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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

It's evening, and at the dinner table at Dural, Gordon says to Barbara that he wishes she'd leave it 'til the day after tomorrow; he could go down with her, then. Barbara, though, retorts that she can't wait any longer. Gordon asks her what she's going to do - except yell a lot. Barbara replies that she'll make him get a retraction printed; he caused the damage, and he can damn well undo it. Gordon asks what she'll do if he won't. Barbara snaps that she'll then have great pleasure in making sure he never forgets it. Amanda looks at her, and Barbara snaps that she's not in mood to forgive and forget; she'll also see what grounds they've got for suing the newspaper; the way they twisted the facts... although she's sure Wayne did a lot of embellishing when he talked to them. Amanda snaps that Barbara can't blame him if he did exaggerate - not after what Gordon had just done to him. Barbara asks her what she means. Amanda replies that she means the way they treated Wayne when he came up there with the letters; he really wanted to make things up. Barbara looks surprised. She then snaps at Amanda that she doesn't know who she's been talking to-- Amanda interrupts and snaps that Wayne told her. She continues that she knows Barbara thought she was visiting a friend in Melbourne, but she wasn't - she went down there to try and get something on Wayne; to try and muck things up for him; she saw what the letter did to him - he couldn't fake his reaction. She concludes that if Wayne did talk to the reporters, Barbara and Gordon have only got themselves to blame. She stands up and continues that she can understand if they're upset, but they shouldn't try and make Wayne out to be some sort of monster - because he's not; if she feels sorry for anyone, it's him. She walks out. Barbara turns to Gordon and asks what that was all about.

Sometime later, Amanda comes in the front door, and Barbara calls out to her from the lounge room. Amanda slowly walks in, and Barbara remarks that she's been away quite a while. Amanda murmurs that she lost track of time. Barbara tells her that she and Gordon have been talking about her visit to Melbourne to get something on Wayne, and she's not going to make a fuss. Amanda sits down and says she did hate him, but she wouldn't have changed towards him if there wasn't a good reason; he's like a lost little kid. She asks if that sounds silly, but Barbara says it doesn't - he fooled Gordon that way, too. Amanda tells Barbara that she didn't see him - he wasn't conning her. Barbara retorts that he can be very convincing. Amanda, though, insists that he was for real. Barbara says she's still going down there. Amanda tells her that that's good - she can see him herself, and she doesn't think she'll be too hard on him when she has. She gets up and heads off to bed.

At Woombai, Jill is sitting watching a TV news report about the bush fires; the newscaster is saying that the fires devasted much of North West New South Wales, but that the firemen hope to have them contained by morning. There's suddenly a noise of the front door opening, and Jill turns the television off. She stands up as Tony comes in, and, seeing his blackened face and clothes, says, "Hello, grubby!" She then adds that she didn't know he was out helping the others. He replies that he wasn't - not Terry's lot, anyway. He asks where everybody is, and Jill explains that they're all down at the airstrip seeing Kevin, Beryl and Lynn off. Tony says Dave isn't around, then, and Jill says, "No." She asks if she can help, but Tony tells her that she can't. He adds that he knows what he has to do - he's just been looking for an excuse not to get around to it

Robin is on the 'phone in the office at the riding school. He says to the guy he's speaking to - Dan - that there hasn't been any damage at the property itself, so the parade is still on. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Tony sheepishly walks in. Robin looks at him and tells Dan that he'll call him back. He hangs up and then stands up. He walks over to confront Tony, and asks, "Where is it?" Tony meekly replies that he had a bit of a problem. Robin retorts that so did he - some kid pinched his car to take his girlfriend for a joyride. He tells Tony to give him the keys. Tony ignores this and continues that it was urgent - it was the only car around. Robin angrily growls, "Give me the keys." Tony again ignores this and explains that, when he got out to Shelley's house, the fire was coming right for them; he had to help them; the whole house went up. Robin angrily asks, "Where is it?" Tony tells him that it went up as well; it's burnt out. Upon hearing this, Robin pushes Tony up against door and threatens that he'll make him sorry he was ever born...

The next morning, Tony is sitting in his pyjamas in a chair in the lounge room at Woombai when Fiona comes in, complaining about the noise being made by a kookaburra outside. Tony tells her that the fire probably burnt out its nest or something, and Fiona agrees that that's probably it. Seeing the expression on Tony's face, she asks him if he's alright. Tony quietly says, "Yeah, sure..." Fiona says to him that his little girlfriend lost her home, didn't she? Tony nods assent, and Fiona asks him where she and her family are now. Tony replies that they're up at the school. Fiona tells him that if they want to move into the tents, they're more than welcome. Tony asks what tents she means, and Fiona explains that they've been put up out the back as temporary accommodation. Tony says he'll let them know. Fiona heads off to get breakfast. As she does so, Tony calls after her and tells her that he might need her help. He adds that he'd ask Dave if he was on top of it. Fiona tells him not to be be silly - she's only too happy to help. Tony tells her that he's worried he might end up back inside again.

A while later, in the reception area the riding school, Fiona tells Robin that she knows the boy did the wrong thing, but it's absurd bringing in the police. She adds that she's just glad the 'phone lines were all down last night. Robin snaps that as soon as he can, he's calling them. Fiona points out that it was only a car, for goodness sake. A couple of guests wander by, and she suggests the two of them go into the office. They get up. As they head into the office, Fiona tells Robin that there are a few things he should know about Tony. Robin snaps that he reckons he got most of it last night; the problem with kids these days is that they do something crazy and then cry victim afterwards. Fiona says that's hardly the case. Robin continues that, all he knows is that he had a very expensive car yesterday afternoon, and this morning, he doesn't; it's a piece of blackened metal, all because of some kid's stupidity; he can't be allowed to think he can get away with it. Fiona listens, but then tells Robin that 1) he's insured. Robin snaps that that's irrelevant. Fiona ignores this and continues that 2) Tony may have been foolish in borrowing the car, but if there's any reason why it's burnt up, it's plain old-fashioned courage, because Tony pitched in and helped with the fire; he was too worried about people to worry about Robin's very expensive car. She then adds that 3) if Robin calls the police, he'll be undoing months of work that a good friend of hers has put into him. She explains that Tony was a little crim a year go. Robin sourly comments that he doesn't seem to have changed much. Fiona snaps at him to get off his high horse. She continues that this very good friend of hers earned Tony's trust and made him feel worthwhile; he got him working instead of stealing; Tony kept out of trouble all that time, and if Robin calls the police, he'll end up back inside, and goodness only knows what will happen. She tells Robin that all Tony did was borrow a car without permission; it wasn't stealing - and it doesn't deserve to be treated as such. She continues that if Robin does report it, he's not the sort of person she chooses to have business dealings with. Looking surprised, Robin asks her if she's saying what he thinks she's saying. Fiona tells him that this isn't the way she usually does business, but if doing a deal is going to save Tony, then yes, she'll do a deal. She continues that, from what Robin said, her Sydney contacts will be very helpful in setting up his business - and her Woombai PR contacts are worth quite a fair bit, too. She tells him that he's going to have to weigh up that against how he deals with Tony. Robin smiles and then suggests that maybe he got a bit carried away. Fiona tells him that maybe he did. She goes to walk out. She looks at Robin as he opens the door for her.

The two of them head outside, and as they stand on the verandah, Robin tells Fiona that it's one of his weaknesses: he tends to run off at the mouth sometimes, before he thinks. Fiona suggests that that's not a very good trait for a PR man. Robin, though, assures her that he never lets personal feelings affect business. A man standing nearby suddenly calls out, "Smile, Mrs. Thompson." Fiona turns and looks at him and a camera snaps. A look of apparent annoyance crosses Robin's face at being caught on film. Fiona asks the photographer - who she refers to as Ted - what he's doing: getting some glamour shots?! Ted tells her that he was thinking of doing a story on her, actually. Fiona, looking surprised, says, "Me?!" Ted tells her that people really appreciate what she's doing with the tent city. Fiona says she's just happy to help, but Ted assures her that it's really thoughtful. He asks her if she's around today, and Fiona says she is. He then says he's going to see those two sisters who nearly got burnt, and then he'll pop over to see her. Fiona says that's OK, and he walks off. When he's gone, Robin asks Fiona if he's a local reporter. Fiona says he is, and she adds that he's a very nice man. She apologises for not introducing him, but Robin says he'll catch up with him before he leaves. Fiona tells him to do that, adding that he's worth his weight in local publicity. She then says she'd better go off and break the news to Tony. She thanks Robin for being so understanding.

At Woombai, Tony hugs Fiona, and she laughs as she warns him that he's going to squeeze the life out of her! Tony smiles and says he's sorry! He then adds that the last few hours seemed so long! Fiona tells him to give it until this afternoon and then go over and thank Robin for backing down. Tony remarks that he's a pretty funny bloke. John, who's sitting with Jill at the table, asks what he means. Tony replies that, last night, he seemed like a bit of a weaky, but then he got mad and looked like he could tear you apart if he wanted to. He adds that you wouldn't think it of him. Fiona, looking surprised, says, "No..."

At the riding school, Ted calls out to thank Margaret for her time. He goes to head out, but Robin stops him and introduces himself. Ted recalls that Robin is the bloke organising the fashion do. Robin asks Ted if the photos he was taking today are for a story about the bush fire. Ted says they are. Robin asks if they're for the local news or if he's thinking of selling them to the big blokes in the city. Ted says the big blokes could be interested if they turn out OK. He asks why the question, but Robin replies that there's no particular reason - it's just that the photo of himself and Mrs. Thompson... he had an idea that there's some PR he could use it for. Ted offers to send him some copies. Robin says he doesn't want to use it if Ted sends it to any of the big dailies. Ted tells him that he'll have an answer by tonight. He heads out, leaving Robin with a sly look on his face...

Lynn is holding Davey at the Palmers'. Beryl comments that the poor little darling is all choked up, and she adds that summer colds are often the worst. Lynn says she hopes the doctor can give him something for the 'plane. Kevin comes in and says he's ready. He tells Beryl that he'll see her when they get back. Beryl says she'll carry on with the packing. Kevin tells her not to go getting mushy. He and Lynn go to head out, but as they do so, the 'phone rings. Beryl answers it and Wayne comes on. Beryl calls to Kevin to hang on, and she tells Wayne that Kevin's there if he wants to talk to him. Wayne says it's not that, and Kevin tells Beryl to say 'good riddance' to him. He goes. Beryl apologises to Wayne for Kevin's behaviour, but Wayne says it's OK. He then tells Beryl that he's got to see her, and he asks if she can pop round. Beryl replies that it's a bit hard today - she's got a lot of work to do. Wayne asks her if she'll be at home, then. Beryl says she will, as she's just finishing the packing. Wayne tells her that he'll come over to her, and he hangs up. Beryl looks at the 'phone in surprise.

A while later, Wayne looks out of the window at the Palmers' as he says that that's it, he guesses: Kevin was right all along; that's why he wanted him out of the way - and why he didn't want her giving her money to charity; he couldn't get his hands on it if she did. He tells her that he conned her right down the line. Having heard all this, Beryl asks him why he's telling her. He explains that something came up and it made him see what a creep he is. He continues that he's sick of trying to manipulate things his way - it doesn't do much good. Beryl, looking surprised, says she doesn't know what to say. Wayne tells her that she doesn't have to say anything. He continues that, as far as the business goes, Gordy can take it over; he's not interested. He tells Beryl that what she does with the money now is up to her. He goes to walk out, and as he does so, he tells Beryl that he's burnt the Power of Attorney, so she doesn't have to worry about that - and Kevin's job is for real; all he did was push him in the right direction. Beryl asks Wayne what he's going to do. Wayne says he doesn't know - he's got Dee's allowance for the next year; it'll stop him from starving; after that, without a baby from Amanda... "I wonder what sort of dero I'll make...?"

A while later, Wayne is walking along the street when he notices a newspaper vendor standing next to headline boards with Sydney Society Sex Scandal plastered all over them. He walks over to the vendor and asks for an 'Informer'. The vendor hands him a copy and Wayne reads the headline. He looks upset. He starts walking along the road again, reading the story as he does so. He suddenly stops, a look of horror on his face at what the story says. He turns and looks at the building he's standing next to. It's a bottle shop. He goes in.

Beryl has an open suitcase on the table in the lounge room at the Palmers', and as she stands there, holding some clothes, Kevin asks her if that's all Wayne wanted. Beryl replies that that's right: there were just some papers he wanted her to look over. She adds that he did say he wishes Kevin good luck. Lynn comes in and says to Beryl that she supposes Kevin told her. Beryl remarks that it's a bit of bother, isn't it. Lynn says she's just glad they checked - it would have been dangerous for Davey to fly while he's so choked up. Beryl comments that it looks like she's going to have Lynn and Davey with her for a few more days. Kevin says it's a bummer he can't delay too. Lynn, though, tells him that it's important that he starts work. She heads off to put Davey to bed. Alone with Kevin, Beryl says to him that she might sound like a selfish old nan, but she's glad she's got them for a few more days! Kevin smiles as he says he bets she and Mrs. Hardy got together to give Davey the 'flu, just to keep him there! Beryl asks him how he guessed! She then starts to look sad as she says she knows she promised not to, but... she can't...; first Susie, then John; he's the last to go... She tells him that she loves him. Kevin tells her that he loves her, too. They hug tightly.

Barbara and Andy are standing in the lounge room at Toorak; the house is otherwise empty. Barbara hands Andy a cup of tea, and he thanks her, distantly. Barbara remarks that he was miles away, and he explains that he was thinking of his mother. He then looks round and remarks that Toorak is a real mess. Barbara sarcastically replies that Wayne always was the houseproud type. Andy asks if things really happened the way the papers made it sound. He continues that his mother never really opened up to him before she...; he supposes it's hard talking to a kid about something like that. He adds that she talked to Barbara, though... Barbara says she did, and she understood; she thinks that's the only answer Andy needs right now. They suddenly hear a car outside, and Barbara looks through the window to see a taxi pulling up. She tells Andy to let her do the talking. Outside, Wayne staggers out of the taxi and up towards the house. He opens the door and staggers in, dropping the newspaper as he does so. He bends down to pick it up, and suddenly becomes aware of Barbara and Andy standing in front of him. He gets up and asks if they're there because of the paper. Barbara angrily asks him what he thinks, and adds that he's been out celebrating, has he? Wayne cries that he's sorry. Barbara snaps that he's not half as sorry as he'll be when she's finished with him.

Gordon is looking at some papers in the lounge room at Dural. Amanda remarks that they'll be there by now. Gordon just replies, "Well and truly." He offers Amanda some lunch, but she says she'll get it. Gordon assures her that he can do it! Amanda says she hopes Barbara isn't too rough on Wayne. Gordon retorts that Wayne has a habit of hurting people who care for him: Jill fell for his act; look where it got her. Amanda says she feels sorry for him, that's all. Gordon tells her to make sure she keeps it to just feeling sorry.

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room as Barbara and Andy both stand and glare at him. Barbara snaps at him not to think for a second that a few drunken 'I'm sorrys' are going to get him out of it; she wants a full retraction from the newspaper. Wayne asks how he's supposed to manage that. Barbara snaps that that's his problem. Wayne cries that he was angry; he didn't think. Barbara snaps that she's not interested; all she wants is-- Wayne interrupts and snaps that all she wants is another chance to have a shot at him; she really enjoys rubbing his face in it when he's down. Barbara snaps at him not to talk to her about kicking people when they're down; how does he think Andy felt reading that gutter press right after his mother's death? Wayne cries that he's sick of hurting people - he didn't want to. He gets up and walks over to the table with the drinks on it. Barbara follows him and turns him to look at her. She then growls, "Am I going to get a retraction?" Wayne cries that it's too late. Barbara suddenly lashes out and slaps his face. She angrily repeats, "Am I going to get it?" Wayne sullenly says he'll call them. Barbara snaps at him to make sure he does. She then snaps that that's all she came for, and she storms out. Andy remains behind for a moment and glares at Wayne, who cries that he didn't think. Andy snaps that it's not much of an excuse. He goes. Wayne pours himself a drink. He then looks towards the front door and cries out that he didn't want to hurt anyone; they've got to understand...

Barbara and Andy get in the car. Andy asks if they can trust Wayne to call the paper. Barbara says she doesn't know - but she couldn't stay there a moment longer; that boy makes her skin crawl. Andy suddenly spots Wayne coming out of the house and remarks that it doesn't look like he's finished with them. Barbara snaps that he has if she's got anything to do with it. She starts the car. Wayne calls out to them, "Don't go... I've got to talk to you..." He moves forward and cries, "You've got to believe me..." Barbara puts her foot down and the car moves off just as Wayne lurches forward. The car hits him and he rolls up onto the bonnet and then falls onto the ground. Barbara stops the car in horror and she and Andy both rush round to the front. Wayne is lying there, not moving. Barbara cries that she couldn't have done anything - he just ran in front of the car. She puts her hand under Wayne's head to try and hold it. After a few seconds, she pulls her hand away and glances down in horror; she has blood on her hand.


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