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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

It's nighttime, and at Toorak, Charlie tells Wayne in one long stream that she's sorry to barge in but the situation's desperate, and when she saw the lights on, she thought that here was someone who could help her. Wayne tells her to slow down! Charlie, though, continues that simply everything is going wrong - if anyone told her how difficult it is to to put on a fashion show, she'd never have-- She stops in mid flow as she spots the laden dinner table, and asks Wayne if she's interrupted something. Wayne tells her that she won't have if she keeps it short! Charlie asks if she knows his dining companion. Wayne replies that she should - she knows everyone! Charlie tells him not to be cheeky! She then explains that the PR man she's been lumbered with for the fashion launch for Lisa Cook is absolutely dreadful - he doesn't know what he's doing and he hasn't got the slightest bit of sex appeal. Wayne asks if that's important. Charlie replies that it is in her business; with the invitations printed, she needs someone who can step in and get things moving. She asks Wayne if he knows anyone. Wayne says he doesn't - but he'll let her know if anyone comes to mind. Charlie anxiously says it's going on in a few weeks and virtually nothing's done - they don't even know where it's going to be held. Wayne opens the front door, and Charlie, taking the hint, says she supposes she'd better let him get back to his cosy little dinner! She goes.

Fiona is sitting at the table at Woombai, looking over some papers, and she remarks that it's not good. Stephen agrees, and says they're going to have to give the business a boost somehow. Fiona comments that if Greg Flynn just gets the package tours started... Stephen, though, says it doesn't look like he's going to - but they're going to have to let the public know that they're there somehow. Jill comes in and offers more coffee, but both Fiona and Stephen decline. Jill asks if they're trying to think up publicity ideas, and Fiona asks her if she's got any good suggestions. Jill hesitatingly says she hasn't. Realising she may have been about to say something, Stephen tells her that he'll pay $5 for every one he uses! Jill tells him that the country race meeting is coming up soon - they could tie themselves into that. Stephen says he'll look into it, and he thanks her.

In the reception area at the riding school, Margaret asks the receptionist if Stephen is about. The receptionist replies that he's with Mrs. Thompson. She offers Margaret a brandy or a sherry, and Margaret accepts the offer of brandy. The receptionist goes to get it, and as she does so, Stephen comes in. Margaret asks him to join her, but he declines and says he'll see her tomorrow for breakfast. The receptionist returns with the drink and Margaret takes a large sip of it. She then downs the rest in one go. Looking surprised, the receptionist asks her if she like another one. Margaret declines. The receptionist assures her that it won't take a moment, but Margaret suddenly snaps that she said no, and she angrily asks the receptionist if she can't understand English. The receptionist looks taken aback.

The next morning, Patricia arrives at her new place of work, Brennan Industries, and her boss, Mr. Brennan, asks how her trip in was. Patricia replies that it was a bit uncomfortable - she couldn't get a seat on the bus. They walk over to where another woman is sitting, and Brennan reminds Patricia that she's met Kylie. The two women say, "Hi." Brennan then shows Patricia her command post and gives her a list of internal 'phone numbers. Patricia, looking at the equipment in front of her with trepidation, remarks that the desk is quite modern. Mr. Brennan tells her that the job is fairly straightfoward - she shouldn't have any trouble. Patricia sits down, and Kylie calls over that he throws you in at the deep end! Patricia, still looking at her desk, absentmindedly says, "Sorry?" Kylie continues that Mr. Brennan did the same to her. Patricia tenderly picks up the 'phone handset. Kylie assures her that it won't bite! Patricia smiles awkwardly. Kylie checks with her that she has worked with a switchboard before? Patricia quickly says yes - she's just a little out of touch; she wouldn't mind a quick refresher. Kylie walks over to her and very quickly points out the incoming lines, the hold button and the method of transferring calls. Patricia watches, looking worried. Kylie then tells her not to make any personal calls - they're a real no-no. Patricia continues to look worried. Her 'phone suddenly starts ringing. She stares at it. Kylie reminds her that she has to press the white button at the bottom right before she transfers the call.

At the riding school, Stephen asks the receptionist if she's seen Margaret. The receptionist replies that she's still in her room - she ordered breakfast in bed. Stephen remarks that that's not like her. The receptionist tells him that Margaret didn't seem herself last night. Stephen comments that she was probably just tired. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and when the receptionist answers it, Charlie comes on and asks to speak to Stephen. The receptionist asks who's calling and Charlie tells her. Stephen then comes on and asks what he can do. Charlie tells him that she needs his consent - urgently. Stephen asks what for. Charlie replies that Wayne has found her a PR man who's a perfect genius; his name's Robin Elliott, and he's come up with the brilliant idea of launching Lisa's collection at Woombai. Stephen asks if they want to hold a fashion parade there. Charlie explains that it's the same place where the designs were created - it would be wonderful. Stephen comments that it would certainly be different. Charlie says it'll be the event of the year!

Robin Elliott and Wayne are sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, and Robin thanks Wayne for putting the work his way. Wayne smiles that, knowing Charlie, Robin might be cursing him in a couple of weeks! Robin asks why, and Wayne explains that, if Charlie takes a fancy to a guy, she hangs on! Robin says he'll have to keep her at arm's length! At that moment, Charlie comes waltzing in and tells them that Stephen loves the idea! Robin says he's glad it worked out for her. Charlie says she can't wait to tell Lisa! Robin points out that they'll have to move everything up to Sydney. Charlie agrees that of course they will. She then starts stroking his ear and tells him that he must stay with her! Looking awkward, Robin says it's alright - Wayne should be able to find him something. Charlie looks put out.

At Woombai, Fiona says she thinks the it's marvellous, and great publicity! Stephen says that, now they've got it, they just have to make sure they use it. Fiona points out that it'll be a lot of work. Stephen explains that Charlie will handle the fashion side, but they'll have to do everything else - the toursist bureaux, travel agents, and so on. Fiona asks him if he can handle it all by himself. Stephen says he doesn't know - he'll have to be away a lot of the time, and that, together with the day-to-day running of the place... Fiona tells him that he'll have to start thinking about taking on an assistant. Stephen reluctantly says he supposes she's right. Fiona tells him that there are plenty of people on the property who could take the work load off his shoulders - Terry, for instance. Realising what she's playing it, Stephen tells her that he'll have to do everything properly, which means giving everyone a chance to apply and picking the right one for the job. A bell suddenly rings, and Fiona impatiently asks what David wants now. She leaves the room, and Stephen asks Jill how David is. Jill replies that he's not too bad, but he can't move around too much; she thinks it's getting Fiona down. Noticing that Stephen's holding a pen and a sheet of paper, she asks him what he's doing. Stephen explains that he's writing an ad for an assistant. Jill offers to look up the telephone number of the paper. Stephen says he can do it, but Jill tells him that she'll even ring it through if he likes. Stephen assures her that she doesn't have to do that, but Jill says she has to do something - she's sick of sitting around all day doing nothing. Stephen tells her that there's plenty to do in the office if she's looking for work. Jill explains that she's never worked in an office before. Stephen says she can talk on the 'phone, can't she?!

Patricia is having a tough time on the switchboard. She apologises to a caller and asks if they're still there. She says, "Hello? Hello?" a couple of times, trying to retrieve the call, but there's no response. Kylie is talking to her at the same time. Another call comes through and Patricia tells them that she's putting them through now; she presses a couple of buttons. She asks the next caller to hold the line, and she goes to the internal 'phone directory to look up the number. She then tells the caller that she's putting them through. Having done this, she hangs up the 'phone. She then picks it up again and listens; she looks relieved that no one's on the other end! Mr. Brennan suddenly comes in and asks Patricia if she found his call. Patricia says she didn't; she apologises and adds that she's sure he'll ring back. Mr. Brennan says, "Lets hope so..." He then hands Patricia a sheath of papers and asks for five copies of each, adding that he needs them immediately, as he's got a client waiting. He picks up his mail from Patricia's desk and walks off. Kylie tells Patricia that the print room is one floor down at the end of the corridor. She asks her if she knows how to use a copier. Patricia replies that she does; as long as it's not too complicated, she's fine. Kylie looks at her warily as she walks off. A couple of minutes later, Patricia walks into the print room, which is filled with giant, complicated-looking machines. She just stares at them and mouths, "Oh my god..."

In the reception area at the riding school, Stephen tells Jill to see what she can find out about short-notice advertising in the city, too. Jill walks off. Margaret comes in and Stephen asks her how she is. She replies that she's fine. She then asks what all the excitement's about. Stephen explains that Charlie wants to launch a fashion collection there. Margaret asks if it's Lisa's, and when Stephen says it is, she adds that that's wonderful. Stephen explains that it will be a lot of work, but Jill's giving him a hand. Margaret ask if she can help, but Stephen points out that she's on hoilday. He adds that it's all under control. He walks off, leaving Margaret looking put-out. She walks over to Jill and asks if she's sure she doesn't need a hand. Jill says she's fine. The receptionist tells Margaret that lunch is ready, but Margaret says she's not really hungry - she thinks she'll go for a walk. Jill and the receptionist look at each other.

Margaret has arrived at Woombai, and she's walking along the verandah. She starts to walk more quickly as she approaches the door, but then appears to have second thoughts and almost stops and turns round. As she does so, though, Fiona comes out and asks her if she's seen Jill. Margaret explains that she's working with Stephen. Fiona then asks her if she can help her out for a couple of hours - she has to dash into town and needs someone to look after David. Margaret looks wary, but agrees to help out.

In his bedroom, David is lying, reading the newspaper, when the door opens. Without looking up, he calls out that he hopes it's something he can eat with a knife and fork. Margaret says she's sorry - it looks like vegetable soup. David looks up at her in surprise.

A short time later, Margaret tells David that she hasn't come back to make trouble - she just wants a chance to explain. David points out that they've been through it all before, but Margaret pleads, "Please..." David gives in. Margaret tells him that she's not a strong person - not really; prison just... it was awful - it changed her. She continues that she doesn't know how it affected him, but she doesn't think anyone comes out the same. She adds that she can't expect people to know how it was - it's another world; they don't understand. David agrees that Beryl couldn't for a while. Margaret tells him that she wants to make it up to him - letting him take the blame for Martin's death was terrible; when she came out of jail, she had a grudge against everything - she didn't know where her life was going; but she does know that she should be doing something decent. She tells David that she wants to help him - she wants to look after him. Looking surprised, David asks her if she wants nurse him. Margaret says yes; only until Beryl gets back. David says he doesn't think so. Margaret tells him that he's going to need someone - Fiona and Jill can't be there all the time; who else is there? She continues that she'd like him to let her show him that she means what she's saying. She adds that she used to look after her parents for three years, so she has enough experience. David gives in and says OK - but he adds that she's got to talk to Fiona first and make some arrangements. Margaret thanks him.

Charlie and Robin arrive at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and Charlie remarks that she's never known when she's been so rushed! Robin looks around the apartment and remarks that Wayne has certainly done alright for himself; he asks Charlie how Wayne got a place like that. Charlie replies that it's a long story - she'll tell him when she's got a spare fortnight! Robin assures her that he's not complaining, considering the rent Wayne is charging. Charlie tells him that she has to warn him that the hot water runs out quickly. Robin says he can live with it! Charlie tells him that Patricia couldn't. Robin asks who Patricia is. Charlie explains that she's the previous owner - a close friend of hers, actually; she must get in touch with her - Patricia will be dying to know what she's up to.

Patricia comes back to her desk with some lunch. She apologises to Kylie for being late, and adds that she didn't realise an hour was so short. Kylie tells Patricia that she covered for her - but she can't do it all the time. Patricia snaps that she wouldn't expect her to. She sits down. As she does so, Kylie says to Patricia that she's never had an office job before, has she? Patricia, looking guilty, asks if it's that obvious. Kylie says it is. She then adds that Patricia will soon pick it up. Patricia's 'phone starts ringing and Patricia answers it - it's Charlie. Patricia looks at Kylie warily. Charlie says to Patricia that she's been speaking to Matt and she should have told her she was hard up. Patricia snaps that she's not hard up. Charlie, though, comments on her being a receptionist, adding, "Really..." Patricia tells Charlie that she'll have to ring her back, as they're not allowed personal calls. Charlie says it won't take long. Kylie suddenly spots Mr. Brennan approaching, and she calls to Patricia to get off the 'phone. Patricia tells Charlie that she'll have to wait. Charlie ignores this, though, and says Patricia will never believe it when she tells her. Patricia tells Charlie to make it quick. At that moment, Mr. Brennan appears behind her and sternly asks her if he can have a word with her when she's finished her call. Patricia quickly hangs up and says she's sorry. Brennan asks Kylie for a cup of tea, and she leaves them. He then tells Patricia that it's becoming obvious that she's not quite as experienced as she suggested. Patricia says she'll learn. Brennan, though, tells her that he needs someone experienced, not a trainee; he's sorry but he'll have to let her go.

At the Morrell apartment, Robin asks Charlie what Patricia said. Charlie replies that she said she lost her job because of her - she doesn't know how, though. There's suddenly an angry knocking on the front door, and Charlie comments that she thinks she's about to find out. She goes to the door and opens it. Patricia storms in and snaps at Charlie that she can call her any time she likes now - because she won't be working. She adds that she's looking forward to a nice long apology. Charlie snaps at Patricia that she was the one that hung up. Patricia snaps back that the fact that she asked Charlie to get off the 'phone has got no bearing on the matter; she gets fired because Charlie wanted a chat. Charlie retorts that it was a silly job anyway - she could get a much better job if she wanted to. Patricia asks what. Charlie thinks for a moment, but unable to come up with anything, decides to introduce Robin, who's standing behind the bar. She explains that Robin is her new PR man, and adds that Patricia should hear the ideas he's got. Robin offers Patricia a martini. Charlie suddenly says she's had a brainwave - there's something Patricia could do: she could be Robin's assistant. Patricia impatiently says, "Come on..." Charlie, though, tells her that it's perfect for her - and they need someone to help them out. Robin quickly interjects that they won't be that busy. Charlie, though, says it's her money and they're going to be busy! Patricia says she's not going to accept handouts, but Charlie tells her that it's not a handout. Patricia points out that the position didn't even exist just now. Charlie says it does now. Patricia says she'll just get in Robin's way. Charlie gives in, but tells Patricia not to say she didn't offer. Robin brings over the drinks, and Charlie asks if there are any olives. Robin says there aren't, and so Charlie gets up and goes out to buy some. When they're alone, Robin tells Patricia that he just started renting the apartment. Patricia snaps, "How nice." Robin genially asks what the hot water's really like. Patricia smiles and says, "Put it this way: don't use too much soap!"

Margaret walks into David's room at Woombai and, thinking David's asleep, goes to turn the TV off. He stirs, though, and asks her to leave it on, as there's something good coming up. Margaret tells him that she'll leave him to it, but David asks her to hang on, as he wouldn't mind a bit of company; she can stay if she likes. Margaret says alright. She walks over to him and adjusts his pillows so that he can sit up. She then sits down on the edge of his bed. David comments that it must have been hard looking after her parents for so long. Margaret replies that there were times when she just wanted to get out; but she loved them - and she couldn't afford to leave anyway. David tells her that she doesn't have that problem now, with the money from the will. Margaret replies that money doesn't buy happiness. She tells David that he's the one with the things that count: home... family... she wishes she had them. David tells her that there's plenty of time yet. Margaret sits and looks at him, a look of longing in her eyes...


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