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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

It's nighttime in Sydney, and at Matt's apartment, Matt remarks to Patricia that they've just got back and now she's rushing off again! He then adds that he supposes he should count himself lucky - at least he had her for one week. Patricia reminds him that he knew how she felt about Stephen before they went away; if she has to bury herself in the country to hang onto him, she will. Matt asks about Margaret, but Patricia replies that she's the least of her worries. She then tells Matt that he's been a real friend to her; when he first suggested going away for a week, she didn't know... She adds that maybe if things had been different... Matt just suggests they have an early dinner, as she has an early start in the morning.

Jill is standing behind the reception desk at the riding school, and Stephen tells her that the whole thing has been misunderstood. Jill replies that it might have been, but someone had to take over, so she did. Stephen asks what the receptionist said. Jill explains that she was sticking up for Terry - walking out in support for him. Stephen curtly says they'll soon come to their senses when they realise they don't have jobs. John comes in and says he agrees. Jill, though, says she thinks Terry has a point. John asks what she means. Jill tells him that she's trying to be open-minded - but Terry is right when he says it's different in the country; people are more relaxed about doing things. Stephen snaps that there's a difference between being relaxed and being completely immobile! Jill tells John to remember what it was like last year when he tried to be tough with the guys. John retorts, "But it's hardly the same..." Jill, though, tells him, "No 'buts'." She reminds him that everything was fine once he started talking to them, rather than shouting orders. Stephen snaps that it doesn't alter the fact that one man is behind this. Jill points out that Terry is very highly thought of - the locals won't have a word said against him.

At the Hansen place, Terry is towelling himself down after having a shower. As he does so, he tells Fiona that he doesn't want any trouble - he likes his job and he wants to keep it, but only if Stephen is sensible. Fiona asks what that means. Terry replies that it means not pushing so hard; Stephen is one that's been carrying-on. Fiona points out that the work has got to be done. Terry says he knows - but the men won't lift a finger unless Stephen apologises. Fiona asks how on earth she's going to get him to do that. Terry says, "Search me." He then adds that he's not sweating his guts out for a bloke that shows no respect for the people working for him. There's a sudden knock at the door, and Terry says it'll be Shelley and Marlene. Fiona says, "Who?!" Terry tells her that they're the girls he and Tony are taking to the drive-in. He adds that he bets Tony is really packing it!

At Woombai, Doug is helping Tony spruce himself up; Tony is wearing a shiny blue shirt and his cowboy hat! He tells Doug that Terry's mum and dad have gone away, and they've got the place to themselves - with the girls! Rosie sternly says she heard that - she hopes he's going to behave like a gentleman. Tony asks if he's ever been anything else! He goes to head off to join the others, but as he does so, Rosie asks him if he's got a hanky. Tony looks astonished and says, "Fair go - what do you think I am? A kid?" He storms out. Doug and Rosie laugh!

At the Hansen place, Terry asks Marlene and Shelley what they think about coming back there afterwards. Marlene says it sounds alright. Shelley asks what Tony thinks. Terry replies that he's all for it! Shelley comments that he's getting a bit late, isn't he? Terry assures her that he'll be there. Shelley remarks that he's probably doing his hair, and Terry laughs, "Yeah!" Shelley continues that she's an absolute sucker for guys with blonde hair - the minute she saw Tony, she thought, 'Blue eyes, blond hair... he can take her out any time!' She then asks Terry not to tell Tony she said so! Terry awkwardly says, "Blond hair...?" Shelley replies, "Yeah..." Terry laughs awkwardly. Shelley asks what's wrong.

At the riding school, Fiona tells Stephen that Terry wasn't trying to put one over on him - all he was trying to point out was what she told him; if he was to apologise and take things a little less seriously, Terry would be happy to come back. Stephen snaps that he's not in the habit of kowtowing to the employees. Fiona replies that she didn't mean that. She then backs down from her argument and tells Stephen that she appointed him as manager and will let him do what he wants to do. She tells him to treat the whole thing the way he thinks best; she'd better be getting back.

Terry tells Shelley that, yeah, the guy that's coming there tonight... Shelley snaps, "If he ever gets here... " Terry continues that Tony's not who she thinks he is - he's the guy she met at the waterhole, not the guy she met later. Looking surprised, Shelley asks Terry why he didn't tell her. Terry points out that he didn't know she didn't know which one he was! Shelley says she can't even remember what the other guy looked like - apart from the fact that he was little; the blond guy was really something... Terry tells her that the blond guy loves himself. Shelley says she doesn't blame him! Terry continues that Tony is a real great 'little' bloke; he might look like he hasn't been around, but he's been inside and eveything - he's a real fascinating bloke. Shelley comments that at least he doesn't sound dull, and Marlene agrees that he doesn't sound too bad. Shelley says she'll have to see. At that moment, Tony comes in and Terry introduces him. He and Shelley smile at each other.

Margaret is standing behind the reception desk at the riding school, and she comments to Stephen, who's standing the other side of the desk, that it sounds like he's been in the wars again. Stephen says he hasn't really. He then continues that he's running the place and he has to do it the way he sees fit; he's never seen such a lazy group of people in his life. He adds that it may be the way they do things round there, but it'll never allow the place to break even, let alone make a profit. He continues that he's handling it the best way he can - what else can he do? Margaret suggests that he calm down, for a start - have a good night's sleep and things won't seem half as bad in the morning.

It's early the next morning; a few sheep can be heard baaing in the grounds. There's silence, otherwise, which is suddenly broken by the sound of a 'phone ringing. Jill comes into reception to answer it. It's one of the guests, and Jill tells her - referring to her as Mrs. Slater - that 2pm will be fine. She hangs up and Stephen, who followed her in, asks where everybody is. Jill says she guesses they're out on strike; there's one girl making breakfast in the kitchen, but there's no one at the stables; the staff are serious about backing Terry. She asks Stephen what he's going to do. Stephen snaps that if they don't want to turn up for work, he'll get people who do. Jill looks worried.

Tony is asleep on the couch at the Hansen property; the TV's on and there's loud country music blaring out from it. There's suddenly a loud knocking on the front door, and it wakes him up; he stirs and several tinnies roll onto the floor as he stands up. He goes and opens the door to find Jill standing there. She comes in and asks him if he can get Terry up for her. As she says this, she looks around at the state of the house. She then asks Tony to make himself scarce while she talks to Terry. Tony wanders off in a daze, and Jill turns the TV off. Tony comes back in with Terry following, looking half-asleep. Tony says he'll make some coffee, and he leaves them. Terry asks Jill what she's doing there. Jill tells him that she's not there by choice - she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for something important.

In the reception area, Stephen slams the 'phone down and snaps to Margaret that Alan Pascoe is as bad as the rest of them - 'have to be careful how you treat them - they can be pretty sensitive'; he's useless. Margaret tells Stephen that there's no point getting wound up. Stephen, though, snaps that they really are the biggest bunch of no-hopers he's ever come across; all he's asking is that they do the job they're paid to do - if they don't want to work, they shouldn't take the job. He snaps that they'll see - he'll get something moving. The two of them head outside, and as they do so, Margaret warns Stephen not to do anything silly. They suddenly see Patricia pulling up in her car, and Stephen snaps, "God, that's all I need."

As Patricia walks over to them, Margaret comments that this is obviously going to be a personal conversation, so she'll leave them to it. Stephen, though, tells her that it's alright - there's very little he and Patricia have to say to each other. Patricia asks if they can't go somewhere and talk; she adds that she wants to come back to him. Stephen angrily asks if Matt isn't a good enough meal ticket for her. Patricia tells him that there's nothing going on between them, but Stephen snaps that he's not a fool - he saw them - asleep together. Patricia looks surprised as he continues that she had no idea he went to the apartment that night - and he also knows that they went away on holiday. He adds that, if he's learnt anything about her, it's when she's lying. Patricia insists that she's not lying, and she asks Stephen to just give her a chance to explain. Stephen, though, snaps that he's not interested - he came there to get away from having her around his neck, so if she doesn't mind...; he walks over to his car, gets in and drives off. Patricia looks at Margaret, who walks off. Stephen drives down the track and he goes to turn right at the bottom. As he does so, another car is just turning up the same road, and it honks its horn to catch Stephen's attention - it's Terry; Jill is in the passenger seat. Stephen gets out of his car and calls to Terry to ask what he wants. Terry asks him why he didn't tell him yesterday that the place is almost going bust. Stephen retorts that he was about to. Terry says he would have understood why Stephen was carrying on if he'd said something; he knows there are a lot of people round there who could do with a good kick up the backside, but yelling at them isn't the way to go about it. Stephen starts to say that, by the same token-- Terry interrupts, though, and says he doesn't want any arguments; they should just shake on it and get on with it. He holds out his hand and Stephen shakes it. Jill comments that it's not before time! Terry tells Stephen that he should thank Jill for this. Jill says she's just glad they've come to their senses - she didn't want to see Fiona going down the drain because of two grown men acting like spoilt kids.

Margaret is in the reception area. Patricia is sitting in one of the chairs. Margaret says to her that she doesn't know why she even bothered to come inside - it's perfectly obvious that Stephen doesn't want to see her. Patricia glares at her but doesn't say anything. Margaret continues that she thought Patricia would have come up with a better story about Matt; she can't seriously believe Stephen's going to accept that she only has a 'nice platonic relationship' with him. She adds that he wasn't joking about catching them in bed together; she must think he's a real idiot if she expects him to believe a word of what she has to say. Patricia just sits there.

Terry and Stephen's cars pull up outside and they get out. Terry tells Stephen that he'll duck in, 'phone around and get everyone back to work. Stephen asks him to 'phone from the office; nodding towards Patricia's car, he continues that he has something personal to deal with. Jill says she'll hang around outside.

Stephen goes inside to find Patricia sitting there. Margaret asks to be excused, and she leaves them to it. When she's gone, Stephen says to Patricia that he doesn't know how she can allow herself to be humiliated like this; why doesn't she go? - he's not changing his mind. Patricia says, "Please..." She asks him to let her have her say - without interrupting - and adds that, if he still doesn't believe her, she'll go and they can call their marriage quits. Stephen agrees, and he sits down. Patricia tells him that, that night when he came to the house - the night Matt was there - it's not what he thinks; there's nothing between them and never has been; it's just that she was going through a bad time - she was having a particularly bad night; she was frightened and lonely, and Matt was there to comfort her; it is possible for someone to just comfort you. Stephen snaps that, sure, it's possible for some people. Patricia continues that Matt has been a good friend to her - that's why she went to stay with him; she had nowhere else to go - and she can talk to him; anyway, he suggested that a break in Perth might be good for her, and she thought 'why not?'; it might help her to clear things in her mind - and it did; she realised how very much she loves him - and she wanted to come back to him - on his terms; it's the truth. She tells Stephen that it's up to him. Stephen pauses and then replies that he doesn't believe her - he's given into her before, and five minutes later, she's back doing exactly what she wanted; he's not risking it again. He says she'd better go. Patricia sits there looking upset, but doesn't say anything. She then stands up and slowly walks out. Stephen remains inside, looking worried. Outside, as she walks along the verandah, Patricia starts crying. As she reaches her car, she bursts into tears.

That night, Matt is sitting in his flat with an attractive young woman, and they're both sipping drinks. He remarks that he didn't think she'd fall for all the obvious set-ups. The woman asks who's fallen for it! She then adds that she's enjoying it! Matt comments that he must be losing his touch! The front door suddenly opens, and Patricia comes in. Matt stands up in surprise and asks what she's doing back. Patricia, also looking taken aback, says she's sorry - she should have called. She tells him that it's alright - she'll take herself off to a movie. Matt asks her if she'll be alright. Patricia assures him that she'll be fine. He then tells her that he wasn't expecting her back. Patricia just says, "No." Matt asks her if he'll see her tomorrow. Patricia tells him that he will, and she then leaves. Matt closes the door behind her.

A while later, Patricia is standing leaning against some railings and watching the cars passing on the busy road below her.

Sometime later still, she walks towards a hotel with the sign 'Arthur's Court' above it; the sign also indicates that the bar is open until 3am. She looks up at the sign and then heads inside.

Margaret and Stephen are sitting in the reception area at the riding school, and Stephen asks Margaret if she thinks he was fair on Patricia. Margaret replies that, from what he said, it sounds like he was more than fair. Stephen remarks that maybe she was telling the truth - she seemed genuine; there were no tears. Margaret, trying to change the subject, comments that he's done very well for himself today. Stephen, though, continues talking about Patrica, and asks how can he ever tell? Margaret tells him that they'll see changes round there, soon enough. Stephen distantly says yes, he supposes they will...

Matt is asleep on the couch in his apartment when Patricia comes in. The TV is on, and she turns it off. As she does so, Matt wakes up. Patricia tells him that she's sorry to disturb him - she thought he'd be in bed by now. Matt assures her that it's fine, and adds that he's glad she's back. He stretches and yawns as she sits down next to him, and he puts his arm around her. He then tells her that he was worried about her; she still looks upset. Patricia sighs and explains that she went to a bar - on her own; she's never done that in her life before; still, there's a first time for everything... she thinks she was trying to let it 'all hang out'! She adds that she even let herself get chatted up by some dreadful little fake! Matt laughs. Patricia continues that she doesn't know who was more pathetic - him or her; she let him buy her one drink, but she couldn't go on; he kept sliding his hand onto her wrist - it got to the stage where she felt like stubbing her cigarette out on him! Matt laughs again. Patricia goes on that, since then, she's been to a couple of coffee places; she's been stared at; winked at; even offered some money!; then she came back there because she feels safe. Matt assures her that she is. They look at each other, and then kiss gently. Matt tells Patricia that he just wants to make her happy; he doesn't want her on the rebound - only if she wants him. Patricia gazes into his eyes, and they then start kissing again, this time more passionately...


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