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    Written by: Chris Peacock   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia, recovering her composure, angrily tells Stephen that she's just given Jill exactly what she deserves: the whole business of offering him 7% of Woombai was no more than a deliberate attempt to break up their marriage. Stephen asks her what the hell she's talking about. She replies that Gordon engineered the whole thing - with a little help from Jill, of course; they were trying to trick him into staying at Woombai permanently - hoping that she'd get sick and tired of the place and that they'd get rid of her - leaving him behind, of course. Stephen tells her that he doesn't believe her. Patricia retorts that it's true. She then continues that, even though their little plan didn't work, they still feel that they've had a win because now he's going to invest in Woombai. She turns to Jill and says, "Isn't that true?" Stephen looks at Jill, who nervously tells him that they did it for a reason. Stephen snaps that it had better be a good one. Jill stands up and tell him that Terry didn't attack Patricia - she set the whole thing up to get back at Fiona. Stephen snaps that that's ridiculous, and he angrily asks her what sort of game she and Gordon are playing. He reminds her that, a few days ago, she was yelling Terry's guilt as loudly as anyone else; why the sudden change of mind? Jill replies that she knows now what happened. Stephen asks her if she's got any proof, and Jill has to admit, "No..." Stephen snaps that he's fed up with all the backbiting and conniving that goes on around Patricia. He tells Jill that he's very disappointed in her - and Gordon, too. Jill starts to say that, if only he knew... Stephen retorts that he knows that they've come up with some totally unfounded accusations. He continues that she can tell the others that they can forget about him buying into Woombai - he'll serve out his notice and then Patricia and he will go. He leads Patricia out of the room. Jill stands there, looking upset.

At the Palmers', David is on the 'phone to Margaret, at her new apartment, and he asks her how her lodger is. She replies that he's settling in fine. She puts Tony on, and David asks him how Margaret is doing. Tony laughs that she's doing something terrible! He then tells David that he'll be able to lend a hand with the painting tomorrow. David points out that he starts school tomorrow, and so Tony replies that he'll help when he gets home. David says, "OK!" Tony hands the 'phone back to Margaret, and she asks David if it's still alright for him to help with the painting tomorrow. David replies that of course it is - Beryl will be out all day. Margaret says that'll be good. David adds that Beryl knows, so he won't be sneaking around. Margaret assures him that she didn't mean it like that. She adds that she'll see him tomorrow, and they hang up.

The next morning, at the table at the O'Briens', Katie tells her father that he'll be sorry if he doesn't let her come with him. Mike tells her that it won't work, but Katie retorts that he asked for it: by the time he gets home tonight, he'll have no alternative but to let her help with the lawnmowing business. Heather asks Katie what she's up to, but she doesn't reply. Jeff comes in and tells Katie to come on. Mike asks his son to take the garbage out, but Jeff snaps that he's going to be late for school. Mike retorts that he will be if he stands there arguing all day.

Outside, Katie walks down the front path and says 'hello' to David, who's standing on the pavement. He asks her if the dog is behaving itself, and Katie says it is. She adds that she's sorry about what it did to his plants the other day. David assures her that it didn't do much harm. Jeff is just going past with his bike, and so David adds, "Did it, Jeff?" Jeff just grunts that he doesn't know. David walks off. Katie turns and asks Jeff angrily what's up with him. Jeff asks her what she expects him to do - be nice to him? Katie tells him that David hasn't done anything to hurt them. Jeff asks, "What about his wife? He's been cheating on her." Looking surprised, Katie asks him how he knows. Jeff retorts that he just knows. Katie says she wishes he hadn't told her - she'll feel uncomfortable whenever she talks to him now. Jeff snaps that David is the one that should feel uncomfortable. Katie tells her brother that it's none of their business, and she asks Jeff why he's so het-up about it. Jeff tells her that, if she knew half the things he does, she'd feel uncomfortable, too.

A short time later, Tony is waiting on the corner of a street when Jeff wheels his bike up, and he comments that Jeff took his time getting there. Jeff just grunts. Tony then excitedly asks him if he knew that he'd moved. Jeff asks where to, and Tony points and says it's a block of units just over there - one of David's friends is putting him up. Jeff asks what it's like inside. Tony replies that it's OK, although a bit of the paintwork needs touching up; he's doing some after school. Jeff offers him a hand, and Tony willingly accepts.

Jill carries a tray into the living room at Woombai and puts it down on the table in front of Stephen. She says, "Good morning," to him, and Stephen says a curt, "Good morning," back. Jill tells him that she was hoping he might have cooled down a bit since last night. Stephen asks her if she thinks he should have. Jill tells him that there was a witness who saw Patricia leading Terry on before the so-called attack. Stephen asks why they haven't spoken up, then, and Jill explains that he was too scared of losing his job. She assures Stephen that she's not lying - he knows what Terry did to her; she wouldn't say he was innocent just to make things difficult for Patricia - it's not how she does things. She continues that she hates to say it, but that's the sort of thing Patricia does - and if he was really honest with himself, he'd admit it.

A while later, Patricia carries a tray outside and joins Stephen on the verandah. She tells him that she thought she'd have breakfast out there, as the atmosphere between her and Jill is a little strained at the moment. Stephen replies that he was waiting for her to wake up, as there's something he wants to talk to her about. He continues that he's been doing a lot of thinking about their situation there, and he's damned if he's going to let Gordon and Jill drive them off the place; the only way to refute what they're saying about her lying is for them to buy Woombai. A look of shock crosses Patricia's face, and she tries to argue, "But darling..." Stephen ignores this and goes on that it meant a lot to him when she said she'd back him in anything he wants to do. Patricia again tries to say that she knows, but Stephen interrupts and tells her that, if they used her money to buy Woombai, where would that leave Gordon and Jill's argument? - she's the one who's supposed not to want to stay there. He adds that he just wants to know that she'll back him all the way. He says, "You will...?" Patricia replies that she wants to, of course, but she thinks he should consider what it will be like to be surrounded by people who continually want to break up their marriage; quite frankly, she'd prefer to forget about the whole lot of them and get away from there. Stephen tells her that that's what they want them to do. Patricia retorts that they're better off out of there, but Stephen says no - her reputation is far too important to simply walk away; if they did, it would be like saying Gordon and Jill are right; they're going to stay. He tells Patricia that he's already told Jill that he can't work with her under the circumstances, so she will be doing her job from now on; they'll show them.

Jill is on the 'phone inside, talking to Gordon, and she says she just felt really sorry for him - he wants to believe her so much. Gordon says he can understand that. He asks whose idea it was to test Patricia - hers or Stephen's? Jill replies that it was Stephen's; he's hoping like crazy that she'll come through with flying colours. Gordon asks what he has to do. Jill tells him to just get up there as soon as he can with the papers for the sale. Gordon asks if there's no chance that Stephen will change his mind and head off with Patricia before he gets there. Jill tells him that there's no way - Stephen is spending the whole day with Patricia, giving her a taste of what it will be like to be the manager's wife. Gordon remarks that he's really pushing her to see if she'll crack. Jill tells him that Stephen was hoping like he wouldn't believe that she won't. She then points out that, after she told Stephen all the things that Patricia has done to get him away from there, it pretty well cuts the legs out from under them if she does sign. Gordon assures her that she won't, as she'll be stuck there for good if she does. Jill says, "Fingers crossed, eh?" She and Gordon say goodbye and hang up. Stephen and Patricia come in and Stephen asks Jill if she has a list of duties ready. Jill hands it over and leaves them to it. Stephen asks Patricia if she wants to know what she has to do. Patricia glumly replies that she has to, sooner or later. Stephen tells her that the most important thing is customer service - and the customer is always right; he wants her to relieve the receptionist during lunch and tea breaks. Patricia looks annoyed at hearing this. Stephen continues that he wants her to 'phone the winery, and let them know that there will be a busload of guests turning up there tomorrow - and she's going with them, of course. Patricia sourly says, "Of course..."

Margaret is setting out paintbrushes and cloths on the table at her new apartment; there are sheets covering all the furnishings. There's suddenly a knock on the door and she goes to open it. It's David, and she tells him to come on in. David looks around and comments that she's started already. Margaret explains that she's just covered the furniture. She looks at the things she's laid out on the table and says she doesn't think she's forgotten anything. She then says she'd better go and change into something awful. She goes to leave the room, but David puts his hand on her arm and says, "Meg..." Margaret steps back, though, and David reluctantly says it doesn't matter. Margaret tells him that there's an overall on the couch for him; she'll be with him in a moment.

Katie puts a box down on the kitchen table at the O'Briens', and Heather asks her what she's got, adding that she hopes she hasn't been wasting her money. Katie takes out a computer, complete with built-in cassette recorder/player and plugs to connect the machine to the television. Heather looks at it and, seemingly aghast, tells her daughter that she must be out of her mind; it must have cost a fortune. Katie replies that it didn't cost a fortune, but it did take nearly all her savings. Heather asks her how she's going to support herself; what if she doesn't get a job? Katie, though, tells her that that's the point: now her father will have to give her a job on his lawnmowing round. Heather sighs.

Margaret and David are painting the walls at Margaret's apartment, and as they do so, Margaret asks David if he thinks she chose the right colour. David tells her that it looks alright to him. Margaret asks if it isn't overpowering. David assures her that it's OK. He then suggests that they stop for dinner, and Margaret agrees that they've earned it. She goes to the kitchen to start getting it, but David tells her to wait. She turns round and he continues that he's enjoyed being with her, today. Margaret tells him that she's enjoyed it too. They give each other a quick kiss, and then start kissing more passionately...

Jill is cleaning the silver at Woombai when Stephen comes in. She asks him if he's finished for the day, but he curtly replies, "Not yet." Jill asks how Patricia is going, and Stephen replies that she seems to be going alright. Jill, persisting, says she knows he's probably very angry with her... Stephen tells her that he has no reason to be. Jill says she had no reason to believe it at first, either - Patricia had always been so good to her; it was just a shock to think... Stephen says, "Yes..." Jill asks him if he thinks she will buy into Woombai. Stephen just replies that they'll know that when Gordon gets there with the papers. He tells Jill that he knows she thinks Patricia is guilty, but he hopes to God that she's wrong.

Tony and Jeff walk up to the front door of Margaret's apartment, chatting about school. Tony asks Jeff what he thinks of the teacher they had for English. Jeff asks him if he means Miss. Paterson, and Tony replies that she was a bit of a knock-out, eh?! Changing the subject, he tells Jeff that he'll like Margaret. He adds that she's really nice - or David wouldn't be spending so much time with her! Looking strained, Jeff tells Tony that he's seen her at the Palmers'. The two of them go in, and Margaret and David look surprised to see Jeff standing there. Margaret asks him if he's come to give them a hand. Jeff just says, "Yeah..." Margaret asks Tony how school was, and Tony replies that it was great! David says he'll get the brushes for the kids, but Margaret suggests they have some tea first. Jeff, though, declines. He turns to Tony and tells him that he promised his mum that he'd clean out the back yard. He goes. Tony says to David, "What's up with him?" David and Margaret look at each other.

Jeff is riding home on his bike. Something suddenly catches his attention, and he looks round keenly. He then stops and watches as his father loads his lawn mower into the trailer attached to his car and shakes hands with a young woman.

Margaret, Tony and David are sitting at the table at Margaret's apartment. Tony asks if they're ready to start, but Margaret tells him to get out of his school clothes and put some old ones on, first. He goes to change. As soon as they're alone, David says to Margaret that Jeff knows - he could see it on his face. Margaret nods, and she asks David if Jeff will tell anyone. David tells her that her guess is as good as his. He then asks rhetorically why things have to get so complicated. He tells Margaret that it was alright when it was just the two of them; he hates lying; he wishes he had the guts to be more honest...

Patricia is rubbing her temples as she and Stephen walk along the grounds at Woombai. Stephen remarks that it wasn't such a bad day, and Patricia sourly agrees that she thinks she managed to cope alright. Stephen asks her if she called the winery, and she tells him that they're looking forward to them all turning up tomorrow. A voice suddenly calls out, "Mr. and Mrs. Morrell?" Patricia groans, and Stephen asks what's wrong, adding that Mrs. Pike is a nice woman. Mrs. Pike comes over and cheerfully tells them that she's so pleased that she bumped into them - she was just talking to Jill about running a stall at the fete. Patricia mutters, "How nice..." Mrs. Pike continues that she also wanted to congratulate them on becoming part owners of Woombai. Patricia pointedly replies that they haven't actually signed the papers, yet... Mrs. Pike ignores this and asks her if she's given any more thought to joining the CWA. Patricia cooly replies that she really hasn't had the opportunity yet. Mrs. Pike tells her that the ladies would be delighted if she did; with the fete coming up, any extra help would be appreciated. She adds that she has the Association magazine that Patricia can have a look at. She goes to get it out of her bag, but as she does so, Patricia suddenly snaps that she she's got absolutely no intention of joining her tinpot organisation; she's got enough on her plate without sitting around with her and her friends, discussing 25 ways to bake scones. She storms off angrily, leaving Mrs. Pike standing there looking stunned. She turns to Stephen, who says he's sorry about that. Mrs. Pike asks what she said. Stephen tells her that she didn't say anything - his wife has had a very hard day. Mrs. Pike tells him that they do a lot more at the CWA than talk about baking scones. Stephen says he knows.

A while later, Patricia is standing in the lounge room at the homestead, sipping a drink, when Jill comes in and asks her if she had a good day. Patricia snaps that that's very funny. Jill tells her to just think: if she's staying on, she'll have the same boring routine day after day. Patricia snaps back that if she ever needs Jill's opinion, she'll ask for it. Stephen comes in and angrily tells Patricia that what she said to Mrs. Pike was totally uncalled for. Patricia, calming down, says she knows; she had a dreadful day and she's very tired. She asks if they can talk about it later, and Stephen agrees. He adds, though, that she's going to have to join the CWA eventually. Patricia curtly asks why. Stephen tells her that they have to involve themselves in the community - they have to get to know the people. The sound of a car pulling up outside suddenly becomes apparent, and Jill says she thinks Gordon has arrived. Stephen says that's good - they can get the contracts signed. He tells Jill that, once that's done, he wants a full apology from her and Gordon. Patricia stands there looking furious.

Mike is pushing some buttons on Katie's computer. Katie tells him that she's broke, but Mike unsympathetically tells her that that will teach her to waste her money on expensive toys. Katie pleads with him to give her the job, adding that she promises she'll be the best lawncutter in Melbourne. Mike retorts that if she spent half as much energy finding a proper job for a girl, he guarantees that she'd have one by tomorrow. Jeff, who's standing with them, suddenly asks his father why he doesn't tell the truth. Mike asks him what he means. Jeff tells his father that he's scared that Katie will rumble him and dob him in. He adds that he's as bad as the bloke next door; the only reason he bought the lawnmower round was to crack onto all those bored housewives. Looking shocked, Katie snaps that that's a terrible thing to say. Jeff retorts that he's seen his father operate - and it's not the first time, either; he saw him kissing his secretary that day... Heather suddenly appears in the doorway and, having overheard this, snaps that that's enough. Jeff grudgingly says he's sorry, and he walks out. Mike snaps that it's time he knocked some sense into him, but Heather says she'll deal with him.

Jeff runs outside, and Heather runs after him and tells him to wait. Jeff stops and tells her that he didn't mean her to hear him. Heather tells him that she's glad she did. She asks him if that's why he's been so aggressive towards his father since the two of them got back together. Jeff nods. Heather says she wishes he'd said something before - she's known about Mike and his secretary all along.

Inside, Mike tells Katie that when her mother and he decided to give things another go, he told her that he'd been having an affair with his secretary. Katie asks him if he means Carol, and Mike says, "Yeah..." He adds that it wasn't anything serious - he just wasn't good at being by himself; he was very upset at losing Heather and her and Jeff...; he was flat out trying to stop the business going broke...; he needed someone... and Carol happened to be there. Katie asks if she was a shoulder to cry on, and Mike replies that it was something like that. He continues that Heather insisted that he see Carol one last time to get it over with for good - and that's when Jeff must have seen them. He tells Katie that he hasn't seen Carol since - she can believe him on that; he's just so happy to be back there with his family. Katie hugs him tightly. She then points to a button on her computer keyboard and tells him to press it. He does, and a continual stream of the words 'I LOVE YOU DAD' appear on the TV screen! Mike smiles. Katie tells him that she was so sure he'd give her a job. Mike pauses a moment and then says he gives in - she's hired! Katie thanks him, delightedly. Heather and Jeff come back in, and Jeff tells his father that it seems he got things wrong; he's sorry. Mike says it's OK, and he holds out his hand, adding that they can forget it. Jeff ignores the hand, though, and just says, "Yeah," before walking off. Mike remarks that it's forgotten, but he's not forgiven. Heather tells him to give Jeff time, adding that at least it's out in the open now.

Stephen is signing the top sheet of a sheath of papers at Woombai. Having done so, he asks Gordon to witness his signature. Gordon agrees, and Stephen passes him the papers. Gordon picks up a pen, signs his name, and hands the papers back. Stephen then turns to Patricia and says, "Your turn, darling." Patricia takes the pen but just stands there, staring at the table. Stephen asks her what she's waiting for. Patricia just glares at him. Stephen tells her that it's what they both want, isn't it? Patricia suddenly snaps that, no, it isn't - it's what he wants. She throws the pen down and angrily continues that he might be happy to rot away there, but she's certainly not. She storms out. Stephen stands up and follows her.

Patricia is standing, stony-faced, outside. Stephen comes out and stands behind her. He says to her that it was all a pack of lies, wasn't it. Patricia asks what he means. Stephen tells her that he's talking about the story about her and Terry. Patricia turns round and admits that, yes, it was - but she did it for a reason: because she loves him - and that's the truth. As Stephen stands there, glaring at her, she asks, "Well? What are you going to do about it?"


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