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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

At Woombai that evening, Fiona helps David take his dressing gown off. Margaret comes into his room and David asks him if she got onto Gordon. Margaret replies that he was in a meeting, but she's having lunch with him tomorrow - Barbara has invited her to stay with them. Fiona says that's nice. She then asks if Barbara gave her any information on Robin. Margaret replies that, no, she didn't - but Barbara did think he might have worked for some of Gordon's business contacts. David asks her what will happen if Gordon can't dig up any information, either. Margaret says she'll just have to find someone who can. Fiona remarks that it seems like a lot of trouble, but Margaret, in reply, asks her whether, if someone had gone out of their way to cause her trouble, she wouldn't be curious to find out why. Fiona admits that that's fair enough. Changing the subject, Margaret tells David that she'll be gone before he wakes up tomorrow, so she'll say cheerio now. David smiles and says it won't be the same without her standing over him! Margaret laughs that she wasn't that bad, was she?! David assures her that she's been great, and he adds that he hopes he can do something for her one day. Margaret tells him that the best thing he can do for her is get better. She walks out. Fiona follows her into the lounge room. Margaret comments that she thought she'd take some of the local wine to Gordon and Barbara's - it's very good. Fiona says she's sure they'd enjoy it. She offers Margaret a glass of it before she goes, but Margaret says she's still got packing to do. Fiona tells her that another half-hour won't make any difference. Margaret, though, suddenly snaps that she can do without this sort of thing. Fiona says she was only trying to be friendly. Margaret says she's sorry - she supposes she's a bit tense. She accepts the offer. She then says she supposes Fiona thinks it's a good thing that she's going. She adds that she would never have said anything to David - she's 'good old Margaret, who can always be relied upon to do the right thing'. She continues that she can't help caring for him - he's helped her so much; she was practically over the edge when she got there. Fiona muses that David was the one doing the nursing. Margaret explains that she was trying to get her self respect back - and she nearly got her sister back, too. A worried look suddenly crosses Fiona's face, and she tells Margaret to be very careful before having anything to do with Patricia. Margaret says they've come a long way since the bad old days - being caught in the fire together made them realise that blood is thicker than water. Fiona gives in and tells Margaret that it's her business. She adds, though, that, as far as she's concerned, she'll be very glad to see the last of Patricia after tomorrow. Looking surprised, Margaret asks her if she hasn't heard: she and Stephen are back together again - Patricia is going to be living there permanently.

Charlie walks over to Robin and Patricia in the reception area at the riding school and says she's just had a dreadful thought: she hopes the champagne isn't that domestic rubbish. Robin assures her that it's French, so she doesn't have to worry! Changing the subject, he says that, as soon as the girls are made up, they'll get some shots around the tent area. Looking at Patricia, Charlie comments, "Isn't he brilliant, coming up with such a novel concept as 'Beauty Amongst the Ruins'? So evocative!" Patricia and Robin both smile in bemusement! Charlie then asks what she can do to help. Robin quickly says he thinks Patricia has a job for her. Patricia is only thrown momentarily before telling her friend that the chairs are being set up around the catwalk, and suggesting that she see if the men have left enough leg room between the rows. Charlie smiles and says, "I'm on my way!" She goes. Robin comments to Patricia that he likes a woman who can think on her feet. He then asks her how she'd like to be his assistant full time. Patricia barely thinks about if before saying, "Thanks, but no thanks." Robin tells her that he's serious - he could do with someone like her. Patricia remarks that it's a bit of a change of tune, and she tells him to remember when Charlie tried to foist her onto him. Robin replies that he hadn't worked with her then. Patricia smiles and says she's flattered but she'd rather stay with her husband. At that moment, Fiona comes in and tells Patricia that she'd like a word. She adds that she'll be waiting in the office. Patricia comments to Robin that she knew that if Fiona had her way about the guests sharing, there'd be no stopping her. She continues that she bets Fiona has been sitting up all night thinking of ways to hassle her! Robin comments that Patricia will handle her. Patricia tells him, "Damn right!"

She heads into the office and snaps at Fiona that she can give her five minutes. Fiona retorts that she'll be brief: she's heard that Patricia is staying on. Patricia asks her what she's going to do about it. Fiona snaps that she's there to give her a warning: she doesn't want to force Stephen to have to choose between his wife and his life there, but she will if she has to. Patricia says, "Meaning?" Fiona replies that she means that Patricia is going to be bored rigid at end of her first week there, and if she's true to form, she'll start stirring up trouble, just to keep herself amused. Patricia asks if Fiona's saying she either behaves or gets kicked out. Fiona replies that that's it in a nutshell. She adds that, if Patricia goes, she's got Buckley's of getting Stephen to go with her. Patricia impatiently asks if that's it. Fiona says, "Yes." Patricia goes to walk out. As she does so, she tells Fiona that she'd better get used to having her around, because she's going to be a permanent fixture.

Barbara and Margaret walk downstairs at Dural. Barbara tells Margaret that she'd say it's a very good thing that she's not at Woombai today - it'll be a madhouse! Margaret agrees that she's probably right, but she adds that it would have been nice to have had the choice. The two of them go into the lounge room, where Gordon, holding a magazine, says he's found it! He adds that it's only a trade journal, so it only talks about Robin's business background, but something might ring a bell. As he hands it over, he comments that everybody seems to like him. Barbara wryly suggests that they should put the National Informer onto him! Margaret reads the article and after a few moments, Barbara asks if it's any good. Margaret replies that, no, it isn't really; it's just that, every time she sees his photo... Gordon says he's sorry can't be more help. Margaret asks him if he knows anything about his personal life. Gordon replies that he doesn't know a thing - although someone did say that he came from Perth originally. Margaret looks thoughtful and then declares that that's it! She explains that that's where she's seen his photo: she was in Perth for a few weeks, in jail, and then they sent her to Melbourne; his wife showed it to her - they were in jail together!

At Woombai, Fiona is putting her earrings in while Jill tells her to hold still; she's sewing something at the back of Fiona's dress. Fiona grumbles that she paid a fortune for the dress and already it's falling to pieces. There's a sudden knock at the door and Fiona calls out to the person to come in. It's Stan Barton - Shelley's father - who apologises for barging in, but adds that something urgent has come up. Fiona asks what it is, and Barton replies that it's the mob from the city: they're taking photos near the tent and he's not standing for it; he's not having people feel like they're in a zoo. He continues that, if they don't clear off, he won't be responsible. Fiona assures him that she'll send them packing. She starts to walk out, but Jill tells her to hang on; she bites off the length of thread still sticking out of Fiona's dress! Stan Barton snaps that some toffee-nosed shelia seems to be in charge. A grim expression crosses Fiona's face as she asks if it's a woman with silver-grey hair. Barton says it is, and Fiona snaps that she might have known Patricia would have something to do with it, adding that it sounds as trashy as she is.

Stan Barton and Fiona walk outside; there are tents everywhere, but in a patch of empty ground, Patricia is standing talking to a guy who has a tripod and camera set up. She and Barton walk over to them, and Patricia spots them and heads over in their direction. When they meet, Patricia sarcastically asks them if they've come to watch. Fiona snaps at Patricia that she would have to be the most insensitive person she's ever come across; she's got no respect for privacy, that's for sure. Patricia cooly replies that she asked the residents for their permission before she started - and Stan Barton was the only one who objected. Barton interjects that he was the only one with guts enough to speak up. Terry and John wander over, and Terry tells Fiona that the two of them are doing a bit of crowd control. John adds that it was a good idea of Robin's, getting photos of the models against the tents. Fiona looks annoyed at hearing this, and Patricia smiles as she taunts Fiona that she thought it was her idea. Terry explains to Fiona that Patricia is getting the paper to give them a plug for donations for the bush fire relief fund. Fiona says, "Oh..." Stan Barton asks Patricia why she didn't tell him. Patricia retorts that he didn't give her a chance. Barton backs down and says he guesses he didn't... He adds that it looks like he jumped the gun a bit; he tells Fiona that he's sorry to drag her over. Fiona says there are no worries. Patricia curtly asks her if she minds if she gets on with it. Fiona tells her to go ahead. She and John walk off. As they go, Terry's eyes follow Patricia, and he comments, "Spunky lady!"

Sometime later, Patricia is in the office, touching up her make up and telling Stephen that if looks could kill, she'd be lying on a slab with tag on her toe by now! Stephen says, "Come on..." He adds that Stan Barton made a complaint and Fiona had to check it out. Patricia snaps that Fiona wanted her to be in the wrong so she could run to him and complain about it. Stephen asks her why she treats everything Fiona does as a personal attack. Patricia asks why shouldn't she, when Fiona has already had one try at breaking up their marriage. Looking puzzled, Stephen tells Patricia that she's lost him. Patricia tells him that Fiona only offered him the job there because she knew she would dig in her heels about coming with him. Stephen smiles and says, "Didn't you just!" Patricia tells him that they're on shaky ground as it is; if she starts interfering... Stephen assures her that, says if she does, he'll deal with it - as long as there are no more games with her. Patricia agrees. Stephen suggests that they should get moving, as the parade starts in half an hour.

It's lunchtime at Dural, and at the table, Barbara asks Margaret if she's serious about going to Perth to see Robin's wife. Margaret says it's the only way she'll get the information she needs. Gordon asks her why she can't leave a message to call her. Margaret explains that Robin's wife wouldn't recognise her unless she saw her face-to-face; she just happened to be around when his wife pulled out a photo in the exercise yard - she was showing it to one of her cronies. Barbara asks what she was in jail for, but Margaret says she doesn't know - she didn't have the interest to find out then. Barbara comments that it must be something pretty dreadful if Robin is keeping her under wraps. Margaret says she thinks there's something more to it than that - he's the type who'd brazen it out if people found out his wife was in jail; but he's desperate that she wouldn't make the connection between the photo and where she'd seen it. Barbara remarks that it's intriguing. Gordon suggests that it's hardly worth all the trouble that Margaret is going to; Robin hasn't managed to turn any of her real friends against her, and she's still in with Patricia. Margaret replies that she understands him thinking that, but Patricia has become very important to her, lately - coming close to death makes you take stock; Patricia was talking about what friends they used to be, and as kids, and she was thinking about that too; they started reaching out and then Robin put a spanner in the works. She continues that she knows they wouldn't understand this, but she can't help wanting to get closer to Patricia again. Gordon assures her that he understands. He tells her that, just when he thinks he's managed to stop feeling anything for Wayne, he turns round and does something to make him care; the rest of the time, it's pretty hard going. Margaret smiles and says she's got broad shoulders. Barbara comments that Robin doesn't realise what a mistake he's made, taking her on. Margaret replies that he soon will...

It's night time at Woombai, and Terry toots his distinctive car horn as he pulls up outside the homestead. Inside, Tony remarks to John, Jill and Fiona that Terry's there, and Jill laughs that they heard! Tony tells her to get a move on, but Jill says she'll give it a miss - she just wants to put her feet up! Terry comes in and asks if they didn't hear him. Tony laughs that of course they heard him - he reckons the whole district heard him! Terry comments that Tony is pretty chirpy, considering. Tony says, "Considering what?" Terry asks him if Shelley hasn't told him. Tony asks what he means. Terry tells him that her old man was saying that he was thinking of packing up and moving to the city. He adds that he thought Shelley would have been over like a shot to tell him. Tony, looking crestfallen, says she probably didn't want to hassle him 'til she knew for sure. He rushes out, and John comments, "Three guesses where he's going." Terry says it's the best thing that could happen to him, as Shelley's never been as keen on him as he is on her. Fiona tells him not to let Tony hear him say that.

A post-parade party is talking place in the reception area at the riding school. The area is packed with guests, and Shelley is standing in a doorway, watching. Charlie is talking to Patricia and Stephen, and Robin is making conversation with one of the guests. Charlie laughs as Robin walks over. He asks her if she's pleased with the results, and she replies that she's ecstatic - she didn't know she had it in her to bring it off! She walks off to circulate, and Robin remarks to Patricia, "After all, she did back Lisa in the first place!" Patricia tells him to let her enjoy it - after all, if it hadn't been for Charlie, she wouldn't be there, and she and Stephen would still be communicating through solicitors! Stephen smiles and says, "God bless Charlie!" He asks Patricia if she's happy, and she smiles and tells him, "Very." Elsewhere, Tony walks up behind Shelley and tells her that he's been looking everywhere for her. Shelley retorts that she said she'd try and sneak out to the party. Tony comments that he didn't think she'd be in the mood right now, but Shelley replies that she's in a terrific mood - her Dad's thinking-- Tony interrupts and says he knows: he's taking them to the city; Terry told him. Shelley asks him if he doesn't think it's fantastic. Tony looks surprised and asks her if she wants to go. Shelley tells him that of course she does; she didn't realise what she was missing out on 'til today. Charlie suddenly comes up to them and tells them not to stand out there by themselves. She waltzes off again. Tony tells Shelley that he wants to talk to her, and they head into the office. He puts the light on, and Shelley asks him what's got into him. Tony tells her that he thought she was really serious about him, and now she's taking off. Shelley suggests that he could come too. Tony snaps that she couldn't care less if he didn't. Shelley tells him that of course she cares. Tony says he wants to have a serious talk. Shelley says they can talk any time. Tony asks her if she'd still want to go back to Sydney if he said he wanted to stay there. Shelley replies that it's not up to her; if her dad decides he wants to go, that's it. Tony says, if she could decide... Shelley tells him that she thinks it would be crazy to stay there if she could go to Sydney. She then adds that it's Tony's life, though. She heads for the door, suggesting they go and have some fun. As she does so, Tony grabs her arm and tells her that he's taking her home. Shelley snaps, "Like hell." Tony tells her that when he fronted up to her place, her old man was looking everywhere for her. Shelley points out that that's never bothered him before. Tony snaps that he's not prepared to argue.

Back at the party, Terry hands Fiona a drink and then walks over to Patricia and asks her if the boss has given her a bonus! Patricia smiles and says he hasn't - but he did give her ten out of ten! Terry tells her that he reckons she rocks - he hasn't seen anyone do as good a job since Cess Adams organised last year's picnic races! Patricia comments that that's high praise indeed! She asks Terry to excuse her, saying she's got to go and talk to Charlie. Terry tells her that he'll go with her and congratulate her too. Obviously wanting to get rid of him, Patricia says that, on second thoughts, she might leave it until there are fewer people around her. Terry says that suits him. Fiona watches the two of them, looking annoyed. Stephen also looks at Terry. Aware of the attention, Patricia asks Terry if he ever takes his hat off!

Sometime later, John tells Fiona that Robin was saying he 'phoned Lisa and told her that it's all systems go; he was tossing up whether or not to ring her himself. He asks Fiona what she thinks, but Fiona is miles away, and when she realises John is talking to her, he asks her what's so interesting. Fiona says it's nothing. Terry is still talking to Patricia, and is enthusing about his car. Patricia looks disinterested. Robin joins them and suggests to Patricia that she might like to circulate among the other guests. Terry tells her that he'll see her later, and he walks off. Robin immediately comments to Patricia that Terry isn't her type. Patricia says, "Hardly!" She adds that he's only got two topics of conversation: cars and country music! Robin comments that it's not like her to get stuck with a bore. Patricia says she agrees, but this time it was worth it to watch 'madam' over there see Terry paying her attention. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Fiona answers it. After a moment, she calls over to Patricia that it's for her: Matt Kennedy. She adds that she supposes she'd like to take it in the office. There's a look of surprise on Robin's face as Fiona continues that the office is a little more private. Stephen looks at Patricia as she walks off. Charlie says to Robin, "Talk about a knife in the back." She tells him to hold her drink, and she then walks over to Fiona. She snaps at her that that was a pretty cheap shot, making it sound as if something is going on between Patricia and Matt Kennedy, when she knows Stephen is very touchy about their friendship. Fiona curtly replies that she was only passing on a message. Charlie snaps that she deliberately went out of her way to stir up trouble. Stephen looks over at Charlie and Fiona talking. He then puts down his glass and walks off. Charlie wanders back over to Robin and says she wishes Patricia would hurry up and come back - Stephen looks about ready to blow his stack...

Patricia is sitting in the office when Stephen comes in. She stands up and tells him that she was hoping he'd come in. She adds that if she's going to be hauled over the coals, she'd rather the whole room didn't hear. She tells him that Fiona used Matt's call to stir him - all Matt did was ring to find out how things are going. Stephen listens, but then says he didn't come in there to talk about Matt; it's her and Fiona who are sending his blood pressure through the roof; the whole incident with the 'phone call wouldn't have happened if she hadn't provoked Fiona by monopolising Terry. Patricia snaps that she loves the way everything is always her fault. Stephen cooly tells her that Fiona was in the wrong, too, and he intends telling her so - and then he wants the two of them to co-exist, because he's damned if he's going to act as referee every time they start sparring; they're acting like a couple of kids. He adds that he had a very pleasant life before she arrived there, and he's not intending to let her spoil it. He asks if that's alright, and Patricia says, "Yes." Stephen says that's good. He heads off to speak to Fiona.

Tony and Jill are sitting on the couch at Woombai. Jill tells Tony that she had someone walk out on her not so long ago - her husband. Tony remarks that he must have rocks in his head. Jill explains that his friends and family are all in Ireland; they pressured him to go back; he said he wouldn't be gone long, but it's been months since his last letter. Tony says he's sorry. Jill tells him that she'll get over it - and he'll get over Shelley. Tony says he thought she was really serious about him; no decent girl lets you... "you know..." Jill, looking surprised, admonishes, "Tony!" Tony quickly says he wasn't after her just for that - she really meant something to him; now he finds out that she couldn't care less if he goes after her or stays there. Jill suggests that she's not worth worrying about, then, and Tony says he suppoes. Jill tells him to go back to the party, but Tony says he reckons he'll give it a miss. Jill tells him that it'll cheer him up, but Tony replies that Terry is bound to ask how it went, and he couldn't handle it. Jill comments that he's really got it bad. Tony nods.

Stephen and Fiona are talking by the reception desk. Stephen tells Fiona that he's not making a big deal about the call - he's just using it to illustrate a point. Fiona replies that, if she and Patricia keep sniping at each other, they're going to make life hell for everyone concerned - is that what he's saying? Stephen says, "Yes." He continues that he knows it's a difficult situation, but if she wants his resignation... Fiona retorts that it's his wife he doesn't want around. Stephen tells her that he's afraid they come as a package deal. He adds that Patricia promised him that she'd work at getting along with her; she's she in the office now, waiting to talk to her; an apology might be a good start. Fiona reluctantly wanders off, leaving Stephen looking thoughtful.

Patricia is sitting behind the desk in the office. Fiona comes in and closes the door behind her. She says she's just been talking to Stephen. Patricia retorts that everything is going to be wonderful from now on! Fiona tells her that if she leaves her alone, she'll do the same for Patricia. Patricia asks if there will be no more stunts like that 'phone call. Fiona says there won't - she's sorry about that. Patricia laughs and snaps that she's sorry it didn't work. Fiona says she thought the idea was to stop fighting. Patricia retorts that that's Stephen's idea; the two of them know it won't work. Fiona says she wouldn't be there if she wasn't serious about making an effort. Patricia tells her that she's there to make a lot of empty promises and then at the first opportunity, she'll try to break them up. Fiona snaps that she's obviously wasting her time talking to her, and she goes to leave. Patricia, though, asks her if she doesn't want to hear her peace plan. Fiona stops and turns round. Patricia tells her that, as long as she doesn't try to undermine her relationship with Stephen, she won't turn Terry against her. Fiona snaps that she'd tell her where to get off if she tried. Patricia asks her if she wants to put it to the test. She adds that Fiona saw them tonight - she could wrap Terry around her little finger if she wanted to; and once he was hooked, he'd do anything she wanted. She continues that Fiona has a choice, then: either keep out of her life or mess up her own. She says, "Well?" Fiona doesn't respond. Patricia says, "Good. I'll tell Stephen that we came to an understanding." She walks out, leaving Fiona looking annoyed and upset.


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