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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

In the grounds at Woombai, a horse is trotting around its enclosure. Margaret is standing against the fence, and she calls over to the animal; it trots towards her and she feeds it goodies from her hand. As she does this, she suddenly hears Doug calling out to her; he comes over and asks if she's got a minute. Margaret asks what the problem is. Doug replies that there's no problem - he and Rosie are pushing off shortly and there's something they want to tie up before they go: the money she paid on David's truck. He hands Margaret a cheque. Margaret tells him that she can't take it. Doug assures her that it won't bounce! Margaret says she knows that - but it's too much for them to pay. Doug tells her that David has agreed and will pay him back. Margaret insists that she doesn't want the money, but Doug replies that he could see David wouldn't be happy until it was sorted out - he needs some breathing space and not being in debt to her will make it easier on him. He walks off. Margaret sighs.

Inside, Rosie says to David - who's sitting, resting, in an armchair - that she hopes they've got everything. David tells her not to forget the knitting! He then tells her to make sure she looks after Doug - he's pretty good in his books at the moment. Rosie laughs that David always called him a mean old codger! David replies that maybe his father is just getting soft in his old age! Becoming serious, Rosie tells David to make sure he doesn't worry about paying them back; just get better. Doug comes in and Rosie says, "Well?" David asks if Margaret took the cheque. Doug tells him that she could see he wasn't going to stand for any nonsense. David thanks him. Doug turns to Rosie and asks if she's set. She tells him that she thinks so. Doug then shakes David's hand and tells him to look after himself. David says he'll come and see them off, but Doug tells him to stay put and take it easy. He heads outside. Rosie looks around the lounge room and remarks that it's funny: once, she'd never have thought of anywhere but Woombai as home - but now she can't wait to get back to her own place. David tells her that he knows how she feels. She leaves, and David sits there looking thoughtful.

Amanda is walking across the grounds at Toorak, carrying a folder-up sunlounger, when Kevin suddenly calls out to ask what she's doing there. Amanda looks round to make sure that there's no one in earshot, and she then tells Kevin to come with her to find a sunny spot and she'll tell him all about it. Inside, Wayne is watching from the window, and he smiles nastily... Back outside, Kevin sets up the sunlounger, and as he does so, he asks Amanda what she expects to find. Amanda explains that she wants to find Wayne's Power of Attorney over Beryl - if she's in luck. Kevin says she'll need to be - he couldn't find it. Amanda tells him that, if she can't find that, she must be able to dig up something. She takes her top off to reveal a bright pink bikini underneath, and she sits down. She asks Kevin if he thinks she's crazy. Kevin tells her, "No way - hang in there."

Margaret walks into the reception area at the riding school and asks the receptionist if the maid has finished her room. The receptionist tells her that the key is still out. She then adds that there's a message for her: Mr. Morrell from Melbourne 'phoned - he wants her to ring him back as soon as she can. Margaret asks if she can use the 'phone on the reception desk, and the receptionist leaves her to it. Margaret dials the number and the 'phone rings at Toorak. Wayne answers it and Margaret says it's her. Wayne asks how busy she is. Margaret replies that she isn't very, and she asks why the question. Wayne tells her that he wants her to pop down to Sydney - Dural, to be exact. Margaret says, "Hang on..." Wayne tells her that it's important: Amanda is back on the scene and she's up to something; she's being very cautious and discreet, what's more. Margaret asks what it's got to do with her. Wayne replies that, if anyone knows what Amanda's up to, it's Gordon; he trusts her and she could find out. Margaret starts to ask why she should... but Wayne interrupts her and tells her, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Margaret tells him that he's pushing their deal too far, but Wayne assures her that he won't forget this next time she needs a favour.

Sometime later, Margaret arrives at Dural, and Gordon, looking surprised to see her so soon, remarks that surely she's not sick of country life already! Margaret smiles as she replies that she's loving it, but her solicitor wanted her to come down and sign some papers. Gordon says he sees. Margaret continues that she's also there to pick up some of Stephen's things. Gordon says he'll be in the study if she needs him. Margaret quickly says it's funny how you realise how long the trip from Woombai is when you drive down; she'd kill for a long cool drink. Gordon apologises for the oversight, and he asks if an orange juice is OK. Margaret accepts. They go into the lounge room, and Gordon asks if Stephen is alright. Margaret replies that he's gradually getting into the swing of things. Gordon says Barbara will be glad. Margaret asks where Barbara is, and Gordon explains that she's playing golf. Margaret 'innocently' asks if Amanda is with her, but Gordon awkwardly replies that she isn't - she's gone to Melbourne. Looking surprised, Margaret asks what for. Gordon tells her that he doesn't know the ins and outs of it. Margaret says she hopes she's sensible, whatever she's got in mind. Gordon says he's not sure he follows. Margaret conspiratorially tells him that she shouldn't really say this, but Amanda hinted a few times that she'd like to upset the applecart for Wayne. Gordon gives her a look, and Margaret 'realises' that she's hit the nail on the head. She asks what the silly girl is up to. Gordon replies that, as a matter of fact, he wouldn't mind a second opinion - he came down rather hard on her. Margaret tells him that if he wants to use her as a sounding board...

Matt is sitting on the couch at his apartment, looking thoughtful, when Patricia comes in and announces that she's spent her first week's wage already! She takes a dress out of one of the bags she's holding and cheerily asks Matt what he thinks. Matt, though, says he can't go on pretending that everything is cool - he knows what they talked about last night, but he thought they were getting somewhere; he can't just back off and settle for friendship. Patricia gently tells him that he's going to have to. Matt tells her that he loves her. Patricia sadly says there's only one solution: she'll have to move out; if that's the way he feels, it's unfair to have her around all the time - they'll both end up miserable. Matt agrees that she's not wrong. He then adds that there's no rush to get a place of her own. He quickly reassures her that he's not trying to hang onto her; it's just that he's busy for the next couple of weeks, so they'll hardly see each other; she can take her time. Patricia tenderly thanks him. She continues that she hopes that, if she ever falls in love again, it's with someone as understanding as he is.

Margaret and Gordon are standing in the hallway at Dural, and Margaret remarks that it's no wonder he's worried. Gordon tells her that Amanda's making a big mistake if she thinks she can beat Wayne at his own game. Margaret agrees, "Absolutely." Gordon then adds that he'd like this kept quiet, and Margaret assures him that she won't tell anyone; she realises Barbara won't want to be bothered with things like that. She then continues that she'll just pop upstairs to get the things for Stephen. Gordon heads into the study and closes the door. As soon as the coast is clear, Margaret walks over to the 'phone in the hallway and dials a number, looking around cautiously as she does so. The 'phone at the other end is engaged, though, and a look of annoyance crosses her face. She hangs up and goes upstairs.

It's Kevin who's on the 'phone - in the hallway - at Toorak, and he excitedly says to the person on the other end, "You're kidding!" The man tells him that the job's his - provided he can leave in two weeks. Kevin replies, "You bet I can!" The man tells him to drop over to his office this afternoon, as there's quite a lot to arrange. Kevin says he'll have to tee it up with his boss first, but he'll be there. In the lounge room, Beryl is talking to Wayne, and she comments that it's turning out to be a lot more complicated than she expected. Wayne tells her that money always is. Beryl continues that she thought all she'd have to do is choose a worthwhile charity and make out a cheque! Wayne laughs that it's a bit more complicated than that! Kevin suddenly bursts in and, a broad smile on his face, announces that he's done it! - he's got the job! - he's off to London in a fortnight! Beryl stands up and hugs him and says it's wonderful! Wayne smiles as he says it's normal to discuss giving notice first! Kevin retorts that he's got his two weeks, and if he doesn't like that, he knows what he can do with it! Wayne tells Kevin that he gave him a top reference, as a matter of fact - but he will be sorry to lose him. Kevin incredulously asks if he really gave him a good reference. Wayne tells him to ask his new boss if he doesn't believe him! Kevin says he'll need an hour to see him, and Wayne tells him to take the rest of the afternoon off. Kevin asks him if he means it! Wayne replies that it would be a sick joke if he didn't! Kevin goes. Beryl tells Wayne that she's sure Kevin will thank him properly when he knows what difference his reference made. Wayne says he expects she'll miss him, and Beryl says she will - and Lynn and Davey; but it might just be the thing that helps her decide what to do with the money. Wayne looks at her.

The 'phone rings at Dural just as Margaret is coming downstairs. She goes and answers it in the hallway; it's Matt, who asks for Barbara. Margaret tells him that she's out, and so Matt asks for Gordon. Margaret tells him to hold on; she then goes to the study and tells Gordon that the call is for him. Gordon tells her to hang up in the hallway and he'll take it in the study. Margaret closes the study door and goes back to the 'phone in the hall. She doesn't hang up, though, but instead listens as Gordon tells Matt that Barbara didn't say anything. Matt says he got the feeling that she might have been put off by running into Patricia. Gordon replies, "Not as far as I know." Matt tells him that Patricia won't be staying there much longer - she's decided to branch out on her own. Gordon asks where she's going, but Matt tells him that she doesn't have any definite plans yet - except that they've decided to live fairly separate lives. Margaret smiles and hangs up...

At Toorak, Beryl says to Wayne that she thinks she's made the right choice. Wayne assures her that she has. He adds that, with Kevin and Lynn overseas, it'll give her an interest. Beryl says it'll be fun to know that she's controlling a portfolio of shares! Wayne adds that it'll also be good to know that the funds are going to a worthy cause. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Wayne answers the set in the lounge room. It's Margaret, and Wayne turns to Beryl to explain that it's a personal call. Beryl says she'll go, and she gets up and leaves. Wayne then asks Margaret what she found out. Margaret tells him that he was on the right track about Amanda - she's out to make trouble for him. Wayne asks her if she has any idea how. Margaret replies that she's after anything that will wreck his standing with people like Beryl; first on her list is Beryl's Power of Attorney. Wayne smiles and says, "Is it, now...?" Margaret asks him what he'll do. Wayne replies that he doesn't know yet - he'll try and confuse the issue for a start, he supposes. Margaret asks how. Wayne replies that he'll find a way of making Amanda think he's not so bad. He thanks Margaret for her help. Margaret tells him that it's alright - her trip to Sydney paid off in other ways, too..

Beryl is standing by Amanda in the grounds at Toorak. Amanda is stretched out on the sunlounger, but Beryl remarks that, if she wanted a suntan, why didn't she stay in Sydney? Amanda asks her if she's surprised to see her back. Beryl replies that she is, a little. Amanda 'explains' that, after she kicked up such a stink about the Power of Attorney, she thought she owed it to Wayne to spend a few days sorting out their problems. Beryl accepts this, and then says she hopes the weather stays fine for her! She goes. As she walks off, Wayne calls out to Amanda to ask to her to come inside for a moment. She heads in and closes the front door behind her. Wayne comes out from the lounge room and tells her that he has something to show her. He hands her a piece of paper and Amanda asks what it is. Wayne replies, "Beryl's Power of Attorney." Amanda looks at him sharply.

In the kitchen at the Palmer house, Lynn laughs hysterically as Kevin lifts her up and spins her around! She excitedly says she doesn't believe it! Kevin happily tells her that it's true - and there are only two weeks before they have to head off! Lynn says she's so excited! Kevin comments that he thought she might have been a bit worried about leaving everyone behind. Lynn tells him that she'll miss them, of course, but the main thing is that she, him and Davey will be together. Kevin remarks that they'll be freezing to death as it's winter over there, isn't it? Lynn tells him that it's spring - but she thinks it'll still be pretty cold! They hug again. Lynn then asks Kevin if Wayne will stop him. Kevin tells her that he won't - he was actually pretty pleased that he had some some luck for once.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Wayne offers Amanda more ice for her drink, but she declines and demands to know what he's doing. Wayne tells her that one good turn deserves another: she came back to him totally upfront - he can see that she's really working at sorting out the problems between them - so he thought he'd do the same. Amanda asks how. Wayne replies that he's going to cut out all the double-dealing. He notices the expression on her face and comments that she'll believe it when she sees it, eh? Amanda asks him if he can blame her. Wayne tells her that there will be no more trying to rip people off; he then picks up a lighter and sets fire to the Power of Attorney form. As he does so, he tells Amanda that all he wants is to stick by the rules and end up with what they're entitled to. As the piece of paper burns, he remarks that he actually feels relieved; what about her? Amanda looks thoughtful.

A while later, Amanda is at sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers', and she incredulously tells Kevin, "And then he burnt it." Kevin asks her if she couldn't have stopped him. Amanda asks how, and Kevin has to admit that he doesn't know. Amanda continues that, what really threw her off-balance was all Wayne's talk about turning over a new leaf - like he honestly meant it. Kevin says it's probably just a big act. He then adds, though, that Wayne did seem pleased about him scoring the new job. Amanda muses that he might be trying to straighten himself out - but she'll need to see a lot more evidence before she's convinced of that. Kevin says he will, too - but it won't be easy; they've haven't even got Beryl's Power of Attorney anymore to pin on him. Amanda says she'll have to keep a close eye on him - try and catch him out. Kevin wishes her good luck, adding that it won't be easy.

Amanda arrives back at Toorak, and when he hears the noise of the front door, Wayne calls out to ask if that's her. Amanda says it is. Wayne joins her and asks her where she's been. Amanda says, "Nowhere - out visiting." Wayne accepts this. He then asks if she's eaten, and she says she hasn't. Wayne tells her that it's just as well; he guides her into the living room, where the table is laden with food. He asks Amanda what she thinks. Amanda quips, "My diet?!" Wayne tells her that there's lots of slimming stuff there - fish and salad. Amanda asks how come he's gone to so much trouble. Wayne replies that he felt like it; when he set fire to Beryl's Power of Attorney, he completely unwound. Amanda comments that that's nothing like how Beryl would feel. Wayne says, "If she knew..." Amanda remarks that she didn't know he could cook - he's really gone to town! Wayne says it's very relaxing! He helps her sit down and then tells her to save room for dessert, as he's made a beaut pudding. He suggests she tuck in and then adds that he gets the feeling that things are really going to work out between them now. He asks, "Don't you?" Amanda sits there looking awkward.

Patricia is at Matt's apartment. She's on the 'phone to Matt, who says he might be late getting in. Patricia tells him that she'll leave the security latch on. There's suddenly a ring on the doorbell, and Patricia says goodbye to Matt and goes to get it. She finds Margaret standing there. She sourly snaps that she thought her sister was at Woombai. Margaret tells her that it's a quick visit down - business. She walks into the flat and says she's told that Patricia and Matt are already over. She adds that Patricia isn't doing very well. Patricia, looking unimpressed, replies that it's sad, really, Margaret rushing round there to rub her face in the latest disaster; she doesn't know why she bothers. Margaret retorts that it's important to her - she wants to see Patricia get what she deserves, not just hear about it. Patricia asks if they can't behave like adults for a change. She continues that she's not proud of what happened with Margaret and Martin - she was a little disturbed at the time. She tells Margaret that the trouble is, she's much worse. Margaret cooly says she knows exactly what she's doing. Patricia sarcastically snaps that, oh yes, trying to run her down...; electrocute her with the stereo...; just turning up there at the flat... - it's not normal behaviour. She continues that she admits that she started this whole thing, but they were close once; she screwed it up, she knows, but she doesn't think it's too late; it's a pipe dream, maybe, but she thinks they can be sisters again. Margaret listens to this and then laughs. She remarks to Patricia that she really is scared. She then snaps, "You bet it's a pipe dream." Patricia tells her to get out, adding that she can't be bothered with this. Margaret comments that it must be hard: no husband...; no home...; being booted out by your boyfriend. She nastily adds that Patricia's going to have a rough time if she doesn't find another meal ticket - and they don't grow on trees at Patricia's age. Patricia retorts that she probably feels stronger now than she has done at any time during her life; she's upset about Stephen, but she'll get over it. She tells Margaret that there's only one thing she really regrets: her; prison has turned her into... she doesn't know, but it's sad. She tells Margaret that she'll be very sick if she goes on like this - and very lonely. Margaret says she'll have Stephen. Patricia comments that the pathetic thing is that she really believes that. She tells Margaret that she's not going to have anybody - and if she could be honest with herself, she'd realise that. Margaret looks at Patricia in anger and then storms out. Patricia closes the door behind her and then leans against it, looking thoughtful.


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