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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Stephen is going through some papers in the office at the riding school, and he asks Jill if the accounts are nearly finished. Jill is miles away, and it takes her a moment to realise that Stephen is talking to her. She tells him that they'll be ready in a minute. Stephen asks her if she's worried about Fiona, and Jill nods. Stephen remarks that he doesn't think anyone expected her to rush off like that. Jill explains that it's not only Fiona going away; something else has been bothering her. Stephen asks what, but at that moment, Patricia comes in and asks the two of them if it isn't time they took a break. Stephen says it is, and he tells Jill to finish after lunch. Jill, though, says she'd rather finish it now. Stephen accepts this and tells her that he'll be over at the house this afternoon. Patricia says she wondered if Jill could send back the cases of beer that arrived this morning. Jill points out that they're for that night's party for the tent people. Patricia comments that she doesn't think it'll be going ahead now that Fiona's gone. Stephen, though, says he doesn't see why why not; the two of them could be hosts. Patricia snaps, "No." She continues that Fiona wanted for throw a big farewell do for the bushfire victims, and that was her business; it's nothing to do with her. Stephen points out that he is the manager. Jill tells Patricia that she's Stephen's wife - people will expect her to be there. Patricia snaps that it sounds like her mind is made up for her. Stephen assures her that it won't be half as bad as the society dos she used to put up with. The two of them head out into the reception area, where Patricia comments that she can't see Wayne and Amanda joining in the fun. She says to Stephen that he hasn't forgotten that they're arriving soon. Stephen replies that they don't have to go to the party if they don't want to. Patricia cooly says the whole visit is just a PR exercise. She continues that Amanda knows how much he worries about her - she just wants to show him how happy she is. Stephen curtly suggests that they talk about it later.

Beryl is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural. She says, "Yes," to the person at the other end and then hangs up. David and Margaret come in, and Barbara asks how Alice is. David replies that she's fine - Margaret got her settled down. Margaret offers Barbara help with the washing up, which Barbara accepts. Beryl walks over to Tony, who's standing by the still food-laden table, and tells him that that it's all organised: she's managed to get his mother and sister into a guest house for a week. Looking excited, Tony says his mum will be stoked! Beryl tells him that she deserves a break. She then asks him if he's made any plans. Tony replies that John will be coming up the Cross with him later, to see if they can find Shelley. Beryl asks him when he's going back to Melbourne. Tony says it depends; he'll try and get back tomorrow - he guesses he'll stay with his Aunty for the time being. Margaret tells him that, if they're going down tomorrow, they can travel together. Looking surprised, Beryl comments to Margaret that she didn't know she was going back to Melbourne. Margaret explains that it's her home town, and now she can afford to get a place of her own. Beryl suggests to her that she could stay with her and David until she finds something, but Margaret says she couldn't. Beryl tells her that they insist, adding that it's the least they can do after the way she looked after David. Margaret assures Beryl that she'd prefer to be on her own. Beryl tells her that, if she changes her mind... Changing the subject, Margaret says she'd better get the plates out of the study. She goes. Beryl doesn't notice David walking out a few seconds behind her; instead, she comments to Tony that it'll be good to have company on the way back. She also reminds him that her offer to set him and Alice up in a flat still stands.

David goes into the study and asks Margaret why she won't take up Beryl's offer. Margaret tells him that they both know it's not on. David points out that they both know they've got nothing to hide, but Margaret explains that she just wouldn't feel comfortable in Beryl's house. David tells her that she makes it sound like they're having an affair. Margaret replies that it could happen... David says he'd never do anything to hurt Beryl. Margaret tells him that she knows he wouldn't want to, but with them both under the same roof... She continues that what she and he have is worth keeping, and she thinks they can keep it without hurting anyone; they can keep in touch and just see how things go from there.

Stephen and Patricia are sitting at the table, eating, at the Woombai homestead. Stephen says he still doesn't feel very comfortable about moving in there. Patricia asks why not, and Stephen replies that it seems rather callous with Fiona just out of the place. Patricia tells him that the place is so big that it would be silly to leave it empty; and he's the manager - he's entitled to it. Stephen reluctantly says he supposes so. He then comments that Amanda probably twisted Wayne's arm to bring her there, just to put his mind at rest. Patricia tells him that it wouldn't be a problem if they lived in Melbourne. Stephen admits that he'd be happier if he could keep an eye on his daughter, but Woombai is his home now; his work is there. Patricia tells him that he could get a job in Melbourne any time he wanted. Stephen replies that the only thing that would make him even consider changing his mind is the chance to set up his own business - but it would take more money than they have, so it's out of the question.

Outside, Wayne helps Amanda out of the car and tells her not to worry: Stephen will be happy to see them - it'll make all the difference when he sees how much they love each other. He adds that he does love her. Amanda, looking surprised, replies that he's never said that before. Wayne explains that he wanted to make sure he meant it first. Amanda asks about Jill, but Wayne tells her that she's his wife and it's his baby that she's carrying; all he wants from Jill is a friendship; at least she doesn't hate him anymore. He assures Amanda that it'll be alright.

A while later, inside, Wayne is telling Stephen and Patricia that they wouldn't go to all this trouble if it wasn't for real; the simple fact is that they do love each other. Patricia asks if getting their hands on Dee's money doesn't come into it anymore. Wayne replies that of course it does - but the main thing is that they're building a life together - and looking forward to becoming parents. On hearing this, Amanda suddenly says she's feeling a bit weary, and she asks to be excused. She heads out of the room, and Wayne goes with her. When they've gone, Patricia snorts and comments that Wayne still spins a good story. Stephen asks her if she doesn't believe him. Patricia replies that she's sure Amanda's genuine - but she thinks the poor girl is in for a shock once she's produced that baby. Stephen says he doesn't know what to think; he hates to think of Amanda spending the next few months that far away from them.

A while later, Wayne is in the office at the riding school with Jill, and she tells him that she's really happy for him - him and Amanda. Wayne says he has to admit: he is looking forward to the baby; he just hopes everything works out between Amanda and Stephen. He then tells Jill that it means a lot to him, knowing that the two of them can be friends again. Jill replies that, from what she's heard, she can see he's trying to turn over a new leaf. Wayne tells her that he really is sorry for everything. Jill says she knows. Changing the subject, Wayne asks how the job is, and Jill tells him that it's fine - Stephen's great to work for. Wayne asks her if she's still getting on with Patricia OK. Jill says she guesses so... Sensing the note of caution, Wayne asks what's up. Jill explains that she's starting to wonder about that story of hers; she thinks Terry might have been telling the truth after all. Wayne says he knows Patricia couldn't lie straight in bed, but he thinks Jill's letting her imagination run away with her; they all know what Terry is capable of. Jill insists that she just can't get rid of the feeling that they might have all been wrong. Wayne tells her that she shouldn't lose any sleep over it. He adds that she, of all people, should know that Terry's not worth it. Jill reluctantly says she supposes so...

Stephen is sitting at the table at Woombai, working, when Amanda wanders in in her dressing gown. She goes and sits down on the couch, and Stephen asks her if she's alright. Amanda explains that she just can't relax. Stephen asks her if something's bothering her, and adds that, if it's all that nonense about her and Wayne, she shouldn't be afraid to say so. Amanda assures him that it's not that - that's all true. Stephen says he hoped she was being honest with him. He continues, though, that he's not entirely sure that Wayne means what he says. Amanda tells him that she is. Stephen says he's getting quite fond of the idea of being a grandfather; he wasn't sure at first, but he's sure he'll spoil his grandkid rotten. Amanda starts to look upset at hearing this. Patricia comes in and tells Stephen that Alan Pascoe is looking for him. Stephen tells Amanda to get some rest - it's not just her that she has to think of now. He goes, leaving Amanda looking guilty. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Patricia, who has left the room again, calls to ask Amanda to get it. She does, and Robin comes on. Amanda asks him if he wants Patricia, and he replies that he does. Amanda calls to her that it's for her and then tells Robin that she won't be tick. Robin says there's no hurry. He asks Amanda how it's all going, and Amanda replies that it's awful. Robin says he's sorry to hear that. Amanda explains that she's just not handling it. Robin, looking worried, says, "Hang on..." Amanda continues that she tried to tell her father a few minutes ago; he and Wayne are so looking forward to it - it's just not fair. Robin starts to warn, "Amanda..." Amanda says she'll tell Wayne first, then Stephen. Robin tries to say that that would be silly, but Patricia comes into the room at Woombai at that moment and Amanda hands her the 'phone. She asks Robin what she can do for him. Robin asks if Amanda is still there. Patricia replies that she's gone to her room, and she asks why the question. Robin tells her that there's something she can do for him - and do herself a good turn at the same time. Patricia says she doesn't follow. Robin explains that he's found a perfect way to separate Wayne from his money. He continues that, although a serious problem has come up, if Patricia helps him solve it, they'll both be laughing...

A short time later, Amanda walks into the living room, but as soon as she spots Patricia still there, she goes to walk out again. Patricia tells her that there's no need to ignore her. Amanda snaps that it's her father that she's interested in seeing. Patricia comments that Amanda sure knows how to hold a grudge. Amanda snaps back, "So do you." Patricia cooly retorts that Robin told her about the miscarriage; she thinks Amanda would be very silly to tell everyone about it until she's got the money - it's only a few days, after all. Looking furious, Amanda snaps that Robin had no right to say anything - not to her, anyway. Patricia assures Amanda that she's not totally heartless - she understands how she must feel about having to hide the fact. Amanda snaps that she doesn't any more. Patricia tells her that she knows Wayne: he goes through these reform periods from time-to-time - but once the pressure is on, he's back to starters - and if he's broke, there'll be lots of pressure - and the one person that's going to miss out is her. Amanda asks her why she's so concerned about her, all-of-a-sudden. Patricia suggests that maybe she wants to make up for a few things. Amanda retorts that, maybe, but maybe not. She continues that she's sick of lying about it, money or no money. She storms out. Patricia follows her outside, and tells her, "There's your real problem." They're looking into the distance, where they can see Wayne walking in the grounds with Jill. Patricia tells Amanda that Wayne still loves Jill. Amanda angrily asks Patricia what she knows about love. Patricia retorts that she only knows that it takes a lot of help to make it work. She continues that, if Amanda tells Wayne that she's lost his baby, he'll go back to Jill like a shot. She tells Amanda that it's up to her; why should she care if Amanda's left out in the cold?

Robin is on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, and he says that that's fine: as long as Amanda doesn't say anything until they've got the money. Patricia says she won't - not now. Robin tells her that, as soon as the cheque is cashed, they'll be guilty of false pretences, and they've got them where they want them. Patricia slyly remarks that, yes, she's sure Wayne will be prepared to make do with half once he considers the alternatives. Robin triumphantly replies, "Exactly." Patricia comments to Robin that he's ruthless. Robin suggests that they just say that he needs the money. Patricia retorts that so does she - she wants it to get her husband back; what about him? Robin ignores this and says he thought she and Stephen had kissed and made up. Patricia explains that she'll never get him away from Woombai unless she can set him up in his own business - and thanks to him, she may be able to do that very shortly...

Tony and John walk into Dural, and Margaret asks them if they got David and Beryl on the 'plane alright. John replies that they'll be nearly home by now, he guesses. Margaret asks if they looked for Shelley at the Cross on the way back. John just says, "Yes." Margaret asks if they had any luck. Tony replies that they found her, alright. John explains that she's been living in a squat with a few other kids; she's got herself tied up with one of them - a bit of a hard case. Tony snaps that he's a crook; they tried to talk her into coming home, but she reckoned she's old enough to take care of herself. He angrily curses that it's all his fault. Margaret says she'll come to her senses soon enough. Tony just says, "Maybe..." Margaret assures him that of course she will. Changing the subject, she suggests that she fix him up a big snack in the kitchen.

In Albert Park, David pays the taxi driver and puts his and Beryl's bags on the pavement outside their house. Beryl comments that it's good to be home. David says a lot has happened since he left. He suddenly notices a removal truck outside the house next door, and he remarks that the Carters are moving out. Beryl realises that she forgot to tell him: they moved about three weeks ago. David says he didn't even know the place was up for sale. Beryl says it must be the new people moving in. David asks her if she knows much about them, but Beryl just says she guesses they'll find out soon enough. She adds that, whoever they are, she hopes they'll be half as happy as she and he have been. She continues that things will be quite different there now. David asks if she means, "No kids?" Beryl asks if she'll be enough for him. David tells her that of course she will; why shouldn't she be? The expression on his face suggests otherwise...

The party for the tent people is in full swing in the reception area at the guest house. Patricia is saying to one of the guests that she and Stephen would love come to dinner. Jill comes over and hands her a drink. Another guest calls out to Patricia, and, looking annoyed, Patricia says through gritted teeth, "Hello, Mrs. Pike - how nice to see you." Mrs. Pike tells Patricia that she was wondering if she'd thought of joining the CWA. On hearing this, Jill leaves Patricia to it and goes and talks to Wayne! Mrs. Pike continues that she could understand Patricia not joining when she was married to Mr. Hamilton as she spent a lot of time in Sydney then, but now that she's staying on... Patricia suggests that Mrs. Pike leave her to think about it and she'll let her know what she decides. To her obvious relief, Mrs. Pike walks off. Wayne wanders over and comments to Patricia that Mrs. Pike was trying to recruit her for a lamington, drive was she?! Stephen comes over and asks Patricia if she's enjoying the party. Patricia tells him that she's glad he talked her into it now. Jill is standing next to the man who was out walking when he saw Terry and Patricia at the waterhole a few days earlier. The man comments that he supposes the boss chased him off with a shotgun. Looking puzzled, Jill says, "Sorry?" The man explains that he means Terry - he disappeared sort of sudden. He adds that he can't blame Mr. Morrell - it can't have been much fun having his missus throwing herself at one of the hired hands. Looking shocked, Jill says, "What?" The man tells her that she knows what he's talking about - she saw them together at the waterhole, same as him. Jill asks him if he was there. The man replies that, yeah, he was on the other side; he was going to go for a swim, but when he saw the way those two were carrying on and Jill coming down the track, he didn't want anyone to think he was perving. Jill asks him what he saw. The man replies, "Fair go." Jill tells him that she wasn't sure what she saw when she got there; she wasn't sure who was interested in who; she thought it was Terry. The man replies that it wasn't the way he saw it - keen as mustard, that Mrs. Morrell. He adds that it's not a thing to talk to a lady about, though. Jill, though, says she'd like to hear more - and she'll tell him all about what happened to Terry. She suggests that he wait in the office and she'll be there in a minute. The man goes, and Jill walks over to Wayne and asks to talk to him. She tells him that she thinks she can prove that Patricia was lying about Terry. Wayne asks how. Jill tells him to come with her.

In the office, Ron - the man Jill was talking to - is rolling a cigarette as Jill and Wayne come in. She says to him that he knows Mr. Morrell, and the two men shake hands. Jill asks Ron to tell them them exactly what he saw. Ron asks her what she's talking about. Jill tells him to tell Wayne what he saw with Mrs. Morrell and Terry. Ron replies that he doesn't know what she means. Jill tells him that she means the story he just told her. Ron asks what story? Jill tells him that she wants him to tell Wayne about the way Patricia was throwing herself at Terry. Ron assures her that he never said nothing like that. He adds that he just came into the office for a quiet smoke. He leaves them and returns to the party. Jill tells Wayne that Ron just told her that he saw the whole thing. She tells him to wait there.

Jill returns to the reception area and walks over to Ron. She asks him why he didn't say anything. In reply, Ron asks her if she knows what would happen if he told one of the bosses that story: he'd lose his job. Jill says that's ridiculous, but Ron just retorts, "You reckon?" He adds that he knows what it's like to be out of work - it took him more than a year to find this job and there's no way he's going to risk it. Jill indignantly says she thought Terry was supposed to be a mate of his; he lost his job because Mrs. Morell said he attacked her. She tells Ron that he can set the record straight and get him his job back. Ron retorts that, if that's what happened, that's rough, but he's got a wife and kids. Jill assures him that he won't lose his job, but Ron retorts that she can't guarantee that. He adds that they both know what Mr. Morrell thinks of his wife - there's no way he'll believe his word over hers. Jill insists that they can prove it, but Ron tells her that all Patricia has got to say is that his story is bull and he's out on his ear. Jill asks what if Wayne gives a guarantee that-- Ron interrupts her and tells her that he's not going to trust that; that mob stick together; he's the one who's going to feel the heat, nothing surer. He walks off.

Back in the office, Wayne tells Jill that she has to admit that Ron has got a point - they might think he could be telling the truth, but Patricia could easily convince Stephen that the whole thing had been cooked up by Fiona and Terry's friends. Jill snaps that Patricia isn't getting away with it. Wayne tells her that Patricia will come undone one day - and Terry only got what was coming to him. Jill replies that it's not just Terry; Fiona has been like a mother to her - she can't let this happen to her. Wayne says there's not much she can do. Jill, though, says that, up until now, she and Patricia have always got along pretty well - she's probably the only person Patricia has never had a major blue with - and now she goes and messes up the lives of two people just so that she can try and get Stephen back to the city. Wayne warns her that, if she's planning to take on Patricia, she could come off second best. Jill snaps that she doesn't care; the first thing she's going to do is ring Gordon and tell him about Ron's story - and then she's going to think about what she can do about Patricia: "Because one way or another, she's going to get what's coming to her..."


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