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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

The front door opens at Toorak, and as Amanda helps Wayne inside, she says to him that he must have some idea. Wayne retorts that he doesn't - if he knew, he'd tell her. They head into the lounge room, where Amanda offers him a glass of water, but he declines. Amanda reminds him that he said something about a coffee shop. Wayne replies that it's the one he always goes to, down in the village - the one with hanging baskets in the window. Amanda asks him if he can remember how long he'd been there. Wayne says no, but he adds that he was with someone. Amanda asks who. Wayne says he doesn't know; a girl, apparently - he he knew he was in a coffee shop and he knew he'd had a meal, but when he went to pay the bill, he couldn't; he didn't have any money - he'd left his wallet in the house. He continues that he was about to ask the guy if he could put it on the slate - he knew him from going there before - when the guy told him that the young lady he was with had already paid. He tells Amanda that he can't remember being with a young lady - what she looked like or anything; it's all just a blank. As he talks, Andy comes into the house. Amanda suggests to Wayne that he go to the doctor's. She adds that it's probably just the bump on the head from the accident.

Beryl is holding Davey in the kitchen at the Palmers' when the 'phone starts ringing. Lynn takes her son while Beryl answers the call. She takes out his bottle of medicine, pours some on a spoon and tries to pretend that it's an aeroplane flying into Davey's mouth! On the 'phone, Beryl asks if he'll be alright. Amanda, on the other end, says she hopes so, but they'll have to wait and see what the doctor says. She then explains that that's not the only reason why she's calling; she's not sure if Beryl knows or not, but Wayne has really dropped his bundle lately - he lazes around the house and drinks too much. Beryl asks if Amanda thinks she can do something. Amanda replies that, on the company side of things, she was hoping she could - there's a stack of mail and there's been a load of business calls this morning. Beryl suggests that Gordon might be a better person to ask, but Amanda replies that she thought of that, but with the way things are between him and Wayne... Beryl gives in and says she supposes she can at least come over, although she's not sure how much use she can be. Amanda thanks her, and they hang up. Lynn asks Beryl who that was. Beryl explains that it was Amanda. She then asks Lynn if she fancies a breath of fresh air - drive with her to the Morrells'? Lynn says, "Sure!"

In the office at Woombai, Patricia tells Robin that Charlie has just come to her with some wild story about Margaret adding Matt Kennedy to the guest list; it's not true, is it? Robin says he's afraid it is. Patricia insists that Margaret wouldn't do a thing like that - she knows how much trouble it would cause between Stephen and her. Robin suggests that maybe that's why she did it. He adds that Patricia said herself that Margaret was out to make life hard for her. Patricia says they sorted that out. She asks how the mix-up occurred. Robin tells her that Charlie give him a list of names, Margaret offered to type it up and he gave the list back to Charlie for checking. Patricia asks if Matt's name wasn't there to begin with. Robin replies that it wasn't unless Charlie is lying. Patricia, looking puzzled, says she doesn't understand - she and Margaret agreed to stop getting at each other - no more fighting; this is so petty. Robin suggests to her that she talk to Stephen about it, but Patricia replies that he's away on business. She also asks what he could do. Robin says he could ask Margaret to leave; she's obviously causing some upset, and what if she creates problems at the fashion launch? - it's possible. Patricia says she'll talk to her, first - there must be some explanation. She walks out quickly, leaving Robin looking worried. She heads into the reception area, where Margaret is sitting in one of the chairs. Margaret cheerily asks how the arrangements are going for the fashion launch - no last-minute hitches? Patricia replies that there's nothing they can't cope with. She then bluntly asks Margaret why she typed Matt Kennedy's name on the guest list. Margaret replies that she didn't. Patricia asks her if she's sure, and Margaret says she's positive. Patricia says it's there - Charlie and Robin have seen it. Margaret says they must be mistaken. Patricia retorts that it's a very cruel thing to do. She adds that Margaret knows how delicate things are between Stephen and her - if Matt had turned up, god knows what would have happened. Margaret stands up and looks at Patricia directly. She tells her that she didn't type Matt's name on the list. Patricia asks who did, then. Margaret suggests that maybe it was Robin or Charlie. Patricia remarks that it hardly seems likely. Margaret says she agrees, but she can't think of anyone else. Patricia says she thought they were going to try and be friends. Margaret replies that they still can as far as she's concerned. Patricia retorts that they can't if she's going to do this sort of thing. Margaret snaps that it doesn't matter what she says - Patricia's convinced that she typed Matt's name. Patricia cooly says she's sorry, and she walks off.

A while later, in the lounge room at Woombai, Margaret tells David that one minute they were friends, and the next minute, Patricia was accusing her of trying to wreck her marriage. She adds that, god knows it's shaky enough already, but she wouldn't want to make things worse for her. David asks if Matt Kennedy coming up would do that. Margaret tells him that it wouldn't help. She continues that she admits that it's the kind of thing she would have done in the past, but not anymore; she didn't write Matt Kennedy's name - she swears it. David tells her that he believes her. He then adds, though, that he has to admit that he can understand Patricia thinking she's doing the dirty on her. He tells her that someone is trying to set her up. Margaret asks who, adding that there's Charlie: she doesn't like her, but Charlie isn't that nasty. David asks what about Robin. Margaret replies that she hardly knows the man. David says it's a mystery to him, then. Margaret asks if it could be Patricia. David says he thought she and Patricia wanted to be friends. Margaret replies that that's what Patricia says, and she seems genuine enough...; she doesn't know what to think; somebody is trying to hurt her, and she doesn't know who or why...

Lynn is walking along the verandah at Toorak when a car pulls up; Andy is driving with Wayne in the back seat. Lynn pauses and watches as they stop. Andy gets out and is walking round the car when he suddenly catches sight of Lynn standing there. Apparently stunned by her beauty, he stares at her for several seconds. Lynn stares back, but then turns and walks off. Andy stares after her as she goes. As Wayne gets out of the car, Andy asks him who the lady is. Wayne turns and looks, but Lynn has gone, and he asks Andy who he means. Andy replies that he's talking about the one that just walked round the side. Wayne says he doesn't know. Andy tells him that she had blondish hair. Wayne says it was probably one of Amanda's friends. He asks Andy if he's coming inside.

In the hallway, Amanda and Beryl pick up the mail from the table, and Beryl remarks that there are certainly piles of it. Amanda tells her that it won't take long. Andy and Wayne come in, and Beryl says a curt hello to Wayne. Amanda introduces Andy and Beryl to each other, and Andy tells Beryl that he'll see her around, as he's going for a swim! Beryl takes the mail into the lounge room. Alone with Amanda, Wayne angrily asks what Beryl is doing there. Amanda explains that she came over to help. Wayne snaps that she wouldn't know where to start with the business. Amanda ignores this and asks what the doctor said. Wayne replies that he did a few tests and then said it was probably because he hit his head when he was knocked down by the car. Amanda asks him if the doctor thinks he's likely to have any more blackouts. Wayne says he doesn't know - but if he does, or if he has any more dizzy spells, he'll have to go into hospital to see what's wrong. Amanda remarks that they should hope it doesn't come to that. She suggests he go in and see Beryl. Wayne retorts that he's got enough problems without having to cope with her. Amanda tells him that he can't let the company go down the drain. Wayne snaps that he doesn't give a damn about the company; he just wants to know what happened in those three hours that he can't account for. Amanda suggests that if he just lets it ride and tries to think about something else, it'll probably come back to him.

Lynn is sitting outside on the lawn, reading. Andy approaches her, wearing his swimming trunks with a towel wrapped around him. He asks her what the book is, but she replies that it's just something to pass the time. Andy introduces himself, and Lynn does the same, explaining that she's Lynn Palmer. Andy makes the connection between her and Beryl. All-of-a-sudden, a sprinkler comes on and starts spraying both of them with water. They quickly start running out of the way, Andy with his hands around Lynn as he pulls her clear. They laugh as they begin to get wetter and wetter! When they're clear, Andy gives Lynn his towel and smiles as he says she should go inside and get some dry clothes on!

Inside, in the lounge room, Wayne is holding a bottle of scotch, and he tells Beryl that business meetings always go better if he's got a drink in his hand. He offers her one, but she declines. She then tells him that Amanda mentioned that he's taking tablets; she doesn't think he should be drinking. Wayne snaps that he'll be OK. He then comments that he's surprised to see her there after all his confessions the other day. Beryl tells him that things haven't turned out too badly, considering: Kevin landed on his feet, and one way or another, he convinced her to hold onto her money and make it work for her. She concludes that she's got to say that things worked out pretty well for the Palmers. Wayne tells her that he can honestly say he's pleased. Beryl replies that she believes him. She continues that she's always trusted in women's intuition and gut feelings, and she honestly believes he wants to make up for some of the 'nasty' things he may have done. Wayne tells her that it's true - he's sorry. Beryl smiles as she says she's got her first convert! She then takes his drink from him and adds that she's also a stickler for obeying doctors' orders: no more alcohol until he's better!

Andy and Lynn come into the house through the front door, and Lynn says it sounds like a great life! Andy replies that it is while you're on stage, but not when you have to lug gear around - and there's not much money in it! Lynn laughs as she comments that there's nothing else he'd rather be doing, and Andy says, "Right!" He then tells her that she'll have to show him the local band scene while he's down there. Lynn says she wouldn't know where to go, but Andy assures her that of course she will; it'll be fun - they can go together. Lynn looks uncertain, but Andy tells her, "No excuses!" At that moment, Amanda comes downstairs, and, seeing the state of the two of them, asks what happened. Lynn explains that they were ambushed by an automatic sprinkler! Amanda tells her that she'll help her dry off upstairs. As they go to head upstairs, Andy tells Amanda that Lynn has agreed to show him around. Lynn tells Amanda that she has a very persistent house guest! Andy tells Amanda that she can come too - it'll get her out of the house. Lynn asks what about Wayne - Amanda has to take care of him. Amanda thinks, but then says he'll probably want an early night tonight; she wouldn't mind a night out. Andy asks her if she'll come, then, and she says, "Yeah!" He then asks Lynn if she'll come too. Lynn asks if it'll be the three of them, and Andy says it will be. Lynn says she'll go, then. She heads upstairs. Amanda remains behind for a moment. When Lynn has gone, she says to Andy that he does know Lynn is married. Andy looks shocked. Recovering his composure, he says he thought she was Beryl's daughter - they're both Palmers. Amanda explains that Lynn is Beryl's daughter-in-law - she's married to Kevin, Beryl's son. Andy looks disappointed.

Sometime later, Beryl and Lynn walk into the kitchen at the Palmers'. Beryl is holding a pile of papers, and Lynn remarks that she's brought some homework home! Beryl says she doesn't mind - Wayne's not feeling on top of the world at the moment. She adds that it'll be nice and quiet there tonight - just her and Davey; no one to interrupt them. She tells Lynn that she's glad she's going out with Andy. Lynn quickly points out that Amanda is coming too. Beryl continues that Amanda was telling her about Andy's mother's death - it's a dreadful story; the poor kid has been through a rough time. Lynn says, "Yes..." Beryl suggests that he might meet someone nice who'll help him take his mind off things. Lynn looks worried.

Margaret is helping David into bed at Woombai, and as she does so, he comments that a man could get used to afternoon rests! They suddenly hear John's voice calling out to ask if Fiona is about. Margaret calls back that they're in the bedroom. David asks where Fiona is, as he hasn't seen her about much. John comes in and Margaret tells him and David that Fiona is over at the guest house. David asks John if they're keeping him busy. John replies that he and Jill are giving a hand to the people in the tents. David says that's good. John continues that a lot of the mothers are finding it pretty tough going - especially the ones with kids; he and Jill wondered about putting then up in the spare rooms at the Reid House. David says it sounds like a good idea to him. John says he wondered what Fiona thought. Margaret says she'll talk to her if he likes. He thanks her and goes. Margaret remarks to David that it puts things back in perspective - all those people having to cope: it makes her and Patricia's problems seem rather unimportant.

In the office at the riding school, Robin tells Stephen that he and Patricia are decent people, and he doesn't want to see them hurt through any more trouble - and they already have been; if Margaret causes problems for the fashion show... Stephen says he doesn't think she'd do that. Robin tells him that they don't know that, and he asks who would have thought that she'd add Matt Kennedy's name to the guest list. Stephen points out that they've already been through that. Robin realises that Stephen is implying that it's none of his business. Stephen snaps that he's right. He adds that if there's any problem with Margaret, he and Patricia will worry about it. Patricia comes in at that moment, and Robin says he has seating arrangements to go over with Charlie - he'll see them later. He leaves the room. Patricia tells Stephen that she's glad he's back, as it's been a rotten day. Stephen replies that Robin told her about the business with Margaret. He asks why she'd do something like that. Patricia retorts, "You tell me."

Fiona and Margaret are sitting at the table in the living room at Woombai, and Fiona says she thinks it's a wonderful idea! She adds that she'd hate to be looking after a baby and living in a tent at the same time. Margaret asks if she'll let them move into the Reid House, then. Fiona replies that of course she would, but she doesn't see how - all the accommodation has been booked by people arriving for the fashion launch. Margaret asks why they can't ask them to share, adding that she's sure people in single rooms wouldn't mind doubling up if they explained to them why. Fiona agrees that she's sure they wouldn't! She heads off to tell Robin and Patricia straight away!

In the office at the riding school, Patricia snaps that Fiona must be out of her mind; what does she think they're running - some cheap bus tour from the outback? Robin adds that it's not a good idea from a PR point of view. Patricia snaps that their guests have paid for and expect a private room - they're not going to put up with the inconvenience of shared accommodation, and why should they? Fiona replies that they'd put up with it because there are women out there with babies, living in tents, and she thought it would be nice to give them something a little better. Patricia snaps that she agrees, but there are hundreds of private homes around Woombai; let them stay with the locals. Fiona curtly retorts that the locals are already doing their bit - there's no room left for the people in the tents. Patricia snaps that she's sorry but she doesn't see why their guests should be the ones to suffer. She turns to Stephen and asks him what he thinks. Stephen replies that he can see both points of view. Fiona says there's no argument as far as she's concerned: the fashion show guests will just have to double up and that's all there is to it. Patricia snaps that that's just lovely - she can see Lisa's collection getting a really good write-up now. Fiona snaps back that it's a pity Patricia doesn't have half the compassion her sister has. Patricia angrily asks what she's got to do with it. Fiona retorts that it was partly Margaret's idea to move the the people into the guest house. She adds that, fortunately, there are still a few people left in the world who don't think only of themselves. She gets up and storms out. Patricia immediately snaps that if she wanted any more proof that Margaret is out to make life difficult for her, that's it; she's supposed to be in charge of the guests' accommodation and her name's going to be mud. Stephen walks and puts his arm around her. He tells her not to upset herself. Robin smiles, apparently delighted at the way things have just gone...

A while later, Margaret is in the office with Patricia and Stephen, and she tells Stephen that she honestly didn't think it would upset him - and certainly not Patricia. Stephen ruefully tells her that it has. Margaret says she can't understand why. Stephen explains that Patricia promised those people first class accommodation; now it's going to look like she was conning them; it's hardly going to make her the most popular person in the world. Margaret asks Stephen if he thinks that's why she helped organise the mothers to come there. Stephen just replies, "Yes." Margaret tells him that it wasn't even her idea in the first place. Stephen points out that she set the whole thing in motion. Margaret starts to say, "But..." Stephen interrupts her and tells her that, in that case, he doesn't think there's any point discussing it any further; it would be best if she found somewhere else to live. Margaret, looking incredulous, asks if he's telling her to leave. Stephen replies that he is - he thinks it would be the best thing all round. Margaret looks at Patricia and asks if she really feels she still holds a grudge. Stephen asks her what else she expects: first Matt Kennedy's name on the guest list and now this. Margaret tells them that they're wrong - she's not out to cause trouble. She adds that she'll leave, but she would ask that, when they find out who is behind it, Stephen in particular has the courtesy to apologise. She goes to the door, but then pauses and looks at Patricia. She tells her that she doesn't want to see her marriage in ruins; she wants her and Stephen to be happy - whatever she might think. She walks out and closes the door behind her. She stands in the corridor, her hands over her face.

It's night time, and there's a knock on the front door at the Palmers'. Beryl says it'll be Andy and Amanda, and Lynn remarks that they're right on time. She goes to open the door, but finds Andy standing there on his own. She invites him in, and Beryl asks him how he is. He replies that he's fine. Lynn then nervously asks where Amanda is, and Andy explains that she changed her mind at the last minute - she decided that she should stay and look after Wayne. Lynn, looking worried, suggests that maybe they should leave it until another night, when she's free. Andy tells her that Amanda told them to go out and have a good time. Lynn awkwardly says it seems unfair. Beryl chips in that Andy will only be there for a few more days; he can go out with Amanda another night. Andy agrees, and he tells Lynn that, if she pulls out, he'll have no one to go with. Lynn reluctantly says, "OK," but she adds that it's not to be a late night. She heads out to check on Davey. Andy says to Beryl that he's really looking forward to tonight. Beryl smiles and says, "Good!"

Robin and Patricia are sitting in the reception area at the riding school, and Robin remarks that it looks like they've got the place to themselves. Patricia sourly remarks that it's a wonder they're not overrun by screaming kids and children. Robin sarcastically says they've certainly got a lot to thank Margaret for. As he says this, Margaret wanders along the corridor from her room, and stands in the doorway to the reception, listening to the conversation. Robin tells Patricia that she did the right thing, asking Stephen to make Margaret leave. Patricia, looking rueful, asks, "Did I?" Robin assures her that of course she did, adding that at least she won't be around to make trouble for her - or for the fashion launch. Patricia says she knows - but Margaret is also the person who saved her life; it just doesn't add up. Robin says a psychiatrist would probably call it schizophrenic. Patricia snaps at him not to be silly. Margaret continues to listen as Patricia says she knows that having her sister leave is the best thing, but she really wants to work things out with her, and if she's not there, she can't do that. Robin says he's glad that she's going - she caused a bit too much trouble for his liking, and Stephen obviously agrees with him. Patricia quietly says, "Yeah..." Robin says that that's it, then: Patricia has made her decision, so she should stick by it. Margaret stands there, looking thoughtful.

A while later, Margaret is sitting on David's bed at the homestead, and she tells him that the trouble is that she just hasn't got any proof; she could have gone in there and accused him of setting her up, but he would just have denied it. David says he doesn't see why Robin wants her off the property in the first place. Margaret replies that neither can she; she's been wracking her brains trying to think of a reason, but there's nothing. David asks her if she had an argument with him, or got on the wrong side of him somehow. Margaret says, "No." David says he can't work it out - for someone that she's never seen before-- Margaret suddenly interrupts and suggests that maybe that's it - the photograph this afternoon; she told him that she thought she recognised him. David asks where from. Margaret says she doesn't know; she can't remember, but he did seem to get pretty uptight at the time - maybe he doesn't want want her around in case she does remember. David remarks that it seems a bit strange, a bloke like that in his job - you wouldn't think he'd be worried if someone saw his photo. Margaret says no. She then continues that it must be somthing pretty important if he'd go to those lengths to get her kicked off the property. She tells David that she does remember Robin from somewhere but she's not exactly sure where; she's not going to rest, though, until she does...


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