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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Robin asks Amanda if she can't see how easy it would be. Amanda, though, replies that she's sorry, but nothing's making sense. Robin tells her that he'll go over it again: if she can hang out for one more week, and pretend she's pregnant until then, they'll get the first intalment of Dee's money; once they've got the money in the bank, they can tell the world that she's lost the baby; he'll fix the doctor's certificate; who'll know the difference? Amanda snaps that she can't do it. Robin, though, tells her that she's not thinking. Amanda asks how can she think? - she can't stop worrying about how she'll tell Wayne what's happened. She adds that Robin doesn't know how much Wayne wanted this child. Robin agrees that Wayne isn't going to like it, but he adds that he'll like it a whole lot less if he knows that she's blown the money for him. Amanda angrily asks who cares about the money; what mattered was their baby. Robin retorts that there's nothing she can do about that now - she should just think about the future. Amanda snaps, "Says who?" She then angrily adds that it none of Robin's business anyway.

Margaret arrives at Dural, and as Barbara lets her in, she asks if Gordon called and said he was going to be late. Margaret replies that it depends on how long he has to talk to Wayne about buying Fiona's share of Woombai. The two of them head into the lounge room, and Margaret says hello to John. John asks how Fiona is, and Margaret sadly replies that everyone's in her bad books at the moment. John points out that no one meant to hurt her - it was Terry they were saying should go. Margaret tells him that Fiona doesn't see it like that. John suggests that maybe he should drive up and see her, but Margaret tells him that he'd be wasting his time - she couldn't leave the place fast enough. John insists that he's got to talk to her, but Barbara points out that he has no chance if he doesn't even know where she's headed. John continues that he's got to find her soon; she's done so much for him - for the whole family; now she thinks everyone has turned against her.

David and Beryl are sitting in the corridor at the courthouse. David sighs, and Beryl comments that the waiting is getting to her. She continues that she thinks Tony and Terry are the lucky ones - at least they got it over quickly. David curtly replies that it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as Alice gets off. Beryl snaps that the whole system of calling people is ridiculous - she could easily have gone down to Woombai and cast her own vote. David says he still can't see why she didn't tell Gordon straight out that she'd be on Fiona's side. Beryl asks how could she, when she didn't know the facts. David snaps that she let Gordon do her thinking for her. Beryl snaps back that she can't be in two places at once - and she trusts Gordon's judgement. She adds that she's just as fond of Fiona as he is, but she can't let her personal feelings cloud the issue when it's something so serious. David sourly says, "So much for friendship."

Wayne and Gordon walk into the Morrell apartment, and Wayne explains to Amanda that he couldn't let his father go without a having a drink. As Amanda goes to the bar to get it, Wayne hurriedly tells her to sit down and look after herself. Gordon tells Amanda that Wayne really twisted his arm this afternoon. Amanda nervously suggests to Wayne that maybe Woombai is a bit out of their price range, but Wayne assures her that it won't be once they get the next instalment from Dee's estate - and for once, he's going to put the money to good use. Amanda says, "Providing everything goes OK." Wayne asks what could possibly go wrong. Looking at her, he asks her if she's feeling alright. She quickly replies that of course she is. Wayne remarks that she's looking at bit pale. Gordon smiles and comments that he never would have believed it: Wayne getting clucky! Wayne happily replies that he's feeling pretty good about becoming a family man - and even more so knowing that their kid's going to have an interest in the best riding school in the state. A look of guilt crosses Amanda's face.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Alice takes a pill and sips some water to wash it down. She then looks at David and anxiously says she doesn't think she can face another day. David tells her that, with any luck, it'll be over by tomorrow. Alice says they're all against her - she can feel it; there's no way out: she shot Joe and somehow she's going to have to pay for it. Margaret tells her that that's silly - if she hadn't acted quickly, Joe would have gunned her down without a second thought; Tony next, and there's no guarantee that he wouldn't have turned on Terry and Beryl too. She continues that, if there's any justice in the courts, they won't only let her off, but they'll also realise that what she did was incredibly brave. David tells Alice that Margaret is spot on. Margaret suggests to Alice that she pop to the bathroom and clean herself up, as Barbara is cooking something special. Alice leaves the room. David tells Margaret that she's just what the doctor ordered. Margaret replies that she only gave Alice the facts. David tells her that she gave Alice something to hold on to. There's an awkward pause, which is broken by Margaret saying she'd better go inside. David says they can go in in a minute. He tells Margaret that, when she was up at Woombai, he found himself missing her: the place was so gloomy round there... he could have done with one happy face...

At the Morrell apartment, Gordon thanks Wayne for the drink. Wayne tells him that he's glad he came. Gordon says he'll be in touch as soon as he hears from Fiona. The two of them shake hands, and Wayne smiles happily. Gordon goes. Wayne excitedly turns to Amanda and asks if she saw that! He continues that he knows what's done it: the kid has made Gordon see him in a completely different light; and he can finally understand how Gordon felt when he was writing the letters to Nancy. Robin comes into the room, and Wayne tells him that he should have joined him and Gordon for a drink. Robin explains that he had work to knock off, but he adds that it sounded like a bit of a celebration. Wayne replies that it was the next best thing - he and G-- Amanda quickly interrupts and says she might have a bit of a lie down. She goes. Looking surprised, Wayne says to Robin that she'd say if she was feeling crook, wouldn't she? Robin tells him not to worry - pregnant women need their rest...

Gordon and Barbara come downstairs at Dural, and as they do so, Gordon says to Barbara that she wouldn't credit the change in Wayne. Barbara snorts in disbelief. Gordon continues that he hasn't lowered his guard, but he was thinking: Wayne has won Amanda over, and they know how hostile she was; if Wayne was putting on an act, she'd be the first one to see through it. Barbara says she's glad the arrangement is working out between them, but she'll never forget how Wayne ran to the press and stirred up all that trouble about Helen. Gordon tells her that he doesn't expect her to. Barbara says she will try and pop in and see Amanda tomorrow - when Wayne is out. The two of them head into the lounge room, and Gordon asks Beryl how the day went. Beryl replies that it was awful: she and David spent all day cooling their heels outside the court. Barbara asks if they're back again tomorrow, then. Beryl replies that they are, unfortunately - but they shouldn't moan; it's far worse for Alice.

A while later, the guests at Dural are all in the lounge room, helping themselves to a finger buffet and talking. Margaret tells Alice that, if money's a bit tight after the trial, she can always come to her. Alice smiles gratefully and says it's good to know that help is just around the corner. She asks her if she told her what Beryl said. Margaret replies that she didn't, and so Alice explains about how Beryl offered to support Tony and her and put them up in a flat. A look of surprise crosses David's face as he overhears this from a few feet away. Margaret says to Alice that it must be a weight off her mind, and Alice agrees that it is. Elsewhere in the room, John sits down and Beryl asks him how things went. John replies that it was a bit hard on Andy - he was pretty upset when they unloaded the last of his mother's furniture at the auction rooms. Beryl remarks that it's a shame he hasn't got his band to keep him occupied now. John points out that he's got plenty of company: him, for starters. Beryl starts to say that she wonders...; it would be a crazy idea... John asks what. Beryl tells him that today is the first time in weeks that David's truck has been used; it's silly leaving it idle all the time, as it's costing them money; maybe over the next few months, while Andy is busy sorting himself out, they could drum up some work. John asks what about David. Upon hearing his name, David looks round. Beryl tells John that David won't be needing the truck any more. David, looking astonished, says, "Huh?" Beryl tells him that he doesn't need to go back on the road. David curtly replies that he thinks they should have a talk about it - later. Margaret overhears this conversation and looks thoughtful.

Wayne picks up the 'phone on the bar at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda asks him who he's calling. Wayne replies that he's ringing Beryl, about business. He gets through and Tony comes on. Wayne asks to speak to Beryl. Robin is sitting next to Amanda, and he asks her if she's told Wayne yet. Amanda replies that, no, she hasn't - she's waiting for the right moment. Robin tells her to remember - he tried to stop her wasting a great opportunity. He gets up and goes.

On the 'phone in the hallway at Dural, Beryl thanks Wayne and says that's great. She hangs up. David is standing behind her, and he remarks that he wondered where she'd got to. Beryl explains that Wayne had a few things to tell her. Upon hearing this, David snaps that he wishes she'd stop thinking about business for five minutes. Beryl retorts that there's no harm in having an interest; she doesn't know what's upsetting him. David snaps that what's upsetting him is watching her starting to run everyone else's lives. Beryl says, "I'm not with you." David snaps that she was waving her money around in front of Tony and Alice. Beryl says she thought he'd be pleased. David asks how he can be when she doesn't ever tell him about it. Beryl replies that she meant to; it's just that-- David interrupts and snaps that, yeah, just like she meant to ask him if he wanted to go back to driving or not. Beryl tells him to keep his voice down. She continues that he's not well enough to drive the truck at the moment. David snaps that that's for him to decide; she could at least discuss it with him before handing the truck over to John and Andy. Beryl tells him that he's making a mountain out of a molehill, but, in reply, David angrily asks if it doesn't matter to her whether he has a say now that she's holding the purse strings. He continues that, no, she's too busy playing at being a business tycoon to even think about him. He tells Beryl that she's changed; in the time they've been apart, she's changed, and he doesn't mean for the better.

David and Beryl are sitting in the corridor at the courthouse the next day, but they're not looking at each other. The usher suddenly comes out and calls out for Beryl Joan Palmer. Beryl stands up and tells David to wish her luck. David smiles awkwardly and tells her that she'll be right. Beryl starts to say that, before she goes in-- David interrupts her, though, and tells her not to keep everyone waiting.

Barbara is at the Morrell apartment, and she hands Amanda a maternity dress and says she hopes she likes it. Amanda takes it gratefully. She offers Barbara a coffee, but she declines and laughs that Gordon will kill her if she's late at court. Amanda asks her if she's afraid that Wayne is going to waltz in there early. Realising she's been sprung, Barbara asks if she blames her. Amanda tells her that he really is trying for a fresh start. Barbara says he has got a chance to convince doubting Thomases like her. Amanda asks how. Barbara explains that, if he looks after her over the next few months, and if he proves himself as a husband and father...; who knows - maybe the baby is the one thing to get him back on tick with Gordon and with everyone else whose toes he's trodden on. Amanda tells her not to worry - she'll make sure he has every chance to prove himself.

John, Gordon and Margaret arrive at the court to find David still sitting in the corridor. John asks where Beryl is, and David replies that she went in about half an hour ago; maybe 40 minutes. Gordon asks if she's been on the stand that long. David tells him that she's probably finished, but you can stay inside once you've given evidence. John remarks that he doesn't think she'd leave him outside on his own. Margaret chips in that it must be nerve-wracking waiting to be called. David agrees that all the hanging around has put him in the right mood to tell those legal twerps in there exactly what he thinks of them. Gordon warns him not to get offside with them. The usher suddenly comes out again and calls for David Robert Pamer. David stands up and heads into the court room.

Amanda is looking at a magazine on the bar when Robin gets back to the Morrell apartment. Amanda tells him that she hoped it was him - she wants him to tell her his idea. Robin comments that she's come to her senses at last, and he asks why the big turnaround. Amanda replies that it's Wayne - it's really going to upset him when she tells him that she's lost the baby, so the least she can do is see to it that he gets his share of Woombai. Robin remarks that it won't hurt her pocket, either. Amanda snaps that, if he thinks that all she's worried about is seeing Wayne stay on the rails, he can forget it. Robin quickly tells her to calm down , have a seat, and he'll tell her exactly what she has to do.

In the court room, the prosecutor says to David that, in other words, Mrs. Parker may well have wished her husband dead. David retorts that Alice was only trying to stop him. The prosecutor asks him if he believes that a woman who had never used a gun before had sufficient knowledge of firearms to know that firing at close range would kill Joe Parker or did she think that it would merely stop him? David says he doesn't know. The prosecutor continues, asking him if it strikes him as rather unlikely that it didn't cross the defendant's mind that Mr. Parker might die if she took aim and pulled the trigger. David snaps that he hadn't thought about it. The prosecutor tells him that he hasn't answered the question. David snaps that he's not interested in the question. The prosecutor, raising his voice, asks him what he is interested in. David snaps that he wants to tell the truth, but he can't find the words... He looks at Margaret and then goes on that he can say that, if they do find Alice guilty, there's not an ounce of justice anywhere. The prosecutor politely thanks him. David ignores this, though, and continues that, if Alice hadn't acted quickly, Joe would have shot her, Tony next, and God knows, probably his wife and Terry Hansen too; not only should she get off, but she should be given a reward for the brave and difficult thing she did. As David's speech comes to a close, Margaret smiles. Tony and Alice sit there looking happy. The prosecutor sternly tells David that he has no further questions.

John is opening a bottle of champagne in the flat at Dural, but it fails to pop! Alice breathlessly says she still can't believe it! Tony starts to say that, if they'd locked her up... John completes the sentence for him, saying they would all have baked cakes with files in them! The gathering in the flat propose a toast to Alice. Alice tells David that she'd like to thank him - what he said helped the jury make up their minds. Tony smiles and asks David since when he's had the gift of the gab! Beryl hugs him! Alice suddenly starts crying, and Tony explains that it's the bubbly that's causing it, but Margaret tells him that his mother needs a few hours' rest. She leads Alice to her bedroom. Tony comments to Barbara that he thinks the relief is almost too much for her. Barbara asks him if he's surprised. David tells Tony that all his mother's troubles are over.

At the Morrell apartment, Robin wishes Wayne and Amanda a nice trip. Wayne says it will be - they're all set for a visit to their country estate. Amanda points out that Woombai isn't theirs, yet. Wayne picks up their suitcases and tells Amanda that he'll meet her out the front, after she's dropped the apartment key in with the caretaker. He leaves. Amanda turns to Robin and tells him that one thing puzzles her: what difference does it make to him if she and Wayne do alright out of Dee's will? Robin smiles and replies that he's learnt over the years that it's handy to have the odd friend who owes him a favour. Amanda looks at him and goes.

Margaret comes out of Alice's bedroom. Only David is still in the flat, and he asks how Alice is. Margaret replies that she's nodding off at last - sleep will do her a world of good. David smiles and tells Margaret that she takes the cake - quietly doing her thing, making sure everyone is happy. Margaret replies that, if anyone saved the day, he did. David tells her that they both know that he was only trotting out what she said last night; maybe they both deserve a pat on the back. He walks over to her and goes to give her a kiss on the cheek, but as he does so, Margaret moves her head to indicate that she's expecting something more passionate. Taken aback, David pulls away and says the others are waiting. Margaret, looking upset, says she's sorry. David tells her that it's not her fault. He goes. Margaret starts pacing the room, and then sits down and slams the arm of the chair in annoyance.

In the main house, Tony says to John that, now that the trial is over, he thinks they should spend some time looking for Shelley. John says he thinks they'll have their work cut out. David comes in and asks Barbara where Beryl went. Barbara replies that she thinks she's with Gordon in the study, discussing business. David goes and stands outside the study door. As he's about to go in, though, he pauses, looking thoughtful.

David walks back into the flat. Margaret is still sitting there, and he asks her if she'd like some company. Margaret replies that she doesn't know why he's bothering. David tells her that it's because he likes being with her. Margaret comments that she thought he might want to stay clear of her after what happened a few minutes ago. David admits that he can't pretend that it doesn't worry him; it does - a lot. Margaret tells him that she'd thought of moving back to Melbourne, and she asks him if that worries him too. David tells her that it doesn't; if anything, he'd miss her if she wasn't around. Margaret asks, "And Beryl?" David tells her that they're not seeing eye-to-eye at present - but they've been together a long time, and he finds it hard to think of life without her. Margaret says, "Of course..." David tells her that he wouldn't dodge her if she were around; they'd have to play it and see what happened. Margaret says, "If anything..." David nods and agrees, "If anything..."


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