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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Barbara and Andy help Wayne inside. As they do so, Wayne cries at them to leave him alone; let go... Andy remarks to Barbara that there don't seem to be any bones broken. Barbara suggests that maybe they shouldn't have moved him. Wayne slurs that she tried to run him down. Barbara retorts that it was an accident. She and Andy guide Wayne into the lounge room, where they set him down on the settee. Andy tells him to lie down, and says he'll call the doctor. He tells Barbara to get some blankets. Wayne cries that Barbara tried to kill him. Barbara snaps that she didn't - it was an accident. She tells him to lie down.

A while later, the doctor tells Wayne that he's a very lucky man. Wayne, who's sitting with a bandage wrapped around his head, growls that it doesn't feel like it. The doctor tells him that it could have been a lot worse; with his history of previous back injuries, it could have been very serious indeed. Wayne snaps, "Remind me to count my blessings." The doctor ignores this and tells him that there's some bruising and concussion, and he'll probably have a humdinger of a headache soon. Wayne growls that he's got one now. The doctor says he'll leave a prescription with Mrs. Hamilton. He then tells Wayne that, if he stays in bed and gets some rest, he should be alright, but if the headaches get worse or his vision starts blurring, he should call him straight away. He adds that Wayne should stay away from cars for a while! He asks who had their eyes clsoed - him or Mrs. Hamilton? Wayne doesn't respond. The doctor queries that it was an accident, wasn't it? Wayne looks at him.

In the living room, Barbara pours herself a scotch and tells Andy that she'd offer him one, but it wouldn't do his liver any good! Andy smiles, and Barbara ruefully says she'll probably need a laugh after all the accusations Wayne has been letting fly. Andy tells her not to let it get to her. Barbara, though, says Wayne won't let her forget it. Andy tells her that it wasn't her fault - Wayne walked right out in front of her. The doctor suddenly calls out, and Barbara dashes out into the hallway. She asks if Wayne is alright, and the doctor assures her that he's fine. Barbara points out that his head was bleeding, but the doctor explains that it was just a cut. Barbara looks relieved, and says, "Thank goodness." The doctor continues that Wayne will need painkillers, though - and it's probably a good idea to get them as soon as possible; otherwise, he's to stay in bed and get some rest. He adds that there's to be no alcohol with the drugs, as they don't want any more accidents - even if Mr. Morrell does admit that it's his fault. Barbara looks surprised, and says, "Pardon?" The doctor explains that Wayne blames himself entirely - he said he was drunk and misjudged everything. Barbara says she doesn't believe it. The doctor tells her that it's what Wayne says; he'll leave her to sort it out with him. He goes, and Andy remarks to Barbara that she seems to have been worrying over nothing. Barbara, though, replies that Wayne is up to something; she knows him. The two of them go into the lounge room, where Wayne is still sitting in a chair, and Andy asks him if he's feeling better. Wayne just snaps, "A bit." Barbara asks him if he still thinks she tried to run him down. Wayne replies that no, he doesn't - it was his fault. Seeing the expression on her face, he asks Barbara if she doesn't believe him, and he asks what she thought he was going to do: sue her?; give the papers another story? Barbara snaps that she wouldn't have been surprised. Wayne tells her that he's not interested in that; he would have been once, but not now. Looking sorry for himself, he adds that he wishes she'd finished the job.

On the 'phone at Dural, Gordon asks how bad he is. Barbara tells him that he has concussion, but apparently it's not too serious. Gordon comments that it must have been pretty close, and Barbara replies that it was - but Wayne's playing it all down; he seems to think it was his fault. Gordon remarks that that doesn't sound like Wayne. Amanda comes into the lounge room as he's talking. Barbara tells him that it surprised her, too. She adds that it means she can't come home until next week now. Gordon says he thought it wasn't too serious. Barbara replies that it isn't, but he's got to stay in bed for a few days; she feels she should be there to fetch and carry for him. Gordon asks if there isn't anyone else who could do it. Barbara asks who. At Dural, Amanda asks Gordon what happened. Gordon turns to her and explains that there's been an accident: Wayne was drunk and walked out in front of Barbara's car. Amanda immediately grabs the 'phone and tells Barbara that she's flying down tonight; she'll look after him. Sounding astonished, Barbara says, "Sorry?" Amanda replies that it would be better if she does it - he needs someone who cares about him; Barbara hates him. She hands the 'phone back to Gordon and heads off to pack. Barbara asks her husband what that was about. Gordon replies that he doesn't know, but she made up her mind pretty quickly. Barbara comments that it was too quick, and she asks Gordon if he thinks she feels anything more than just sympathy. Gordon says he thinks she does, unfortunately. He adds that he just hopes it isn't love; that would be disastrous.

Later, at Toorak, Andy comes in and joins Barbara in the living room. She asks him if he got to the chemist, and he says he did. He asks how the patient is, and Barbara replies that he's sleeping. Andy asks if it's a good idea, Amanda coming down. Barbara says, "No." Andy asks if she's still trying to get something on him. Wayne starts walking downstairs, slowly, and holding his head, as Barbara tells Andy that she's got no idea what Amanda does from one minute to the next - but leaving everything to come and nurse Wayne... Andy says he wouldn't mind sticking around for a couple of days. Barbara tells him that it's not his problem, but Andy says he can spin a yarn with Wayne. At that minute, Wayne comes in and says there's no need for that - Andy can stay if he likes. Looking surprised, Barbara asks him what he's doing up, adding that the doctor said-- Wayne interrupts and snaps that he's not interested. He asks when Amanda's coming. Barbara says she'll be there tonight. Wayne comments that it'll be nice to see a friendly face for a change. He then quickly apologises, explaining that he didn't mean to say that; the headache is making him snappy. He tells Barbara that what he said to the papers... he was angry; he didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. He adds that he doesn't expect them to believe it, but it's the truth. Barbara agrees that she doesn't believe it, saying it's a bit too late for all that, now.

Fiona is looking at some photos in the lounge room at Woombai when Margaret comes in and tells her that David has gone to sleep, so she thought she might go for a ride. Fiona says that's fine. Noticing the photos, Margaret asks what they are. Fiona explains that they're shots of the property - Ted Cummings dropped them over; Robin wants to use some of them for publicity for the fashion spread. Margaret says they're nice. She offers to take them over to Robin, if Fiona would like. Fiona says it's alright, but Margaret insists, and Fiona thanks her. Margaret says she knows Fiona isn't happy about her looking after David, but she's not going to make a fool of herself. Fiona tells her that she says that now... Margaret insists that it's true: she's perfectly happy being his nurse. Fiona says she was concerned that it might be something more. Margaret tells her that it isn't - honestly. She goes out.

A short while later, in the reception area at the riding school, Margaret is looking at a photo of Fiona and Robin together. Robin comes in and says hello to her. Margaret gives him the photos, and Robin thanks her. Margaret then says to him that they've met before, haven't they? Robin replies that he doesn't think so, and he asks her why the question. Margaret explains that it was just the way the photo was taken - it looks familiar somehow. Robins suggests that she's probably seen a shot of him in a magazine somewhere. Margaret agrees that that may be it, and she adds that it doesn't matter. There's a look of worry on Robin's face, though. Margaret leaves him to it, and he heads into the office. He goes to the 'phone and dials a number. As the 'phone at the other end rings, he picks up the photo of himself and Fiona and stares at it. The call is eventually answered by Ted Cummings. Robin tells him that he got the photos and they're very good; he was wondering if he has to get reprint permission for them; is Ted going to use any of them? Ted replies that he doesn't think so - maybe the one of the Tent City, but that would be all. Robin asks if any of them will be syndicated. Ted tells him that none of the ones Robin has will be - the City papers want shots of the fire, mainly. Robin says that's great. He thanks Ted and hangs up, looking pleased. He then tears the photo of him and Fiona into little pieces, smiling as he does so...

That evening, Robin pays a visit to Woombai, and he asks Fiona if Tony's about. Fiona replies that he's been and gone. She adds that they haven't seen much of him lately - all to do with a girlfriend called Shelley, they suspect! She asks if she can help. Robin tells her that he wanted to apologise for flying off the handle last night, and he adds that he thought Tony could earn some pocket money. He tells Fiona to tell Tony to call round tomorrow afternoon. Changing the subject, he then thanks her for the photos. Fiona comments that he got them OK, and Robin replies that Margaret is a nice lady - although she doesn't get on very well with her sister. Fiona just quietly says, "No." Robin asks why that is, but Fiona curtly tells him that Margaret is a guest there; she has no intention of going into the details of her private life. Robin quickly says, "Of course..." Fiona offers him some tea, which he accepts. He looks annoyed, though.

Andy opens the front door at Toorak. Amanda is standing on the doorstep, and he offers to take her bags, but she snaps that she can manage. Andy ignores this and asks which room she wants them in. Amanda tells him that it's upstairs, first on the left. Andy picks up the bags and takes them up. As he does so, he tells Amanda that Barbara is inside. Amanda heads into the lounge room and immediately snaps at Barbara that she hopes she's satisfied. She adds that she knows Barbara doesn't like him, but trying to run him over... Barbara snaps at her not to be so childish. She continues that even Wayne admits that it was his own fault; if Amanda doesn't believe her, she can ask Andy - he was there too. Amanda snaps at Barbara that maybe next time she should think before going off the deep end. Barbara says she doesn't want to argue; she just hopes that Amanda knows what she's doing, racing down there to wait on Wayne hand and foot. Amanda assures her that she does. She starts to leave the room, and Barbara asks her where she's going. Amanda replies that she's going to let him know she's there. Barbara explains that he's asleep. She then says she'll call a cab to take her to the airport. Andy comes back in and tells Amanda that her case is upstairs. Amanda asks him if he's going to pack, but Andy explains that he's staying - although only for a few days. Amanda snaps that Barbara is going but he's staying to keep an eye on her, and she tells him not to bother. Andy retorts that he heard what happened when Wayne threw her out before; it sounded like it got pretty nasty; what if something like that happens again? Amanda insists that it won't, but Andy tells her that she doesn't know that. He adds that it wasn't Barbara's idea; he's only staying for her sake as he still feels guilty for telling Gordon why she came back to Melbourne in the first place. He continues that Wayne's going to be a handful; he was only thinking of her. Amanda doesn't say anything. Andy eventually says, "Amanda?" Amanda, in a resigned tone of voice, says she knows; she guesses she might need someone. She thanks him.

The next morning, at the breakfast table at Dural, Gordon wonders aloud how Amanda is coping with Wayne. Barbara replies that she was confident enough when she left last night. She adds that she's glad Andy's with her, though - Wayne isn't going to be a very easy patient. Changing the subject slightly, she tells Gordon that she contacted a solicitor friend of hers while she was in Melbourne, to see how they go about suing the newspaper that printed the story about Helen. Gordon says, "And?" Barbara tells him that there's nothing they'd love more than a juicy lawsuit to put on their front page. Gordon asks if the solicitor suggested they drop the idea, then. Barbara glumly says, "Yes." Gordon grimly comments, "Good old Aussie justice..."

Charlie has pulled up in her car at the riding school, and Robin opens the door for her, commenting as he does so that she looks as radiant as ever. Charlie, though, says she feels quite upset - she just had to drive through a wasteland. Robin agrees that it's not a pretty site. Charlie angrily asks what their guests going to say. Fiona, who is passing and hears this remark, snaps that hopefully it'll make them realise the destruction and heartbreak a fire causes. She walks off. Robin tells Charlie not to worry: it needs a new theme - like 'Beauty Among the Ruins'. Charlie smiles in delight as she says it's a wonderful idea! She then takes a piece of paper out of her pocket and hands it to Robin, explaining that it's a last-minute list of people that Lisa wants invited. As she's standing there, she suddenly spots Margaret out riding, and she snaps that she sees the great pretender is still there. Robin asks Charlie if she knows Margaret. Charlie snaps that she knows her alright. She goes to head inside. Robin smiles as he picks up her bags and follows her...

In the reception area, Charlie tells Robin that Margaret is one of the coldest, most vindictive ladies she's ever met; she hates everyone - although she's very good at hiding it, of course. She adds that Margaret spent weeks turning Stephen against Patricia, and Stephen never even twigged. Robin asks when that happened, and Charlie explains that it was just recently. She adds that, when Matt Kennedy turned up, Margaret had a field day - he was just a friend of Patricia's, but Margaret turned him into a wild, secret lover. Sounding surprised, Robin asks Charlie if she knows that Margaret saved Patricia's life. Charlie tells him not to be silly, but Robin assures her that it's true, and he explains about how, during the bush fire, Patricia fell off her horse and Margaret went back to save her. He adds that they both nearly suffocated. Charlie says, "Well..." Robin suggests that maybe they've made up. Charlie says it's impossible, but Robin says you never know. He asks what caused the problem in the first place, and Charlie replies that it's all so complicated. She explains that Margaret has this ridiulous idea that it's Patricia fault that she went to jail. Looking surprised, and also slightly nervous, Robin asks if Margaret has been in prison. Charlie explains that she was in there for six months - she got out just before Christmas. Robin asks if that was in Sydney. Charlie tells him that no, it was in Melbourne, some place. Robin says, "Fairleigh?" Charlie recalls that that's the one, and adds that Margaret got picked up in Perth; she doesn't know what she was doing there - trying to run away, she supposes. Robin looks worried.

Amanda has a tray of tea things in the living room at Toorak. Andy comes in and says he'll be back in an hour or so. Amanda asks him where he's going, and he replies that he's off to buy a few things - he didn't think he'd be staying so long, so he's going to buy some spare clothes. He goes out. As he leaves, Wayne comes downstairs, slowly. Amanda asks him what he's doing up, and he replies that he felt like it. Amanda tells him that he should be resting, but he replies that he's going to sit in the sun. He adds that, whatever she came down for, he can manage. Amanda insists that she wants to help. She adds that Barbara has gone back to Sydney. She asks Wayne if he'd like breakfast by the pool. Wayne smiles at her and thanks her.

Sometime later, Amanda comes downstairs as Andy comes in, wearing nothing but swimming trunks and a towel. She asks him how the shopping went, and he says it was good. She then comments on him having had a swim, and Andy replies that the water was great. Amanda asks how Wayne is, but Andy says he doesn't know. Amanda, suddenly looking worried, asks if he wasn't out there. Andy says he wasn't. Amanda insists that he must be - he had breakfast out there. Andy suggests that maybe he's up in his room, but Amanda says she's just been up there making his bed. Andy says he must be somewhere. Amanda worriedly says they've got to go and look for him.

A few minutes later, Amanda is standing at the end of the driveway, looking out at the road. Andy runs down the drive towards her, still wearing just his trunks. Amanda asks him if he's got anything, but Andy replies that he's not out the back. He suggests that Wayne has probably just gone for a walk, and then asks Amanda if she wants to keep looking. Amanda snaps that they have to. Andy says he'll go and put some clothes on. He suggests they split up and meet up in a couple of hours.

There's a telephone directory open on the desk in the office at the riding school. Robin has a piece of paper in front of him, on which he has written Matt Kennedy's name and is just writing down his address. He suddenly hears Margaret talking in the reception area and calls out to her to ask if she has a minute. She comes into the office and asks what she can do. Robin tells her that he's in a bit of a fix, and he asks if she can type. Margaret asks where Patricia is, and Robin explains that she and Charlie are in town, organising the catering. Margaret says she sees, and she asks what it is that Robin needs done. Robin tells her that he has Lisa's guest list for the fashion launch. He adds that it's pretty long... Margaret says it won't take her long.

A short time later, Margaret takes a piece of paper out of the electronic typewriter on the desk and hands it to Robin, who tells her that she's a lifesaver! Margaret asks him if he'd like to join her for lunch, but Robin says he'd better finish there, first. Margaret goes, and Robin shuts the door behind her. He then feeds the sheet of paper back into the typewriter and lines it up so that it's at the bottom of the list of names that Margaret has just typed. He then takes out the piece of paper with Matt Kenendy's name and address on it and starts typing with the experience of someone who types regularly. He smiles to himself as Matt's name appears on the list...

Charlie is talking to the receptionist, complaining that she doesn't think she's being unreasonable: she's giving Woombai one of the biggest social events they've ever seen, and now she finds out that hardly anyone knows it's happening. Robin comes out of the office and joins Charlie, remarking that she's back early. Charlie ignores this and snaps that the publicity for the fashion launch around Woombai is almost non-existant. Robin hands her a sheet of paper, and she asks what it is. Robin explains that it's Lisa's guest list - Margaret typed it up for her; he thought she'd like to check it. Charlie angrily asks why Margaret is poking her nose in. Robin replies that she offered to help - he could hardly say no. He asks if the list is OK, but Charlie tells him to give her a chance. She then adds that he hasn't answered her question about the local publicity. Robin explains that it's not the local people that they're trying to attract, so why advertise there? As he talks, Charlie looks down the list, and then starts spluttering in shock and indignation. She asks Robin if he's seen what Margaret has done; she points out Matt Kennedy's name, and snaps that he wasn't on the list. Robin 'innocently' asks her if she's sure. Charlie snaps that of course she is; Margaret deliberately added it to stir up trouble between Patricia and Stephen. Robin tells her not to jump to conclusions, but Charlie insists that she isn't. She continues that it's as plain as day; Margaret's not going to get away with it. She storms out. Robin smiles to himself...

Amanda is still out looking for Wayne when she suddenly spots him wandering along a grassy stretch next to a road. She runs over to him and anxiously asks him where he's been. Looking distracted, Wayne just says, "Eh?" Amanda tells him that she's been worried out of her mind - it's not right to just wander off like that. Wayne distantly says he's sorry. Amanda asks him if he's alright. Wayne vaguely replies that, yeah, he thinks so... Amanda says he sounds so weak, and adds, "God knows what you're trying to prove. " Wayne just replies, "Nothing..." Amanda asks him where he got to, but he tells her that he doesn't know. Looking worried, Amanda shakes him, and he suddenly seems to come back to his senses and says, "Oh. Hi, Amanda." Amanda again asks him where he's been. Wayne looks around and appears to be surprised at where he is. He tells Amanda that he doesn't know - there was a coffee shop, but he doesn't know how he got there. Amanda tells him to stop fooling, but Wayne insists that he isn't - he was sitting by the pool having breakfast: "After that, I can't remember..."


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