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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, reading the newspaper, when Amanda gets back. He stands up and she says, "Hi." He then tells her that he was wondering when she was going to get home - he was going to start lunch without her. Amanda asks him if there isn't something he wants to talk about first. Wayne says, "Such as?" Amanda replies, "What happened this morning?" Wayne says, "What? Gordy's visit?" Amanda reminds him about that morning - before she went to Lynn's. Wayne says to her, "That's where you've been." Amanda snaps that he knows perfectly well where-- She suddenly stops and asks him if he remembers this morning, after breakfast - she went to talk to Lynn about babies. Wayne tells her that he didn't even see her this morning. He then asks since when she's been interested in babies, and adds that she's getting clucky is she?! Amanda retorts that they did see each other; he was having breakfast when she left; he's obviously had another blackout. Wayne, looking thoughtful, says that makes two. He adds that the doctor said it could happen again. He asks Amanda if they had a fight. Amanda replies that no they didn't; she told him that-- She then tells him that it doesn't matter. She adds that one thing's for sure, though: it's back to the doctor's for him; she'll try and make an appointment for him. Wayne sighs.

Andy returns to his hotel room. He stands there for a moment and sighs. He then walks over to the 'phone by his bed, sits down and dials. The 'phone at the other end is engaged, though, and he slams the set down in frustration. He then gets up and goes out.

A while later, he's at Toorak, and as he and Amanda walk into the lounge room, he says to her that he hopes she doesn't mind him coming round. She replies that of course she doesn't. Andy explains that he just couldn't handle the hotel room on his own. He continues that life doesn't seem fair sometimes - he just thought he was getting over his mum when wham! - along comes Lynn. Amanda tells him that she thought they were both very strong - she doesn't know how they did it. Andy says he doesn't, either - he thought that doing the right thing was supposed to make you feel good; he's never felt worse; fancy a cool guy like him going bonkers over a girl! He tells Amanda that all he can think of is going charging off after Lynn - he knows it wouldn't be right, but it's the way he feels. He asks if he's crazy. Amanda, who is miles away, suddenly realises that he's speaking to her, and she says, "Huh?" Andy tells her that he didn't mean to bore her. Amanda assures him that he isn't. She explains that Wayne had another blackout. Andy comments that they're a great pair, falling in love with people they know they can't have.

Wayne sits down on a bench in the middle of a park and lays his newspaper on his lap. He then stretches his arms out along the back of the bench and sits there looking thoughtful.

Andy says to Amanda to just tell Wayne again that she loves him. Amanda replies that she nearly did, but she chickened out. She asks if she should say something, but Andy tells her not to ask him - he just let the love of his life walk out the door! Amanda says it doesn't come easily to her, telling someone that she loves them; it's probably just as well that he doesn't know. Andy asks her if she's scared that Wayne doesn't feel the same way. Amanda retorts that she knows he doesn't - but still, she's carrying his baby; it's going to mean more and more to him, and one day he'll be the one to say 'I love you' - so there really aren't any problems...

John comes downstairs at Dural. Barbara is standing in the hallway and she asks him if Terry knows about the barrister coming over later to brief everyone. John says he does and will be there. Barbara then asks him if he managed to get David to lie down. John tells her that Beryl did! Changing the subject, Barbara says Fiona rang earlier: apparently, they're going to have a visit from a Mr. Barton - he seems to think that young Tony has kidnapped his daughter. She adds that she hasn't said anything to Tony or Alice yet. John agrees that there's no point in upsetting them.

Sometime later, Barbara is sitting in the lounge room when John comes in. She asks him if he found any stowaways, but he says he didn't; he didn't think he would. Barbara comments that Barton sounds like a hothead. John replies that he's in for a wasted trip. As they talk, Tony and Alice come in, and Alice remarks to Barbara that it's such a large house. Barbara replies that it's too large sometimes, she thinks. Alice tells her that it's lovely. Barbara says she'll make some tea. Alice offers to help, but Barbara tells her to relax. She leaves the room. Alice looks at John and tells him that she'd rather be occupied. John tells her that Barbara wants her to take it easy - she's had a pretty hectic couple of days coming up from Melbourne. Tony suddenly remembers that he's picked up a present for the Hamiltons for putting them up, but it's in the flat; he says he'll be back in a tick, and heads off to get it.

He's whistling cheerfully as he walks into the flat. As he goes to get the present out of his bag, though, he suddenly notices Shelley sitting in one of the armchairs. He stops in his tracks and asks her how she got there. Shelley replies that the door was unlocked. Tony snaps that he meant how did she get to Sydney? Shelley tells him that she hitched a ride in the back of his mate's truck. Tony asks her if she was there the whole time. Shelley replies that she's clever, isn't she! Tony snaps that she can't stay there. Shelley, looking hurt, says she thought he'd be pleased to see her. Tony tells her that her old man will be having kittens. Shelley retorts that she wants to be with him - no one has to know she's there. She asks Tony if he isn't glad she came. Tony say, "Yes, but--" Shelley interrupts and tells him that it'll be great. She then pleads with him not to make her go back. Tony reluctantly says he supposes she can stay, as she's there now. Shelley says, "Terrific!" Tony, though, continues that she can only stay until after the trial; he'll figure out what to do after that. Shelley asks him if he can sneak some food to her, as she's starving. Tony says he'll see what he can do. Shelley hugs him.

Tony returns to the main house. John is standing in the hallway, and he says to Tony that he wondered where he'd got to. Tony replies that it took a while to find the present. John tells him not to go in the lounge room at the moment, as his mum's having a bit of a cry. Looking anxious, Tony asks what's wrong. John replies that he thinks it's just getting to her - and being around so many people she doesn't know doesn't help. Tony says he should be with her, but John tells him that it's alright - Barbara's with her. He then tells him that his mother thinks a lot of him. Tony grimly replies that, when she got there, she was so happy about everything going well for him - he had a nice girlfriend and he was going to school; the trouble is, things aren't going too well with Shelley and he's quit school; he hasn't had the guts to tell her, though. John tells him that his mum is under a lot of pressure - once the trial is over, fair enough, but wait until then - he might have sorted things out with Shelley by then and decided to go back to school. Tony nods.

At the Morell apartment, Patricia snaps that if the old goat thinks she's going to get away with it, she's got another think coming - she's never been so humiliated in all her life. Robin tells her that he knows she's upset, but it's not as if she's lost Stephen. Patricia snaps that she didn't get married to become a weekend wife. Robin says he supposes not. He then adds that there's no point in worrying about it, though - she should put all her energies into work. Patricia grumbles that she's spending five nights a week in a crummy hotel room - she hates it already. Robin sighs and tells her that she's not going to be of much value to him like this - she hasn't exactly got her mind on the job. He suggests to her that she move in there, to the apartment. Patricia, looking surprised, says, "With you?" Robin tells her that it makes sense - he'll be there for company. Patricia admits that it feels more like a home, and then adds that it was, once. Robin asks her if she'll move in, then, and she says, "Yes!" Robin tells her to go and get her things, and then maybe he'll get some work out of her!

Sometime later, Robin is sitting at the table, typing on the typewriter, when there's a knock at the door. A look of annoyance crosses his face at the interruption. He goes to get it, and as he opens the door, he snaps, "Yes? What?" Margaret is standing there. She cooly says, "Good afternoon, Robin." She continues that she thought she'd just drop by and pass on regards from an old acquaintance of hers: from Perth, actually - she's just got back; she had a most interesting conversation with his wife while she was there.

A short time later, inside the apartment, Robin snaps at Margaret that she wanted to talk, so get on with it. Margaret tells him that there's no need to be unpleasant - she doesn't want to make trouble; all he has to do is explain to Patricia how he engineered her removal from Woombai. Robin says, "If I don't?" Margaret replies, "You'll have your wife on your doorstep." Robin angrily asks if that's supposed to bother him, adding that plenty of men run out on their wives. Margaret retorts that not all men run out in the same circumstances as he did; his wife is very bitter about it, and who can blame her? Robin asks her what she knows. Margaret replies that she knows everything - they were in the same prison for a while; but then he guessed that - no wonder he was so publicity shy, with her getting out in six weeks. She continues that his wife is living for the day when she sees him again to share the wonderful future he's been working so hard to provide for her while she's been serving his sentence. She adds that it was his idea to defraud the company they both worked for? Robin asks if that's what his wife told her. Margaret says it was - and that he convinced her to take all the blame. She tells him that his wife loved him so much, but he didn't exactly stick around and visit her regularly. Robin snaps that there's more to it - things Margaret doesn't know. Margaret says that may be so - but he's gone to great lengths to build a whole new life for himself, right down to a new job and a new name; he's scared to death of his wife finding him. She tells him that if he doesn't want that to happen, he's to tell Patricia exactly what he did to her and why. Robin asks her how he can know that she hasn't given his wife his address already. Margaret retorts that he can't. Robin gives in and agrees to talk to Patricia. Margaret smiles and cooly says, "Good."

In the lounge room at Dural, Tony is sitting staring at a plate of cake. Barbara asks him if he'd like another piece, but Tony declines, saying he doesn't want to make a pig of himself. Alice chips in that he's got an appetite like a horse! Tony says he'll clear the table. Barbara says she'll do it later, but Tony insists that he'd like to. Alice explains that Tony has always done his fair share around the house. He picks up the cake and an accompanying plate of sandwiches and leaves the room via the kitchen exit. Barbara tells Alice that she should be very proud of him. There's a sudden loud knocking at the front door, and John goes to get it, shutting the lounge room doors behind him as he heads into the hallway. It's Stan Barton at the door, and when he sees John, he growls that he seems to have come to the right place. He asks where the Parker kid is. John tells him that he's made a mistake. Barton snaps that he knows Tony is there with his daughter. He tells John to take him to them or he'll find them himself.

In the flat, Shelley is wolfing down the cake and sandwiches. Tony apologises that it's the best he could do, but Shelley says it's great. Tony says he'd better head back, but Shelley asks him not to leave her by herself as it's boring on her own. She then suggests they go out tonight - up the Cross or somewhere. Tony tells her that he can't - his mum's lawyer is coming over after tea to talk to them; he has to be there. Shelley suggests that they can go later, but Tony tells her that he can't have a late night - he has to be on the ball for tomorrow. Shelley snaps that he's a ton of fun. Tony suggests that she should have thought about things a bit more before she jumped in the truck. He goes to leave the room. As he does so, he tells Shelley to hide if she hears anyone coming.

In the hallway in the main house, John repeats to Stan Barton that he told him: they've checked and she's not in the truck. Barton snaps that he bets that's how she got there. He asks about the house, pointing out that it's big enough to hide an army. As they talk, Barbara comes out of the lounge room. She calmly introduces herself to Barton and asks what she can do for him.

Tony returns to the lounge room from the kitchen. Finding his mother on her own, he asks where everyone is. She explains that John seems to be having trouble with someone at the door. Tony goes and stands by the closed lounge room doors, listening to the conversation in the hallway. Barbara snaps that this is her house. Barton snaps back that his Shelley is there somewhere and he wants to know where. He asks where Tony is. Barbara ignores this and retorts that she thinks she would have noticed if he'd smuggled Barton's daughter in. Barton suggests that she'll have no objection to him taking a look around. Barbara snaps that this is her house - she's not having him making things worse for Mrs. Parker. She adds that she's sorry but he'll have to take her word for it: Shelley isn't there. Barton backs down and suggests that maybe he did go off half-cocked. Barbara tells him that if she hears from Shelley, she'll make sure she rings him. In the lounge room, Tony comes away from the doors. Alice remarks that she's surprised at him eavesdropping. Tony tells her that he had to make sure John didn't need a hand. Barbara comes back in and Tony looks at John, who's still in the hallway; he indicates with his head that he wants to talk to Tony. Tony walks out and joins him, and John explains that it seems Shelley has run away. Tony says he knows - he heard. John asks if Alice heard. Tony says she didn't, and John comments that that's something. Tony thanks him for playing it down. John tells him that if Shelley does get in touch, he's to make sure she calls her folks.

Robin carries Patricia's bags into the Morrell apartment, and she comments that it's nice to be out of that fleapit. She asks for a drink, and Robin goes to the bar and pours one. She then says she thinks she might give Stephen a ring - she doesn't want Fiona putting her down just because she's out of the way. Robin hands her the drink, and she asks him if he's not having one. Robin says, "No." Looking at the expression on his face, she remarks that, if this is a good day, she'd hate to see him on a bad one. Robin tells her that, when she hears what he has to say, he doesn't think she'll be unpacking.

Wayne arrives back at Toorak. Amanda comments that he's been gone so long; she was worried. Noticing Andy standing in the hallway, Wayne asks him what he's still doing there, as he thought he was on his way back to Sydney. Andy replies that he got sidetracked. Amanda asks Wayne what took him so long. Wayne replies that he popped into the office after going to the doctor's, that's all. Amanda asks what the doctor said. Wayne replies that the doctor told him that he's a fit as a Malley bull, and that the blackouts should disappear altogether in a few weeks. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing. Andy answers it while Wayne and Amanda head into the lounge room. A woman comes on and says it's Dr. Cameron's office there; she asks if Mr. Morrell is at home. Andy says he'll just get him, but the woman says there's no need - Dr. Cameron just wanted to check if he's alright. Andy tells her that he's fine. The woman explains that Wayne had an appointment today but didn't keep it. Andy repeats that he's fine. The woman says she sees, and she apologises for troubling him. Andy hangs up and stands there looking worried.

Patricia says to Robin that he thought she'd rant and rave and walk out, did he? Robin replies that he didn't think she'd be pleased. Patricia tells him that what's done is done - she'll ring Margaret and patch things up with her. She adds that she would probably have done the same thing in his position. Robin remarks that they're birds of a feather. He then asks if Margaret will keep her word. Patricia says she doesn't see why not - he kept his end of the bargain. She then continues that this could be the start of a new kind of relationship for him and her - now that they're equals, they can help each other; they both know what they want: he wants power... Robin continues, "And you want Stephen on a full-time basis." Patricia agrees that that's true, but then adds that there's something else she wants almost as much: she wants to make Fiona Thompson pay.

It's nighttime, and in the living room at Toorak, Amanda asks Wayne if he's had enough to eat. Wayne says he has, and he adds that it was very nice. Andy says he's fine as well, and so Amanda gets up and goes to make some coffee. Wayne remarks to Andy that she rustles up a pretty good meal. Andy replies that she's a pretty good lady all round - too good for Wayne. A look of surprise crosses Wayne's face as Andy goes on that he thought he was a reformed character. Wayne asks what he's done now. Andy snaps that all that garbage about pretending he didn't remember that she told him she loved him; he knows Wayne didn't go to the doctor's this afternoon. Wayne snaps that he doesn't see that it's any of Andy's business. Andy retorts that he cares about her. Wayne says he doesn't suppose Andy will believe him, but he did it for her sake - neither of them needs the complication. Andy asks if being in love is a problem, and he adds that Amanda is counting on that baby to bring her and Wayne together. Wayne says he knows - but everyone close to him ends up getting hurt, and he's not going to hurt Amanda; that's why he's keeping her at arm's length - because he cares about her too.

At the Morrell apartment, Robin hands Patricia a file and tells her that there it is: Woombai's salvation - if that doesn't bring busloads to the place, nothing will. He tells her to read it, but when she doesn't respond, he comments that he hopes Stephen shows more enthusiasm tomorrow. Patricia asks him if he has to show it to Stephen tomorrow. Robin says he doesn't. Patricia then asks him if he can sit on it for a few days; she goes on to explain that she'd like to go to Woombai with him but she needs a bit more time to organise a few things. Robin asks her if she minds telling him what. Patricia tells him that of course she doesn't - he'll have to know because he's going to be involved. She explains, "You're going to help organise an assault - on me."


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