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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Stephen stands and stares at Patricia and Matt in shock. After a few seconds, he turns and walks out of the room. He heads slowly towards the front door, a thoughtful look on his face as he does so. When he reaches the front door, he turns and looks round at the apartment for several seconds, still looking worried. He then turns the lights off, opens the door and leaves. Patricia and Matt continue sleeping, ignorant of Stephen's visit.

Back at Dural, Stephen pours himself a drink at the bar. As he does so, Gordon comes in and remarks that he thought he heard someone moving around down there. Stephen tells him that he didn't mean to wake him. He offers Gordon a drink, but he declines. He then comments that Stephen didn't stay long at Patricia's. Stephen replies that he didn't get there - he changed his mind halfway and turned his car round and came back. Gordon asks him if he wants to talk things over, but he declines. Gordon tells him that he'll leave him to it. As he heads out, Stephen murmurs that he'll be talking to Malcolm in the morning - about a divorce.

At the Morrell apartment, Matt stirs and wakes up. He looks at Patricia lying next to him and then reaches out and gently touches her arm. She murmurs, "Stephen?" Matt quietly tells her to go back to sleep, but Patricia, now slightly more awake, asks him what he's doing there. Matt tells her that he's going back to his own bed. Patricia murmurs that she's so tired... She falls back to sleep. Matt strokes her hair and then gets up and out of bed. As he stands there, he looks down at her, longingly. He then leaves the room.

Doug is on the 'phone at the Palmers', and the man at the other end asks him if he's Doug Palmer, David Palmer's father. Doug says he is, and he asks the man what he wants. The man replies that he's Russell Hobson, from the Daily News. Doug immediately snaps at him that he's the third reporter to ring this morning, and he'll tell him what he told the others: 'no comment'. He slams the 'phone down and walks into the kitchen. Lynn, Kevin and Rosie are in there, and Doug snaps that reporters don't give two hoots about anyone's privacy. Kevin points out that they're only doing their job, and he reminds his grandfather that he wanted to be one at one stage - a reporter or journalist. Doug snaps at Kevin that, seeing as he's so understanding, he can answer all their questions from now on, because he won't be there. Rosie asks him where he thinks he's going, and he snaps back that he's going where he should have been from the word go: Woombai. Lynn chips in that she doesn't think there's anything he can do, but Doug tells her that he can stop pesky reporters from worrying Beryl. He adds that he'll go and pack his things right now. When he's gone, Kevin says he reckons his grandfather has just found an excuse. Rosie agrees that he's been busting to get up there ever since David landed in hospital. Lynn asks Rosie if she'll go as well, and Rosie smiles as she replies that someone has to stop him getting under everyone's feet! She heads off to give Doug a hand with his packing, leaving Kevin to comment to Lynn that at least someone will be up there with Beryl. Lynn, though, suggests that Beryl has enough to worry about without the whole the family under her feet. Changing the subject, Kevin says he'd better get going - not that Wayne will be there to say anything if he's late. Lynn asks him if he knows when Wayne is coming back from Sydney, but Kevin replies that he didn't say. Lynn then asks Kevin if he was serious about searching the Morrell house for the Power of Attorney form. Kevin retorts that they can't trust Wayne as far as they can throw him. Lynn points out that with the estate frozen, it hardly matters. Kevin, though, replies that it's the principle of the thing - he's going to search the house from top to bottom and find that piece of paper; if Wayne thinks he can get away with ripping people off, he's got another think coming. He kisses Lynn and heads out. Lynn sighs.

At his hotel, Wayne angrily asks the investgator he's hired if this is all he's come up with. The investigator starts to say that, in the time he had... but Wayne interrupts and snaps that if they're going to stop Helen Green testifying, they need to know more than how much she owes the building society. He asks about about medical reports, and the investigator replies that he should have them later this morning. Wayne snaps at him to make sure there's something in them that he can use. The investigator points out that he can only report what he finds, but Wayne snaps at him that he's being paid good money to deliver results, not excuses; he doesn't want Helen Green in the witness stand. The investigator says he'll do his best - if the material comes through, he'll send it straight across.

Patricia joins Matt at the breakfast table at the Morrell apartment, and he offers her some orange juice, which she accepts. As he pours it, she tells him that she's sorry about last night - he came over to talk to her and ended up nursing a neurotic! Matt laughs and says he's the only person allowed to use words like that! He then continues that she's not neurotic. Changing the subject, he asks if he can use the 'phone, as he needs to ring Fiona; after all, he did come over last night to find out about Jill. Patricia remarks that he got a bit sidetracked! Matt tells her that it would help if he can tell Fiona where Jill is. Patricia replies that she didn't mean to be contrary - she was just in a foul mood. Matt tells her that she isn't now, so where is she?

Gordon and Stephen are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural, and Gordon asks Stephen what his plans are for today. Stephen just replies that he has a few things to attend to. Fiona suddenly comes in and says a very cheerful, "Good morning!" Looking surprised, Gordon remarks that she's as bright as a button, and Fiona explains that she's had a lot of good news: Terry rang - David's improving, and it looks like he's going to be alright; and Terry's eyes are fine even though he got chlorine in them. Stephen grunts that he should still give up fighting in the swimming pool, and Fiona says she agrees. She then continues that Matt called, too. Stephen, looking annoyed, asks what he had do say. Fiona replies that Jill is definitely with Scott - Patricia told him. Gordon asks her if she's going over there, but Fiona says she isn't, adding that it's best if she keeps out of the way. She continues that Matt can find out what's going on - he's promised to call her when he's talked to her.

Matt is standing on the doorstep of a house, talking to Scott. He introduces himself and explains that he's a friend of Fiona's and he wants to speak to Jill. Scott warily starts to say that, if it's anything to do with Fiona... but Matt asks him to just find out if Jill wants to see him or not; if not, he'll leave. Scott tells him that she's in the back garden, and he invites him through. Jill is sitting in the garden, and Scott tells her that there's someone there to see her who says he's a friend. Jill looks at Matt in surprise and then tells him to sit down. Scott tells her to call him if she needs anything. When he's gone, Matt asks Jill if Scott is her lord and protector! Jill replies that he's someone who isn't hassling her. She then continues that she supposes Matt is there to give her the big lecture about keeping the baby. Matt, though, says he isn't, and Jill comments that wonders will never cease. Matt then tells her that he came to see if she has a couple of hours to spare. Jill asks what for, but Matt says it's a surprise - and if he told her, she probably wouldn't want to come. Jill asks him how she knows she can trust him. Matt replies that he doesn't think he's given her any reason not to. Jill muses, "So far..." She agrees to go with him.

Patricia is on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, talking to Malcolm Crosby. She tells him that of course she understands. She then thanks him and hangs up. Seeing the expression on her face, Charlie asks what's wrong. Patricia tells her that Stephen wants a divorce - that was his lawyer. Charlie says, "You're joking..." She asks on what grounds, but Patricia retorts that you don't need grounds these days - just twelve months' separation. She continues that, after all she's been through for him - she knows she shouldn't have openly gone against him, but she thought it wouldn't matter because he loved her so much; she just can't believe it... Charlie points out that it's not the first time he's talked about it, but Patricia replies that she thought he was just trying to frighten her; she didn't think he'd actually start proceedings. Charlie comments that she thought Patricia told her that she can get on perfectly well without him. Patricia tells Charlie that she doesn't understand - she loves him.

Matt and Jill pull up outside Dural, and Matt says, "Here we are." Jill looks deep in thought, and takes a few seconds to respond. Matt asks her if she's OK, and she nods. Matt remarks that it's a bit of a change from a couple of hours ago. Jill asks him what he expects. She then adds that she really appreciates what he did - she just didn't think it would be so awful. Matt tells her that it's the only way she could see-- Jill interrupts and tells him that he did the right thing. She gets out of the car to go and see Fiona. As she heads for the front door, Stephen comes out. Jill asks him if Fiona is around, and Stephen replies that she's in the flat. Jill goes in. Seeing Stephen, Matt gets out of the car and says, "Morning." He then asks Stephen if he's got a moment, but Stephen, looking annoyed, retorts that he doesn't have time to talk as he's on his way to an appointment. Matt gets back in his car.

In the flat, Jill cries to Fiona that she's given her such a hard time. Fiona cries that it cuts both ways. Jill tells her that she didn't mean all those nasty things she said to her, and Fiona replies that neither did she. They hug tightly, and Jill cries that she's been so stupid. Fiona, becoming emotional, laughs and cries as she says, "No tears!" Jill recovers her composure and explains that she couldn't let them do it to her - she's not going to get rid of her baby. Fiona smiles and says that's made her so happy. She asks how come, and Jill tells her that she's got Matt to thank. Realising that Jill has been standing all this time, Fiona tells her to sit down. Jill then continues that Matt went to an incredible amount of trouble for her - he took her to a private hospital where they carry out terminations; there was this lady there - it was awful; she watched her go through exactly what she was about to; she doesn't know what her situation was, but she realised it's not right for her - she couldn't do it, simple as that. Fiona listens and then tells Jill that it's best that she try and put the whole business behind her. Jill says it won't be easy having the baby. Fiona assures her that she'll be around to make sure that everything works out fine. Jill points out that there will be problems. Fiona says she knows - but between the two of them, they can beat them! Jill smiles happily.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Lynn gives Rosie a 'get well' card from her and Kevin to pass on to David. Doug comes in carrying a pillow, and Rosie incredulously asks him if he's taking it on the 'plane. Doug indignantly asks why not. Rosie grabs it and takes it back to the bedroom to get a clean pillowcase! Looking put out, Doug picks up a suitcase and takes it out to the car. Alone with Lynn, Kevin takes a piece of paper out of his jacket pocket and hands it to her, asking her what she thinks. Lynn ask what it is, and Kevin replies that it's a receipt for a safety deposit box - he found it in Wayne's room this morning. Looking shocked, Lynn says, "Kevin..." Kevin ignores this and says it proves that he's right. Lynn asks how, and Kevin continues that he reckons it's where Beryl's Power of Attorney is. Lynn points out that he's only guessing, but Kevin tells her to look at the date - it's the day he and Gordon fronted Wayne; he reckons Wayne went straight out and bought it; when Beryl gets back, he's going to show her the piece of paper and they're going to force Wayne to let her see what's inside the box. Lynn says, "If he agrees." Kevin retorts that he'll look guilty if he doesn't - and if he does, he'll be caught out; either way, they get to show up Wayne for the con he really is.

Wayne is at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and he asks Patricia where she is. Patricia just retorts that she's in Sydney. She then continues that Jill isn't the slightest bit interested in seeing him. Wayne asks if she said that. Patricia replies that she's sure that's how she feels. Wayne turns to Charlie and asks her if she knows where Jill is, but Charlie replies that she's staying right out of it. Wayne warns Patricia that he doesn't think she realises the position she's in: she's only living there because of his good nature - he could have her tossed out right now. Patricia starts to ask if she's right in thinking that, if she doesn't tell him where Jill is... Wayne interrupts and snaps that she's got it. Patricia says, "Sorry. No." Wayne tells her that she'd better start packing her bags, then. Patricia retorts that that's fine with her. Wayne smiles and smugly comments that it's interesting how things turn full circle: six months ago, she was at rock bottom; then she caught Stephen; and now she's back to rock bottom. Patricia smiles and warns him not to gloat too much: as he so aptly put it, things do turn full circle. Wayne, looking annoyed, tells her to just be gone by the time he gets back. He leaves. Patricia looks worried.

Alice is standing with Tony, watching John as he sweeps the verandah at the Woombai homestead. She asks John what sort of role he's got organised, and John replies that he'll be working with a couple of horses that Alan Pascoe has bought for the riding school. As he sweeps, a black object suddenly flies off the verandah and onto the ground by where Alice and Tony are standing Alice bends down and picks it up - it's a wallet. She looks at it and then runs off. Tony calls out, "Mum..." John asks what's wrong. Tony explains that the wallet was Joe's - he must have dropped it when he got a lift in the truck.

Inside, Tony tells his mother to stop worrying about it. Alice, though, cries that it's twenty years - it would have been their wedding anniversary next month; she can't stop thinking about it - it's not that easy; there were good times... Tony says he knows... Alice continues that it's just that, sometimes in a marriage, things don't work out the way you expect them to. Tony tells her that they've got to start thinking about what happens now. Alice says she knows - that's why she's decided to go back to Melbourne. Looking shocked, Tony cries that she can't. Alice tells him that it's within her bail conditions, and she's got to - she's got to see Shirley and Dennis. Tony reminds her that they're being looked after, but Alice cries that she's got to explain to them how it really was. Tony tells her that he'll come with her, but Alice says no. She continues that, because of them, the Palmers have--; the least they can do is try and help them. Tony points out that John is there, but Alice continues that, besides, she knows where Tony is, so it's one less worry she's got. She tells him to be a good boy - don't let her down.

Wayne walks into his hotel and asks the receptionist for his room key. After she's handed it over, the receptionist tells him that there's a parcel for him, which was left by a Mr. Hammond. She hands it over, and Wayne opens it.

At the Morrell apartment, Charlie tells Patricia that if there's anything she can do to help, give her a tinkle. Patricia thanks her and Charlie goes. Matt, who's also there, remarks that it's nice of her to offer to put Patricia up. Patricia, though, replies that it's completely out of the question - she'd be living next door to Stephen; and if she didn't bump into him, there's Margaret. Matt asks her what she's going to do, and Patricia glumly replies that it'll just have to be a cheap room for the time being. Matt tells her that there is another alternative. Patricia thanks him for the offer but adds that, if it means moving in with him... Matt interrupts and tells her that he's just back from giving a seminar in Brisbane; he's been invited to do do the same thing in Perth, so why doesn;t she come with him for a break - it would do her good, and there are no strings attached - he promises. Patricia warily says she doesn't know, but Matt tells her that, if she's worried about him coming on heavy, who stayed there last night and let her sleep in peace? He continues that he cares about her and he doesn't want to spend the whole week without seeing her. Patricia tells him that she can remember Stephen giving her exactly the same speech; he talked her into going away with him and look what happened. Matt points out that it's just a chance for them to get to know each other better. Patricia gives in and agrees, saying, "As long as that's as far as it goes." She adds that it'll do her good to get away - if she doesn't, she'll probably go round the twist - and she doesn't want to give Margaret the satisfaction of seing her going under. Matt says he can't imagine that! Patricia continues that she'll handle Margaret and she'll get Stephen back too - she doesn't know how, but she will; she still loves him. She asks Matt if he understands that, and he assures her that he does. Patricia asks if the offer is still open. Matt replies that she knows he always goes for the long shot!

The receptionist at Wayne's hotel has dialled the number of Dural and is telling Margaret that there's a call for her. She hands the 'phone over to Wayne, who tells Margaret that they've struck gold: the information he's just got is going to blow the Hamilton house sky-high; there's no way they're going to lose any of their money now...


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