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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Jeff leads Titus down the Palmers' garden path and stops by the gate to put the dog's lead on. As he does so, a taxi pulls up and a woman gets out. It's Beryl. She sees Jeff standing there and, looking at Titus, comments that he's the mischief-maker, then. Jeff says he's sorry - he didn't know he'd got out. Beryl remarks that he seems to like their garden, and Jeff repeats again that he's sorry. Changing the subject, Beryl says to Jeff that he must be the new neighbours' son. Jeff introduces himself and Beryl tells him that it's nice to meet him, adding that her husband told her about him. Jeff says, "Oh?" Beryl explains that she's Mrs. Palmer - he met her husband yesterday. Suddenly looking uneasy, Jeff says, "Oh.." Beryl tells him that she's looking forward to meeting the rest of his family. Jeff suddenly asks her to excuse him, saying he's got study to do. Beryl tells him that she knows how important that is. He rushes off. Looking vaguely bemused, Beryl walks up the path towards the house. Inside, David and Margaret are still standing by the front door, hugging. They suddenly hear Beryl's keys turning in the lock, and they quickly pull apart and dash into the lounge room. Beryl comes in and finds the two of them standing there nonchalantly, Margaret holding her handbag. David explains that Margaret just had a bite with him. Beryl comments that she didn't even know Margaret was in town. Margaret tells her that she just called round to let them know, and David offered to help her find a unit. Beryl asks her if she found one. Margaret replies that she did, and she's moving in tomorrow. Beryl offers her a cuppa, but Margaret declines, saying she's had enough. Beryl asks her if the flat is nice. Margaret replies that it needs some paint, but David offered to help her. Beryl smiles and tells her that so he should after all the help she was in Woombai. She adds that it'll also give David something to do if she's busy with her charity work. David looks at Margaret... Margaret says she'd better be going. Beryl tells her to be careful where she walks, as she just caught the young chap from next door in the front garden, rescuing his dog; the poor lad was so embarrassed that she wonders what the dog was up to! David and Margaret hurriedly head to the front door. David asks if Jeff could have seen them. Margaret tells him that there's nothing they can do about it. She goes. David stands there looking worried.

At the O'Briens', Mike reads from a piece of paper and asks how it sounds: 'Young bloke, must like hard work.' Heather replies that it'll put them off; she then asks why it has to be a young man. Katie chips in to ask why it can't be a young girl, and she adds that he ought to keep it in the family. Mike comments that Jeff wouldn't last a day. Katie tells him that she knows who he means. She continues that she needs to get a computer somehow - it's the only way she'll be able to program video games. She looks at her parents as they smile in bemusement, and then snaps that they can grin, but she could make a fortune from them. Mike tells her that she'll never succeed against the big corporations, but Katie retorts that a lot of people have succeeded - look at the man who invented the clothes peg, for example! Jeff suddenly comes back in, and Mike asks where Titus got to. Jeff replies that he was in next door's garden again. Mike snaps at his son that he's going to have to look after the dog a bit better - he doesn't want to start off on the wrong foot with the neighbours. Jeff snaps back that it wasn't him who left the gate open. He storms out. Katie tells her father to stop his sexual discrimination. Mike tells her that lawnmowing is a man's job, and she's not getting it. He leaves the room. Heather tells her daughter that she thinks she's fighting a losing battle. Katie sullenly says she'll prove to him that she can do it.

Victor Hardy walks down his front path the next morning, wearing his dressing gown, and he takes his newspaper out of the post box. The very loud roar of an engine suddenly starts blasting out from nearby, and he walks along to speak to David, who's also fetching his paper, and snaps that some people have no consideration at all. David tells him that it's coming from next door. Katie is mowing the lawn in the O'Briens' garden with a large, industrial, lawnmower. Mike rushes over to her and shouts at her to ask what on earth she thinks she's doing - she'll wake up the whole street. Katie turns the machine off and snaps that it's a weekday and it's seven o'clock - people can't complain. Mike snaps that he is. Katie tells him that she's only trying to show him that she's quite capable of mowing the lawn. Mike retorts that one lawn's fine, but she's got to think about how she'll be doing it all week. As he walks off, Jeff comes out of the house, dressed for a run, and he tells Katie that there's no way their father will let her. Katie retorts that yes there is - she just hasn't thought of it yet. Jeff runs off, and heads towards where David and Victor are still standing. David remarks to him that they heard his dog going again last night - and he found paw marks over the front door; he didn't do any damage, though. Jeff, looking disinterested, runs off.

In Sydney, Andy arrives at Dural, carrying his guitar. John comments that he's right on time, and Andy explains that the first audition is in 15 minutes. John asks him if he hasn't had any luck so far. Andy replies that it's not as easy as you think. John tells him to just keep them away from the main part of the house! They head into the lounge room. Gordon is on the 'phone on the bar, talking to Wayne. He tells him that they'll leave it at that, and he hangs up. He then turns and tells John that his son has decided to cut his investment in Woombai down by half. He adds that Wayne said he had financial problems, but knowing him, he's probably found some other use for half the money. Changing the subject, he asks Andy if he's looking for more budding musicians today. Andy tells Gordon to let him know if it annoys him. John asks Gordon if he can use one of the cars to pick Fiona up later. Gordon tells him that he can, and he leaves them to it. When he's gone, Andy remarks to John that Wayne certainly knows how to upset his father. John grimly replies that he's had plenty of practice.

Stephen is sitting behind the desk in the office at the guest house when there's a knock on the door and Patricia comes in. She tells him that she's just had the most wonderful news - it's amazing after all this time: James Sheppard's solicitors contacted her: apparently, he put some money into some investments for her and they've matured; James never said a word to her! Stephen comments that she'll be able to go on a nice shopping trip, but Patricia quickly tells him that it's more than that - much more - and it couldn't have come at a better time. Stephen agrees that money is always welcome, but Patricia explains that she's talking about the fact that he's considering Gordon's offer. Stephen, looking puzzled, says he doesn't see how it affects that. Patricia tells him that she wants him to have the money. Stephen tells her that he still doesn't see what it would achieve. Patricia explains that there's enough for him to set up his own business in Melbourne - he'd be close to Amanda and he could be his own boss, and he wouldn't be tied up for ten years... Stephen, looking wary, says he doesn't know... Patricia tells him that she's instructed the solicitors to pay the money into their joint account - it's his to do whatever he wants with. Stephen tells Patricia that it's her money, but Patricia reminds him that they made a pact a long time ago that they would share everything. She asks him to please consider it, at least. Stephen stands up and admits that there's no harm in thinking about it, he supposes. Patricia tells him not to leave it too long - it's not fair on Gordon to keep him waiting. Stephen says he might go to Sydney again and talk to some people; see what's available in Melbourne. Patricia smiles and tells him that it'll be good to see him running something of his own. Stephen tells her, "Ours."

The two of them head out into the reception area. Jill is sitting behind the desk and she asks Stephen if he's signed the contract for Gordon yet. Stephen tells her to hold onto it, as he has to fly to Sydney on personal business. He leaves them. When he's gone, Patricia curtly tells Jill that she can tear the contract up - it'll never be used now. She goes, leaving Jill looking annoyed.

Margaret gets out of her car, outside the Palmers'. Jeff is just coming along, walking Titus and wheeling his bike. They say ''hello' and Margaret introduces herself. She adds that he must be Jeff. Jeff says that's right, and Margaret explains that she and his mother are friends from school. Jeff tells her that his mother mentioned her. Margaret continues that she heard Titus dropped in again at the Palmers' last night. Jeff snaps that everybody knows about it, and he gets on his bike and rides off, angrily. As he does so, David comes down the path and he asks Margaret if Jeff said anything. Margaret replies that he didn't; she gets the feeling that he didn't see anything. David says he hopes not. Beryl comes out and tells Margaret that she believes they'll be lunching together - Heather invited her to join them. Margaret looks slightly edgy momentarily, but then says that will be nice. David tells them that he'll leave them to it, as he's going to take Tony to school to enrol him. He heads off. Beryl says to Margaret that it'll keep him occupied this morning. She adds that he was so edgy this morning - she thinks lolling around the house is getting to him...

Stephen is driving along a busy three-lane highway. He stop his car at the end of a queue of traffic at a set of traffic lights and loosens his tie. He looks hot and bothered. The traffic lights turn to green and the cars start moving again.

A while later, Stephen is in the hallway at Dural with Andy, and he tells him that he just had to get out of that traffic for a while. He adds that he'll have a chat to Gordon while Andy's finishing the auditions. Andy explains that Gordon and Barbara are out for a while. A guy suddenly comes out of the study and Andy tells Stephen that he'll be with him in a sec. He turns to the guy and asks him for his number. The guy writes it down for him and hands him the piece of paper. Andy sees him out. He then heads into the lounge room, where Stephen is pouring a drink at the bar. He comments that it's so hard to find the right combination of people. Changing the subject, he asks Stephen if he's down about something to do with Woombai. Stephen replies that he isn't - it's quite the opposite, in fact. He continues that Patricia has had something of a windful; she's saying the money belongs to both of them, so he's been checking out the possibility of going into business for himself in Melbourne. Andy remarks that it must be some windfall. Stephen replies that it is. He adds that he's not sure if he's too keen on the idea now - driving around the city this afternoon only confirmed how much he likes living in the country. Andy tells him that if he's looking for something to invest in, he could have the answer. Stephen, looking bemused, says, "Your band?!" Andy replies that he's serious!

Heather, Beryl and Margaret are sitting around the table at the O'Briens', and Heather asks Beryl if she's sure she doesn't want any more tea. Beryl declines. She then adds that that she really doesn't know how Heather finds the time to entertain like this! They suddenly hear a dog barking outside, and Heather comments that Jeff must be back. She turns to Beryl and says she hopes having dogs and kids around isn't driving her too mad. Beryl assures her that it's lovely to see it again. She continues that it used to be all families in the street, but they grew up and left . She adds that it's happened to them - their last left only a month-or-so ago. She goes on that they're just getting used to the idea of being independent; David's finding it hard, but he'll have to get used to it. Margaret asks what if he can't? Beryl replies that he's just going to have to change. She adds that she can't think of anything more boring than being stuck in the house every night, watching TV. She looks at Margaret and tells her that she envies her - she has enough money to do what she likes when she likes. Margaret replies that, what Beryl sees as independence boils down to loneliness for her; she would make the most of a husband like David. Beryl assures her that David is happy as he is.

A short time later, Beryl and Margaret head into the Palmer house. As they do so, Margaret thanks Beryl, but says she's not sure she really wants to get involved in charity. Beryl tells her that she'll give her the card of the charity she's been working with anyway. They suddenly hear David outside, and he then comes in. He tells Beryl that she should see Tony with the dog out there! Beryl smiles. She then asks him to talk to Margaret while she looks for something. She goes. Margaret tells David that she's sorry - Beryl insisted she come in. David tells her that he's been thinking: last night was a big mistake - unless she thinks they can be friends... Margaret says that's fine with her. Beryl comes back, hands Margaret a card and tells her to just think about. Margaret thanks her, but adds that she thinks she knows what she's decided. David tells her that he'll see her out.

Outside, Jeff and Tony are stroking Titus, and Jeff is saying to Tony that it's great that they're going to school together. Tony asks if Titus does any tricks, but Jeff says he's given up trying to teach him. He suddenly spots David and Margaret coming out of the house, and he gets up and says he has to go. He rushes off. Tony says 'hello' to Margaret, and adds that he hears she's going to be moving into a flat near his school. Margaret says that's right! Tony tells her that he'll have to pop in to get her to help him with his homework! David tells Margaret that, actually, Tony has got a bit of a housing problem - he's staying with his Aunty who's got friends staying there, and he's sleeping on the floor; he wondered if Tony could stay in the spare room at her flat. Tony asks Margaret if she knows what she'd be in for! Margaret replies that she's got a good idea - lots of homework! She adds that she also knows that it wouldn't be dull! Tony tells her that he can guarantee that!

That night, Margaret is talking on the 'phone to Patricia, and she tells her that David only suggested that Tony stay with her because he's scared about how serious he feels; it confirmed it for her. Patricia replies that, last time they spoke, Margaret was determined not to break up David and Beryl. Margaret tells her that, if Beryl was being a proper wife, she wouldn't dream of being involved. Patricia asks what Beryl has done. Margaret replies that it's only little things, but they're important - Beryl's ignoring him in a way, and she thinks it's going to get worse. Patricia wishes her luck. Margaret says she only wants whatever makes David happy - but she thinks Beryl is going to do her work for her. Jill comes into the lounge room at Woombai, where Patricia is sitting, and Patricia tells Margaret that she has to go now. She adds that it's lovely to hear from her, and she tells her to please ring whenever she feels like it. Margaret tells her that she wishes Patricia was there with her. Patricia tells her not to worry - it may not be long before she is; she has the feeling that she and Stephen will be leaving there very shortly...

John arrives back at Dural with Fiona, and he tells her that he'll take her bags out to the flat. He leaves her with Gordon. When they're alone, Fiona asks Gordon for a word, adding that he deserves an explanation for the way she behaved about Terry. Gordon tells her that it's not necessary, but she insists, so Gordon says he'll supply a little Dutch courage. The two of them go into the lounge room, and Gordon goes to the bar and picks up a bottle of champagne. Fiona tells him that she's been doing a lot of thinking since John arrived at Manly - and she can see why he was so angry; so... she shouldn't have taken it out on her friends - it was just easier than having to face up to the truth. Gordon smiles and tells her that champagne has always helped with that! Fiona smiles back and asks where she'd be without him; without all of them. Gordon pops the champagne open. Fiona continues that that's her point - she's realised that, because she loved Terry so very much, she couldn't face up to the fact that he should have been punished for what he did to Jill; he has been now, though. She goes on that, for a boy like Terry to have to move away from his friends and the place where he was brought up... she honestly believes that it's worse; the shame of it; if he'd gone to jail and served a sentence, he'd come out and then he'd be a free man again; but as it is, he probably never will be; not to himself, anyhow. Gordon tenderly tells her that none of that was necessary - they've known each other a very long time, and no matter what happens, they'll always be friends deep down. He hands her a glass of champagne and continues that, when John said to him yesterday about how glad he was to find his Aunt Fiona again, he knew how he felt. Fiona smiles, raises her glass and says, "Here's to the old girl - 'cos she's coming back!" Gordon smiles and tells her that he's got just the sort of news that the 'old girl' shoud be delighted to hear: it concerns Patricia - she's in for one hell of a shock tonight.

Stephen arrives back at Woombai and heads into the lounge room, where Patricia and Jill are both sitting. Patricia tells him that she wasn't expecting him back 'til morning. Stephen tells her that he couldn't wait to get home. Patricia asks him if he saw something that interested him. Stephen replies that he certainly did. Patricia stands up and says that's wonderful. Stephen continues that he's seen Gordon and told him that they'll buy part of Fiona's share of Woombai. Suddenly looking horrified, Patricia says she thought Wayne was doing that. Stephen tells her that he still is, but he reckons he can't afford it for some reason or another, so they'll take what's left. Jill smiles in delight. Patricia, looking worried, reminds Stephen that he was talking about how he was worried about Amanda. Stephen explains that he spoke to her, and all she has to do is hop on a plane. Jill chips in that, if anything does go wrong between Amanda and Wayne, Woombai is a great place to bring up a baby. Stephen explains that, when he was driving around the city today, he thought he'd go insane. Jill points out that this deal is even better than the other one they offered him, as he'll actually have a say in the way the place is run now. Stephen tells her that he's not worried about that - the main thing is that he's there and wild horses wouldn't drag him away. He leaves the room to put his bag away. Alone with Patricia, Jill comments that she must feel pretty stupid. Patricia snaps at her to shut up. Jill ignores this and continues that Patricia is stuck there now - unless she decides to leave him. She adds, "So much for your stupid plan." Patricia suddenly lunges towards her and slaps her round the face. As she does this, Stephen comes in, saying that he forgot-- As he sees Jill holding her hand to her face and Patricia standing over her, he asks Patricia what the hell she thinks she's doing.


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