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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

At Woombai, Doug is helping David hobble into the lounge room. Beryl is holding him the other side and Tony is following behind them. Beryl and Doug help David onto the couch, but Beryl asks him if he's sure he wouldn't rather go to bed. David tells her that he's sick and tired of beds! Tony chips in that anything's better than the hospital! David tells them all that they don't know how good it is to be there. Rosie comes in and puts a blanket over him. When David tries to protest, Beryl tells him they can't help fussing! David assures them that he's not an invalid! Jill comes in and asks him if she can get him anything. Tony suggests they have a couple of beers. Beryl sternly suggests a cup of tea might be more appropriate, and David says tea will be fine! John comes in and shakes David's hand, telling him that it's good to see him back on his feet. Beryl says they just have to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Doug tells his son that it's great to have him home again. David thanks him - and then thanks him for coming up there. Doug replies that they were worried there for a while. Beryl asks David if he's sure he wouldn't rather be in bed, and David agrees that maybe he should be. Beryl and Doug help him up. Terry suddenly comes in and calls out for Rosie. Jill immediately looks upset at his presence. When Rosie doesn't respond, Terry asks her if she's seen Rosie about the place. Jill says she'll get her, and she leaves the room. She goes outside, and John follows her. He asks her if she's OK. Jill replies that no, she isn't - not with Terry around - but she'll have to get used to it. John tells her that he's getting fed up of Terry carrying on as if he owns the place. Jill says he's going to be around whether she likes it or not. John says Terry should be being more considerate. Jill says she'll be alright - she thinks she might ask Fiona if she can stay at the Reid house; that way she can get used to him gradually. John tells her that she's letting Terry push her out, but Jill insists that she isn't - it'll be crowded at the homestead with Rosie and Doug and David staying there. John says it's just an excuse, but Jill tells him that she's made up her mind - this is something she has to work out herself.

Back inside, Terry tells Fiona that he's sorry about barging in. Fiona is pouring some tea, and she tells him that they can't keep trying to avoid each other. She continues that, before Jill decided to come up there, they had a talk and she promised to try and get used to him being around. She adds, "Fingers crossed." Terry uncertainly says, "Yeah..." He then asks Fiona what it's like being back in the bush. Fiona smiles and says it's wonderful! She adds that it must be getting to her. Terry asks why, and Fiona explains that she's been a city girl from way back; she never thought she'd choose to live in the country. She tells Terry that it's so good to see him again. Terry says, "Same here."

Jill walks into the reception area at the riding school and the receptionist, looking surprised to see her, asks what she's doing there. Jill replies, "Don't ask!" She then asks if there are any spare rooms. The receptionist tells her that there will be once the current group has gone tomorrow. She asks Jill if she's looking for a room and Jill says she is - if she can clear it with Fiona. A male guest walks up to the reception desk and the receptionist asks him - referring to him as Mr. Walsh - if he's looking forward to his riding leson. Walsh looks over at Jill and asks if she's the new riding instructor! The receptionist tells him that she isn't. Walsh says it's a pity. He then suggests to Jill that maybe they can get together for drinks sometime. With her back to him, she curtly replies, "No thanks." Walsh tells her that most girls say 'no' when really they mean 'yes'. A look of annoyance crosses Jill's face and she turns and snaps, "This one doesn't." Walsh tells her that she doesn't know what she's missing. Jill snaps that she thinks she's got a fair idea. She walks off. Walsh comments to the receptionist that he was wasting his time anyway, in her condition.

There's a knock on the front door at Dural, and Margaret answers it to find Charlie standing there. Charlie tells Margaret that she's just the person she wants to see - she's got a bone to pick with her.

Inside, Margaret asks what she's done. Charlie replies that she just ran into Stephen - he knows about Patricia and Matt Kennedy being away together. She snaps at Margaret that she told her about that in confidence. Margaret retorts that she didn't say anything until Stephen told her that he'd seen them together. Charlie snaps that there was no need to make things worse. Margaret bluntly replies that she thought he should know the whole story. Charlie snaps that there are times when it's better to keep your mouth shut; it's certainly not helping Patricia one little bit. Margaret, eyes blazing, snaps that she doesn't give a damn about Patricia. Charlie realises that Margaret isn't the least bit upset about Patricia's marriage breaking up, but Margaret quickly says she's sorry... it's just that, when people yell at her, it reminds her of prison. Charlie snaps that she doesn't believe her. She then continues that she's said her piece so she'll go. Margaret says she thought they were friends. Charlie ignores this and says she nearly forgot; she takes out a piece of paper and goes and puts in on the table by the telephone, explaining as she does so that it's her address in Melbourne - Gordon and Barbara are looking after her place while she's away. She then glares at Margaret and goes. Margaret looks annoyed.

It's nighttime, and in the lounge room at Woombai, John asks if they're taking one car or two. Doug says he'd rather walk, but Rosie tells him that last time he walked over to the Reid house in the dark, he almost fell down a hole! Fiona tells them that nobody is going to walk, and she orders everyone to stop arguing, as they're late enough as it is! Rosie agrees that if the guests at the riding school are good enough to invite them to their last night party, the least they can do is be there on time. Beryl says she wish they would all just get going, as they guests will think they're not coming! Tony says to David that he bets he's sorry he's not going! David replies that he's going to have a nice quiet evening at home! Everyone heads out, leaving David lying on the sofa. Beryl comes back in once she's closed the door, and says, "Thank goodness." David says he thought they'd never go! Beryl asks him if he's tired, and he says he is. Beryl tells him that she's glad they're on their own. The peace is interrupted by the 'phone suddenly starting to ring, though, and Beryl gets up and goes and answers it.

Fiona, John, Jill, Tony, Doug and Rosie walk into the reception area at the riding school. Terry walks over to Fiona and says he thought they weren't coming! Fiona asks if they missed much, but, holding up his glass, Terry tells her, "Just a few rounds!" He then walks over to Tony, who's talking to Jill and saying, "It's stupid." Terry asks him what is, and Tony replies that he's talking about school - everyone reckons he should go back. Terry tells him that it's a waste of time - the best things he ever learned he picked up outside school. Jill looks down at the ground, trying not to listen to him.

At Woombai, Beryl thanks Wayne for calling. At the Morrell apartment, Wayne smiles nastily and says they are business partners. Beryl says she appreciates it. She then asks him how long he's up in Sydney, and he replies that he'll be there for a couple of days. He asks why, and Beryl explains that, with her money going through in about a week, they really should sit down and talk about a few things. Wayne asks when she had in mind. Beryl turns to David and asks if he'd mind her going to Sydney tomorrow. David says he doesn't, and so Beryl returns to the 'phone and suggests they meet tomorrow - she'll come to the apartment. Wayne tells her that he'll see her then. They both hang up. David asks Beryl what's going on. Beryl tells him that Andy's not going to contest the will, so she should get her money in a week. David laughs that she'll be alright then! Beryl continues that Wayne is being very helpful - she knows Kevin doesn't trust him, but she doesn't have any complaints. David agrees that Wayne seems to be doing the right thing. Beryl then says she should give Kevin and Lynn a call, she supposes. David asks her why she has to go to Sydney, but Beryl tells him that he'll probably laugh. David asks why. Beryl tells him that, when he was in hospital and his heart stopped, she couldn't help thinking about all the nastiness that's gone on over Dee's will - the backstabbing and carrying-on; it all seemed so unimportant compared to him - so she made a promise to herself that if he pulled through, she'd give all the money away to charity. David smiles and says it's funny what you do when you're desperate. Beryl asks him what he means. David says she's not really going to give it all away? Beryl tells him that she's serious. David looks surprised.

At the party, Dan Walsh is talking to Jill, who looks desperate to get away from him. He asks her if she does much riding - when she's not pregnant. Jill snaps that, if he means 'does she come there often', then the answer's yes. Walsh says he was just making conversation. He then remarks that the school seems to be pretty popular - it must be OK. Jill says she really wouldn't know. She walks off and joins Fiona, telling her that she was waiting for her to come and rescue her. Fiona asks why, and Jill replies that Walsh is a creep. Terry comes over and offers the two women more drinks. Fiona accepts, but Jill retorts that she's alright for the moment. Terry asks her how everything's going, and she snaps that it's fine. Terry asks if the kid is alright, and Jill again snaps that it's fine. Terry heads off to get Fiona's drink. Fiona remarks to Jill that she was very sharp with him. Jill replies that it's going to take a bit of time.

Kevin is on the 'phone at the Palmer house, and he tells his father to look after himself. David says he's got the best nursemaid in the world! They hang up. At the Palmers', Lynn comments that David seemed pretty bright - but it'll put a bit of a strain on Beryl for a while. Kevin tells Lynn that Beryl is going up to Sydney tomorrow, and Lynn asks why. Kevin replies that it's to see Wayne - something to do with the will. He then adds that he's not going to let Wayne get away with pulling the wool over his mother's eyes anymore - he's going to fly up there. Lynn asks him if he can't just 'phone, as it's expensive to fly. Kevin, though, asks what a couple of hundred bucks is compared to the money at stake; besides, he can't wait to wipe the smug look off Wayne's face.

Jill is lying on the couch in the lounge room at Woombai when Fiona comes in in her nightclothes; it's the middle of the night. Fiona suddenly spots Jill lying there and remarks that she thought someone had left the light on. She asks Jill if she's alright, but Jill replies that she had a nightmare - the same one as after she'd been raped; she hadn't had it for ages. Fiona asks if there's anything she can do, but Jill says, "No thanks." She adds that she just feels like sitting for a while. Fiona walks into the kitchen. Jill sighs heavily and then lies down again, a look of worry on her face.

Jill is out walking, looking around the grounds and holding a flower. She suddenly spots a horse coming towards her; Dan Walsh is the rider. He stops by her and says a cheerful, "Morning." Jill turns round to avoid looking at him and tells him to go away. Walsh tells her that he just wants to be friends, but Jill snaps at him that she knows what he wants - all men are after one thing. Walsh starts to say that that's ridiculous, but Jill asks him why he's chasing her. Walsh replies that he isn't - he just came out for a ride. Jill angrily asks him if he expects her to believe that. Walsh asks what is she - some kind of nut? Jill cries at him to leave her alone. Walsh rides off, and Jill turns round to head back to the homestead, only to find Terry coming up to her. Seeing her looking upset, he asks her what the matter is. Jill cries at him to leave her alone. Terry puts his hands on her shoulders to try and calm her. As Jill starts to become hysterical, crying at him to leave her alone, Terry tells her to wake up to herself. He starts shaking her and repeats, "Wake up... wake up... wake up..." It's suddenly Beryl's voice telling her to wake up, and Jill comes back to reality to find herself still lying on the couch. She tells Beryl that she must have been having a bad dream, but she assures her that she's alright now. She asks what time it is, and Beryl says it's 7am. She comments that Jill must have been there all night, and Jill agrees that she must have been. Beryl asks her if she can get her something, but Jill says no - she'll get dressed; she wants to see Terry when he gets there.

Terry's van is parked outside, and he's sitting on the bonnet, reading the newspaper when Jill comes out of the homestead and walks up behind him. She clears her throat and Terry looks round at her. Jill tells him that she owes him an apology: she's been carrying on like an idiot; she's sorry. Terry doesn't say anything as Jill continues that she knows they can never be friends, but at least she can be pleasant to him when they're in the same room. Terry says that sounds OK to him. Fiona comes out of the house and smiles as she sees the two of them talking.

Inside, Doug asks Beryl how David slept. Beryl replies that he didn't disturb all night. Rosie comes in with a tray and says she'll take David his breakfast. Fiona then comes in and tells her that her transport has arrived - and Jill is outside talking to him! Beryl says that's good, but she warns Fiona not to read too much into it. Fiona says she didn't, but she adds that it's a start. Beryl says, "Let's hope so."

There's a clap of thunder as Wayne looks out of the window at the Morrell apartment, and he comments that it's pouring down out there. Margaret, who's standing by the door, distantly says, "What...?" Wayne tells her that he's talking about the rain. Margaret is looking at some papers, and Wayne tells her that there's no reason why she can't convert her inheritance into cold hard cash - no one can stop her. Margaret comments on what a pleasure that will be. She then continues that, for the first time in her life, she'll be calling the shots - Patricia will hate it. Wayne smiles. Margaret then suddenly says, "Hang on a sec." Wayne asks what it is. Margaret explains that she lost her temper with Charlie and said something she shouldn't have; hopefully Charlie won't spread it around - but then she's going to be out of circulation for a while, as she's going to Melbourne to help organise a fashion collection with someone called Lisa or something. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Wayne says it'll be Beryl. Margaret remarks that he didn't say she was coming. Wayne opens the door and Beryl immediately spots Margaret standing there. She curtly comments that she didn't know she was going to be there. Margaret replies that she was just leaving. She picks up her bag and then tells Beryl that she'd like to say how sorry she is for what she put David and the family through; she had a lot of time to think about it - she knows it won't make any difference, but she does regret everything that happened. Beryl tells her that it wasn't all her fault, but Margaret replies that most of it was. She thanks Beryl for her comment, though. She then goes to the door and tells Wayne that they'll keep in touch. She goes. Wayne turns to Beryl and says he's sorry about that - he thought they'd be fininshed before she got there. Beryl replies that there's no harm done. Wayne tells her that Margaret is a bit uptight at the moment as she doesn't know what to do with her share of the money. Beryl replies that that's what she came to talk about - she knows what she's going to do with hers. Wayne asks what that is. Beryl tells him that she's giving it all away to charity. Wayne's face drops.

Margaret arrives back at Dural and, in the hallway, shakes her umbrella; the storm is still raging outside. She goes to put the umbrella down by the telephone table, and as she does so, she notices an envelope on the table addressed to Stephen, next to the piece of paper addressed to Gordon and Barbara; both are in the same handwriting. Margaret picks up the envelope and rips it open. She then takes out the piece of paper inside and reads it. It's from Charlie and says:

"Dear Stephen, As I'm leaving for Melbourne this morning, I came over hoping to talk to you. When you weren't home, I left this note with Amanda. I just want to warn you: I was talking to Margaret yesterday and I think Patricia's probably right - she's not as helpless as she seems; if anything, I'd say she's ruthless and very devious. So watch her and be careful. Love Charlie."

Margaret screws up the note and puts it in her bag.

At the Morrell apartment, Wayne incredulously asks Beryl whether, because of some promise she made to herself, she's going to give it all away. Beryl tells Wayne that she knows he can't understand it, but that's what she's going to do. Wayne asks her if he can't talk her out of it. Beryl says he can't - when she gives her word, she keeps it. Wayne points out that she's giving away a fortune, and Beryl replies that that's right - to someone who needs it. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Wayne goes to get it. As soon as he opens the door, Kevin walks in past him and snaps that he wants to talk to him. Beryl looks surprised, and Wayne angrily asks Kevin where he's going, adding that you don't go barging into other people's houses. Kevin snaps that he does when someone's trying to rip his mother off. Wayne snaps that surely he's not on that old hobby horse again, and Beryl chips in to tell Kevin that he's wasting his time. Kevin, though, retorts that he's finally got proof. Wayne asks what it is. Kevin tells him that it's a receipt for a safety deposit box - dated the same day as Gordon accused him of tricking Beryl into signing the Power of Attorney form. He adds that you don't need an IQ of 120 to guess what's inside. Wayne says, "Come on..." Kevin continues that, if it isn't true, Wayne can just come down to Melbourne with them and open the box. He asks Wayne if he's prepared to do that. Beryl turns to Wayne, who has a sheepish look on his face.


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