announces that he's landed a job taking furniture to Melbourne. Fiona tells him that he'll be able to take the truck back to David and earn some money at the same time. John says he wonders if Andy would like to come along for the ride, and so Barbara suggests he ring him. Going back to the original subject, and looking thoughtful, Fiona says she thinks she knows a way to find out if Patricia is lying. Barbara asks how. Fiona replies that it's just a matter of having the right connections...

Patricia pulls her car up at the side of a country road. There are tears streaming down her face. As she sits there, she leans her head on the steering wheel and breaks down...

That everning, at Dural, Barbara is doing a jigsaw in the lounge room when John comes in. Looking bemused, he asks her if jigsaws are some kind of hobby. Barbara tells him that they relax her! Changing the subject, John asks where Fiona is. Barbara replies that she's in the study, making a 'phone call. John says that surely she's not still talking to Rosie! Barbara tells him that no, she's not - Rosie can't get two words in without Doug standing over her, reminding her how much it's costing! John says Beryl and David will be pleased to see them - it'll be a real surprise for them. Barbara asks him if he warned them that he and Andy will be landing on them too. John says he did. He then adds that Andy is hoping to find new talent for the band down there! He asks if Doug said how long he and Rosie will be staying. Barbara replies that it'll be a couple of weeks, she thinks. John heads off to pack. As he does so, Fiona comes in and he remarks that she looks like the cat that got the cream! He leaves them to it. Fiona tells Barbara that that was a very interesting 'phone call. Barbara asks if it was to her solicitor, and Fiona says it was - and he also happened to be James' solicitor; she just casually mentioned how lucky Patricia was that James' investments should drop so much money in her lap, and he didn't know what she was talking about; there's no way James could have made an investment without Bernard knowing; Patricia got that money somewhere else. Barbara asks why she would lie. Fiona retorts that she's obviously got something to hide. She adds, "I wonder what..."

Jill is sitting with Gordon at Woombai, and she tells him that she never really understood why they all felt so bad about Patricia before; she does now, though. Gordon tells her that she also know that, if anyone crosses her, she'll hold onto grudges. He hands her a drink and comments that she looks a bit pale. Jill replies that it's been a rotten day. She then asks how much say Patricia has in the running of Woombai. Gordon replies that she has as much as any other owner. Stephen suddenly comes in and remarks that it's a beautiful night outside. He then says he really should 'phone the other owners and let them know what's happened. Gordon tells him that he's already done it. Stephen says he should apologise in person - especially to Fiona. Gordon tells him that she knows Patricia is to blame. Jill stands up and tells Stephen that she's really sorry that everything turned out the way it did. Stephen sadly replies that so is he. Jill then says she's really tired, and she heads off to bed. Stephen sits down next to Gordon, who asks him if he's OK. Stephen just says, "Yeah..." Gordon tells him that he knows how he feels. Stephen replies that, what hurt him most was the way she looked at him before she left - it was cold, as if she hated him. Gordon tells him that he'll get him a drink.

Patricia is pouring herself a drink at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and she snaps to Robin that he should have seen their faces when she signed the contract anyway - they were like stunned mullets. Robin points out that her marriage has broken up, and yet she doesn't seem upset. Patricia asks what the point would be - it's happened. Robin reminds her that he tried to tell her that it might backfire. Patricia, though, snaps that she doesn't need his 'I told you sos'. She continues that, from now on, it's just her; as long as she gets enough money to keep her happy, she couldn't care less about Stephen. Robin points out that she threw her money away by signing the contract; putting every cent she's getting from Wayne and Amanda into Woombai isn't a particularly bright idea. Patricia tells him that it'll pay off in the long run. Changing the subject slightly, Robin reminds her that he's still working for Woombai's owners; he's going up there tomorrow, and he doesn't need any trouble. Patricia asks why he should get any. Robin replies that they could suspect that he was involved in setting up Terry. Patricia tells him to pretend that he was very shocked, and that he's having nothing more to do with her. Robin points out that he can hardly do that if she's still living there. Patricia retorts that she won't be - she's going to Melbourne tomorrow morning. Robin tells her that, if she's going to check up on Wayne and Amanda, he wouldn't worry. Patricia, though, replies that she's going to stay with her sister - she's the only one who cares about her, anymore - but it wouldn't hurt to remind Wayne and Amanda where they stand; she'll need that extra money by the time it comes through...

The next morning, Wayne is on the 'phone at Toorak, talking to Beryl. He tells her that he was going to call. Beryl explains that there are just a few business problems that she needs to talk to him about. Wayne tells her that he and Amanda just wanted some time to themselves. Beryl says she can't understand that - it must be a wonderful time for them both. Wayne distantly says, "Yeah..." Beryl continues that she always used to enjoy her pregnancies; only the last month or so gets tedious. She asks how Amanda is, and Wayne just replies that she's fine. There's suddenly a knock on the door at Toorak, and Wayne tells Beryl that he has to go. He hangs up, walks to the door, opens it and looks annoyed to find Patricia standing there. She cheerily says, "Surprise, surprise!" Wayne angrily asks her what she's doing there. Patricia sarcastically replies that he always makes people feel so welcome. Wayne asks her again what she's doing there. Patricia replies that she dumped Stephen. Wayne tells her that it was before he dumped her - Gordon rang and told him the full story. Patricia says she won't have to explain, then. Wayne tells her that what she can explain is the suitcase she's carrying. Patricia tells him that she needs somewhere to live. Wayne snaps that there's no way she's staying there. Patricia tells him that she doesn't think he's in a position to argue. Wayne snaps that it's part of the blackmail deal, is it? Patricia points out that they don't have to live in each other's pockets. Wayne snaps that he doesn't believe her - she's prepared to stay there and watch what he's going through with Amanda. He continues that he and Amanda have actually spent the last few days avoiding people so that they don't have to lie about some non-existant baby; Amanda is almost out of her mind. Patricia snaps back that he and Amanda have spent the better part of their lives lying and double-dealing to get their own way, so he shouldn't whinge to her when the positions are reversed. Wayne angrily snaps that he's never done anything as sick as this. He adds that, somewhere along the line, she'll fall flat on her face. Patricia cooly replies that she doesn't think so. She then announces that she's going to see Margaret, so if he'll just take her suitcase upstairs...

Robin is sitting in the lounge room at Woombai, and he explains that Patricia just swept in last night, announced that the marriage was over and that she's living in Melbourne now. Gordon asks him if he had no idea that she set up Terry. Robin replies that of course he didn't - why should he?; he was simply working with her; in fact, he was relying on her help there at Woombai today. Stephen asks what for. Robin replies that part of the PR campaign is to sell holidays to people who don't want to spend all their time on horses; they'll promote the wineries, picnic spots, beauty spots etc. - but he needs someone to show him around so that he can take photos. Jill chips in that she's got to know the district pretty well. Stephen points out that she doesn't want to tire herself out. Jill, though, assures him that she'll be fine. Robin asks if they can go now. Jill says she's ready. Robin asks if they can use a property car, and Stephen agrees. Robin tells him that he's sorry to hear about everything, and he and Jill go. Once he's alone with Stephen, Gordon says he's just not too sure about Robin - he and Patricia are as thick as thieves. Stephen says he agrees that it would be an idea to keep an eye on him.

Margaret and Patricia are hugging at Margaret's apartment, and Patricia cries that it's been awful. Margaret tenderly says she knows - Gordon called her and told her the whole story. Patricia snaps that it was his version, no doubt. Margaret asks if it isn't true, and Patricia looks down guiltily. Margaret asks her what she expected to get out of it. Patricia replies that she wanted to get Stephen away from Woombai so that they could give their marriage a chance to work; when he wanted them to throw their lives away by signing that contract, it made her take another look at him; he's so weak. Margaret asks her if she's not confusing things a bit: she thinks people are weak just because they don't want to do the things she wants, but believe her, it takes a lot of strength to pull against someone as strong-minded as her - and Stephen has got that strength; that's why she fell in love with him in the first place. Patricia just retorts that that's all behind her, now. Margaret tells her that she'll help her all she can. She then comments that it's a pity Tony is living there, otherwise she could move in. Patricia tells her that she should have said 'no' to that. Margaret replies that David asked her - how could she say 'no'? Patricia remarks that it must make things difficult. Margaret sadly says she thinks that's the idea - but she loves David. Patricia snaps that he's getting cold feet; it's typical - soon he'll be up to his neck in guilt, and then he'll back right off; she's seen it all before. She tells Margaret that she has to bring things to a head between him and Beryl. Margaret insists that she doesn't want to start manipulating. She tells Patricia that she and David will both be alright - she'll see.

Robin has stopped the car in the middle of a clearing in a wooded area near Woombai. There's water flowing in a stream nearby. Jill tells Robin that they won't get the car any further, but there's a beautiful waterfall down the track - they could take a photo of it. Looking concerned, Robin comments that it looks like a rough path, but Jill says the exercise will do her good. Robin says he's not sure if he should be dragging round a lady that's due to have a baby in a couple of months. Jill, though, assures him that she's perfectly alright. Robin gives in and says she knows what she's doing. They get out of the car - Jill carrying the camera - and start walking.

At the O'Briens', Heather is crushing up a cardboard box when Mike comes in. Looking surprised, she asks him what he's doing home, and Mike jokes that he thought he might catch her with her boyfriend! Heather laughs. Mike then explains that he was in the area and he thought he might pop in for cup of tea and a cuddle! Heather, though, replies that she's going out - she's having lunch with Margaret. She then adds that she feels a bit awkward about it, and Mike asks if it's because of Jeff's story. Heather tells him that Beryl is being a good neighbour, and Margaret is keen to get their friendship going again...; she feels like the meat in the sandwich. She then announces that she'll give Margaret a ring and put her off. As she goes to the 'phone and dials, she tells Mike that the thing is that she really likes Margaret. Mike tells his wife that he doesn't want her dragged into it. Margaret answers the call, and when Heather comes on, she suddenly remembers that she was supposed to be coming round for lunch. Heather tells her that she's sorry but she has to cancel. Margaret admits that she'd completely forgotten about it, as her sister, Patricia, is there, and it put everything else from her mind. Heather says to say 'hello' for her. Margaret tells her to drop round tomorrow, and they can all have lunch together. Sounding nervous, Heather says she's busy tomorrow. Margaret suggests they meet the next day, then. Heather explains that she's busy all week, and she suggests they leave it until they've both settled into their new homes properly; she'll give her a ring. Margaret reluctantly says, "Alright." Heather says she's sorry about today. Margaret replies that they'll just wait until she's free... They both hang up. Heather tells Mike that she has the feeling that Margaret saw right through her. Mike tells her to just let it go and see how things turn out.

Margaret tells Patricia that Heather was so uncomfortable with her - her son must have told her what she saw. She continues that, the trouble is, if Jeff told her, he might have told other people, and then it's only a matter of time before it gets back to Beryl. Patricia tells her sister that, if she's really serious about David, she should use this situation and make sure Beryl finds out; if she thought people knew, she'd be so humilitated that she'll practically kick David out and drive him straight to her. Margaret, though, says she just wants to be completely honest and open about it. Patricia tells her that that's all very well, but David's not going to do anything about it. Margaret says she supposes she's got to be the one to take the bull by the horns, then... She stands up and asks Patricia if she minds styaing there 'til she gets back; she might need her. Patricia replies that of course she doesn't. Margaret says she knows she's taking a risk, and she might lose David, but she knows what she's got to do.

Jill and Robin are walking back up the track from the waterfall, Robin slightly ahead of Jill. He says he hopes the photos turn out; he's not much of a photographer, but those waterfalls really are beautiful. As he speaks, Jill suddenly yells in pain and clutches her belly. Robin rushes back to her and helps her sit down on the ground, and Jill tells him that she's been in a bit of pain. Robin asks how long for, and she replies that it's been a while. Robin says he wishes she'd told him earlier. Jill explains that she just wanted to get back to the car. Robin asks if it's serious. Jill replies that she thinks her contractions have started - although it might be a false alarm. Robin points out that it might not. Jill tells him that she isn't due for a month, yet, but Robin suggests that maybe the baby doesn't know that. He helps her up, so that they can return to the car, and says he wishes she'd told him earlier. Jill says she didn't think there was anything to worry about. Robin tells her that the car isn't far, but she'll have to direct him to the hospital. As they walk along again, Jill suddenly collapses back onto the ground and cries that the baby's coming; he'll have to help her.

Margaret knocks on the Palmers' front door. Beryl goes and answers it and says a cheery, "Hello!" She adds that she was just doing some tidying up. She heads into the living room and Margaret follows her. She tells Beryl that she needs to speak to her. She then continues that what she's about to say is going to be painful, but it has to be said. Beryl, looking puzzled, asks if it's about the business. Margaret replies that no, it isn't - it's about David and her: they like each other a lot. Beryl says she doesn't understand. Margaret tells her that she's in love with her husband, and she doesn't think Beryl is being a very good wife to him. Beryl, looking shocked, mouths, "You and David...?" Margaret continues that she wants to see him happy, and if Beryl can do that, then she'll step right out of the picture - but if Beryl can't start being the wife that he needs, she's going to do everything she can to get him away from her. Beryl angrily asks Margaret who she thinks she is, walking into her house like this... Margaret tells her that she's just trying to give her a fair chance. Beryl snaps, "Fair?" She then realises, "My god, you really are Patricia's sister." Margaret insists that she's not like Patricia. Beryl snaps that she wormed her way into their lives, made them trust her and then calmly comes in here and tells her that she's going to take her husband away. Margaret retorts that she didn't say that; what she said was that Beryl isn't giving him the things he needs. Beryl yells that she's been married to David for twenty-odd years - she thinks she knows him better than Margaret does. Margaret yells back that Beryl didn't even know what was going on between them. Beryl angrily asks if this is what it's all about: she's been having an affair with him? Margaret starts to say that it's not an affair, but Beryl ignores this and tells her to get out. She pushes her towards the front door. Margaret insists that she's trying to do the right thing. Beryl yells at her to get out, and she pushes her outside. Margaret stands on the path and puts her hands to her face. Beryl shuts the door and stands in the hallway, breathing heavily.


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