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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Wayne angrily snaps at Kevin that he took the key he left for an emergency and used it to go through his personal papers; it's a breach of trust. Kevin tells Wayne not to try and talk his way out of it. He then turns to his mother and asks her why, if it isn't true, Wayne doesn't say so. Beryl turns to Wayne and points out that if it's going to clear the air... Wayne snaps that he doesn't like being accused of being a con merchant. Kevin retorts that there's only one way to prove he isn't. Wayne reluctantly says he'll do it, but he adds that the bank will be closed by the time they get back to Melbourne. Kevin says that's OK - they'll meet there in the morning - before it opens. Wayne snaps, "Fine."

Sometime later, Kevin and Beryl walk into the Palmer house, and Lynn asks how the flight was. Kevin just says it was OK. Lynn then asks how David is, and Beryl replies that he's improving - slowly. She heads off to freshen up, leaving Kevin to tell Lynn that his mother didn't like the methods he used against Wayne. Lynn reminds him that he's only looking after her money, but Kevin says to tell her that - Wayne's really done a good job on her. Lynn warily says she hopes the Power of Attorney form is in the deposit box. Kevin assures her that it will be. He adds that she should have seen Wayne trying to squirm his way out of it - it'll be worth being in Beryl's bad books just to get him. Beryl comes back in and says she'll give David a call. She goes to the 'phone, and Lynn remarks to Kevin that she seems OK. Kevin replies that, tomorrow, she'll see he's right.

David is sitting up in a chair at Woombai, and he tells Beryl that he feels good, but he still doesn't understand why she's in Melbourne. Beryl explains that it was just a business problem that came up; while she's there, she's going to check on the legal side of giving her money away to charity; she'll be back tomorrow night. She tells David to look after himself, and David replies that there are no worries there - everyone is doing everything for him! He tells Beryl to say 'hello' to Lynn, Kevin and Davey for him, and they then say goodbye and hang up. Doug asks David how come Beryl is in Melbourne, and David replies that there's some business problem. Fiona curtly remarks that as long as Beryl doesn't let Wayne put one over on her... She then tells David that it's high time he was in bed. David looks at his watch and says it's barely hast half seven! Fiona tells him that she knows - and she also knows that he has to have lots of rest! Terry and Tony come in and Terry tells David that it's alright: they've just put a portable TV in his room! He and Fiona help David stand up and David asks where they got the TV from. Terry says it's his - David can use it 'til he's better. The two of them leave the room. Tony comments that it's going to be a while before David will be back on his feet again. Doug says he's doing alright. Fiona adds that he just needs lots of looking after. She heads off to the kitchen, leaving Doug and Tony alone. Tony settles down on one of the chairs with some reading material, and Doug asks him what it is. Tony replies that it's a 'Phantom' comic. Doug comments that comics are a waste of time. He then asks Tony if he's given any more thought to what he was saying. Tony tells him not to start again - he's 18; how would it look if he went tramping off to school with a load of kids?; they'd probably reckon he's a real dill. Terry comes back in and Tony asks him if he wants to go fishing in the morning. Doug tells him that he can't spend the rest of his life fishing, but Tony retorts that he's too old to go back to school. Terry teases that he can just see him in short pants and a cap! Doug ignores this and tells Tony that he was thinking about the local school - he and David discussed it; the country kids wouldn't make fun of him. Tony says, "Want a bet?" Fiona comes in and asks for a hand with the dishes. Tony willingly says he'll help. He storms out.

Beryl starts to clear the kitchen table at the Palmer house. Lynn says she'll do it, but Beryl insists that she's sat down enough today - not that she couldn't get used to it if she tried! Kevin tells her that she could if she kept the money - then she could get a maid or two! Becoming serious, he then asks her if she's really going to give the money away. Beryl replies that she'll make sure everyone is taken care of first. Lynn tells her that she and Kevin aren't worried about themselves, but she and David have worked all their lives. Beryl says she knows it sounds crazy, but it feels like she made a bargain with God - he kept his side and now it's up to her to keep hers. Kevin tells her that it is crazy, and he adds that he reckons she'll regret it. Beryl retorts that she and David have been perfectly happy without money - and it'll only bring problems - look at Wayne; all the money in the world couldn't have made it up to her if she'd lost David; she's got him back - that's all she needs.

Wayne gets into Toorak and sighs heavily. He puts his briefcase down on the hall table and turns on the lamp. He then opens the case and takes out a piece of paper - it's the Power of Attorney form signed by Beryl. As he folds it up again, he looks smug...

The next morning, Tony and Terry are walking towards the waterhole, and Tony is ranting about Doug getting on his wick with his talk about him going back to school. As they approach the waterhole, Tony grins as he suddenly notices a girl swimming in the middle. Terry tells him that it's Shelley Barton, and he calls out, "Hi, Shell!" Shelley calls back, "Hi!" Terry calls out that she'll be scaring all the fish away! With only her head above water, Tony asks Terry if he reckons she's in the raw! Terry says he wouldn't be surprised! He calls out to Shelley to ask how they're supposed to do any fishing with her around! Shelley calls back that she's coming out now anyway; she approaches the bank but is wearing a bikini! She grabs her towel and Terry asks her how Marlene is. Shelley replies that she's OK. Terry asks if she's still going out with Gary Johnson, but Shelley says she isn't - she didn't want to get tied down! She walks off. Tony comments to Terry that she's a real good looker!

As Shelley is walking along in the grounds at Woombai, John comes towards on her a horse. He says a polite, "Hello," as he passes her, and, caught off-guard momentarily, Shelley trips and falls. John asks her if she's alright, and he gets off his horse to help her. Shelley says she thinks she is - she's just turned her ankle. John offers to give her a ride back to the guest house, but Shelley quickly says it's alright - really... John tells her that he'll see her.

Tony asks Terry if Shelley lives round there. Terry replies that she lives a mile down the road - her old man owns a dairy farm. Tony smiles as he comments that she's a bit of a good looker! Terry says she's just a kid, but Tony replies that she's plenty old enough for him! He asks Terry how come he didn't give him an intro. Terry laughs that the way Tony was standing there with his mouth open, she probably thought he was some kind of idiot! Tony says, "Some kind of mate!" Terry tells Tony that if he's that keen, he'll line him up a date with her! Tony says, "For real?!" He adds that that would be great!

Amanda joins Stephen for breakfast at Dural, and she tells him that she's bored - she should have gone to Melbourne with Charlie to help organise the fashion show. She then asks him if he got Charlie's letter. Stephen asks what letter. Amanda replies that she left it with the rest of the mail on the hall table. Stephen says he didn't see it. Barbara comes in and curtly asks if she can clear the table, as it is the middle of the morning. Amanda snaps that everything's cold anyway. Barbara snaps back that it wouldn't be if she'd got up at a reasonable hour. Stephen suggests to Amanda that maybe the letter is still on the table, but Barbara tells him that there's nothing on there now - she's cleared it all out. Amanda tells her that there was a personal letter there for Stephen. Barbara snaps that it's not there now and it wasn't when she looked. Amanda insists that it must have been. Stephen says he's sure it wasn't important - probably Charlie making another attempt to get him and Patricia together again. Barbara snaps that she wishes Charlie would mind her own business. She heads off to tidy the study, and Amanda remarks to her father that she's in a foul mood. Stephen replies that his sister likes her privacy; recently, she's been straddled with too many stray dogs and their problems. Amanda replies that they'll be out of her hair soon enough. Stephen says he and Margaret will be; he thought she would be staying on. Amanda quickly says, "Yeah..." She adds that she probably will - and at least she won't give Barbara any headaches. Stephen says he'd better see if he can snap her out of her mood.

Barbara is tidying some papers in the study when Stephen comes in. He stands in the doorway and asks if he should wave a white flag! Barbara retorts that he might get it shot out of his hand! Stephen says he noticed, and he asks if she's gunning for anyone in particular. Barbara snaps that everyone is getting on her nerves at the moment. Stephen calmly says he thinks he knows what the problem is - it's just a hunch, but if he's right, they should talk about it. Barbara asks what it is. Stephen replies that it's about Andy's father. Barbara curtly retorts, "Oh really?" Stephen continues that he thinks he knows who he is. Barbara tells him to go on. Stephen says, "It was Roland, wasn't it." Barbara snaps that that's a ridiculous idea. She then starts to break down, though, and Stephen tells her that she should have told him. Barbara sobs that she couldn't believe it herself - she thought she knew Roland; she thought their marriage meant as much to him as... Stephen tells her that she knows Roland loved her. Barbara angrily asks why he had an affair with Helen Green, then; she just feels very betrayed. Stephen tells her that he had an affair with Helen, too; there was something... a 'mystique' about her - but it didn't mean he loved Caroline any less. Barbara snaps that men are so bloody glib - it just doesn't wash. Stephen tells her that he doesn't want her thinking that her whole marriage was wasted. He then tells her that she should tell Andy. Barbara snaps, "No." Stephen insists that he has the right to know who his father is. Barbara snaps that she doesn't want anyone to know; she doesn't want anything to do with the boy - she never wants to see him again. Stephen asks her how she's going to explain that. Barbara snaps that Dural is her house; she doesn't have to explain. Stephen tells her not to go off the deep end. Barbara cries that if he has any feelings for her at all, he'll do as she asks. She walks out, leaving Stephen looking shocked.

Later, Barbara is coming downstairs when there's a knock on the front door. She goes to answer it and finds Andy standing there. She curtly tells him that Amanda is upstairs; she'll get her. As she goes to find her, Stephen comes out of the study and tells Andy that he'd like a word with him. Barbara warns, "Stephen..." Stephen replies that he's sorry, but he has to. Andy asks what's going on. Stephen tells him to come into the study. Barbara glares at him.

Kevin and Beryl arrive back at the Palmers', and Lynn asks Kevin if Wayne turned up. Kevin says he did. Lynn asks about the safety deposit box. Kevin glumly replies that there were only some of his private papers in it. Beryl curtly adds that there was no Power of Attorney form. Lynn tells Kevin that he was so sure; Wayne must have got to it beforehand. Kevin says he doesn't see how. Beryl tells him that he managed to make a prize idiot of both of them. Kevin snaps that Wayne outsmarted him. Beryl snaps back that he outsmarted himself - this is the second time she's listened to someone accuse Wayne of putting one over on her, and this is the second time they've been proven wrong; she doesn't know how she can face him again. Lynn points out that Kevin was only trying to do what he thought was best. Beryl snaps at Kevin that he didn't even have the grace to apologise. Kevin retorts that Wayne really pulled the wool over her eyes. Beryl tells him that she takes people as she finds them, and Wayne has always been pleasant and helpful to her. Kevin snaps that it's only because it suits him - he's out to rip her off. Beryl snaps that she doesn't want to hear another word - it'll be a long time before she forgets how embarrassed she was this morning; she's only amazed that Wayne didn't insist he be fired; she couldn't have gone against him if he had. She storms off. Lynn sympathetically tells Kevin that everyone makes mistakes. Kevin, though, insists that he didn't make a mistake - Wayne has pulled some kind of stunt; he just seemd too edgy when he fronted him yesterday. Lynn suggests that maybe it was an act. Kevin asks why he'd do that. Lynn points out that Beryl won't believe him now - not if it's something against Wayne. Kevin nods and says, "Yeah..." He tells Lynn that she's right: he bets that's why Wayne did it - it was a set-up right from the start and he played right into his hands; Wayne gave him the key, planted the receipt and gave him time to snoop; he fell for it hook, line and sinker. Lynn points out that Beryl is going to give all the money away - Wayne won't have a chance to get his hands on it. Kevin retorts that Wayne will find a way - he won't let that much money slip through his fingers; and now he's got Beryl right where he wants her...

Andy is sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Amanda comes in and tells him that Stephen said he was upset. Andy replies that he's not upset - just a bit thrown. Amanda asks, "About what?" Andy explains that Stephen told him who his real father was: "Mrs. Hamilton's first husband." A look of surprise crosses Amanda's face. Andy continues that it's no wonder Barbara doesn't like him. Amanda asks if Barbara knows about Roland being his father. Andy replies that she does. He then suggests to Amanda that maybe he shouldn't have told her. Amanda, though, says it's terrific news, as it gets her off the hook; now she can tell Wayne where to go. She adds that, boy, is she going to enjoy telling him! She goes to the 'phone and dials the number for Toorak, but it's engaged and she hangs up in annoyance.

Wayne is on the 'phone to a guy named Don Morton, and he says he just wants to make sure Morton hasn't forgotten their little talk last week about the employee he wants to get rid of. Morton replies that he's been looking into it - he'd say that, by the end of the week, Wayne will have his problem sorted out. Wayne smiles smugly as he tells Morton that that's exactly what he wanted to hear...

Shelley is walking along the road when Terry's car horn sounds and he pulls up next to her. He asks her if she's going into town, and when she says she is, he tells her to get in. He pulls away again, and as they move along, Shelley asks him who that spunk was that she saw him with at the waterhole this morning. Terry laughs and replies that it was Tony Parker - he's staying at Woombai. He adds that he was a bit impressed with her as well; he promised Tony that he'd get him a date with her! He adds that he was going to suggest to Marelene that they make it a foursome. Shelley laughs that he just wants a date with Marlene! Terry asks Shelley if she's interested, and she replies, "Why not?!" Terry tells her that he'll tee it up with Marlene for tonight.

Shelley is talking to Marlene, who says, "I suppose so." Shelley says to her that she likes Terry, doesn't she? Marlene replies that he'd be alright if he kept his hands to himself! Shelley tells her that she should have seen the other guy - what a hunk! - he must have thought she was staying there, as he offered her a ride back to the guesthouse. She adds that she'd ride off into the sunset with him any time!

Tony and Terry arrive back at Woombai, and Tony says, "It's really on?!" He then tells David, who's lying on the couch, that Terry has arranged dates for them for tonight. Fiona asks him if he's got any ironing to do, and Tony goes to get it. David remarks to Terry that he thought he'd be too old for double dating. Terry replies that he won't cramp Tony's style; they can enjoy themselves; he and Marlene will be doing their own thing!

Stephen is sitting in the study at Dural when Barbara comes in. He tells her that he was looking for her. Barbara asks him if he told Andy. Stephen says, "Yes." Barbara angrily asks if her feelings don't come into it. Stephen replies that of course they do, but ignoring Andy isn't going to make the facts go away. Barbara snaps that every time she sees Andy, she sees Roland; she almost hates him. She tells Stephen that she wants the boy out of the house for good - and she's almost tempted to say the same to him. Stephen points out that he'll be gone soon anyway. Barbara retorts that she'll never forgive him for telling Andy - don't think she will.

In the lounge room, Amanda is on the 'phone to Kevin, and she tells him that it's rotten - Wayne told her that he'd fix him when he had to rehire him because of his mum; now it looks like he has. Kevin says he's done his dash with his mum as far as Wayne is concerned. He asks her if there's anything she can think of to show up what he really is, but Amanda replies that she would have used it by now if she had. Kevin tells her that it's OK; he adds that at least Wayne hasn't got her over a barrel now. Amanda tells him to keep in touch. They say goodbye and hang up. Amanda then turns to Andy and tells him that Wayne is so slimy, he could wriggle out of anything. Andy points out that at least she doesn't have to be involved with him anymore. Amanda agrees, but then appears to think of something, and suggests that maybe she should... Andy asks what she means. Amanda replies that she could pretend to go along with his deal and move back in with him. Andy asks her why she'd do that. Amanda tells him that it would be to make him pay; she's going to take a leaf out of his book - he deserves to be paid back for everything he's done to her, Barbara and Stephen. Andy suggests that she's being a bit heavy, isn't she? Amanda asks why shouldn't she be. She continues that she'll go along with his deal and let him think he's got her where he wants her - and then she'll get him. She smiles as she tells Andy that Wayne will be sorry he ever met her...


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