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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Stephen is talking on the pay 'phone at Woombai hospital and he tells Fiona, who's at Dural, that she's a grandmother! He adds that it's a little girl, and she's got lovely black hair. Fiona cries that that's wonderful - she just can't believe it! She asks if Jill is OK. Stephen replies that it wasn't an easy birth - the labour started when she was out showing Robin Elliott the local beauty spots. Fiona remarks that she supposes he panicked. Stephen, though, replies that he didn't have time to - he delivered the baby! Fiona tells him to let Jill know that she'll be there on the first 'plane. Stephen tells her that he'll pick her up. Fiona tells him to let Jill know that she can't wait to see her little granddaughter. They hang up. At the hospital, a doctor - Dr. Hurst - comes out of the room by the 'phone, and Stephen asks him if Mrs. O Donnel's baby is any beter. Dr. Hurst replies that her breathing is a lot easier now that she's in a humidicrib, but it's too soon to say if she'll survive. Stephen asks what the problem is. Dr. Hurst explains that her lungs weren't properly formed when she was born - and even if they can stabilise her breathing, there's a high risk of heart failure or she could develop a chest infection. Stephen asks him if he's told Mrs. O'Donnel. Dr. Hurst says he has, and she's got her fingers crossed just like they all have.

Jill is lying in bed in her room when Robin comes in and hands her a bunch of flowers. He asks her how she's feeling, and she replies that she's fine; a bit worn out, though - he's a lousy driver when he's nervous! Robin laughs that he's an even lousier midwife! Jill, though, tells him that she'll recommend him any day! Becoming serious, Robin says he knows there's a problem - he botched it, didn't he? Jill assures him that he didn't. She adds that every premature baby needs special care in its first few days; she'll be fine. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Stephen comes in. He tells Jill that Fiona sends her love and is on her way. Jill says to him that he didn't say anything to worry her? Stephen says he didn't.

Beryl is sitting at the table in the kitchen at the Palmers' when she hears the front door slam. David calls out that he's home. He comes into the kitchen and, as he gets a beer from the 'fridge, he tells Beryl that he went down to the depot to see the boys, and the boss has offered him all the contract work he can handle - he's the white-haired boy since they found out how he handed Joe Parker! Beryl, ignoring this, tells him in a cold voice that Margaret Dunne was there. David looks at her. Beryl continues that she told her everything. David looks puzzled.

At her apartment, Margaret says she supposes all she can do now is sit there and wait. Patricia exasperatedly says she knows what will happen: David will stay with Beryl and she'll end up on her own; she's just handed him back to Beryl on a platter. Margaret says she's really depressed. Patricia says she's sorry - she just wanted her to be happy. She asks if there's anything she can do. Margaret tells her that she can just be around to pick up the pieces if she loses it. Patricia assures her that that goes without saying. Margaret says she wonders if David is home yet. Patricia tells her that she thinks she should stop thinking about it for a while; they should go out and splash some money around. Margaret, though, says she doesn't want to go out in case David comes over. Patricia tells her that he'll only be upset with her for admitting it to Beryl. Margaret retorts that he'll understand that she was trying to give their marriage a chance. She then adds, though, that it might be better if Patricia isn't there when he gets there. Patricia agrees that she'd probably act as a red rag to a bull. Margaret tells her that she'll let her know as soon as she's got news. Patricia replies that, if David has got any sense, he'll leave Beryl.

Beryl is sitting at the kitchen table while David stands by the sink at the Palmers'. She tells David that he has to be the most selfish man alive: for twenty years, she's put him first, and the minute she asks him to consider her, look what happened. David insists that nothing happened, but Beryl retorts that Margaret wouldn't be so confident that she could take him away from her if they weren't having an affair. David snaps that he doesn't know what's in the woman's head - he was only seeing her because he didn't have much of a home life. He rants at Beryl that she's only there half the time, and when she is, she's talking about what she's going to do next time, and she wonders why he goes and spends time with Margaret. Beryl snaps that it's no mystery to her: he wants a replacement for the old Beryl - someone to wait on him hand and foot. David tells Beryl that he wants her the way she used to be; she can have her independence, or she can have him.

In the corridor at the hospital at Woombai, Robin asks Stephen if he's sure the baby wouldn't get better treament in the city. Stephen assures him that everything is fine. Jill comes out of the nearby room, followed by a nurse, and Robin tells her that he'll be leaving shortly. Jill thanks him for looking after her. The nurse tells her that she'd better get her back to bed, and they walk off. Robin tells Stephen that he's glad he's getting away; he couldn't handle having to pretend all the time... it must be the worst thing a woman goes through, losing a baby. Stephen says he can remember what a thrill it was when Caroline told him that she was expecting their first child: just like Wayne and Amanda, they made big plans; it's the best time of your life. Robin says he never thought about it like that. He tells Stephen that if there's anything he can do... Stephen suggests he pray. Robin says he's almost forgotten how.

There's a loud knocking on the door of Margaret's apartment, and David yells out her name. Margaret calls back that the door's open. David comes in and snaps that he's not staying - he just wants to know why she did it. Margaret calmly replies that Jeff did know about them - and he told Heather, and it wouldn't have been long before it got back to Beryl; and she didn't want Beryl to hear about it from someone else, so she decided to make the most of the situation and give her such a scare that she'd go back to being a proper wife to him. David asks, "What about you?" Margaret reminds him that, when they got involved, they made a deal: she would back out if he thought his and Beryl's marraige would work. David comments that it doesn't seem fair. Margaret tells him that she's not going away empty-handed; she knows that he cares, and if Beryl wasn't around... but he still loves her. David says he's been with her a long time. He then tells Margaret that he should never have got her into this; Beryl's right - he never thinks of anyone else but himself. Margaret tells David that he's the kind of man who needs a full-time woman around him - and if Beryl can't come to the party, she wants to be that woman. David says she'll let her know what happens.

There's a loud knocking on the front door of the Palmer house. Beryl, who's still in the kitchen, doesn't answer it. She suddenly hears Doug's voice, though, saying it sounds like no one's home. She then hears a key turning in the lock, and she dashes out to greet the guests. She says to Doug and Rosie that she thought she heard the door. She asks them what they're doing there, and Rosie explains that they decided to give her a surprise! Beryl says she'll put the kettle on. Doug asks where David is, and Beryl replies that he's out at the moment, but he shouldn't be long. Rosie tells her that Doug never stops talking about David back home; she was so pleased when Gordon told her that Mrs. Parker was acquitted. Doug chips in that Rosie rings Gordon every week for a chinwag! Rosie indignantly says she likes hearing all the news! She then says Gordon told her that Wayne has turned over a new leaf since he married Amanda. Beryl tells her that they're thrilled about the baby. Rosie says she is, too. Beryl remarks that she thought Rosie had washed her hands of them, but Rosie replies that it wouldn't be Christian not to let bygones be bygones. Doug chips in that that's one of the reasons why they're there: so Rosie can see them. Beryl tells the guests that she might go and make up their room. Doug tells her to have her tea first - they're not there to put her out. Beryl goes, though. Doug says to Rosie that he told her Beryl would be pleased to see them. Rosie looks worried, though.

Fiona and Stephen walk into Jill's room. As she hands Jill a basket of flowers and a pile of books, Fiona says, "Guess who bought out the little shop at the airport!" She then hugs her and tells her that she's so happy for her. Stephen says he should get back to the property, but he'll call in tonight. He goes. Fiona tells Jill that she thinks she's won a heart there! Jill replies that Stephen has been very good to her. She then tells Fiona that Stephen even wanted to break the news to her, but she told him that it was her place to do that. Fiona, looking puzzled, says, "News?" Jill tells her that they're trying to save her baby. Looking shocked, Fiona cries, "Oh no... I'm so sorry..." Jill assures her that she hasn't given up hope. She suggests that they could go and see her, but Fiona quickly says she can't. Jill asks why not. Fiona replies that she just can't. Jill says, "Fiona..." Fiona tells her that she knows that they'll all think she's a coward, but she couldn't face up to thinking that she had something to-- Jill says she understands. Fiona suggests that she must be very disappointed in her. Jill, though, assures her again that she understands. Jill climbs out of bed, and Fiona asks her where she's going. Jill replies that she's going to see her baby. Fiona asks her what she can do. Jill replies that she knows it might sound silly, but she's sure her child knows when she's around; she might not have much time with her, so she has to make the most of it. Fiona looks upset.

It's nighttime, and at Woombai, Stephen comes off the 'phone. Robin asks how the baby is, but Stephen says there's no change. He adds, though, that at least she's still alive. He then remarks that it's been quite a day for Robin. Robin replies that it's been the best and worst day of his life; until today, 'the miracle of birth' was just an effective slogan to ring out a few tears; now he knows why it works so well. He continues that, when you're in the PR game, you know how to lay on the bull; it's been a real eye-opener for him. Stephen suggests that they go and have dinner at the guest house, but Robin says he has to go to Sydney. Stephen asks what the rush is, and Robin replies that he has to clear the decks so that he can get away to Melbourne. He writes down a number on a piece of paper and tells Stephen to ring him if there's any news about the baby. He then adds that, if he's not on that number, try Wayne's. Looking incredulous, Stephen says that surely Wayne isn't dragging him down there to report on how they're going. Robin assures him that that isn't the case; he and Wayne are doing a project together, and he's got some good news for him.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', David tells Beryl that they have to talk. Beryl just snaps, "No." David pleads, "Beryl..." Beryl snaps that, while he's been off visiting his girlfriend, she spent the whole afternoon entertaining his dad and Rosie. David snaps back that he didn't spend more than five minutes at Margaret's and then he went for a walk. Beryl incredulously comments that his story gets better and better. David snaps that it's the truth: Margaret meant it when she told her that she's giving them a chance, so it's up to them to patch things up. Beryl asks how can they patch things up when he refuses to see her side of it? David calms down slightly and says, OK, so he lost his temper; if she was being more reasonable-- Beryl interrupts and snaps that she's sick of being reasonable; she's had it; after Patricia, he promised her that he'd never be unfaithful again. Rosie suddenly comes in and says Doug has built up a thirst watching television. She quickly notices the tension in the kitchen, and just takes the beer out of the 'fridge. She tells Beryl to leave the ironing, and then heads back into the lounge room, closing the kitchen doors behind her. She sits down next to Doug and tells him that she thinks David and Beryl are having a fight and that they're not supposed to know. Doug tells her that she has an overactive imagination. Back in the kitchen, Beryl snaps at David that she's glad Rosie and Doug turned up, because if they'd had to settle this tonight, she'd have given him his marching orders; hopefully, by the time they've gone, she'll have cooled down. David tells her that she's kidding herself if she thinks she can fool them. Beryl retorts that they just have to make an effort; John and Andrew arrive tomorow - they can't fight it out in front of the whole household. David snaps that they'll do it her way. He heads out, leaving Beryl looking annoyed.

John and Andy have a campfire going in the middle of a clearing in the countryside. As John watches Andy's efforts to cook something, he remarks that it's easy to see he hasn't done this before! He takes a sip from his tea and then asks Andy if he's going to see his girlfriend when he's down in Melbourne. Andy replies that she's overseas. John asks him if he tried to get in touch with her. Andy just retorts, "No."

Amanda opens the front door at Toorak, wearing her dressing gown. Robin is standing there, and he remarks that she slept late. Amanda snaps that 'expectant mothers-to-be' have to take care of themselves. Robin explains that that's what he came to talk about. He asks if Wayne's there, but Amanda replies that he's out seeing some people. Robin tells her that she can pass on the good news to him: he's letting them off the hook. Caught off-guard, Amanda says, "What?" Robin tells her that she doesn't have to pretend to be pregnant anymore. Looking surprised, Amanda remarks that it's not like him to walk away from a fortune. Robin replies that this time it is - and he's sorry about how callous he was when she miscarried; he never thought about how she'd feel. Amanda asks him how come he's thinking about it now. Robin explains that he had to deliver a baby yesterday - Jill's - and it started him thinking. Amanda asks what about Patricia. Robin replies that she'll have to find some other way to make money. Amanda points out that she'll be hopping mad when she finds out. Robin says there's nothing she can do about it; she doesn't know the name of the doctor he called when she miscarried; without that, she can't prove that she and Wayne took Dee's money under false pretences. Amanda sarcastically remarks, "Poor Patricia..." She then says she'd like to give the money back. Robin tells her that the money he's got he keeps. He then adds that that's all he came to to say - she can pass on the good news to Patricia for him. Amanda smiles as she says it'll be a pleasure. Robin tells her that, when she's expecting again, she must take care of herself.

Jill is sitting up in her bed in the hospital, and Fiona is hugging her. She asks if there's any news. Jill replies she's still battling it out; she stayed up all night with her. Fiona says it's only natural; no wonder she looks washed-out. Jill assures her that she's alright - the staff came and talked to her whenever they could. As tears well up in Fiona's eyes, Jill herself starts sobbing, and she tells Fiona not to go getting upset on her again. Fiona replies that she can't help it - she knows she's letting Jill down, but she just can't see the baby. Jill assures her that it helps just having her there.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia furiously snaps that she's not going to let Robin get away with it. Amanda asks how she can stop him: he's the one who's got the evidence to put them in prison, not her. She then asks how it feels to end up with nothing: no money... no home... no husband... She adds that she can't wait to tell Wayne the good news. She then tells Patricia to be out of there by the time she gets back, and she heads out. Patricia stands there looking furious for a few seconds and then goes to the 'phone on the desk and dials. When the call is answered, she asks for a Perth number: Bandiyap Women's Prison.

A while later, Robin arrives at Toorak and tells Patricia that the message was waiting for him when he got back to his motel; she got the news, then? Patricia retorts, "Chapter and verse." Robin tells her that he's not going to change his mind. Patricia says she thinks he might. Robin says he doesn't understand how she can be so hard - she's got children herself. Patricia snaps that they grow up and leave you; anyway, she'd rather have the comfort of money in her old age - which is why he's not going back on their deal. Robin asks her how she'll make sure of that. Patricia tells him that his wife knows where he is - and she's really looking forward to seeing him. Looking horrified, Robin says, "You're kidding..." Patricia lightly replies that she's afraid not. She then tells him that he really can't afford those finer feelings now; he'll need the extra money to buy his wife off. Robin angrily asks her if she's got any idea what she's done. Patricia retorts that she protected her interests and his; if he's got any sense, he'll fob his wife off with part of what he stands to make and keep the rest to himself. Robin snaps that his wife can have the lot if it gets her off his back. He goes to head for the door, but Patricia asks him where he's going. He replies that he's going back to his motel. Patricia tells him that she wants the name of the doctor that saw Amanda; there's no point in keeping it secret now. She hands him a piece of paper, and as he writes on it, she tells him that she'll check it out to make sure it's correct. Robin assures her that it is. He asks if he can go. Patricia tells him that he can't: somebody has to break the news to Wayne and Amanda. Robin incredulously says, "Not me..." Patricia tells him yes: he caused the trouble, so he can fix it. Robin snaps that, when he met her, he thought she had everything going for her: beauty, brains... it's a pity about the part that counts most. Patricia walks to the door. Robin stands there and sighs annoyedly.

David is looking around the Palmers' lounge room for something. He opens a drawer in the desk by the window but closes it, unable to locate the item. Beryl comes in and he tells her that he can't find his tablets. Beryl opens another drawer, takes out the bottle that's in there and silently hands it over. David angrily asks her how much longer she's going to keep this up. Beryl tells him to keep his voice down, as his dad is in the garden. David snaps that he doesn't give a damn - he's sick of her acting like he doesn't exist; family or no family, he thinks they should have this out now. Beryl snaps, "No." David tells her that she's only being bloody-minded - it's not fair on anyone to let this drag on. Beryl sarcastically asks if his girlfriend has given him a deadline. David snaps at her not to be stupid. He adds that Margaret isn't even expecting to see him unless the two of them bust up for good. Beryl snaps that Margaret is still on his mind. David retorts that he'd like to let her know where she stands. Beryl tells him that if he sees Margaret or rings her, they really are finished. Doug suddenly calls out from the front garden that the boys are there. Beryl says she's coming. She asks David if she can trust him not to make fools of them. David snaps, "Yes."

Fiona is sitting in the hospital corridor, looking worried and upset. A doctor and nurse go past. Fiona looks at them, but they don't acknowledge her. She starts fiddling with her handbag. The nearby door suddenly opens and Jill comes out, sobbing. Fiona, looking terrified, says, "Oh god..." Jill, though, asks her through her tears if she wants to come and see her granddaughter now - she's going to be fine! Fiona throws her arms around Jill and the two of them hug each other, both sobbing with happiness.


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