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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Wayne stares at Amanda for several seconds and then asks if she's sure she's not having him on. Amanda replies that it would be a pretty rotten joke if she was. Wayne says, "You're really pregnant?" Amanda asks him if he want a letter from the doctor! Wayne finally laughs and hugs her, saying excitedly, "You beauty! I'm going to be a dad!" He adds, "Surprise me next time!" He stands up to get a drink and he offers Amanda one. She declines. She then asks him what's wrong. Wayne tells her that nothing's wrong - he just needs time to get used to the idea. He looks at her and then says that, the way he treated her to get the baby... she must think it's the money he's happy about. Amanda asks, "Is it?" Wayne replies that it's the icing on the cake - but he's stoked about being a dad! He adds that he's going to do the right thing by both of them; he wants her to stay on there at Toorak - they'll change one of the rooms into a nursery; make sure everything is fine for her; make sure she's happy living there. He then looks sad as he says he supposes it would be stupid to kid the family that it'll be anything other than what it is; the main thing is that they're just friends. Amanda stares at him. Wayne asks what it is. Amanda tells him that even friends can make good parents. Wayne tells her that she's right. He then asks if they can keep the news to themselves for a few days. Amanda agrees. She tells Wayne that she's glad he's happy. Wayne asks how else should he be! Amanda looks worried, though.

Andy is lying on his bed, asleep, in the room he's booked into at a hotel in Melbourne. Someone suddenly starts knocking on the door, but he doesn't stir. The knocking continues, and he eventually wakes and gets up. He puts on a shirt as he opens the door. Lynn is standing there. She tells Andy that she was beginning to think she had the wrong room! Andy explains that he went to sleep. He invites her in, and as she looks around, he remarks that the room isn't bad for the price. He moves his things off the sole chair in the room, and offers Lynn the seat. She sits down; Andy sits on the bed. He comments that she managed to get away OK. Lynn explains that she said she was going to see Maggie Collins. Andy asks her if she had to say anything. Lynn points out that someone had to look after Davey. Andy says, "Right..." He then comments that this is making things difficult. Lynn tells him that it's not his fault - she's glad to be there, as it gives her a chance to get to know him properly; she's always done most of the talking up to now. Andy tells her that he's not that interesting, but Lynn says there must be more to him than a guy who plays in a band; if there wasn't, she wouldn't have-- She stops talking. Andy tells her that, if she wants to know about him, he'll tell her, but it's pretty boring. Lynn says she doesn't mind.

Beryl is on the 'phone in the Palmer house, talking to Gordon, who's at Dural. She says to him that, with her having to go to Alice Parker's trial and with Wayne acting the way he is... Gordon thanks her for letting him know. He adds that he didn't realise Wayne was that bad. Beryl replies that Amanda asked her not to say anything with the way things are between him and his son. Gordon, though, says he wishes he'd listened to Amanda. He tells Beryl that it was hardly fair on her, having to manage without help. He continues that he'll be down on the first 'plane tomorrow - and he'll see her back in Sydney; he understands that they're all descending on them! Beryl tells him that he doesn't have to make it sound so bad! She then asks him to thank Barbara for putting up with them all during the trial. Gordon says he will. They say goodbye and hang up. Beryl goes and sits down on the couch, and picks up some sewing. Davey, who's sitting next to her, starts crying. Beryl tells him that she's going to miss him.

In the hotel room, Andy says he supposes he did miss growing up without a dad; his mum did the best... His voice trails off, and Lynn comments that he does that every time: every time he mentions his mum, he stops. Andy replies that it's the way she died... he can't talk about her without thinking of it. Lynn says she'd like to know about her, if she meant that much to him... She then realises that it's probably none of her business, but Andy says he'd like to tell her. He continues that she was a pretty incredible lady - bringing up a kid on her own at her age; she was in her forties before he was born; she was the best mum... he thought he could handle it... Seeing him becoming upset, Lynn gently says she shouldn't have asked. She adds that no one close to her has ever died. She stands up and goes and sits down next to him on the bed. They start kissing passionately, but Lynn suddenly pulls away and says she's sorry. Andy tells her that there's no need to be. Lynn says she'd better go. Andy asks why. Lynn replies that she shouldn't have come - the hotel room, it's... Andy asks her if he should still come round tomorrow after Mrs. Palmer has gone. Lynn pauses and then says, "Yes..." She goes. Andy looks up at the ceiling in frustration.

As she arrives home, Lynn looks through the front window of the Palmer house and sees Beryl sitting in the lounge room with Wayne. She goes in. In the lounge room, Beryl is saying to Wayne that she feels quite honoured being the first person to be told. Wayne replies that he thought she deserved to know; she did enough to help him. Lynn comes in, and Beryl remarks that she's back early. Lynn tells her that it didn't take as long as she thought it would. Beryl looks at Wayne and asks him if it's alright if she... Wayne says, "Sure!" Beryl tells Lynn that Wayne came round to tell her that he and Amanda are having a baby! A look of shock crosses Lynn's face. She asks how come. Wayne explains that she's two months gone. Lynn asks how she feels about it, and Wayne replies that she thinks it's great - that's what they're trying to convince everyone of! Beryl assures him that he's done a great job on her! Wayne announces that he'd better be going. He and Beryl go to the front door. As they stand just outside, Beryl says she's sorry she jumped the gun with Gordon - it's too late to stop him coming down now. Wayne assures her that, the way he's been, he couldn't stop her worrying; anyway, he's got something to work for now. Beryl comments that the only question is whether it's a boy or a girl. Inside, Lynn walks over to the 'phone. She picks up the handset and starts dialling. She then takes off her earring and puts the 'phone to her ear. It's answered by a man saying, "Reservations." Lynn tells him her name and explains that she and her son are booked on a flight to London in three days' time and she was wondering if they could get away any earlier.

Jill and Shelley are standing, talking, in the grounds outside the riding school. Jill tells Shelley that she shouldn't let Tony go without saying she's sorry; he heads off to the trial tomorrow. Shelley retorts that she's not running after him - she's already tried that once and he told her to get lost. Jill tells her that he's worried about his mum; he could relax if things were alright between him and her. Shelley says it's over between her and Tony; she's going to the city soon - why should she have to worry about him? Her father suddenly calls her, and she heads over to talk to him. Jill walks over to John, who says, "No go?" Jill replies that she was wasting her time. John says he doesn't think Shelley was ever very keen on Tony - it was just his reputation. Jill asks what he means, and John explains that Tony's an ex-crim; the son of the bloke who did the shooting there... They suddenly hear Shelley shouting at her father that it's not fair - she's not going. Stan Barton snaps back that she'll do what she's told. Shelley yells that he can't make her, and she storms off. John and Jill look at each other.

At the homestead, Tony asks Shelley what she's talking about. She tells him that she wants him to take her to Sydney with her; her dad has decided not to move to the city after all - they're moving further out to the country - it'll be even worse than it is there at Woombai; she's not going. Tony asks her what she's going to do - run away? Shelley retorts that she's 17 - she can go wherever she likes. Tony tells her that he's going down to his mum's trial - he doesn't need her tagging along. Shelley retorts that he wouldn't have said that a few days ago. Tony tells her that he didn't know then what he does now. Shelley snaps that the trouble is that he believes what other people say. She adds that she's not interested in anyone else. Tony tells her that if he helped her run away, it would cause more trouble for him and her. He adds that she should go to the country - she might like it. Shelley snaps that he doesn't have to live there. She angrily adds, "Thanks for nothing," and storms off. Tony sighs.

Shelley leaves the homestead and walks out and stands under one of the nearby trees. Her gaze falls upon David's truck, which is parked nearby.

Amanda and Wayne are playing Backgammon in the living room at Toorak. Amanda says to Wayne that she wishes he could have stopped his father from coming - they're going to have to say something now. Wayne says he doesn't see why. Amanda points out that Gordon is going to wonder why he's on top of the world again. Wayne says he'll tell him that he woke up to himself. Amanda shakes the dice, but then says she can't concentrate. Wayne tells her that the family has been the problem all along. Amanda points out that Gordon is one of the grandfathers - they owe it to him to say something. Wayne retorts that they don't owe him anything; there are only two people their kid's going to need: him and her. Amanda tells him to at least make an effort with his father. Wayne asks why. Amanda tells him that, if anything will make a difference between Gordon and him, the baby will if he explains it right. She asks him to please try, since he's coming anyway. Wayne agrees to think about it, and he thanks her for caring. He then stands up and says he's going to watch some tele.

The next morning, Jill, John, Fiona, David and Tony are sitting having breakfast at Woombai. Fiona remarks that the place will seem deserted when they've all gone. She then turns to Jill and says it looks like it's just the two of them. Jill pats her tummy and indignantly says, "Three!" Everyone laughs except Tony, who asks to be excused. David tells him that they're going in ten minutes. Tony growls that he'll be in his bedroom. He walks out. John says he must be worried about his mum. Fiona grimly says she thinks the problem is a lot closer to home.

Outside, Shelley has a rucksack slung over her shoulder. She walks towards David's truck and lifts up the back door. She climbs inside and closes the door behind her.

Beryl picks up Davey at the Palmers' and tells him that he's such a big boy! A car horn hoots outside, and she remarks to Lynn that it sounds like the cabby is getting impatient. She tells Davey to be a good boy, and she then hands him back to his mother. Lynn tells Beryl that she's going to miss her so much. They hug. Beryl starts to cry, as she says it's a part of life. She adds that it's a shame their flights couldn't have been nearer to each other, so that they could have travelled to the airport together. She then tells Lynn that she thinks it's lovely that she's missing Kevin so much that she went to all that trouble to change her plans. They hug again. Beryl sadly says it'll be an empty old place to come back to. Lynn sobs and kisses Davey.

Wayne is sitting in the living room at Toorak when Amanda comes downstairs, dressed to go out. Wayne asks her where she's off to. Amanda replies that she thought she'd be out of the way when Gordon comes. Wayne tells her that she doesn't have to be, but Amanda explains that she's killing two birds with one stone, actually: she's going over to see Lynn. Wayne asks how come. Amanda replies that she doesn't know the first thing about having babies - her mum gave her a book when she was about 12, but she never bothered reading that chapter; she never thought she'd have to worry about it! She continues that Lynn is the only person she knows who's about her age who knows about babies, so she's going to get all the information before she goes overseas. Changing the subject, she then asks Wayne if he's thought any more about Gordon. Wayne tells her that he'll try - just for her. Amanda smiles and says, "Oh, I do love you." Suddenly realising what she's said, she starts trying to backtrack, but then says, "What the hell. I do love you, and I'm sick of pretending I don't." Seeing the expression on Wayne's face, she realises that he had no idea. Wayne agrees that he didn't have a clue. Amanda tells him that that's how she feels - he doesn't have to say anything. She goes out, leaving Wayne looking surprised.

Stan Barton is standing at the front door at Woombai, and Fiona invites him in. They go into the lounge room, where Barton tells her that his girl, Shelley, has run away - she hasn't turned up at achool and some of her clothes are gone. He asks when that young Parker kid headed off. Fiona replies that it was about an hour-and-a-half ago. She asks why the question. Barton replies that he wants to know where she's going - he bets she's with him, and if she is, he'll flay the hides of both of them.

At the Palmers', Andy asks Lynn what she means when she says she's going earlier. Lynn tells him that she changed her flight to 11:30 this morning . Andy, looking annoyed, points out that he stayed there in Melbourne so that they could be together for a few days, and-- Lynn interrupts and says she knows - but after last night... Andy assures her that that won't happen again - he just wants to be with her. Lynn, though, tells him that, if he stayed tonight, something would happen - and she couldn't look Kevin in the eye after that. She continues that there was another person and that was bad enough; it's not that she doesn't trust him - it's her. Andy says he understands. He adds that it's probably best if he just goes. He goes to kiss her. Outside, Amanda has arrived and she hears their voices; Lynn is telling Andy that she'll miss him, too. She looks through the window and watches as they kiss and then hug. Inside, Lynn suddenly spots Amanda looking at them.

Gordon arrives at Toorak, and Wayne immediately tells him that things have changed a lot since yesterday - he doesn't have to worry about the Melbourne end of the business anymore - he'll make sure it makes big profits. Gordon remarks that he expected Wayne to be a mess, from what Beryl said. Wayne tells him that everything has changed - he's got something to work for now. He asks, "How do you feel about becoming a grandfather?!"

Amanda tells Lynn and Andy to stop being so jumpy - she's not going to tell anyone. Lynn says they haven't done anything. Amanda assures her that she believes them. She then adds that she knows what it's like to be in love with someone you shouldn't, so there's no way she'd stir. She continues that Lynn hasn't really forgotten what she did to her and Kevin, has she, and Lynn admits that, no, she hasn't really. Amanda tells her to be lucky over in London, and she adds that Kevin is a lucky guy. She makes to leave, but Lynn realises that she didn't say what she came for. Amanda tells her that it's not that important. She wishes her luck and leaves. When she's gone, Lynn comments to Andy that she used to think Amanda was a little brat.

At Toorak, Gordon asks Wayne what sort of home the kid is going to have - it needs proper parents. Wayne retorts that a lot of kids get by with one parent; he and Amanda will both love it. Gordon tells him that that's what they say now. Wayne asks him what sort of father he thought Wayne would make when he was going to marry Jill, knowing that she was pregnant. Gordon admits that he thought he would make a good father. Wayne asks him if it's the money that's worrying him. He then continues that, sure, their baby means he'll get the money, but it's not just that - he promises. Gordon looks at him and tells him that he thinks he actually believes him. Wayne says he's glad - every kid needs its grandparents, too. Gordon assures him that he'd never make him - or her - cut off from Barbara and him. He continues that, if there's anyone he's worried about, it's Amanda. He asks Wayne if he's aware that she loves him. Looking surprised, Wayne asks his father how he knows. Gordon replies that he's not blind. Wayne says he only found out this morning - she told him. Gordon tells Wayne that he must realise what her position is: she's living with a man she loves who doesn't love her - or he assumes he doesn't. Wayne replies that he likes her. Gordon asks him if he doesn't love her. Wayne say he's not sure he's over Jill, yet. Gordon tells him that Amanda will have to stay with him for the baby's sake, and get no love in return. Wayne insists that he would never hurt her. Gordon tells him that that's easier said than done; now that she's told him... Wayne, though, says he's got the perfect cop-out. Gordon asks him what he means. Wayne replies that it's simple: the blacking-out; forgetting things: between the time she went out and before she gets home, he'll have had another blackout - he'll forget she ever said it; it'll be easier on both of them.

At the Palmers', Andy tells Lynn that he can't believe he'll never see her again. Lynn points out that she'll be back one day. Andy tells her that he won't see her like this - just the two of them. He then continues that he's glad they didn't make love - at least she'll be able to think of him without feeling lousy. They start kissing again. When they pull apart, Andy tells Lynn that he loves her. He then turns and goes. As he walks away, Lynn quietly says, "I love you, too..."


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