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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Robin incredulously replies that Patricia can't be serious; he's never heard anything so ludicrous. Patricia retorts that it'll achieve two things she wants: she warned Fiona that if she interfered in her and Stephen's marriage, she'd ruin things between her and Terry. Robin asks her how she knows that people will believe her. Patricia replies that Terry has already assaulted a girl; he got away with it then, but this time he'll get what's coming to him. Robin says, "For something he didn't do?" Patricia retorts that the main thing is that Stephen will come back to the city - he won't want to stay in the same place as the man who assaulted his wife. Robin points out that there will be a police investigation, and there may be a medical examination. Patricia tells him that it won't go that far: Fiona may be appalled at what Terry has done, but there's no way she'll have the police called in. Robin comments that it all sounds too vindictive to him. Patricia retorts that her sister is the one that knows all about being vindictive - she's quite likely to let his wife know where he is. Robin, looking worried, reminds her that she said Margaret wouldn't say anything. Patricia agrees that she won't - not unless she convinces her otherwise - and Margaret is very keen to do the right thing by her. Robin asks Patricia if she's blackmailing him. Patricia retorts that all she's saying is that if he scratches her back, she'll scratch his. She adds that she gets the impression that he's prepared to be ruthless if he stands to gain by it. She continues that she won't be asking him to do a lot, but she will need his help with just a few things. Robin sighs. Patricia smiles and says, "Good!" She adds that he needn't worry - she knows exactly what she's doing...

Margaret, Gordon and Beryl are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon tells Margaret that, now he knows what sort of man Robin is, he'll never have any business dealings with him. Barbara asks Margaret what she's going to do, but Margaret says she isn't going to do anything - she just wants to straighten things out with Patricia; she's not going to spread his story around. Gordon agrees that it's pretty pointless. Barbara tells Margaret that she's just glad she's got to the bottom of it. As she says this, David and Beryl come in. Margaret remarks that she thought he'd be having an early night. David assures her that he doesn't need them anymore! Margaret tells him that he's not to overdo it. Beryl smiles and says there's no point in telling him! David explains that he wanted to find out what Alice's laywer has to say. Gordon remarks that he'll be there shortly. Margaret says she'll make herself scarce, but David tells her to stay, as he wants to hear about Robin.

Patricia is on the 'phone to Stephen, and he tells her that he's just having dinner with Fiona and Jill. He adds that he was hoping she might ring. Patricia cooly asks how is Fiona? Stephen replies that she's fine. He then asks about the job, and Patricia replies that she's really enjoying it. She continues that she's decided to patch things up with Margaret - after all, Margaret did save her life. She adds that she thought she'd ring her in the morning; she supposes she's staying with Gordon and Barbara? Stephen says he thinks so. Patricia comments that they must have quite a houseful - all the people connected with the trial are staying there, aren't they? Stephen says they are - except for Terry. Patricia 'innocently' asks where he's staying, and Stephen replies that he's at the Dural Motor Inn. He adds that Terry felt he didn't know Gordon and Barbara well enough to impose. As he says this, Fiona and Jill get up and leave the room with the plates from the table. Stephen tells Patricia that he misses her. Patricia replies that she misses him, too. She then explains that Robin is coming up soon, and she thought she might come with him. Stephen tells her that Fiona and Jill have tactfully disappeared, and Patricia cooly says she wishes it was permanent with Fiona! Stephen warns, "Come on..." Patricia tells him that marriage is the most important thing that's ever happened to her - she doesn't like people who try to ruin it. Stephen tells her to give it time. Patricia smiles and tells him that she loves him. Stephen says, "Ditto." Patricia says she'll be in touch again soon. They say goodbye and hang up. Patricia writes down the words 'Dural Motor Inn' on the pad in front of her, and looks thoughtful...

At Dural, Alice and Barbara are standing by the front door with Alice's lawyer. Alice shakes his hand and thanks him for coming, He goes. Barbara remarks that he seemed very encouraging. They head back into the lounge room, where Tony is commenting that the lawyer put the wind up him. David says he doesn't think he meant to do that. Tony points out that it sounds like it all depends on what he has to say. Beryl explains to him that he's the one who can say how his father always treated his mother. Alice asks if it'll make any difference. Gordon tells her that getting the jury's sympathy is very important. Tony says he just wishes it wasn't all up to him. Terry assures him that he'll be alright. Tony says he thinks he'll make an early night of it, and David says he thinks that's a good idea for all of them. Barbara says she'll make some coffee, but Tony says he won't have any, and he goes. When he's gone, Alice remarks to the others that she thinks it's getting him down. Terry says he'll have a bit of a yarn to him. He goes.

Tony walks into the flat and calls out to Shelley that it's only him. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Tony tells Shelley to wait in the bedroom. It's Terry at the door, and Tony, looking annoyed to see him, asks him what he wants. Terry says he thought they might have a bit of a yarn. Tony asks what about. Terry says they can talk about the row they had the other day; he doesn't like losing a good mate, and he just wanted to say he's sorry. Tony says he supposes there's no point holding a grudge. Terry holds out his hand and suggests to Tony that they shake. They do. Alice suddenly comes in, saying she remembered she has some ironing to do. Terry says he won't stay. Alice tells him not to leave on account of her, but Terry assures her that he reckons he and Tony said all they had to say. He adds that she's not to worry - everything will be alright. He goes. Alice turns to Tony and says she'd better iron his shirt, as he needs to look his best for tomorrow. She heads into the bedroom in which Shelley is hiding, and Tony, looking nervous, quickly rushes in behind her, saying he'll get it. The room is in darkness, but when Alice turns the lights on, there's no sign of Shelley. Alice walks over to the wardrobe, but, assuming Shelley is hiding inside it, Tony rushes and stands in front of the door. Alice, looking bemused, asks him what he's doing! Tony tells her that he's just getting his shirt! Alice moves him and tells him that she also wants to iron her dress for tomorrow. She asks if he minds, and then opens the door of the wardrobe, asking as she does so which dress she should wear. When he can't see Shelley anywhere, Tony peers inside the wardrobe and has a look around. It's definitely empty. Alice takes out a shirt and mutters in annoyance that there are a couple of buttons missing. She takes out another shirt and a dress for herself, and looks at Tony in puzzlement; he's now sitting on the bed. She goes. As soon as the room is empty, Tony looks under the bed and calls out Shelley's name, but she's not there. He stands up again, looking worried.

In the lounge room in the main house, Margaret asks if the lawyer sounded confident. Gordon replies that he didn't to his way of thinking. David points out that he did say it wasn't cut and dried. Margaret says she'd hate to think what going to jail would do to someone like Alice. Barbara chips in that Alice might have survived twenty years of rotten marriage, but she gets the feeling that, right now, she's very close to the edge. David agrees that she's certainly going through a rough lot. Tony comes back in and asks if Terry's gone. David says he has. Tony turns to John and asks for a word with him. They go out into the hallway. Margaret remarks that Tony seemed upset. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Gordon answers it. Fiona comes on and asks how everyone is. Gordon replies that they're good - although nervous about tomorrow. Fiona explains that that's why she called: she wanted to wish Alice all the best. Gordon tells her that he'll put her through to the flat, but Fiona tells him not to, and asks him just to wish her all the best. She then continues that she won't go on chatting as she's got a dinner guest - Stephen. Gordon tells her that she's saved him a call, and he asks to speak to Stephen. At Woombai, Fiona tells Stephen that Gordon wants a word with him.

Out in the hallway, Tony tells John that he didn't know Shelley was in the back of the truck - honest. John accepts this, but tells Tony that he should have got in touch with her father the minute he knew she was there; he's going to have to tell him now. Tony, looking incredulous, says, "What?" and asks if they're going to tell Mr. Barton that his daughter has probably hitched a ride to the Cross. He continues that Mr. Barton would go out of his tree; they've got to find her. John says they should leave it to the police. Tony, though, retorts that she's 17; hundreds of girls her age are up the Cross doing whatever they can to make a fast buck; they've got to find her. He then says he can't ask Gordon for the use of his car, but John could...

On the 'phone, Gordon says to Stephen that it's only because he went down there that Wayne told him that he'd virtually been forced into it. Stephen says Amanda knew what his reaction would be; that's why she didn't tell him. He snaps that they're a couple of little money-grabbers; he then thanks Gordon for letting him know. Gordon tells him to try not to let it spoil his evening. Stephen says he won't. They hang up. At Woombai, Stephen asks Fiona and Jill - who are sitting on the couch - if they got the gist of that. Fiona says Amanda is pregnant to Wayne. Jill asks Stephen if he'll ring her. Stephen replies that he might when he's calmed down - which might take some time

Early the next morning, Tony and John walk into the flat, and Tony heads straight for the bedroom to see if Shelley came in during the night. As he looks, John glances at his watch. Tony comes back and says she's not there. John tells him that they can't keep it quiet now. Tony, though, retorts that they can't tell anyone with his mum's trial starting today. He asks if they can't keep looking, but John tells him that there's no way they'll find her unless she wants to be found. Tony pleads with him not to do anything - not today. John says he'll give her 24 hours, but that's it. Alice suddenly comes out of her bedroom and asks Tony where he's been, as she's been worried sick. John hesitatingly replies that they've been out... on the town... and lost track of time; the next thing they knew, it was daylight. Alice looks annoyed and she tells Tony to go to bed. Tony tells her to go back to bed as well. She does so. Tony thanks John. John tells him that there'll be all hell to pay when this comes out. Tony says that doesn't matter; first he'll worry about his mum's trial and then he'll face the music about Shelley.

Later that morning, at the breakfast table, Alice says she's rattled already. Margaret tells her that, when she's in the box, she should keep taking big breaths, tell herself to relax and think about her answers before she replies. Beryl comments that all this talk is making her nervous, and she's sure it's not helping Alice. Alice says she'd rather know what it'll be like. David points out to Beryl that he and Margaret have been through it - they know what it's like when someone starts throwing questions at you. Alice says she'd better go and see if Tony is ready. Beryl asks if he isn't having breakfast. Alice replies that she doesn't think he'll have time - it was 5am before he and John came in. Beryl looks astonished and asks if they stayed out all night. Barbara says she thought they were going to have an early night. Gordon chips in that John asked if he could borrow one of the cars, but he thought they were just going for a drive. Alice explains that they were enjoying themselves, and must have lost track of time. She leaves the room. Beryl remarks to David that it's stupid of Tony to stay out so late on the night before the trial. David points out that he probably just wanted to let off a bit of steam. As he says this, John comes in, wearing his pyjamas. David snaps at him that he thought he'd have more sense than taking Tony out on the town; he needs his wits about him today. John meekly says he's sorry.

Tony is sitting in the flat, and Alice remarks that he looks awful. Tony explains that he couldn't sleep. Alice says she supposes he's like her - he kept thinking about today. Tony says, "Yeah but I was... yeah." He tells his mother that, if he does have to get up in the stand today, he won't let her down. Alice says, "Of course not."

As they walk to the front door, Barbara says to Beryl that she hopes Beryl does get called today - at least she'll get it over and done with. Beryl agrees. David says it depends on how long it takes to pick the jury, he guesses. Margaret asks David if he's told the court that he's not well and shouldn't sit around for too long. Tony joins them, and David sarcastically comments that he's a bright spark. The group heads out. As they do so, the 'phone rings, and Gordon answers it. Patricia comes on and asks for Margaret. Gordon calls after her, and she takes the 'phone. She says a cheery 'good morning' to Patricia and adds that she's been waiting for her to call. Patricia tells her that Robin has explained everything and she's sorry she didn't believe her. She asks if Margaret can come over so they can talk. Margaret says she'll come over straight away, and she asks where Patricia's staying. Patricia explains that she's at the apartment - she's sharing with Robin for the time being. Margaret incredulously asks her if she's staying there after what Robin has just told her. Patricia points out that she's working for him. Margaret says she doesn't understand. Patricia tells her that, after some of the things they've done, they can't really throw stones - and she enjoys the job; she can't afford to give it up. Margaret says they'll talk about it when she sees her. Patricia asks her what time she'll arrive, adding that she'll make sure Robin is out. Margaret agrees that she certainly doesn't want to see him; she says she'll be there at about 11am. Patricia tells her that she'll see her then. She hangs up, and then dials another number. The call is answered, "Dural Motor Inn." Patricia asks to speak to one of the guests: Terry Hansen. After a few moments, Terry comes on, and Patricia tells him that she needs to talk to him. She asks him if he could come to see her at about 11:30am. Terry explains that he's got to go to court. Patricia retorts that she knows, but he won't be required before this afternoon, will he? Terry replies that it depends how things go. Patricia points out that he will have time to see her, then. Terry asks what for. Patricia replies that she'll tell him when she sees him. She then adds she'd rather he didn't mention this to anyone else.

At Woombai, Stephen asks Jill if Mr. Barton has heard anything about Shelley. Jill replies that he hasn't heard a word - he's worried out of his mind. Stephen asks how old Shelley is, and Jill replies that she's about 17 - the same age she was when she first came to Sydney; she reckons Mr. Barton has got good reason to worry. Stephen comments that, when you're a parent, you expect your children to give you a headache; Amanda's certainly given him a few. Jill asks him if he's still angry. Stephen admits that he's not pleased - he wishes he could be as happy as Fiona is to have a grandchild on the way. Jill asks him how he does feel. Stephen replies that it's a bit of a jolt to realise that he's old enough to have a grandchild - and hurt that Amanda didn't tell him about it. Jill suggests that maybe she's written - she's sure his daughter would want him to know about it. Stephen smiles and tells Jill that she always has a good word for everybody - even Patricia. Jill replies that she takes people as she finds them; Patricia has always been good to her. Stephen looks thoughtful.

Margaret knocks on the door of the Morrell apartment. Inside, Patricia says to Robin that that will be Margaret; he should make himself scarce. Robin growls that he doesn't believe her: she says she wants a reconciliation with her sister... Patricia interrupts and says it's very important to her. Robin continues that, yet she's going to use Margaret to set up Terry. Patricia says she's not going to hurt Margaret. She then concludes that it makes sense to her; that's all that matters. Robin opens the front door, and Margaret, looking annoyed to see him there, says she thought he'd be out. Robin tells her that he's just on his way. He goes, and Patricia invites Margaret in and tells her to sit down. She offers her some coffee, but Margaret declines. Patricia then tells her that she doesn't know how to say how sorry she is. Margaret says she can understand it - she's done some pretty dreadful things; she's sorry, too. Patricia says it's just so silly - they're all the family they've got. Margaret replies that, because of that, she doesn't want to see Patricia working for a man like Robin; she knows she feels she needs the job, but she can help Patricia out financially - she can keep her afloat until she finds something else. Patricia, looking worried, says she doesn't think that's a very good idea - she doesn't want money to get in the way of their friendship. Margaret says she doesn't see why it should. Patricia explains that it's important to her that she be independent - and she likes the job. Margaret says she doesn't want to argue - and the offer's always open if Patricia changes her mind. Patricia thanks her. She comments that Margaret has gone to a lot of trouble to make things right between them. Margaret sadly explains that, when she faced the fact that she couldn't let Patricia die, she realised that she did mean something to her - they used to be so close. They hug, and Patricia smiles as she murmurs, "My big sister."

A while later, Margaret says to Patricia that she hopes things work out between her and Stephen. Patricia replies that she's going to do everything in her power to see they do. She then asks Margaret about her and David. Margaret sadly replies that, if he wasn't married... but he is... She then says she really must be going. Patricia, looking nervous, says there's no need to rush off. Margaret says she doesn't want to be there when Robin gets back. Patricia quickly tells her that he's always longer than he says he'll be. Margaret suggests to her that they have dinner sometime. Patricia says that would be lovely. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Patricia suggests that it'll be Robin trying to use tact. She goes to the door and opens it; Terry is standing there. She feigns surprise, and asks him what on earth he's doing there. She then quietly mutters to him to go along with it. Terry notices Margaret, and, picking up on Patricia's 'ploy', explains that he thought he'd drop in and say hello. Patricia offers him some coffee. Margaret looks worried.

Tony is sitting on a bench at the court, fast asleep. Beryl says to David that she hopes Tony isn't called today to give evidence, as he wouldn't give much of an impression. David remarks that the poor kid is tired out. Beryl snaps, "Poor kid?" She continues that he didn't have to go out last night. She then adds that David shouldn't have blamed John for it. David snaps that John is old enough to know better. Beryl snaps back that Tony isn't exactly a child.

Patricia and Margaret step outside the front door at the apartment, and Patricia tells Margaret that she's sorry to hold her up, but she thought Terry might leave first. Margaret asks her why she thinks he came there. Patricia 'confidentially' replies that she hasn't said anything to anyone, but he made advances towards her at Woombai. Margaret looks shocked, and she asks Patricia what she did. Patricia replies that she thought she made it clear that she's not interested, but she'll obviously have to make it plainer. Margaret says it's awkward, and she offers to stay. Patricia assures her that she'll be alright - she'll just make sure he realises that she's not interested. She tells Margaret that she's glad they sorted things out. Margaret replies that she is, too. She goes, and Patricia heads back into the apartment. Terry asks her if she'd mind telling him what's going on. Sitting down on the arm of the settee, Patricia smiles at him, flirtatiously, and tells him that she had to see him again - she's been thinking about him ever since she left Woombai. Terry, looking surprised but delighted, says, "Me?!" Patricia smiles and tells him, "When I heard you were here, I knew I had to see you again. You must know why..."


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