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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Back at the party, Patricia tells Wayne incredulously that she's just been asked to make fig jams for the local show! Wayne laughs and suggests that she should buy some and take the label off! Jill comes out of the office and looks at Wayne. Stephen tells Patricia that it might be a good idea if she does join! Jill slyly adds that she thinks Patricia should join: now that she's staying on, she should get more involved in the community. Stephen leaves them and goes to talk to some of the guests. As soon as he's gone, Patricia quietly says to Jill that she knows she means well, but could she be a little more careful about what she says in front of Stephen?; she doesn't want to get too involved with the locals - they're so boring. Jill 'innocently' remarks that Stephen seems to like them... She goes to get a drink. Patricia looks across at Stephen.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural. Fiona is standing on the step, and he invites her in; they head into the lounge room. He tells her that there was no need to come all the way out there - he was prepared to-- Fiona interrupts him and curtly explains that Bunty and Thel have been very good to her; if they must have a scene, she doesn't want it to take place in front of them. Gordon explains that he actually got in touch to apologise: Jill rang earlier this evening; she's been talking to one of the workers on the property - he saw what happened at the waterhole with Terry and Patricia; it seems Terry was telling the truth; they all owe her a very big apology. Fiona thanks him, but points out that it's not her that he should be apologising to. Gordon says he knows. He asks Fiona if she's found Terry yet, but Fiona sadly says she hasn't. Gordon tells her that he'll do all he can to help - he was hoping that she might stay there at Dural so that they could look together. Fiona retorts that she's very happy where she is. Gordon tells her that he knows how she must be feeling; he and Jill aren't about to sit back and let Patricia get away with what she's done. Fiona comments that don't say they're going to call the police. Gordon replies that they're not - but they can make sure that Patricia doesn't benefit from her conniving. Fiona asks how. Gordon tells her that Patricia was obviously hoping that the incident with Terry would help her get Stephen back to Sydney. Fiona comments that it might still work. Gordon replies that it won't if they can convince Stephen to say at Woombai permanently. He adds that it's not normally the way he does things, but Patricia gives him very few options. Fiona asks him how he plans to get Stephen to stay at Woombai. Gordon tells her, "By making him an offer too good to turn down."

David is sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers', taking his shoes off. Beryl puts a tray of tea down on the coffee table as he does so. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she goes to answer it. The caller is Victor Hardy. As he comes in, he hands Beryl a pile of letters and remarks that she's a very popular woman, judging by all the mail that arrived. David stands up and shakes Victor's hand. Victor asks him how he is, and he replies, "I manage." David asks him if he's heard from Kevin and Lynn. Victor replies that they got a card today - they're having a good time, by the sound of things. Beryl looks through the mail and remarks that there's nothing in there from the kids for them. They suddenly hear a dog barking loudly, and Beryl, looking surprised, asks where on earth that came from. Victor curtly replies that it's the new neighbours - he intends to lodge a complaint with them as soon as possible; in fact, he may pop in there on his way home. Beryl asks him if he won't stay for a cup of tea, but Victor says he won't. He goes. David says to Beryl that he supposes he'd better introduce himself to the new neighbours tomorrow. As she continues to go through the mail, Beryl opens a letter and tells David that it's from the Children's Hospital Fund: they're holding a luncheon tomorrow and she's been invited. She adds by way of explanation that she gave them some money. David says he thinks they should just relax and take it easy. Beryl tells him that going out for lunch will be relaxing. Becoming annoyed, David snaps that she knows he's not comfortable at that sort of do. Beryl insists that she'd like to go. David snaps, "Go then - I'm not stopping you." Beryl snaps back that she doesn't want to go by herself, but David retorts that he's not interested; he doesn't want to get dressed up in a suit on a blazing hot day and have lunch with a flaming mob of socialites. Beryl angrily retorts that, 1) she doesn't see anything phony in wanting to help a good cause; and 2) it'll be a damn sight more interesting than sitting around the house all day, watching television. She storms out.

The next morning, David sits down at the table in the kitchen to read the newspaper. Beryl comes in, and David asks her if she's off shopping. Beryl says she is, and she adds that she shouldn't be too long. She kisses him and tells him that she's sorry about last night. David replies that they both got a bit heated. Beryl says she knows she shouldn't have asked him to go to the luncheon - but she is serious about her charity work. David says he knows - but he's still staying there. Beryl insists that she's still going - and she's off to buy a new dress for it. She adds that she knows it's a bit of extravagence... David points out that it's her money. Beryl tells him that she'll see him when she gets back, and she goes. David sits at the table for a moment, looking thoughtful. He then gets up and heads into the lounge room. He peers through the window to make sure that Beryl has gone and then picks up the 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone at the other end is engaged, though, and so he hangs up.

At Dural, Gordon is on the 'phone to Jill, who's in the office at the riding school. Jill asks how Fiona was, and Gordon replies that she was better, and as keen as they are to see Patricia pulled down a peg or two. Jill asks him when he's coming up, and he tells her that it'll be this afternoon. Jill tells him that she'll see him then and they hang up. There's a knock on the door of the office, and Wayne and Amanda come in. Jill asks if they're not hungover from the party! Wayne replies that he should be! He then asks if Stephen's around. Jill replies that he was a minute ago; he's probably down at the back paddock. Wayne asks Jill to look after Amanda while he goes to find him, and he leaves them. Jill asks Amanda what she wants: a boy or a girl? Amanda cooly replies that either will do. Jill excitedly says that she'd love a little girl; she wouldn't know what to call her, though - she made up a shortlist the other night and it came to 32 names! She asks Amanda when she's due, but, wanting to get away, Amanda goes to walk out, explaining that she's not really in the mood to talk about babies. Jill asks if there's something she can do. Amanda says she might go for a ride. Jill, looking anxious, tells her that that would be silly in her condition. Amanda snaps that she wants to be alone. Jill suggests that she go for a walk, but Amanda insists that she's going for a ride.

Jill follows Amanda outside and calls out to Wayne, who runs over to her. He asks what's up. Jill tells him that it's Amanda: she's going for a ride; she couldn't talk her out of it.

Amanda is leading a horse out of one of the stables. Wayne yells out to her and runs over to her, telling her not to be so stupid. Amanda snaps that she's not being stupid. She adds that there's nothing to worry about - she's got the most docile horse in the stables. Wayne tells her that something could still happen. He takes the horse's reins and starts to lead it away, but as he does so, Amanda puts her foot in one of the stirrups and tries to climb on. The movement of the horse suddenly causes her to lose her balance, though, and she falls onto the ground, face-down. Jill gasps in shock, and Wayne cries that he's sorry. As he tries to help her, Amanda tells him to go away; she's fine and so is the baby- she didn't feel anything. Wayne asks her how she can be sure. Amanda snaps at him to stop treating her like a child. Wayne snaps back that he wants her to stop behaving like one. Amanda tells him that she just wants peace and quiet. Wayne tells her that, maybe he's being overprotective, but he wants her to see a doctor. Looking worried, Amanda asks what for; she doesn't see the point - she's perfectly alright. Wayne tells her that it's better to be sure. Amanda says, "No." Realising she's got to be seen to be doing the right thing, she then quickly changes her mind, and Jill says she'll call the doctor. Wayne tells Amanda that she's going to be examined - no arguments.

A short time later, inside the homestead, Stephen tells Amanda that Wayne is right: she should have let Jill call a doctor. Amanda insists again that she's alright. Wayne tells her that she might be, but they don't know about the baby. Patricia suddenly comes in and, seeing the expressions on everyone's faces, asks what's wrong. Stephen explains that Amanda had a fall. Amanda repeats that nothing's wrong with her. Patricia asks if they're worried about the baby, and Stephen replies that of course they are. Patricia says it's understandable. Amanda angrily asks her what she's talking about, and she starts to say that it would be a waste of time-- Not wanting her to give the game away, Patricia quickly tells her that there's no need to get excited - she knows a very nice lady doctor in town; why doesn't she drive her in to see her? Amanda asks if it would just be the two of them. Patricia says it would, and so Amanda agrees, but adds that she still thinks it'll be a waste of time. They go.

As the two of them head outside, Patricia curtly remarks to Amanda that it's just as well she came along - she couldn't have kept up that performance forever. Amanda thanks her. Patricia says she hopes it proves that Amanda can trust her, as well. Amanda pauses and then says, "Sorry." Patricia snaps that that's gratitude for you. Amanda retorts that she got her out of a tight spot and she's glad she lent a hand, but she knows what Patricia is like, and there's no way she could trust her.

Gordon runs downstairs at Dural, carrying his packed bag. He's about to leave when the 'phone rings. He answers it, and STD pips sound. David then comes on and asks if Margaret is around. Gordon replies that he's afraid she left some time ago; she's probably on her way to Melbourne now. David says he'll catch up to her down there, then. They say 'bye' and hang up.

A while later, David is sitting out in the Palmers' garden, reading the newspaper, when a huge dog suddenly runs up and jumps on him! David, looking shocked, stands up and pushes it off him. He uses his paper to try and beat the dog back down the front path and out onto the street, yelling as he does so, "Flamin' mongrel." Victor comes along as David continues his efforts, and remarks that the dog is a brutal thing. David growls that he'll talk to the owners. Victor tells him that he'll be lucky to find them home - they weren't there when he went over last night. A taxi suddenly pulls up, and Victor looks at the occupant and remarks to David that it's Beryl. David explains that she's says been out for lunch. Victor comments that it's five o'clock in the afternoon and she's only just getting home. David retorts that it's one of those social dos - it probably dragged on. Victor tells David that, if he was a man with David's injuries, he wouldn't let Muriel go. David snaps back that he can look after himself. Victor says that, even so... Beryl comes over to them and says 'hello' to Victor. Victor tells her that she's wearing a lovely outfit, and Beryl thanks him. He heads off. David asks Beryl if she had a good time. Beryl tells him that it was wonderful - she's glad she went. She continues that they actually asked her back tomorrow, to meet the kids; she said she'd ask him first... David tells her to go. Beryl thanks him, and they head inside.

Gordon arrives at Woombai, and as he takes his case out of the boot of his car, Jill comes out and asks if he had a good trip. Gordon replies that he did. He then asks where everyone is. Jill tells him that Stephen is up at the house and Wayne is waiting for him in the office. Gordon asks if Wayne knows what's going on. Jill replies that he doesn't know the details, and he's not very happy about being kept in the dark.

A short time later, in the office, Wayne has a file of papers in front of him, and Gordon says that, if it's going to work, Stephen has to believe it's a joint decision by all the owners; anything else would look very suspicious. Wayne nods in agreement. He then remarks that they're giving away a fair bit. Gordon says that's right - but it works for them, too. Wayne looks at Jill and comments that it means a lot to her. Jill agrees that it does. Wayne tells her that maybe this is his chance to make up for some of the lousy things he's done to her; he'll go along with it. He signs the top paper and hands the file to Gordon.

Stephen and Patricia are sitting on the couch at the homestead, holding drinks, and Stephen remarks that he's been looking forward to this break all day. Patricia asks him if he's been busy, and he replies, "As ever." Patricia asks him how come he always seems to be doing all the work?! There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Patricia goes to get it. It's Gordon, and she asks him in surprise what he's doing there. He asks if Stephen's in. Patricia says he is, and she tells him to come in. Stephen stands up and offers Gordon a drink, adding that he should have let him know he was coming. Gordon smiles and says, "And spoil the surprise?!" Patricia asks, "What surprise?" Gordon explains that it's a business proposition, actually. Stephen asks him if he wants to talk to him alone, but Gordon says no - Patricia should be quite interested in what he has to say. Stephen says he'd better tell them what it is. Gordon explains that Woombai is finally starting to pay for itself - and they all know that it's because of the job that Stephen has done since he took over. Stephen thanks him. Gordon continues that the owners have decided to make him an offer: he'll get 7½% of the annual net profit on top of a negotiated salary if he signs a contract to remain as resident manager for the next ten years. Stephen looks at him in surprise. Patricia looks at him in shock.

Stephen says he doesn't know what to say. Gordon replies that he hopes he's happy with the terms; the only security they need is a guarantee from Stephen that he'll remain manager for the next ten years. Patricia mutters, "Ten years..." Gordon continues that the 7½% bonus will carry over into any profitable areas that the riding school moves into in that period. He adds that he hopes Stephen doesn't think ten years is too long. Stephen replies that of course he doesn't. Patricia suggests that surely he's going to think about it. Stephen tells her that there doesn't seem to be great deal to think about - it strikes him as the perfect offer. Gordon asks him if he'll accept, then. Stephen replies that he certainly will. Patricia looks horrified.

A while later, Gordon having gone, Stephen tells Patricia that he's read every word and it seems even better than it first sounded. Patricia tells him that all she's saying is that he shouldn't sign straight away. Stephen remarks that he can't see what there is to be gained from waiting. Wayne, who's also there, with Amanda, points out that it's a very good offer. Patricia says she agrees, but on the other hand, Woombai Riding School isn't BHP, either - 7½% won't go very far. Wayne explains that Woombai is a company - if Stephen can keep it going at a profit, they'll be able to invest in other areas; the riding school itself will never be big, but the company in ten years' time could be huge. Patricia snaps that she's not saying that it's not a good opportunity, but it does mean committing themselves for ten years. Stephen points out that he's not planning to leave the country! Patricia tells him that he won't have a choice to leave if he wants to. She continues that she's not totally against the idea; she just wants him to think about if for a few days and be sure that he's considered all the possibilities. Stephen says he still doesn't think he'll change his mind. Patricia looks at Amanda and asks what she thinks. Amanda cooly replies that she thinks he should sign it. Patricia glares at her, and Amanda takes the hint, quickly adding that her father always used to say that her biggest problem was rushing into things without thinking about them. Stephen says that, if they both want him to think it over, he'll leave it 'til tomorrow

Gordon is in the reception area at the guest house, and Jill hands him his room key. They sit down, and Gordon tells her that Stephen is thrilled with the offer; he'd have signed this afternoon if Patricia hadn't been there. Jill says it's Patricia that she's worried about. Patricia suddenly comes in and asks, "Why's that, Jill?" She then asks if somebody would like to tell her what's going on. Gordon says he's not sure he knows what she's talking about. Patricia snaps that she's not going to play games. Gordon says that, alright - he'd prefer everything was out in the open. He tells Patricia that she orchestrated all that nonsense with Terry so that she could drag Stephen back to the city. Patricia snaps at him not to be ridiculous. Gordon continues that they have a witness: one of the property workers saw everything. Patricia's face drops as Gordon goes on that she framed Terry and faked the whole incident - so they want to make sure that her plan doesn't come off; it's small recompense from Terry's point of view, but it does even things up a bit. He tells Patricia that their offer to Stephen was genuine, and it gives her a choice: life in the country or life without Stephen. Patricia yells at him that he must be out of his mind if he thinks she's going to stand back and let him get away with something like this. Gordon retorts that he really doesn't think she has much say in the matter; if she tries and stops Stephen signing, they'll tell him about the witness. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Jill goes and answers it. Robin comes on and asks to speak to Patricia. Jill tells Patricia who it is, and Patricia says she'll take it in the office. She goes. Gordon comments to Jill that he gets the funny feeling that they're not too popular! Jill smiles in delight.

In the office, Patricia picks up the 'phone and snaps to Robin, "What do you want?" Robin wryly comments that he's caught her at a bad time, has he? Patricia ignores this and impatiently asks if he rang to tell her something. Robin replies that he has got something that might cheer her up: Dee's cheque for Wayne and Amanda arrived today; a host of legal documents have to be signed before it can be handed over, but he's just spoken to Wayne and he's coming over tomorrow morning to put everything in order; as soon as he does, they've got him over a barrel. Patricia smiles happily and tells Robin that he's a godsend. Robin remarks that he thought it might cheer her up. Patricia tells him that it's done more than that - she's just been speaking to a couple of people who think they've got her over a barrel: "Are they in for a hell of a shock!"


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