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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Helen, still looking shocked, says, "Barbara..." She then agrees that, yes, it has been a long time. Noticing the bags in the middle of the floor, Barbara asks her if she's going somewhere. Helen replies that she's going away for a few days. Barbara asks if she can come in, as she thinks there's something they should discuss; she walks into the lounge room and looks round. Helen tells her that she thought she might come round; Andy told her that he'd met her. She continues that it was all those years ago... she didn't have a choice - she had to break it off with everyone; it was the only way - if people had found out that she was pregnant, there would have been too many questions. Barbara just muses, "Indeed..." Helen goes on that Stephen was married to Caroline; there was no point in-- Barbara suddenly interrupts and snaps that she's there to hear the truth, not a load of nonsense about Stephen. She then says, "Andrew is Roland's son, isn't he." Helen, looking shocked again, asks if she was told. Barbara replies that she wasn't - she knew the first moment she saw Andy. She adds that that's why Helen's going away, as she knew she'd come over once she'd met him. She then asks if Andy knows. Helen says he doesn't. Looking both annoyed and upset, Barbara angrily asks Helen how she could have done it. Helen replies that, so many times she's asked herself that question over the years; she doesn't know; the guilt... She tells Barbara that she doesn't know what it's been like. Barbara snaps that she doesn't want to. She continues that she came there to find out about Andy's father, that's all. She makes to leave, but Helen cries that she has to explain; she tells Barbara that she can't just blame her. Barbara, though, snaps that she's not interested. She tells Helen that she was her best friend, but she had an affair with her husband and then let Stephen think she was having his son. Helen cries that she's sorry, but Barbara snaps that it's a bit late now. Helen asks her if she'll tell anyone, but Barbara asks why she'd want anyone to know. She storms out, leaving Helen standing looking upset.

Stephen is standing behind the bar in the lounge room at Dural, and he pops open a bottle of champagne as Margaret comes in. He offers her a glass, which she accepts. As he pours, he tells her that he feels terrific - Fiona telling him that the job offer is still on was just like winning the lottery. Amanda comes into the house and pauses in the hallway, listening as Stephen tells Margaret that people think anyone who opts out of the rat race is either crazy, a failure or both. Margaret asks him if he regrets it. Stephen replies that there's only one thing: he's worried about Amanda - they're just getting to know each other again, and she's not going to want to bury herself in the countryside with him. Margaret says she'll be alright. Stephen says he's sure Barbara will be happy to have her stay - she certainly doesn't need him anymore. In the hallyway, Amanda looks upset as Stephen continues that her dropping out of the arrangement with Wayne proves that she's finally grown up. Having heard this, Amanda walks slowly to the stairs and starts walking up them.

The next morning, Fiona, Jill, Stephen and Gordon are sitting at the breakfast table. Stephen asks Fiona if she's looking forward to going back to Woombai, and Fiona smiles as she tells him that he'd better believe it! Margaret suddenly comes in and asks Gordon if she can make a private 'phone call from the study. Gordon agrees and she heads out again. Jill remarks that Margaret seems very happy, and Gordon agrees, adding that at least he'll have one happy female in the house she and Fiona leave. Jill asks what he means, and Gordon explains that Barbara has gone back to bed - she doesn't want to see anybody - and Amanda is walking around with a face as long as a wet week.

In the study, Margaret is on the 'phone to Wayne, and she asks him what he said to Amanda. Wayne says, "Nothing." Margaret warns, "Wayne..." Wayne gives in and admits that he put a bit of pressure on her to come back to him - he gave her a couple of days to decide to come back or he'll have Barbara find out who Andy's father really is. Margaret tells him to at least show Amanda some sensitivity or she'll tell him to get lost again. Wayne says Amanda won't want to hurt Barbara, but Margaret warns him that she might take the risk. Wayne assures her that he knows how to handle the situation. Margaret asks, "Like Jill?" Wayne growls that he and Jill would have been fine if everyone had left them alone. Margaret tells him that Jill certainly doesn't seem to be pining over him. Wayne asks her how she knows that. Margaret replies that she's seen a fair bit of her in the last few days. Wayne asks where, and Margaret replies that she means at Dural: she and Fiona are going back to Woombai this morning. Looking annoyed, Wayne asks what time they're leaving. Margaret says she doesn't know. Wayne angrily asks her why she didn't tell him that Jill was staying there. Margaret retorts that she didn't think Jill mattered to him. Wayne snaps she's all that matters to him.

Out in the hallway, Jill asks Fiona how Barbara is. Fiona replies that she's seen her looking better. She then turns to Gordon and tells him that if there's anything they can do... Gordon reminds her about the documents from last night, concerning the riding school, and Fiona remembers that she left them in the flat. The two of them head off to pick them up. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Jill answers it to find Wayne standing there. She looks shocked to see him. He tells her that he was hoping he'd catch her - he only just found out she was there; he wants to talk. Jill bluntly tells him that there's nothing to talk about. Wayne pleads with her to just give him a hearing. Jill angrily asks how many times she has to tell him: it's over; finished; he should get that through his head. Wayne cries that he still loves her - everything he did was for her. Amanda comes downstairs and listens as Jill retorts that Wayne really hurt people with what he did. Wayne cries to her to let him make it up to her, but Jill snaps that there's nothing he can do. She picks up the packed bags from the hallway floor and walks out of the house. Wayne follows her and begs her to give him a chance - she's all he's got; even Rosie doesn't want to know him. Amanda goes and stands in the doorway as Wayne cries to Jill that he knows they can make it - it's other people who are keeping them apart. Inside, Fiona and Gordon come back into the hallway from the flat, and Fiona laughs that she'd forget her head if it wasn't screwed on! Amanda calls out and tells them that Wayne is outside, and he's giving Jill a hard time. Gordon heads outside and angrily asks Wayne what the hell he's doing - does he reckon he can come there whenever he likes and upset people? Wayne turns round and snaps at his father that it's nothing to do with him. Gordon snaps, "I'm warning you... " Wayne snaps back at him to go to hell. Gordon tells Wayne that he's pathetic - why doesn't he just get out of their lives once and for all? Wayne turns back to Jill, but she's walking away. She tells him, "Go away, Wayne." Wayne cries out, "Jill..." Inside, Margaret joins Amanda and asks what all the shouting was about. Amanda tells her that it's Wayne - he's just made a complete fool of himself; she's never seen him like that. Margaret asks, "Like what?" Amanda replies that Jill wouldn't even look at him - he was practically begging her; it's weird. Margaret asks what she means. Amanda replies that he's such a creep, but she almost feels something for him - pity, she guesses. She walks off, leaving Margaret looking thoughtful.

Amanda goes into the study and dials a number on the 'phone. She gets through to Andy and asks him if he's busy right now. Andy says he isn't, really. Amanda tells him that she has to see him, and she asks if she can come over. Andy asks if she means now. Amanda tells her that Dural is like an asylum - she has to get out. Andy suggests that they meet at his mum's place. Amanda asks what the address is.

Sometime later, Amanda is at the Green house and Andy asks what the matter is. Amanda replies that, now that she's there, she's not sure if she wants to go into her problems. Andy comments that he thought she wanted to talk. Amanda tells him that she just wants to relax - be around normal people for a change. She adds that she's got a pretty important decision to make, and if she doesn't clear her head, she won't know what the right thing to do is. Andy offers her a coffee, and she accepts. She tells Andy that she's really pleased they got to know each other.

There's a knock on the door of the Morrell apartment, and Wayne answers it to find Margaret standing there. He slurs his words as he angrily asks her what she wants. Margaret calmly replies that she's been having lunch with Stephen, but she thought he might be feeling sorry for himself. Wayne walks back to the bar and starts pouring himself another drink as Margaret tells him that she's got some good news. She continues that he's quite pathetic when he's wearing his sad look. Wayne snaps, "What?" Margaret quickly replies that it doesn't matter. She continues that she thought she'd let him know that this morning wasn't quite the disaster he's imagining: Amanda saw him with Jill and she actually felt a little bit sorry for him. Wayne snaps, "So?" Margaret tells him that it could be something to build on. She adds that the only chance he's got of inheriting the money is to get Amanda to stay with him - so he has to make her feel something for him other than disgust. Wayne asks Margaret why she cares. Margaret replies that she doesn't - but after he stopped Andy contesting the will, she feels she owes him something. She continues that, if he's smart, he'll think about what she's said - that sad expression is the best thing he's got going for him. She leaves. Wayne takes a sip of his drink, a thoughtful look on his face.

Andy and Amanda are playing chess. Andy calls 'check' and tells Amanda that he'll have mate in two moves. Amanda says, "Already?" Andy comments that she's not all that interested, and Amanda agrees that maybe she's not concentrating too well. Andy asks her if she's still hungry. Amanda, though, ignores this and says she just can't get it off her mind. Andy remarks that, whatever it is, she's not talking about it. Amanda says she thinks she's made a decision. Andy comments that she doesn't seem too happy about it. Amanda replies that she doesn't see any other way round it. She gets up to go, and as she does so, she tells Andy that she's really pleased they got to know each other as brother and sister - it's nice. Andy opens the door for her, and tells her that he hopes what she's decided to do works out. Amanda says she hopes so, too. She goes.

Fiona and Jill arrive back at Woombai, and as they walk along the verandah, Jill says she's glad she has a chance to settle in before she has to face John. Fiona says she feels the same, adding that the two of them had words - and she even managed to forget about his birthday. They go inside and Fiona puts the cases down. Jill looks round at the lounge room, and Fiona says she's going to put the kettle on. John suddenly comes in, and Fiona remarks that they didn't think anyone was there. John explains that he's been in the kitchen with Rosie. Fiona asks how everyone is, and John says they're good - Beryl and Doug are at the hospital; David is getting out today. Fiona says that's wonderful. John tells her that a fair bit has happened since she's been away. Fiona says she knows. She then continues that Jill has decided to stay there until the baby arrives. John asks Jill how she's feeling, and Jill replies that she's not too bad. Fiona says she'll go and help Rosie in the kitchen. She leaves John and Jill alone, and they both laugh as Jill comments that she's a bit obvious! John says Fiona thinks it's time they had a talk. Jill replies that she'd like that - she really wants to friends again. John says, "Just friends." Jill laughs and says she thinks that's the best idea!

Barbara comes downstairs at Dural. Gordon comes out of the study and tells her that she looks awful. Barbara thanks him! Gordon then asks her what the problem is. Barbara innocently asks if there's a problem. Gordon points out that she's been on edge since she came home last night - it's something to do with Helen Green. Barbara tells him that she doesn't want to discuss it. Gordon asks her why they're suddenly keeping secrets from one another. Barbara starts sobbing as she says there's never been anything as important as this before. Gordon assures her that it's alright, but Barbara angrily cries that it's not alright.

Wayne opens the door at the Morrell apartment. Amanda walks in and tells him that he's got himself a deal. Wayne smiles nastily as he tells her that he knew she'd see it his way. Amanda continues that there are conditions, though. Wayne says, "Oh?" Amanda tells him that she'll come back to Melbourne and keep her end of the bargain - but she'll come back when she chooses and only if he agrees to few other conditions. Wayne looks surprised.

A short time later, they're both sitting down and Wayne comments that, OK, that seems fair enough. Amanda asks if he doesn't have any objections. Wayne asks her if she expected any. He then continues that he can understand how she feels after the way he treated her. Amanda asks him if he doesn't mind her going out with other men. Wayne says he doesn't - all he wants is that, when she has a baby, he's registered as the father; he doesn't care whose it is. Looking surprised, Amanda asks him if he's alright! Wayne tells her that he found out this morning what it's like to be on the receiving end. Amanda asks him if he means Jill. Wayne replies that it doesn't make him want the money any less; just maybe he doesn't have to be so rough on other people to get it. He adds that he would like to make it up to her. Amanda, looking astonished, says she doesn't know what to think! Wayne tells her that it would make it so much easier if they got through it without hating each other. Amanda says she has to be honest - she doesn't think can ever like him, but maybe they can get along until she has the baby. Wayne offers her another drink, but she declines. She tells Wayne to give her a couple of weeks to get her things together before she comes back to Melbourne and then she gets up and goes. Wayne smiles to himself...

John and Jill are with Rosie in the living room at Woombai, and Jill remarks that David must have made quite a recovery to be coming home. Rosie says he still needs a lot of nursing. Jill points out that at least he'll be well looked-after there! Fiona suddenly comes in with a cake topped off with candles. John asks what's going on, and Jill says, "Better late than never, hey?!" Fiona gives John a kiss and tells him that she's sorry it's so late. Rosie tells him to blow the candles out; he does! Fiona asks him if he forgives her, and John tells her that of course he does. Fiona explains that she had so many things on her mind. Jill chips in that she was one of them! Fiona adds that she sent a card to Angela to say how sorry she was. Rosie cuts a large piece of cake and gives it to John. John says it's probably the best birthday cake he's ever had!

Margaret comes in the front door at Dural, looks around the hallway and then goes into the lounge room. Stephen is standing behind the bar, and she asks him what he's doing there. Stephen replies that he's having a celebration, and he asks Margaret to join him. Margaret remarks that he never said he had the afternoon off. Stephen replies that he's got the rest of his life off. He asks Margaret to guess what, and then answers his own question by explaining that he managed to get himself the sack - he went back to work after lunch and it just happened. Margaret asks what. Stephen replies that he had an argument with one of the directors - he told him exactly what he thought of him, and after that, the company thought it would be best if he didn't serve out his notice. Margaret slyly says she hopes she didn't have anything to do with it, after what she let slip about Patricia going to Perth. Stephen replies that he told her: he knew about her and Matt Kennedy. He continues that it all worked out perfectly - now he can't wait to get to Woombai. Margaret raises her glass and says, "Here's to the future." Stephen tells her that, if she feels like a few days in the country, he wouldn't mind the company on the drive up. Margaret says, "No..." Stephen encourages her, saying, "Go on..." Margaret gives in, and Stephen says they'll head up in few days. He adds that this is going to be the start of a whole new life for him - he can feel it. Margaret raises her glass, smiles and says, "Maybe for both of us..."


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