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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

The next morning, Matt calls out to Patricia that breakfast is up. As he puts two plates down on the table, he adds that he hopes she likes her eggs scrambled! Patricia comes in and says she doesn't usually eat a big breakfast. Matt tells her that she should - it's the most important meal of the day! Patricia remarks, "So I keep reading!" Matt continues that it's especially important when you've got a big day ahead of you. Patricia says, "Have you?" Matt replies that he meant her; he hands her the newspaper and tells her that he's gone through the employment section and has circled all the jobs he thinks she should apply for. Patricia laughs as she asks if this is his professional advice! Matt, though, replies that, now that she and Stephen are separated, she should start making a new life for herself. Patricia reluctantly says she supposes so - it's just not exactly the sort of conversation she expected to have this morning. Matt asks what she did expect - a deep-and-meaningful over where they stand now with regard to each other? Patricia says she thought it might have been on the cards. Matt suggests that maybe they have it later - he's far too happy this morning; he doesn't want to spoil it all!

Gordon and Barbara are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural, and Gordon tells his wife that she'll have to do something to snap out of it. Barbara snaps that she's fine, but Gordon tells her that she can't keep bottling it up; if she can't talk to somebody close, then maybe-- Barbara interrupts and asks if he means talk to a psychiatrist. Gordon replies that he was going to suggest Matt - he did help her after the stroke. Barbara says she'll think about it. Gordon heads off to make a call from the study. As he crosses the hallway, Amanda is coming downstairs, and she asks Gordon how Barbara is - any better? Gordon glumly replies that she's worse, if anything. Amanda says she could get out of her way for a while - give her a a break. Gordon asks her where she'd go. Amanda tells him that she could go to Melbourne - a friend of hers has just got back from St. Morritz, and she's dying to hear all the news; she could go and visit. Gordon tells her that he doesn't want her to think they're kicking her out. Amanda tells him not to be silly; she'll catch the 'plane this afternoon; the main thing is that Aunty Barb has a chance to get back to herself. In the lounge room, Barbara looks up a number in the 'phone index and then dials it.

At Matt's apartment, Patricia says they want somebody who's experienced. Matt tells her that it won't take long to pick it up! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and when Matt answers it, Barbara comes on. Matt asks her how she is, and she retorts that she's fine - although Gordon doesn't think so. Matt asks why. Barbara tells him that Gordon thinks she should come and see him. Matt asks her if she wants to make an appointment just to keep the peace, and Barbara replies that that's about it! Matt tells her that he'll be back from the office at about 4:30pm - she could pop around then. Barbara says that's fine. She then asks Matt if he realises that this isn't a professional visit. Matt replies that she can use him as a sounding board. They hang up, and Patricia asks if the caller was the Barbara she knows and loves! Matt says it was. He then adds that it wasn't important. Patricia comments that he doesn't discuss his patients. Matt suggests she stop fishing, and he tells her to remember what happened when she tried to find out about Angela. Patricia smiles that she was just trying to make conversation!

Terry is working on the engine of his car; Fiona and Tony are standing next to him. Terry tells Fiona that he had a chat to the blokes and they're OK now. Fiona says she's just happy that the place is running properly again! Terry then asks Tony how he is, and he replies that he's on top of the world! Terry asks how Shelley is, and Tony tells him that they're going on another date tonight! Terry asks him where they're going, but Tony's face drops as he says that, on the money he's got, he can barely afford to take her to the fish and chip shop. He then asks how about if he did a few odd jobs around the place, to earn a few bucks. Terry says they might be able to think of something! He asks Fiona if they can afford a casual labourer for half a day! Fiona laughs, "Yes!" Tony heads inside to get some overalls. Terry tells Fiona that he thinks the boy's in love!

A while later, Tony is lying under Terry's car, and he asks Terry if it's time for lunch yet. Terry points out that they only had smoko an hour ago! Tony suddenly sees a pair of legs walking towards them, and he smiles at the pleasant view! It's Jill, and she asks Terry if Tony's around. Tony comes out from where he was hidden under the car. Jill tells him that Shelley 'phoned - there's some problem about the date tonight. Tony asks if she said what it is, but Jill says she didn't. She adds that Shelley said she'd meet him outside Terry's place after school.

Shelley and Tony walk into the Hansen place. Shelley asks Tony if he's sure it's alright to be there, and Tony tells her that Terry's parents have gone away for a while. They sit down. Shelley looks at Tony and tells him that her rat of a younger brother heard her talking about him being in jail once and ran straight to their dad. Tony says, "So?" Shelley replies that her dad doesn't want her mixing with criminals. Tony points out that he's an ex-crim, but Shelley says that doesn't make any difference - once you've been inside, that's it. Tony tells her that they could still see each other - her dad doesn't have to know. Shelley, though, tells him that he knows what country towns are like - you can't do anything without everyone knowing about it. Tony asks how about after school, but Shelley replies that 'bigmouth' goes there, too; she adds that she means her brother! Tony then suggests that he go round and see her at her parents' and show her dad what a good bloke he is. Shelley says it wouldn't work - her parents have got really funny ideas. Tony asks her if she wants to keep seeing him. Shelley asks him what he wants to do. Tony tells her that he wants to see her. Shelley says that's how she feels, too. Tony says they'll have to think of something, then.

Barbara arrives at Matt's, and he invites her in and tells her to sit down. Barbara says she's fine. Matt asks what's wrong, but Barbara tells him that it's nothing. Sensing some awkwardness, Matt points out that they've been through the nervous bit with each other before, and he asks if she doesn't trust him. Barbara admits that she should, she supposes. She then asks for a drink: scotch and water - lots of it. Matt goes to his drinks table and starts to pour it. As he does so, Barbara asks what you do when you find out that the man you've loved all your life has lied to you for years.

Amanda is just leaving Melbourne airport when Wayne comes up behind her and calls out to her. She stops and turns round. He tells her that he's sorry he's late. Amanda, though, says she didn't even expect to see him there. Wayne tells her that he admits that, when she called to say she was coming, he was surprised. Amanda asks why. Wayne replies that he thought it would take a few more days to pluck up the courage to tell people that she was living with him again. Amanda sheepishly says she hasn't told them; she made up an excuse. Wayne suggests that, if there's any heaviness, they should handle it together. As they walk to Wayne's car, Amanda remarks on how civil he's being! Wayne tells her that he meant what he said when she agreed to come back: he wants everything to be as pleasant for her as it is for him.

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Gordon answers it. It's Andy; there's loud music playing in the background. He asks for Amanda, but Gordon explains that she's gone to Melbourne - she flew down this afternoon. Andy asks what for, and Gordon replies that she's just taking a break. He asks if there's anything he can do. Andy says she's making a big mistake. He adds that he can't talk about it over the 'phone, and so Gordon suggests that he drop in. Andy tells him that he'll be there as soon as he can. Gordon looks thoughtful.

Barbara tells Matt that, when she first met Roland, she thought that at last there was a man she could love and trust - and she did - he was the perfect companion. She continues that she'd had a rather cold upbringing with Dee - that lasted for more than twenty years; and then Roland came into her life; she loved him so much. Matt tells her to go on. Barbara tells him that Roland was everything she ever wanted in a man; he was more than just a lover - he was her friend; that's why it was so good; and then to find out... She starts crying and tells Matt that she's sorry. She sniffs, and Matt tells her that, if she wants to cry, cry. Barbara says, "No..." She continues that, to think she'd found someone so honest and trustworthy... and that's what's so hard... She sniffs again as she says she's never asked anything of anyone that she doesn't expect of herself - and that's why she loves Roland so much... She starts to break down and cries that she thought his ideas were the same as hers, and they weren't; and she loves him and how she doesn't know what she feels. She starts sobbing heavily, as Matt comforts her.

At Dural, Andy says he doesn't even know if he should be there - he promised her that he wouldn't say anything; but she's only going to make trouble for herself. He tells Gordon, "She's gone back to Wayne." Gordon asks him if he's sure. Andy tells him that she's done a con-job on him. He continues that he didn't want to get involved, but she's come up with an idea for getting back at Wayne for all the rotten things he's done - something about a forged Power of Attorney, for starters. He adds that it's just that Amanda is a decent girl and he doesn't want to see her make an idiot of herself. Gordon listens and then says he'll see what he can do. He tells Andy that he did the right thing, telling him. Andy says he can't understand anyone wanting to make life rougher than it already is.

Amanda and Wayne are walking upstairs at Toorak, and Amanda comments that she supposes she should be saying something like 'it's good to be home'! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and she heads back down to get it, while Wayne heads for his room. When she picks up the call, Gordon says it's him. Amanda tells him that he's lucky to catch her there - she just dropped in to-- Gordon interrupts her and snaps that he knows she's back staying with Wayne, and he knows why. Amanda tells him that she doesn't know what he's talking about, but Gordon snaps that of course she does. Amanda realises that Andy told him. Gordon replies that he was only doing what he thought best. Amanda snaps to put Andy on, but Gordon says he left a few minutes ago. He then continues that he wants Amanda back in Sydney straight away. Amanda snaps no: he can't order her around. Gordon tells her that what she's doing is totally childish. Amanda retorts that he can think what he likes - someone has to make people see how low Wayne really is. Gordon says he already knows. Amanda suddenly hears a noise upstairs, and she says to the 'phone that he isn't there at the moment; she can give the caller the office number if they like. Gordon realises that Wayne is there, and so he tells Amanda that he'll leave it for now - but if she doesn't ring him back as soon as she can, he'll ring Wayne and tell him exactly what she's doing. They hang up, and Amanda tells Wayne that it was someone wanting to talk to Kevin. She looks worried.

Matt is writing some things down, and Barbara asks if she gets to read her file! Matt tells her that she doesn't - he only dragged it out to refresh his memory! Barbara asks if she's going to be alright. Matt replies that she's one of the strongest people he knows; she didn't need professional help - just someone to talk to outside the family. They go to the front door but as Matt goes to open it, Patricia comes in. Looking surprised, she remarks that she thought they'd be gone by now. Matt tells her that he's just going to walk Babara to her car. They go out and Patricia goes in. She suddenly spots Barbara's file lying on top of the television - labelled 'Barbara Armstrong'. She looks at it, a thoughtful expression on her face...

Jill and John are sitting in the lounge room at Woombai, looking at a brochure. Jill points out that it's not cheap. John explains that it's a full-time course - you live in. He adds that he's got the money if he does decide to take it on - thanks to Beryl. As he says this, Fiona comes in and asks him what he's talking about. John explains that it's a flying course. Fiona comments that she thought he'd given all that away, but John says he's still tossing it around. Tony suddenly comes in and excitedly asks if David's there. Fiona explains that he's sleeping. Tony says he wanted him to be the first to know: he's going back to school! There's silence. Tony asks what everyone reckons. Fiona says she thinks it's a great idea! John remarks that it's a change of tune, and Tony replies that you have to take the opportunity when it comes! John says he supposes so. Tony then asks where Terry is, and Jill says he's over at the Reid house. Tony rushes off. Fiona says she wonders what made him change his mind.

At the Reid house, Terry tells Tony that he reckons he's doing it for all the wrong reasons. Tony insists that he isn't - he's killing two birds with one stone. Terry points out that he's just doing it so he'll get to see Shelley, but Tony retorts that he'll be learning as well. He adds that he's been thinking about it a lot, and Dave and old Mr. Palmer have been talking about it a lot. Terry remarks that he didn't think Tony was taking any notice of them. Tony replies that he was; and it'll make his mum proud of him; and he'll be able to get a decent job! Terry says, "Whatever you say, Tony." Tony sarcastically thanks him for all the enthusaism. Terry tells him that if that's what he really wants to do, then great. Tony says he's going to work hard! He then asks Terry what he thinks about Shelley. He adds that she isn't bad, is she! He continues that he's never felt about anyone like he feels about her; no one's going to stop him from seeing her - not even her old man. Terry looks wary.

Matt comes back into the flat, and Patricia remarks that she thought he'd got lost. Matt explains that he and Barbara went for a walk - Barbara had a rough day. He then tells Patricia that that running into her didn't help! Patricia starts to say that if she's going to go upsetting his patients... Matt tells her that Barbara isn't a patient. He walks over to where Barbara's file is resting on the table, and Patricia remarks that the name on the cover should be 'Hamilton', not 'Armstrong'. Matt looks at her suspiciously. Realising what he's thinking, she tells him that she didn't read it - although she can't say she wasn't tempted; it would have been very interesting to find out all Barbara's deep-down secrets - but she didn't. She asks Matt if he doesn't believe her. Matt assures her that he does. Patricia continues that she really is serious about changing her ways. Matt tells her that she's off to a good start, then.

A while later, Patricia tells Matt that he hasn't heard all her news yet. Matt asks what he's missed out on. Patricia replies that if he ever gives up psychiatry, he could always set up an employment agency! Matt smiles as he asks her if she got the job. Patricia tells him, "Yep!" Matt asks her why she didn't tell him earlier, and she replies that it was because she was so busy facing the Spanish inquisition over some file she was supposed to have read! Matt looks sheepish! Patricia thanks him for pushing her into it, and they each raise their glasses and say, "Cheers." Matt asks her when she starts. She replies that it'll be in a few days. She then adds that she can just see that some of her old friends are going to be looking down their noses at her working as a receptionist. Matt tells her not to worry about them, and Patricia says she won't - as far as she's concerned, it's not a comedown but a new start. Matt remarks that everything is working out well, and Patricia agrees that it seems to be. Matt asks if, in that case, can she stand one deep-and-meaningful? Patricia says she can't if it's going to develop into something longwinded and tedious. Matt assures her that it will only take three words: "I love you." Patricia looks at him intently.

Gordon and Barbara are sitting at the table at Dural, having finished dinner, and Gordon asks if there's any coffee left. Barbara looks in the pot and says there's half a cup. Gordon says that'll do! He then comments to his wife that he can't believe the change - did seeing Matt make that much difference? Barbara says it's marvellous, isn't it! She thanks Gordon for suggesting she see him - it was the best thing she could have done. Gordon asks her if she's going back for any more sessions, but she says she isn't. She then adds that one good thing came out of today: she thinks she can finally face Helen and Andy - she thought she might invite them for dinner next week. Gordon, looking concerned, asks if she isn't moving too fast. Barbara says she doesn't think so. Gordon tells her that, in that case, he'll look forward to it.

Patricia tells Matt that it's the worst thing he could have said. Matt replies that she knew how he felt - he just put it into words. Patricia, though, says it makes all the difference; it makes her feel she owes him something. She continues that, for the first time in ages, if feels like she's Patricia Dunne - not Hamilton or Morrell - just her; she's always lived her life through men - always relised on them for something - and always felt she had to give them something in return; and now she's free of all that - it feels good. She continues that she doesn't want to be involved - not yet, anyway; she wants to be independent for a while. She asks Matt if he can understand that, because the last thing she wants to do is hurt him. She concludes that that's the way it is - she's sorry.

At Dural, Gordon asks Barbara if she's having an early night. Barbara replies that she'll stack the dishwasher and then go to bed. She picks up the dinner plates as the 'phone starts ringing. Gordon says he'll get it, as he's expecting a call. He answers the 'phone by saying, "Amanda?" Amanda warily says, "Gordon..." Gordon tells her that he's not going to argue. Amanda says that's good - because it'll be a waste of time. She continues that she doesn't want an argument, either - she knows what she's doing. As she talks, she doesn't realise that Wayne has heard her and is standing at the top of the stairs... She continues that she's made up her mind and that's all there is to it. Gordon sighs and tells her that he doubts she'll achieve anything. Amanda insists that she has to try. Gordon asks where Wayne is now. Amanda replies that he's gone to bed. She then asks why the question - is Gordon going to tell his son what she's up to? Gordon says he should. Amanda muses, "Maybe..." She then continues, though, that she knows he won't; Wayne may be his son, but everyone knows he wants nothing to do with him. At the stop of the stairs, a thoughtful look crosses Wayne's face. Amanda then tells Gordon that no matter what he says, if she does find Beryl's Power of Attorney, he'll be smiling as much as she will. Suddenly realising that he's being set-up, Wayne looks annoyed...


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