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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia and Stephen walk from their room into the reception area the next morning, and Patricia tells Stephen that she feels a lot happier now that she's sorted things out with Fiona. Jill is standing behind the reception desk, apparently looking for something. Stephen asks her if she's having trouble, and Jill explains that she's trying to find the ruler - she wants to put the figures into the ledger book. Stephen comments, "Don't say they balance!" Jill laughs, "Yes!" Stephen says that's good, as it gives him time to take Patricia on a picnic. Patricia, looking surprised, says that's wonderful! She suddenly spots the ruler lying partly hidden, and she hands it to Jill. Stephen tells Jill that she can work in his office, but Jill says it would be easier to work at Woombai, as she's got all her papers spread out there. She then suggests to Stephen and Patricia that they might like to go to Carter's Creek for their picnic. She goes. Stephen asks Patricia if she'd like to try that, and Patricia says she would, adding that it will be nice to relax. Stephen tells her that, from now on, he's looking forward to nothing more than the two of them spending a nice life in the country.

At Woombai, Fiona is on the 'phone to a guy called Dan, and she thanks him for letting them know. Jill comes in and remarks on Fiona finally being out of bed! She asks if she can keep using the table, and Fiona says it's fine. She then adds that she's got to call Stephen and get him to go over to Dan Andrews' with Alan Pascoe. Jill says she thinks he might be busy, as he's taking Patricia on a picnic. A look of annoyance immediately crosses Fiona's face. Jill asks her what's happening at the Andrews', and Fiona replies that Dan Andrews is selling up quite a lot of stock after the bushfire, and he's giving them first option. Having heard this, Jill says she's sure Stephen won't mind being interrupted. Fiona agrees that maybe he won't, but she adds that Patricia will. She continues that Jill didn't hear Patricia last night - she threatened to do her worst if she didn't leave her and Stephen be. Jill points out that she'd only be asking Stephen to do his job. Fiona nods in agreement, and tells Jill that they know that, but what will Patricia think? She then pauses a moment, before suddenly snapping that Jill's right: it's part of Stephen's job - she's perfectly entitled to ask him to do what's right for the property.

In the office at the riding school, Charlie thanks Stephen and says the parade was a huge success. Stephen wishes her a good trip back to Sydney. Patricia comes in and tells Stephen that Mrs. Evans is making up a wonderful hamper for them. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Stephen answers it. Meanwhile, Charlie says to Patricia that she hopes things go well between her and Stephen. Patricia replies that she's sure that, in a few weeks' time, they'll be nicely back at the same level. Charlie says, "Even with Fiona breathing down your neck?" Patricia slyly replies that she's got her nicely in check. On the 'phone, Stephen says he'll make the arrangements straight away. He hangs up and tells Patricia that he's got to go and look at some stock. Patricia, looking annoyed, asks, "Who says?" Stephen replies, "Fiona." Patricia looks even more annoyed. Stephen continues that it really is too good an opportunity to miss. He heads out. Patricia immediately snaps, "Silly old cow!" Charlie tells her that Fiona probably didn't even know about the picnic plans. Patricia, though, retorts that Fiona makes it her business to know everything that's going on - she probably pumped Jill for information as soon as she got there; she obviously didn't believe what she said last night. Charlie asks her what she's going to do. Patricia replies that she'll make sure Fiona starts taking her seriously...

John is walking along outside Woombai, and he joins Tony, who's sitting on the bonnet of a car. He comments that Tony's running a bit late for school, but Tony snaps that he's not going. He adds that he only went to hang around Shel. John asks if it's off now, and Tony snaps, "Yeah." John asks him what his mother will say about him not going. He adds that Tony is making a big mistake; he looks at Kevin flying off to a great job in London and it makes him wish he'd done better at school. He adds that Tony is crazy to chuck it in now - especially over someone like Shelley. Tony snaps, "What would you know?" He storms off.

Terry is doing some work behind the reception desk at the riding school. Patricia is standing the other side of the desk, and she remarks, "Poor old Stephen..." Terry looks at her, and she explains that they were supposed to be going on a picnic, but he got caught up with work. Terry remarks that that's too bad. Patricia 'sadly' says she'll have to go on her own. Terry comments that that can't be much fun. Looking at him intently, Patricia says she doesn't suppose he has some spare time... Terry, looking surprised but delighted, says he can arrange something... The receptionist snaps at him not to forget the caster on her chair. Patricia tells him that she'll see him later about the details. At that moment, Charlie comes in to say she's about to leave. Patricia asks her if she can make a detour - she has a favour to ask of her before she leaves...

A while later, at Woombai, Charlie tells Fiona that she couldn't leave without thanking her for all her help launching the collection. She then continues that she's rather sorry to leave, actually - it's marvellous to see Patricia starting to get on with eveybody. Fiona growls that they'll have to wait and see how long it lasts. Charlie assures her that Patricia is a changed person, and she adds that she's even taking young Terry out on a picnic today. A look of astonishment and horror immediately crosses Fiona's face, and says says, "Terry?" Charlie replies that she was supposed to be going with Stephen, but something cropped up, apparently. Fiona asks why she invited Terry. Charlie says it's all part of turning over a new leaf, she supposes. She leaves, and Jill looks at Fiona. Fiona growls that Charlie said her 'thankyous' last night; that last visit was Patricia's way of saying she's going to start making trouble for Terry. She continues that she must get onto him and tell him not to have anything to do with her. Jill warns her not to rub him up the wrong way. Fiona replies that that's exactly what Patricia wants her to do, but she's not sure she wants him to be so chummy with her. Jill asks her how she can stop him. Fiona says she's not sure yet, but she'll think of something.

Andy enters Toorak and finds Beryl standing in the hallway. She explains that she let herself in. She then asks how everybody is, and Andy replies that Amanda isn't the best - she's still in bed. Beryl asks if she's sick, and Andy replies that she is a bit off. He picks up a pile of mail from the table and hands it to Beryl, saying that Amanda said she'd know what to do with it. Beryl takes it. She then asks Andy how his hearing is, adding that Lynn was still complaining yesterday about being deaf in one ear after their night out! Andy smiles and says he's used to it! He adds that maybe he shouldn't have kept dragging her down the front! Beryl tells him that Lynn enjoyed it. She then continues that she left her at home today, doing some painting. She adds that she thinks it's good for her to get out and have some fun, as she's missing Kevin like mad. Andy's face drops at hearing Kevin's name, and he just says, "Yeah..." Beryl heads off to get started on the mail, leaving Andy standing there looking thoughtful. After a few seconds, he goes to the hall table, picks up the 'phone and starts to dial. All of a sudden, though, he puts the 'phone down again, runs to the door and goes out.

Lynn is outside, cleaning the front windows at the Palmer house, when Andy runs up behind her says, "G'day!" Lynn, looking surprised, asks him what he's doing there. He shows her a model boat he's holding and tells her that it's a present for Davey. Lynn smiles and says it's very nice. Andy asks if he can come in and give it to him. Lynn says she supposes so... She then adds that Davey is in her room. They go inside. In the lounge room, Andy suggests that the three of them could go down to the beach for a swim and to launch the 'HMAS Palmer'! Lynn, though, replies that Davey has still got a bit of an ear infection - she doesn't want him near water. Andy suggests that they could go to Albert Park for some lunch, and give it a bit of a sail there. Lynn smiles and says OK, adding that she's sure Davey would love it!

Terry and Tony are standing on the verandah at the riding school. Terry comments to Tony that he thinks he knows everything, does he? Tony growls that he knows enough not to need school. Terry tells him that he reckons he should have his head read. Tony snaps that he's already had enough from John. Terry finishes fixing the chair. As he does so, Fiona comes along and tells him that Stephen and Alan Pascoe will be tied up at the Andrews' for a few hours, and she wondered if he could stay there and keep an eye on things for her. Terry starts to protest, but Fiona doesn't give him a chance to speak before continuing that she's got to go into town; she can't get out of it. Terry starts to say, "But--" but Fiona ignores this and tells him that it would make her so happy if she knew the place was in responsible hands. Terry again says, "Yeah, but..." Fiona continues that she'll make sure he gets time off in lieu of his lost lunch. When Terry starts saying something, Fiona asks him if they can discuss it later, as she's really in a hurry. She walks off. Terry snaps, "Damn, damn, damn." Tony asks what's wrong, and Terry tells him that Patricia Morrell asked him out for lunch. Tony, looking surprised, asks why ask him. Terry smiles and says, "One guess..." Tony says he heard her marriage was on and off the rocks a bit, but she's supposed to be trotting out with some guy called Matt.

The two of them head inside, Terry wheeling Tony in on the chair! The receptionist snaps that it took long enough. Terry goes to head outside again, but as he does so, Patricia comes in and tells him that everything's organised, and she was wondering if they could head out in half an hour. Terry tells her that he wishes he could, but Fiona wants him to stick around there and help out while the boss is away. Looking annoyed, Patricia asks what she's going to do with all the food. Terry asks if it will keep until tomorrow, but Patricia says it won't really. She adds that she was looking forward to his company. Terry replies that he told Fiona he'd be round there, on-tap. Patricia suddenly says she's got an idea: why don't they set up the food in the office? Terry smiles and says yeah, that sounds alright! Patricia goes to get it organised. Tony immediately remarks to Terry about Patricia having the hots for him. Terry replies that she obviously recognises talent! The two of them laugh.

A while later, in the office, Patricia pours Terry another glass of wine. Terry stops her, saying he doesn't want to be on his ear when Stephen gets back! Patricia tells him that there's no need for to him worry - he's good worker; Stephen wouldn't get rid of him. Terry asks what Stephen thinks about their picnic. Patricia replies that he's not a monster - she's allowed to have friends. She adds that, now that Charlie has gone back to the city, she'd go crazy if she had to sit around on her own all the time. Terry asks her if she'd go to this much trouble for Charlie. Patricia admits that she probably wouldn't, but adds that Charlie's not one for big meals in the middle of the day - whereas her friend, Matt, would be quite happy to have a main meal three times day! Terry goes to put some beetroot in his mouth, but as he does so, it drops off his fork and spills down his shirt. Patricia immediately stands up to get a tissue to wipe it. She starts rubbing the stain, but as she does so, Terry suddenly moves in and tries to kiss her. Patricia, looking shocked, pushes him away and angrily tells him to hang on a minute. Terry asks what's wrong. Patricia tells him that she just wanted them to be friends. She adds that maybe he got the wrong idea; she supposes he could have made a mistake. Terry snaps, "Did I?" Patricia tells him that she's sorry - there's been a misunderstanding. Terry, looking annoyed, says he's got to get back to work. He tells her that he's sorry, and he walks out. Patricia raises an eyebrow and smiles...

Outside, Tony is telling some of the workers that Terry fancied her from the start; he even reckoned he had a chance, and this morning she asked him to have dinner with her! He suddenly spots Terry coming out of the riding school and runs over to him and asks him how it went. Terry smiles and knowingly says, "What do you reckon?!" Tony tells him that he reckons he didn't even have to turn on the charm! Terry says, "That's right!" He walks off. Tony turns and gives the thumbs-up to the men.

Lynn and Andy arrive back at the Palmers', and, standing outside, Lynn says she really enjoyed herself today. Andy agrees that he did, too. Lynn asks him to hold Davey for a minute. He takes the child and Lynn takes out her house keys and opens the door. Davey starts crying, and Andy hands him back to his mother. As he does so, he suggests that they should organise another time to go out. Lynn points out that it won't be long before she heads to London to join Kevin, and he goes back to Sydney. Andy comments that he should quit while he's ahead, eh? Lynn says, "Yeah..." She goes inside. Andy suddenly notices that the model boat is lying on the pathway. He picks it up and puts it outside the door.

Inside, Beryl is in the kitchen, and, looking surprised to see her, Lynn asks her what she's doing there. Beryl explains that she's finished all the company business she had to do, and there was no one to talk to at Toorak; Andy had gone somewhere... Lynn tells her that he was there. Beryl asks what he was doing there, and Lynn explains that he bought a little present for Davey. Beryl comments about fancy him thinking of Davey! She then wonders out loud if it's too late to ask him for dinner. Looking slightly worried, Lynn asks her if she means tonight. Beryl says she does. Lynn says she's sure he'll be getting ready to go back to Sydney. Beryl points out that he doesn't have much to pack. She then adds that she feels sorry for him. Lynn asks why, and Beryl replies that, from what she's heard, he's bottled up his feelings since his mother died, and if he's anything like David, he'll be trying to put on a brave face. Lynn says that, God, all that time she spent with him today, she didn't even think about that side of it. Beryl tells her to give him a call when he gets home. Lynn looks worried.

Andy is sitting on the stairs at Toorak, taking off his shoes, when the 'phone starts ringing. He gets up and goes and answers it. Lynn comes on and says it's her: she's been asked to invite him over to dinner. Andy says he gets the message: it was Mrs. Palmer's idea. He tells Lynn that it's alright - he won't show up and give her a hard time. Lynn, though, says it's alright - he wants him to come - honestly. She adds that they'll have a chaperone, so what harm can there be? Andy asks if they'll get the chance to talk. Lynn replies, "Probably." Andy says he thinks there are some things they should say to each other. Lynn suggests they wait and see how the evening goes. She tells him to come around at about 7pm. Andy says he'll see her there. They hang up. Beryl asks Lynn if he said yes. Lynn replies, "Yeah." She looks worried, though.

Jill is sitting at the table at Woombai. John is standing next to her, helping her clear up. Shelley suddenly comes in and asks if Tony's there, as he wasn't at school today. John snaps that that's because he's chucked it in. He storms out. Shelley comments that she only asked a question. Jill tells her that he's in a bit of a nod over Tony leaving school. Shelley says it's not her fault. Jill, though, replies that, as she understands it, she is the reason he's quitting. Shelley snaps that Tony is the one who took them so seriously. Jill tells her that it would be a pity if Tony threw it away for the wrong reasons.

Terry is working on his car, outside the riding school. Tony asks how Patricia was. Terry snaps at him to shut up. Tony replies that he can tell him. Terry retorts that there's nothing to tell - nothing happened; Patricia wasn't interested. Tony insists that she must have been. Terry snaps that he made a mistake - it was no go. Tony growls that this is going to make him look like an idiot. Terry asks what it's got to do with him. Tony explains that he let the blokes know. Terry incredulously snaps that he told them? He angrily asks why. Tony replies that he thought Terry would want them to know. Terry snaps, "Talk about dumb." He adds that it's no wonder that Shelley doesn't give two hoots about him. Tony asks what he means. Terry tells him that she wasn't interested in him from day one. Tony snaps that he's a liar. Terry tells him that she took him for a ride; she was more interested in John; she wouldn't have looked twice at Tony unless he'd given him a big build-up about him being a tough kid from the city. Tony snaps that that's bull, and he accuses Terry of making it up because he's in a lousy mood over the boss's wife turning him down. Shelley suddenly comes over and tells Tony that everyone missed him in school today. Tony snaps that that's bull. Shelley starts to say that she wanted to say that, if she's the reason he's giving it in... Tony interrupts and snaps, "As if I'd do anything on account of you." He storms off.

In the office, Stephen is sitting at the desk, looking over the figures. Jill is standing next to him, and she tells him that, if he doesn't like them, she can change them. Stephen assures her that they're alright. Jill remarks that he doesn't seem too sure. Stephen explains that he's thinking about something else. Jill asks him if Mr. Andrews was harder to deal with than he expected. Stephen says no - they even got a few bargains. They suddenly overhear Patricia's voice calling out to someone to put the basket back in the kitchen. Stephen asks Jill to tell Patricia that he wants to talk to her. Jill goes out and tells her, and a few moments later, Patricia comes in and tenderly says to Stephen, "Hello, darling." Stephen doesn't respond. He instead goes and shuts the door and then goes and stands face-to-face with his wife. He tells her that he called by the stables on the way back from the sale, only to be entertained by overhearing a story about his wife. He continues that if he's going to have to listen to sordid jokes about her bringing Terry Hansen in there and seducing him, he would at least like to know if they're true. Patricia stares at him in shock.


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