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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

At the Morrell apartment, Margaret tells Wayne that he's quite outdone himself. Wayne remarks that he thought she might be pleased. Margaret asks if this Mr. Hammond has double-checked the medical records - there's no doubt? Wayne tells her that there's no doubt at all: Stephen couldn't possibly be Andrew Green's father - which means there's no way Andrew can contest the will. He tells Margaret that he's got what he came to Sydney for, thanks to her - she'll be a wealthy woman before she knows it. Margaret, though, curtly says she came for more than just the money - she came to keep tabs on Patricia as well; and now she doesn't know where she is, thanks to Wayne throwing her out in the cold. Wayne says it shouldn't be too hard to track her down - Charlie will blab. Margaret asks if Hammond found out who the real father is. Wayne replies that he didn't, and he asks who cares. Margaret ignore this and replies that there's one possibility - and if she's right, the boy still has the legal right to contest the will. She continues that Helen was secretary to Benjamin Morrell - Stephen and Barbara's father; it's possible that he's Andy's father. Wayne asks her if she thinks so, and Margaret tells him that their ages make more sense in terms of having an affair. Wayne agrees, pointing out that Helen is 62. Margaret continues that the only way to find out is to try and bluff it out of her. She suggests that Wayne call on her. Wayne glumly says they couldn't be that unlucky. Margaret tells him that there's only one way to find out.

Andy arrives at Dural with a tennis racket, and Amanda lets him in, saying she wasn't expecting him so early. The two of them go into the lounge room. As they do so, Gordon comes out of the study and Barbara comes downstairs. Gordon warns his wife that she might not want to go into the lounge room. Barbara asks why on earth not, and Gordon explains that Andy is in there with Amanda. Barbara looks taken aback initially, but then recovers her composure and snaps that it was ridiculous the way she was going on the other day - she can't keep avoiding him. Gordon tells her not to take it out on Andy. Barbara indignantly asks him what he means. Gordon tells her that she can be very confronting what she wants to be; Andy is a nice boy - he shouldn't have to suffer because of Stephen's indiscretions. Barbara assures him that she'll be perfectly charming. Amanda is talking to Andy about his lack of sleep when Gordon and Barbara come in. Gordon asks if he can interrupt. Andy looks round and sees Barbara standing there. Gordon introduces her to him and she glares at him. After a few seconds, she tells him that she's been looking forward to meeting him. She remarks that he and Amanda are dressed for tennis, and she asks if they've played yet. Gordon points out that Andy has only just arrived! He then continues that he gathers Andy has been working all night. Barbara adds that she gathers Andy plays the guitar. Andy replies that he plays bass. Amanda tells Barbara that she should come to a gig one night!

There's a knock on the front door at the Green house, and Helen answers it. Wayne is standing there, and he says, "Helen Green?" Helen says she is. Wayne introduces himself, explaining that he's Wayne Morrell - one of the people being mucked around by Andy contesting the will. Helen immediately tries to close the door, but Wayne stops her and tells her that he wants to have a word with her about the fact that Stephen isn't Andy's father. He holds up the file that Hammond left him and adds that he's got proof right there.

Andy and Amanda head outside to play tennis. Alone with Barbara, Gordon asks her if she's not feeling too well, as normally she'd try harder in a situation like that. Barbara replies that something about that boy makes her uneasy. Gordon laughs that don't say she's getting 'vibrations'! Barbara snaps that it's serious. Gordon asks her what's making her uneasy. Barbara tells him that she can't say - but the moment she saw him, something odd came over her.

Helen tells Wayne that she wishes he'd go - she's not telling him a thing. Wayne asks if that means that there is something to tell. Helen snaps, "You said it." Wayne tells her that they both know what they're talking about; the thing he doesn't understand is why she's let Andy go through with contesting the will when she knows Stephen isn't his father - it's pointless; she must have known that. He continues that he can she see how hard it must have been to admit to the truth at the time it happened, but that was then - it's going to have to come out now. Helen begs with Wayne to please not say anything - it's only going to hurt people. Wayne tells her that, sure, people get hurt, but it doesn't last - particularly when it's so long after the event. Helen cries that Barbara would never get over it if she was told - she loved Roland so much. A look of shock crosses Wayne's face, and Helen realises that he didn't know. Wayne smugly tells her that he thought it was Barbara's father - but it was her husband; even better...

Charlie and Margaret walk into Dural, chatting with each other. Margaret is explaining that she was enjoying a walk in the garden; Charlie tells her that she was plain bored and knew there'd be someone there! She then continues that she was hoping to bump into Stephen, and see if he'd reconsider about the divorce. Margaret says she isn't sure where he is at the moment. They go into the lounge room and Margaret offers Charlie a drink. Charlie smiles and says she's never been known to say 'no' - to anything! Barbara, who is in the hallway, looks disapproving. She goes upstairs. Meanwhile, Margaret hands Charlie her drink and Charlie thanks her. Margaret then says she hopes Patricia is alright. Charlie replies that she does, too. She adds that she's doing all she can to help, but she is worried about her - just between them. Margaret tells her to sit down...

Helen tells Wayne that she and Barbara were very good friends, and she couldn't face her when she found she was carrying Roland's child; that's why she left. She snaps at Wayne that surely he's got enough - the fact that Andy isn't Stephen's son is enough to stop the will being contested, isn't it? Wayne tells her that of course it is. Helen suggests that there's nothing to be gained by bringing it up - it would shatter Barbara. Wayne says he agrees. Helen continues that all Andy needs to know is that Stephen isn't his father - it doesn't need to go any further. Wayne says he doesn't see why it does, and he adds that he can see what Helen means about Barbara - he knows her pretty well, and he doesn't think she'd handle the fact very well at all if she knew that her husband had been unfaithful to her. Helen tells him that she's glad he understands; she thanks him. Wayne asks why make trouble - he got what he came for. He goes, leaving Helen looking worried.

At Dural, Margaret asks Charlie how her drink is. Charlie, beginning to get drunk, replies that she's not that much of a lush! Margaret refills her glass. She then says that, when Patricia comes back from Perth, she hopes Charlie might be able to do some good for her. Charlie asks how, and Margaret replies that she needs her to convince Patricia that she really does want to bury the hatchet. Charlie says she doesn't think it'll be an easy job, but it's worth a try - and sisters should never be at each other's throats no matter how much they don't like each other. A look crosses Margaret's face as Charlie says this. The front door suddenly slams and Stephen comes in. Margaret offers him a drink. He accepts, and then snaps that he's had another stinking day. Charlie remarks that it must be so nerve-wracking - all the tension of big business; that's why so many women end up widows - just look at her! Margaret asks her if she's sure she wasn't just too much for them! Charlie replies that she supposes she was. She then adds, though, that she always handled her own accounts - she liked the feeling of being independent. She continues that it doesn't apply to some women of course - look at Patricia. Stephen, upon hearing her name, picks up his drink and heads for the study. When he's gone, Charlie remarks that she gets fed up with putting her foot in it. Margaret tells her that she didn't - she just trod too heavily. She offers to help her, keeping an eye out for the right time for her to say her piece. Charlie says "Would you?" Margaret tells her that she'll have to be on 24-hour standby. Charlie replies that she's always at the ready! She gets up to leave, and suddenly remembers her handbag, which is resting on the bar. She tells Margaret that she doesn't know why she brought it; just in case, she supposes - you never know what might happen! She then asks Margaret to promise not to say anything to 'his nibs' about Patricia being away with Matt Kennedy, as he'll be furious. Margaret assures her that of course she won't...

Stephen is sitting in the study, working, when Margaret comes in with a top-up for his drink. He tells her that he's not that desperate, but she refills his glass anyway. He asks if Charlie has gone, and Margaret replies that she just left. She then asks him if he's wise trying to do more work. He points out that it has to be done - although it's difficult to concentrate. Margaret says she knows the feeling. Stephen continues that he only took the job to please Patricia - and now, he feels trapped. Margaret tells him to leave, then, but Stephen replies that certain professional ethics are involved; he has to make some effort. Margaret says she supposes so... She then continues that she worked in a bookshop for years; she hated every day of it - it was her absolute obsession with security that made her stay; then she realised how short life is - she could have stayed there until her life was all but over and suddenly wanted so many things when it would be too late; she couldn't think of anything worse than wasting her life on something she hated - it seemed so pointless. Stephen admits that he was very tempted to take up Fiona's offer to manage Woombai for those very reaons; he adds that he must say, it's been a disaster trying to please Patricia. Margaret tells him to enjoy his drink, and she gets up to leave. Stephen suddenly remarks that it's difficult sometimes to believe that she's Patricia's sister - it's a pity there's not more of her in Patricia. Margaret suggests that there could be some of Patricia in her, but Stephen replies that there's very little, he'd say. Margaret thanks him, a pleased expression on her face. She leaves the study and goes to head back into the lounge room, but as she passes the front door, someone knocks on it and she opens it. Wayne is standing there. He tells her not to worry as everything's looking great - and the sooner he lets it out-- He suddenly notices Gordon coming down the stairs, and he changes tack and snaps at Margaret not to stand there staring at him. Gordon asks Wayne what he's doing there. Wayne smiles nastily and replies that he's got some news for everybody; he reckons it might give them all a shock, too...

A while later, Gordon, Stephen, Barbara and Wayne are in the lounge room, and Gordon is looking at some papers. Wayne asks him if he agrees that they're authentic. Gordon confirms that they appear to be. Wayne continues that all they can do is tell Andy that he's got Buckley's chance of contesting the will. Gordon snaps at his son that he doesn't know why he went to so much trouble; now that probate isn't being held up, there's still nothing he can get from Dee's estate - he hasn't got Amanda, he can't get the money...; the only reason he can see to bother is spite. Wayne retorts that it was worth it to see the looks on their faces. He tells his father that he can keep the papers - he's got the originals with a solicitor. He leaves. Stephen says to Gordon and Barbara that one thing's certain: the medical evidence proves that Andy isn't his son. Barbara snaps that to think it was Wayne who had to tell them - that's what really annoys her. Stephen stands up and Barbara asks him where he's going. He replies that he's going to pick up Andy and then have it out with Helen - he wants to now why she lied to them for all these years. He goes. Seeing the expression on his wife's face, Gordon asks her what the problem is. Barbara replies that she's just curious to know who Andy's father really is.

At the Green house, Helen tells Stephen that he was the one who presumed he was Andy's father; she just never said that he wasn't, that's all. Stephen angrily asks her why she lied to Andy all these years - what was it about his real father that was such a big secret? Helen snaps that that's her business, but Andy angrily yells that it's his business, too - he's got a right to know. Helen snaps that his father is dead - what does it matter? Andy snaps that it matters a hell of a lot. Helen snaps that he just needs to know that he and Stephen aren't related - that's why she didn't want to go into court and perjure herself; that's all she has to say. She walks off to her bedroom. Andy goes after her, saying he's not letting her get away, but Stephen tells him to hold on and try and think how she feels; he suggests Andy try again when they've both calmed down - she'll see she has to tell him the truth eventually. Andy admits that he might be right. Stephen says he'd better be going. Andy asks him if he wants to know what happens. Stephen replies that sure he does - they made a deal to be friends first and father second - there's no reason why they can't still be friends. He goes. Andy stands there, looking thoughtful.

Later, Amanda, Margaret, Gordon and Stephen are all sitting at the dinner table at Dural. No one is talking. Margaret takes a sip of her coffee. Stephen wipes his mouth with his serviette. Gordon takes a bite of food. Amanda wipes her hands and then suddenly breaks the tension by saying she'll pop upstairs and see how Barbara's headache is, once she's got the dishwasher going. Gordon, though, tells her that it's alright - he'll check. Both of them get up and leave the room. Margaret remarks to Stephen that it's been quite a day. Stephen comments that it's odd - Barbara seems to be more upset than he is - which makes him feel pretty rotten. Margaret tells him that it's not his fault. Stephen, though, says that if it wasn't for him, Barbara wouldn't have to had have worried about it. He then continues that it might be better if he wasn't there. Margaret remarks that that sounds a bit drastic, but Stephen tells her that he's only going by her philosophy. Margaret asks which one! Stephen tells her that he means the one about fighting back - he's not falling into the trap of security; sticking to something because it's safe. Margaret asks him if he's tossing in his job, and he nods. He tells her that he's done quite a lot of thinking since this afternoon, and he'd really like to have a crack at the job Fiona offered him; he'll get to do something he's interested in and it gets him away from all the hassles of the last few months - it's the obvious choice.

Andy knocks on his mother's bedroom door and calls out that she can't stay in there all night. When there's no response, he then asks if they can't talk about it. The door suddenly opens and Helen comes out; she tells Andy that she was packing a few clothes. Andy asks why, and Helen replies that she thought it would be best if she stays with Eileen for a few days. Andy, looking incredulous, asks her why she wants to go to Newcastle. Helen replies that it's because she doesn't want Stephen coming around bothering her. Andy tells her that there's no way Stephen is coming back, but Helen says she just thinks it's the sensible thing to do. Andy asks her what she's scared of. Helen tells him not to be silly - she's not scared. Andy then asks about his father, but Helen snaps that the subject is closed; she means it. Andy tells her that if that's it, they've got nothing else to talk about. Helen replies that she knows how he must be feeling - and she doesn't blame him - but she hoped he'd be grown up enough to see her point of view: the affair with his father was the one and only thing in her life that she's ashamed of - she spent years trying to pretend it didn't happen. Andy asks her why she's ashamed. Helen just replies that there's a very good reason for keeping his father's name a secret. Andy asks what the reason is, but Helen says she can't - it concerns someone very dear to her; she has to ask him to trust her judgement. Andy says it's asking a lot. Helen replies that she knows - but it's the only time she's ever lied to him, she swears; if it makes any difference, it hurt her - a lot - but she had to learn to live with it. Andy remarks that that's it, then.

Gordon and Barbara are coming downstairs at Dural, and Gordon is telling Barbara that she's not well enough to go out. Barbara snaps that she'll be the judge of that. Gordon asks if it can't wait until tomorrow. Barbara snaps at him to stop fussing. Gordon asks her what she expects him to do - ever since Wayne left, she's been on edge; he knows she's not feeling well, yet she insists on going out - why? He's standing with his back to the front door as he says this. Barbara tells him to stand out of the way. When he doesn't move, dodges round him and goes out. Stephen comes out from the lounge room and asks what's going on. Gordon tells him that he doesn't know - something's worrying her but he'll be damned if he knows what is, and she won't tell him. He adds that he hates seing her upset.

Margaret is sitting in the lounge room when the 'phone starts ringing. She answers it and Wayne comes on. He tells her that he thought she'd like a report. Margaret snaps that he's got a cheek ringing there, but Wayne just asks why not? Margaret asks him if he's found out anything; Andy's father - who is he? Wayne replies, "Wrong... 'Was' he?" Margaret impatiently asks who was he? Wayne comments that it really is like getting first prize in something! Margaret warns, "Wayne..." Wayne tells her that it's Barbara Hamilton's poor ex-husband, Roland Armstrong. Margaret looks surprised. She then replies that she wishes she knew him, as it then it might mean something. Wayne assures her that it means something - it gives him everything he needs to get exactly what he wants. Margaret says she can't see how it solves his money problems, but Wayne tells her that it'll solve them above everything else; he then tells her not to worry about it. He asks if he can speak to Amanda, adding that he knows it could be difficult to persuade her. Margaret says she'll give it a try. She puts the 'phone down, and at that moment, Amanda comes into the room. Margaret tells her that it's Wayne, and he wants to talk to - he insisted. Amanda says it'll be a delight to tell him exactly how she feels. She goes to the 'phone and says 'hello'. Wayne ignores the pleasantries and snaps at her to just get over there. Amanda angrily asks him who the hell he thinks he is. In reply, Wayne asks her how much she cares about her Aunty Barbara. Amanda asks him what he's talking about. Wayne reiterates his order to just get over there. Amanda asks him what he's going on about. Wayne says, "Aunty Barbara - do you give a damn about her? Because if you do, you'll move yourself? OK?" Amanda asks him if he's serious. Wayne tells her that she can bet her life he's serious.

Sometime later, Amanda arrives at the Morrell apartment and tells Wayne that he'd better have a damn good reason for dragging her over there. Wayne tells her that he thinks so. He continues that, now that probate is not going to be held up on the will, he wants to make sure he gets what's owing to him. Amanda snaps, "Fat chance." Wayne ignores this and continues that he wants them to start living as husband and wife again - simple as that. Amanda snaps that she might have known all that rubbish about Barbara was to get her over there. She then tells him that he's wasted his time. She goes to walk out, but Wayne grabs her arm and asks her how she thinks her precious Aunty Barbara would take it if she knew her husband had had an affair with her best friend. Amanda angrily snaps that he really can dream them up. Wayne retorts that it's no dream - he bluffed it out of Helen: Roland Armstrong is Andy's father. Amanda snaps that that's disgusting. Wayne replies that he thought that might be Barbara's reaction, too. Amanda snaps that she meant him. Wayne cooly replies that that doesn't matter; he's made his point - he's sure Amanda wouldn't want Barbara to know; that's why she's going to come back to him: they'll have a child - hopefully a son - and then they can go their own ways. He asks Amanda what she says.

At the Green house, Helen puts her packed bag down on the floor in the middle of the lounge room. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she goes to open it. She looks shocked to see Barbara standing there. The two women stare at each other for several seconds until Barbara eventually says, "It's been a long time, Helen."


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