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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Andy tells Amanda that it's childish, if you ask him. Amanda tells him to keep his voice down, as she doesn't want the others to know. She adds that she's old enough to make up her own mind. Andy tells her that her now and her the other day don't go together. Amanda asks him what he's talking about, and then asks if he means all that stuff about her wanting to be around 'normal' people. She continues that she meant it - it's just that people like Wayne get away with too much - and if she's got the chance to do something about it, she'd be crazy not to take it. Andy replies that he thinks it's crazy doing anything that makes life heavy - life's too short. Amanda asks if he thinks that because he's a drop-out! She then assures him that she's not really mad. Andy replies that of course she's not - she just takes getting used to!

Outside, Gordon is sitting with Barbara on a bench in the garden, and he tells her that he can understand why she didn't tell him earlier. Barbara cries that she didn't want anyone to know; then Stephen guessed - although the way she's been, she supposes it wasn't hard. She sobs that she just loved Roland so much; you think you know someone... Gordon tells her that the important thing is that Andy isn't the meat in the sandwich; she's got to say something to him. Barbara says Stephen is leaving for Woombai soon - she supposes she'd better speak to Andy now.

Inside, Amanda tells Andy that the main thing is to get away from Dural without too much fuss. Andy replies that he's really not interested in how she does it. Amanda says it helps to talk it over, but Andy tells her to find someone else. Barbara comes in at that moment, and Amanda asks her how she is. Barbara just asks for a few moments with Andy, and Amanda leaves them to it. Andy tells Barbara that he's sorry she had to find out. Barbara says, "Yes..." She then continues that she doesn't mean to be rude, but this is her home; Stephen and Amanda are her guests, and she thinks it would be better if Andy does his socialising with them somewhere else. Andy says he understands. Barbara tells him that she knows none of this is his fault. Andy replies that he said he understands, and he adds that he'll just go upstairs and say goodbye to Stephen. As he goes to leave the lounge room, he asks Barbara if there's anything she wants him to tell his mum. Barbara snaps, "No - no, thankyou." He goes. Barbara closes the doors behind him and then turns and leans against them, sighing heavily as she does so.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Kevin rants that he can just see the look on Wayne's face - he'll be so smug. Lynn tells him that he'll just have to make the best of it. Kevin retorts that if they didn't need the money so much, he'd tell Wayne what to do with his job. Lynn sighs that she wishes he could. Looking at his watch, Kevin says he'd better get a move on, as he doesn't want Wayne calling him a bludger. He and Lynn head into the lounge room; as they do so, Beryl comes into the room from the hallway. She reminds Kevin what she said. Kevin agrees that he'll be as polite to Wayne as Wayne is to him. Beryl heads into the kitchen and Kevin and Lynn go to the front door. Lynn remarks that at least Beryl has calmed down. Kevin agrees that it's something - but he's still the baddy and Wayne is 'Mr. Nice Guy'. He adds that he wishes Amanda could have come up with something.

Wayne is standing in the lounge room at Toorak, and he's on the 'phone to Don Morton. He tells him that he's been thinking since he hung up earlier: once Morton has worked on Kevin Palmer, he would like him to have a talk with his mother, Beryl; he adds that Morton met her last week. Morton asks if she's the would-be businesswoman. Wayne replies that she's thinking of giving her money away to charity - it's no good to him if she does. Morton asks if she isn't the full quid, or something. Wayne growls that she's too noble for her own good. Morton replies, "Or for yours, eh?!" He then continues that as long as Wayne puts work his way, he'll talk 'til the cows come home. He tells Wayne that he'll see him tomorrow, and they hang up. Wayne stands there looking smug.

Barbara is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Stephen comes in and says they're going now. He adds that Margaret said to say 'thankyou' for having her. Barbara sits there and doesn't respond. Stephen asks her if she's going to come and see them off. Barbara stands up, but then goes to the bar and pours herself a drink. Stephen remarks that it isn't even lunchtime, but Barbara just snaps that she knows. Stephen tells her that it would be better if she let herself go. Barbara snaps that she'll get over it. Stephen tells him to call her when she does. He adds that he loves her. Barbara tells him that she hopes the job turns out well, and he thanks her. He leaves the room. Barbara sips her drink and then puts the glass down on the bar, looking frustrated as she does so.

Kevin opens the front door and walks into Toorak. As he does so, Wayne comes out of the living room and says, "No hard feelings?" Kevin ignores this and snaps that Wayne set him up, didn't he. Wayne retorts that, even if he did, does Kevin think he'd tell him? He then continues that, no, he didn't set him up - but the main thing is that he isn't going to hold a grudge, and he hopes Kevin doesn't, either. He adds that he hopes Beryl isn't going straight back to Woombai, as he's been forced into a business lunch tomorrow and could do with her support. Kevin says he's not sure what her plans are, and he suggests Wayne call her. Wayne tells Kevin that he wants him there, too - there are a couple of clients that he can help butter up. Kevin tells Wayne that he's the boss. Wayne smiles and says, "You better believe it!"

That night, Lynn is doing the washing up in the kitchen at the Palmers' as Kevin stands and tells her that Wayne was acting so ruddy nice - he doesn't know what it is, but he's up to something. Lynn warns him not to say anything to Beryl. Kevin asks if it was OK with his father, Beryl staying down there for a few more days. Lynn tells him that Beryl hasn't rung yet. Kevin asks why not, and Lynn replies that she gets the feeling that Beryl feels bad about agreeing to stay. Kevin laughs that he reckons she's getting off on being a businesswoman! Lynn says she can't blame her - she remembers what she was like when she first started modelling. Kevin says his mother will miss it if she gives the money away, but Lynn points out that it's her choice. Beryl comes in at that moment and asks Kevin if he's seen the letter from Susie's, as she wants to read it to David. She then adds that, before she 'phones, she'd better check what she's got to wear tomorrow; she might have to pop out in the morning and get something. She leaves the kitchen. Kevin tells Lynn that she's going to miss it alright.

David is lying in bed, asleep, at Woombai. There's a knock on his bedroom door and Margaret then opens it. She quietly says, "David..." She notices that he's asleep, and stands in the doorway for a couple of seconds, looking at him. She then walks into the room and closes the door quietly behind her. She walks over to the bed and stands and looks at David lying there peacefully. She then sits down on the chair next to the bed.

Fiona and Stephen walk into the reception area at the riding school. Fiona says she's sorry Margaret couldn't join them - she's met her, but she's never really had a chance to get to know her. Stephen explains that he thinks she's just being tactful. He then continues that there's something he'd like to do tonight: if the books are in order, he'd like to do some homework. Terry suddenly comes in, cheerfully throws Stephen's car keys to him and tells him that it was just a bit of dirt in the carbie. Stephen thanks him for looking at it. Terry says, "No worries." He then says he's got to be off as it's darts night down the club this evening and he doesn't want to be late! Stephen asks him if they're still driving round the property in the morning, and Terry replies that they sure are. Stephen tells him that he wants to make an early start - no later than 7am. Terry says he'll be there. He heads out, but Fiona goes after him and stops him out in the corridor. She tells him that she knows how free and easy Alan Pascoe is with them all, but Stephen is a different kettle of fish - he's been in big business all his life. Terry says, "So?" Fiona replies that she doesn't think he'd appreciate his employees treating him like one of boys. Terry listens, but then says he'll lose those ideas soon enough! He goes, leaving Fiona looking slightly despairing.

David stirs in bed. He turns over, wakes up and sees Margaret sitting on the chair. She tells him that she met Rosie outside and she told her to come in. David moves around to get himself comfortable, and Margaret goes to move his pillows, but he tells her that he's OK. Margaret explains that Rosie didn't realise he was sleeping. David says they told him that she'd be down. Margaret replies that she thought a lot about what she did. David tells her that it's not important, but Margaret says is to her; she had six months with nothing else to do but think - most of the time about him... and his family; that's when she came up with the idea of paying off the truck; at least she was doing something. David snaps at her that they don't need her help - they're going to pay her back the money just as soon as they can. Margaret says, "Please don't..." but David retorts that he's not the sort of bloke who likes owing anyone; they didn't have much to do with each other before it happened and he doesn't see why it's any different now. The 'phone next to his bed suddenly starts ringing, and he reaches out to get it. It's Beryl, and she asks him how he's going. David asks her to hold the line a tick; he then turns to Margaret and tells her that it's Beryl. Margaret says there are still things she'd like to say, but David tells her that there's no point - she's sorry for what she did, so they can just leave it at that. Margaret picks up her bag and leaves the room. David returns to the 'phone and explains to Beryl that he had someone there. Beryl asks who it was, but David tells her that it was no one.

Barbara is talking on the 'phone on the bar in the lounge room at Dural. She tells Patricia - who's on the other end - that she's not in the habit of telling lies; if she wants to speak to Stephen, try Woombai. She slams the 'phone down. Gordon comes in as she does so, and asks what all the shouting was about. Barbara snaps that it was Patricia - she has a hide ringing up at 7:30 in the morning. Gordon comments that he thought she was in Perth. Barbara snaps that she's obviously back - and she's still after Stephen. Gordon remarks that she must have been keen to catch him before he went to work. Barbara snaps that she hopes she got a shock when she told her about his new job - that should put paid to them once and for all. Gordon asks why she says that. Barbara retorts that Patricia's not going to bury herself in the country; no damn way. Gordon tells her that it doesn't suit her, being nasty - not even when it's Patricia she's talking about. Barbara calms down and says she's sorry; she's just trying to think of something else to think about. Gordon tells her that she'll get over it. Barbara says she's not so sure.

In the reception area at the riding school, Stephen angrily asks where the hell Terry is; he said no later than 7am. Margaret tells him to calm down, adding that things are far more relaxed in the country. Stephen snaps that they're too relaxed, judging by the books last night - the place is just about broke. Margaret says she can't understand Fiona letting it run down like that. Stephen replies that Fiona isn't a businesswoman - she trusts her staff too much. A car horn suddenly roars outside, and Stephen recognises it as Terry's. He snaps that Terry is half an hour late and can't even come in and tell them he's there. Margaret asks if she can come along too, and Stephen agrees. As they go out, the 'phone starts ringing. The receptionist answers it and then tells Stephen that it's his wife. Stephen tells the receptionist to tell Patricia that he's too busy to talk to her. The receptionist returns to the 'phone and tells Patricia to call back later. Stephen goes out, but Margaret hangs back and tells the receptionist that Stephen is having a few problems. She adds that, if his wife calls again, the receptionist should tell her; she really doesn't think Stephen should be bothered for a while. The receptionist points out that he's the boss. Margaret says she knows, but Patricia is her sister; it might help if she talked to her. The receptionist says, "Fine." Margaret looks pleased with herself.

As Stephen heads outside, Terry calls out that he's sorry for being a bit late - he had a few too many beers last night! Stephen snaps that he's not interested. He continues that Terry is paid to be there on time, and he snaps at him to make sure he is in future. Terry calmly replies that it's the same place as it was half an hour ago, and he doesn't reckon it's going anywhere, either. Stephen gets into the car. Terry asks Margaret what's eating him. Margaret just shakes her head.

Later, at Woombai, Stephen tells Fiona that he knows the opinions of the men after one morning are that he's a tyrant, but he's very concerned - Alan Pascoe is well-meaning enough, but he lets the men get away with far too much. Fiona asks if it's not just a different attitude to work. Stephen replies that that's part of it, but there's also what he saw this morning: men rolling up late for work, stablehands standing around chatting while guests waited for horses, a beginners' class cancelled because Alan gave the instructor the day off and forgot to line up someone else; and that's just in one morning - it's not the way to build up good word-of-mouth, and they need it. Fiona asks if it's that bad. Stephen tells her that she had all those improvements done on Greg Flynn's say-so and he didn't come through with the package for them; there's a lot of money going out and not much coming in. Fiona asks him what he suggests. Stephen replies that she hired him to make the place work, and he wants to do it - but it's going to need a bomb under it. He continues that he supposes he's really there to get her go-ahead. Fiona asks him if he expects trouble. Stephen replies that it depends on how the men react. He asks Fiona if he has her backing - trouble or not. Fiona tells him to do what he has to do.

Lynn is ironing when Kevin gets home, and she remarks that he's back early. She then asks where Beryl is, and Kevin replies that she's still there. He then tells Lynn to guess what happened. Lynn asks, "What?" Kevin asks her how she'd like to go to London - to live! Lynn smiles broadly and asks him what he's talking about. Kevin explains that he was talking to this bloke called Don Morton - he was telling him about some friends of his who are looking for Australians for their company; he's a stockbroker - apparently they like training Australians for the job because they're such good workers. He continues that this guy, Don, is going to set him up an interview. He adds that Lynn should have seen the look on Wayne's face - he heard them talking; he'll be spitting chips if he gets a break like that! Lynn asks him if he's got the right qualifications. Kevin replies that Don seemed to think so; anyway, he's putting in a good word for him. Lynn smiles and says it would be incredible if it came off! She asks if Beryl knows, and Kevin replies that she's rapt, too; Don spent a lot of time telling her all about it as well. Lynn happily says it sounds like they've got a lot to thank him for - whoever he is!

Beryl is standing talking to Don Morton in the lounge room at Toorak. He tells her that it's been nice seeing her again, and he adds that he'll do everything he can for Kevin. Beryl thanks him. He walks to the front door, where Wayne is standing, having just said goodbye to some of the other guests. Morton remarks, "My God, she can talk!" Wayne thanks him and tells him that he's done a great job on both of them. Morton replies that, as far as the position goes, Kevin will have to make a good show the same as everyone else; all he can do is put in a good word for him. Wayne says he'll keep his fingers crossed. Morton continues that he thinks he softened Beryl up, too; she did most of the talking, but it's looking promising. Wayne tells him that he owes him one. Morton calls out, "Bye, Beryl." Beryl calls back, "Bye." Wayne smiles, looking pleased with himself, then shuts the door and goes inside. He joins Beryl in the lounge room, where she's starting to tidy away the leftover food and drink. Wayne tells her to leave it, as the caterers are coming back to clear it up. He then invites her to sit down, and tells her as she does so that she was quite a hit with Don. Beryl comments that he seems a nice man. She then adds that it was good of him to take such an interest in Kevin. Wayne tells her that he was impressed with both of them. He continues that Don admires what she's doing for charity - he's quite big on the charity gig. Beryl remarks, "So he was saying." Wayne tells her that Morton does it a lot differently to her. Beryl recalls that he was saying: he makes his money work for him and then gives away the profits. Wayne asks her if she's thought of doing the same thing. Beryl says she's not clever enough to do that, but Wayne replies that she could be in time. He asks if she knows what Don called her: a closet businesswoman - she's had none of the opportunities but has all the potential; it's a shame she's getting rid of all the money. Beryl looks round at the expensive-looking decor, and says she has to admit that she does like all this. Wayne tells her to think about if for a few days - he knows her attitude to the promise she made, and he thinks it's admirable, but there's more than one way to skin a cat. He continues that, if she took Don's advice, she'd get all the fun of being a businesswoman and do all the good she wanted, too...

Margaret is walking towards the Woombai homestead, but she stops in her tracks as she notices and hears Stephen yelling at Terry about the men not working hard enough. She listens momentarily and then goes into the reception area. She asks the receptionist if she's got any idea what's going on between the two men. The receptionist explains that Terry just tried to give Stephen some advice, but Stephen got hot under the collar. Margaret suggests that perhaps it was the way Terry went about it, but the recepionist replies that Terry was fine - it was Mr. Morrell who started arguing. She adds that he's only been there for a couple of days and reckons he knows everything; he's going the right way about getting everyone to jack-up on him. Margaret says she's sure they'll work it out. The receptionist tells her that, if they don't, she'll be behind Terry all the way. Changing the subject, she suddenly remembers that Patricia called again; she hands Margaret a piece of paper and says she doesn't reckon the timing's too good. Margaret reads the piece of paper, smiles and says, "I see..."

Outside, Terry yells at Stephen that they've just got a different way of doing things up there. Stephen retorts that Terry should have a look at the books. Terry snaps that he just came to give Stephen some advice; if he doesn't want it, he's asking for trouble. Stephen asks if that's a threat. Terry, looking incredulous, snaps that he doesn't believe him - for someone who's been in business as long as him, he's pretty thick when it comes to handling men. Stephen snaps at Terry to get back to work or he may be the first to go. Upon hearing this, Terry tells him to stuff his job. He starts to walk off and snaps that he reckons plenty of the others will do the same thing before too long. Stephen angrily calls out, "Terry." Terry turns and snaps, "You heard me." Stephen walks over to Margaret and tells her that Terry is a stubborn idiot - but he'll be back. Indicating the piece of paper she's holding, Margaret tells Stephen that he needs this like a hole in the head: Patricia is coming up tomorrow. She asks him if he's going to put her off. Stephen snaps that, if she wants to waste time, let her - he's in just the mood to tell her what he thinks of her. He walks off. Margaret stands there, smiling and looking pleased with herself...


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