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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The next morning, the papers are laid out on the coffee table at the Morrell apartment, and Robin says to Amanda, "Sign right there." Amanda signs the paper at the place where he's pointing, and Wayne does the same. Robin then signs it as witness. Wayne turns to Amanda and asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to come along too. Amanda declines, saying she's still tired after the drive last night. Wayne tells her to make sure she looks after herself. He then turns to Robin and explains that she was stupid yesterday: she was going to go for a ride on a horse - and in her condition. Amanda pointedly tells Wayne that Robin isn't interested. Wayne tells Robin that he's sorry. Robin says he'll see him in about an hour, and Wayne goes. As soon as the front door has shut, Robin says to Amanda that there's not long now. Amanda asks him what he means. Robin tells her that, once Wayne has handed the papers over, the next lot of money will be theirs. He asks if she isn't glad that he talked her out of saying anything. Amanda snaps that the last few days have been the worst in her life. Robin tells her that it'll be better in the long run. Amanda snaps at him that he shouldn't have brought Patricia into it. Robin replies that he had to: with her going to tell Wayne about losing the baby, he knew she'd be sorry if she did. Amanda snaps that he and Patricia aren't sorry about them - Patricia's already used it against her. She then asks Robin what he's after. Robin suggests that they wait until Wayne gets back, and they can talk about it then. Amanda snaps that she wants to talk about it now. Robin smiles nastily and says, "Alright..." He then adds that it might be better in a way - then she can tell Wayne and save him being in the firing line. He continues that he believes in making the most of every opportunity; he needs money badly, and when she miscarried, he saw the chance to get it. He adds that he figures he's helping them too, although they probably won't believe him. Amanda snaps at him to just tell her what he wants. Robin explains that he's the only one who knows the name of the doctor who saw her after she miscarried; he called him. He continues that, since Wayne is taking money under false pretences - claiming money for a pregnancy that doesn't exist - he's the only one who stands between them and a criminal charge. Amanda says, "Meaning?" Robin replies, "I'm in a perfect position to blackmail you..."

In Melbourne, David has been out for a run, but as he comes to a halt back outside the Palmer house, he finds the dog from the previous day digging up the flower beds in the front garden. He suggests that he should take it home, and he grabs the dog's collar and leads it up the path of the house next door. As he goes to let go of it, he tells the dog not to make a habit of it. He's about to walk off again when a man comes out of the house and yells, "Come on you two - we won't get anywhere at this rate." He suddenly notices David standing there and asks him what he can do for him. David explains that he just brought the dog home. He then introduces himself and explains that he lives next door. The man tells him that it's nice to meet him, and he introduces himself as Mike O'Brien. He tells David not to say that the dog was digging up their place. David says it was there yesterday, too. Mike semi-humourously comments that it's a nice start with the neighbours. David tells him not to worry about it, although he then adds a warning about Victor Hardy, the Palmers' other neighbour! A girl and boy, both apparently in their late-teens, come out and join their father, and Mike introduces them to David as his children, Katie and Jeff. They say 'hello'. Mike tells Jeff to keep a better eye on Titus. Jeff tells David to give him a shot of water from the hose to get rid of him if it happens again. Changing the subject, Mike says to David that he doesn't mean to be rude, but Jeff and Katie have appointments. He then suddenly says to David that he thinks his wife knows him. He calls out to her, yelling, "Heather!" and explains to David that she was Heather Townsend; she grew up around there; when the estate agent mentioned the name of David Palmer, she thought she recognised him. Mike calls out to his wife again, as David recalls that he used to go to school with a Heather Townsend - she was in the year ahead of him. Mike calls to Heather again, but Katie says she thinks she's out in the laundry. Mike tells David to stick his head over the fence if he sees her in the yard. David leaves them to it. As he heads back to the Palmer house, he suddenly hears the 'phone starting to ring inside. He runs in to answer it and Margaret comes on. David tells her that he thought it might have been her. Margaret asks why, and David explains that he 'phoned Sydney yesterday and Gordon said she'd left. He adds that he thought she might have 'phoned last night. Margaret replies that she was going to, but she was nervous, she guesses. David understandingly says, "Right..." Margaret asks if Beryl's there. David replies that she isn't - she's out with her charity carry-on. Margaret explains that she was going to look for a unit today, and she'd love some company if he hasn't got anything else to do. David says he'd be glad to come along. He asks if they should take his car, but Margaret replies that she's hired one; she'll pick him up at about 1pm. David says he'll be ready. Margaret says she's really looking forward to it, and David tells her that he is, too. They hang up.

At the Morrell apartment, Robin pours a drink as Wayne comes out of his and Amanda's bedroom. He asks Wayne if Amanda told him everything. Looking both upset and angry, Wayne walks towards Robin and, through gritted teeth, asks him what sort of creep he is. Robin cooly replies that he's about the same sort of creep that Wayne used to be, by all accounts. He goes to give Wayne a drink, but Wayne pushes the glass away and it smashes on the floor. He then grabs Robin's shirt collars and tells him not to push it. Robin tells Wayne that he's the one in the wrong and he's got the proof of that. He adds that he can understand how upset he is; he'd be the same in Wayne's shoes - but he needs the money, and that's that. Wayne angrily asks him if he can't see what he's doing to Amanda. Robin says she's upset. Wayne snaps that she's a mess - it was bad enough losing the baby, but to have to lie about it... Robin retorts that it was her choice. Wayne says she told him how he and Patricia worked on her. Robin replies that they merely pointed out the advantages; it's a business deal, that's all: he needs the money and Wayne has got it. He then says he doesn't suppose Wayne will want to stay there after what's happened, so he'd like two cheques for half the amount he was given today - one for Patricia and one for him - and he'll continue to live there rent-free for as long as it suits him. Wayne asks what he'll do if he refuses. Robin points out that he doesn't want to go to prison; and even more importantly, he doesn't want Amanda to go to prison... He continues that he'll be in his bedroom - call him when they're leaving. Wayne glares at him.

John and Fiona are walking along by the beach in Manly. John tells Fiona that Beryl and David are sorry they missed her before they went back to Melbourne - Beryl wanted to explain about giving Gordon her vote. Fiona curtly replies that she did what she thought was right; Alice Parker's trial was more important. John comments that she still blames Beryl a bit. Fiona says she'd expected her to vote in her favour, especially with Patricia involved. John says she thought it was fair to go with what Gordon decided after hearing both sides. Fiona just says, "Yeah..." John then says he was disappointed the other night: she came to the house but didn't wait to see him. Fiona explains that she found it very hard relaxing with Gordon around. John tells her that he's doing his best to make it up to her. Fiona retorts that Terry disappeared and she doesn't know where he is; it doesn't matter what Gordon does - he can't make up for that.

Later, in the lounge room at Dural, John says to Barbara that it got to a point where he really wanted to chip her about it. Barbara remarks that it sounds as though someone needs to. John comments that she's so down - she loves Terry so much. Barbara retorts that she loves him too much, if you ask her. Andy suddenly comes in, and John asks him what he's doing there. Andy explains that he's auditioning singers and musos - he's trying to get his own group together. John comments that he's going to show the other band that he doesn't need them, is he?! Andy asks Barbara if she's got a power board, and Barbara tells him to have a look in the laundry cupboard. Andy tells John to come outside and help him set up. John remarks to Barbara that she's in for a good time, having musos all over the place! Barbara replies that she likes to live dangerously!

Wayne is sitting in the Morrell apartment, signing the cheques. Once he's done, he puts his chequebook in his briefcase and closes it. Amanda comes out of the bedroom and Wayne stands up. He tells her that it's only money. Amanda cries that she feels terrible. Wayne, though, tells her not to - the main thing is that they've still got each other; there'll be other babies. Amanda says she wouldn't blame him if he told her to get lost; giving people like Patricia and Robin something to hold over him... Wayne assures her that it still doesn't stop him feeling great about them; they can creep off and go back to Melbourne and have a normal life; he's still got enough money to buy part of Fiona's share of Woombai, and they've got the business to work. Amanda asks what about the baby. Wayne tells her that they'll give it a week and then tell everyone that she just lost it; no one has to know when it really happened; when that's done, it's the last they'll have to do with lying and cheating - they'll start a proper married life. He yells out to Robin that they're going. Robin comes in and Wayne tells him that the cheques are on the table: one for him and one for Patricia. He continues that he wants the name of the doctor who came to see Amanda so that he can make sure Robin isn't getting any more out of them. Robin, though, says he's been thinking that they've been selling themselves short: the terms of the will were payment on marriage, payment one month after they knew a baby was on the way, and the bulk of the money after the baby was born - so why lose out on the bulk of the money? He tells them that he thinks they should go ahead and have the baby. Amanda looks at Wayne in shock.

Wayne snaps at Robin that he's crazy - how's Amanda supposed to fake it? Robin replies that all she has to do is wear loose dresses at the right time, and then, a couple of months before the baby is due, they both take a trip overseas; they can say that Amanda needs a break or something; then they can come back with fake birth and death certificates, which are easy to arrange over there; they get their money and he gets his cut - it's better than it going to charity. Amanda angrily snaps that it's the sickest idea she's ever heard. Robin cooly replies that they're amazing - they're the ones that got married because some vicious old crone wanted to play games with everyone; they got the ball rolling. Amanda snaps that they're finished with that sort of thing. Robin tells her that they will be in six months. Wayne asks what about Amanda? Robin retorts that she'll get used to it - it's easier to adjust to that than a prison cell. He tells them to remember that the the charge is fraud, and he adds that people have done worse things for money - believe him.

Margaret is walking up to the Palmer house, but as she does so, David runs over to her from the O'Briens' front garden. Margaret tells him that she's sorry she's late. David tells her that he's got a surprise for her: how would she like to see a picture of herself when she was eight years old?! He laughs!

A few minutes later, Margaret is looking at a photo in the lounge room at the O'Brien house, and she asks if she really looked like that! She then points out 'little Heather Townsend', and Heather laughs that she was always the midget of the class! She tells David and Margaret to have a seat, and they all sit down. Heather explains to Margaret that David was waiting out the front for her when she came charging out; he must have wondered what hit him! She adds that it's a good thing that Mike had said something, or he'd have thought she was nuts! She continues that she was just so exicted to see a face from the old days - and when he told her who he was waiting for-- David quickly interrupts and asks if the two of them went all the way through school. Margaret tells him that they went all the way through from infants! Heather remarks that it's funny how they lost touch. Margaret replies that it's inevitable, she supposes. Heather asks whether the neighbourhood has changed much. Margaret asks her how long she's been away, and Heather replies that it's about 15 years - she and Mike moved to Perth a few years after Jeff was born; the building boom was on and they'd heard that it was a nice place to bring up kids. Margaret asks what the building boom has got to do with it, and Heather explains that Mike's a builder; well, he was - he had his own business until recently. David asks if he's setting up again there in Albert Park, but Heather replies that he and his brother went bust - so when they decided to start again, she suggested they came back there. David asks what Mike's doing, and Heather replies that he's bought a lawnmower round - he likes working outside. She offers her guests some coffee, but Margaret declines. Heather tells her that she's not getting away that quickly! She adds that it's good to see her again, and Margaret replies that it's good to see her, too. She turns to David and remarks on what an amazing surprise it is. David reminds her that he told her so!

In Sydney, John walks up the steps to a house and knocks on the door. Fiona answers and, looking surprised to see him, asks what he's doing back so soon. John tells her that there are a few things he should have said this morning and didn't. Fiona snaps that she's really not in the mood, but John retorts that that's too bad. He continues that this isn't about Gordon or Beryl or David or Terry; it's about her - coming back to Manly after all this time really brought it back home. He holds out his hand and tells Fiona to come with him. Fiona takes it and they walk down the path to the pavement. They then pause and turn and look at the place where Fiona is staying. John tells her that he remembers walking past there about two years ago - he was in a lot of trouble, and there was an amazing lady who helped him out; she was prepared to help anyone - she was so much fun, and so full of life; about the best friend anyone could have; he doesn't know what happened to her... Fiona looks into the distance and says she's still the same old girl. John tells her that she can't look at him when she says it. Fiona retorts that she's happy with herself, even if he's not. She turns round to go back inside, but as she does so, John calls out, "Aunt Fiona..." Fiona turns and looks at him and remarks that he hasn't called her that in a very long time. John tells her that he wants her to be that again - they love her so much; they want to help her... please... They hug.

At the O'Briens', Heather, David and Margaret are walking to the front door, and Heather asks Margaret if it's definite: lunch tomorrow? Margaret says it is. Heather wishes her good luck with the flat-hunting. David and Margaret are about to leave when the front door opens and Mike comes in. He doesn't notice the guests standing at the side of the hallway, and he goes and throws his arms around his wife! Heather points out to him that they're not alone, and Mike, pulling away in slight embarrassment, comments to David that it looks like he and Heather caught up. He turns to Margaret and says, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Palmer." Heather quickly corrects him, and Margaret explains that she's just a friend of the Palmers. David adds that Beryl is his wife - she's away for day. He and Margaret go, leaving Heather to tell Mike that he's a big klutz! Mike asks if the kids are home yet. Heather says they aren't, and Mike smiles and, with a hint of something improper in his voice, says, "Good!" Heather tells him that he should be ashamed of himself - and on his wedding day, too! Mike hands her a bouquet and she kisses him in delight. He then asks her if she told Dave and Margaret about it. Heather asks if he means the wedding. Mike nods that he does, and Heather replies that, no she didn't - it's a family affair. She tells Mike happily that she loves him.

Sometime later, there's a wedding cake on the kitchen table, with little figurines of a bride and groom upon it, together with the words 'Good Luck'. Katie says she'd like to propose a toast to Mr. and Mrs O'Brien, second time around - and to the rest of the family because they're not bad, either! They all take sips of champagne, and Heather suggests they cut the cake. Mike tells Katie that she made a great job of it. Mike and Heather both cut the cake, and Mike says it's all official now! Jeff sourly says it's a bit stupid if you ask him - they're acting like it's a real wedding. Mike tells him that it's as good as; even though he and Heather didn't get divorced, they went through a pretty rough patch of it; he's glad they decided to go through the ceremony again. Katie adds that a lot of people are doing it now. Jeff snaps that it's a big fuss over nothing. Heather asks him to please not spoil it, and Katie adds that she didn't go to all the trouble of getting them back together for him to spoil it. They suddenly hear Titus barking outside, and Mike asks Jeff to get him. Jeff says he'll shut up, but Mike insists, and Jeff gives in and goes. Once he's gone, Mike comments that his son is pushing. Heather tells him that he's just not used to having his father around again. Mike uncertainly says, "Yeah..."

At the Palmers', Margaret calls from the kitchen and tells David - who's sitting watching TV - that that's the dishes cleared away. She hangs up the tea towel and places a vase of flowers in the middle of the kitchen table. She then looks at her watch and anxiously walks into the lounge room and tells David that it's nearly 8:30pm; Beryl said she'd be back at about 9pm - she really wants to be gone when she arrives. David tells her that there's no need to rush off - there's another half hour yet. Margaret insists that she doesn't want to risk it - it's Beryl's house; she had a hard enough time when she decided to come there when they got back. She then adds, though, that she supposes someone had to cook him a meal. David tells her that it's nice to get spoilt again. He adds that he really wishes she didn't have to go. Margaret sadly says, "Me too."

Jeff finds Titus in the Palmers' garden again. He chases the dog, but it runs up and starts digging around under the Palmers' front window. Jeff goes after him, but as he stops by some bushes, the front door opens. Jeff pulls the dog into the bushes and hides. He can hear as Margaret is saying she'll shift her things in the morning, before lunch. She adds that it's nice to have got it all organised today. She thanks David for his help, and David replies that he was pleased to help. Outside, Jeff tells Titus to stay still. David says, "Goodnight," and Margaret goes to leave. David, though, tells her, "Not yet." He pulls her back in and kisses her. He then pushes the door shut, and he and Margaret start kissing again, more passionately. Jeff says to Titus that Mr. and Mrs. Palmer would have thought they were perving if they'd have caught them. With the door shut, he gets up and leads Titus back down the path to next door. David and Margaret continue kissing, oblivious to anything else...


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