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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

As Terry has walked into the living room, and Joe has pointed the rifle at him, Alice cries, "Please, Joe - no....." She gets up, runs at him and tries to push the rifle out of his hands. David tries to stop her, but as he moves, a shot rings out and he drops to the floor. Beryl cries, "Nooooooo.... David..........." Tony and Terry start grappling with Joe. The rifle has fallen to the floor, and Alice picks it up. She points it at her husband and cries, "You're not going to hurt them, Joe." She fires the weapon and pumps four bullets into Joe's body. Tony cries, "Mum, no......" Beryl is cradling David on the floor, and cries out to call an ambulance.

A short time later, David is being wheeled on a trolley into the ambulance. Beryl asks the doctor who's standing by the vehicle if her husband will be alright. The doctor tells her that both he and Joe are very bad, but David has a better chance. Beryl asks if she can come, but the doctor tells her that he'd prefer she stayed behind, as she'll just be in the way. The ambulance drives off Terry tells Beryl that he'll get the keys for the car. Tony says he'll stay with his mum. Beryl cries, "He's not going to die..." Tony tells her that of course he isn't. Beryl tells Tony not to blame himself for what happened.

Inside, Sergeant Gilmore tells Alice that they have to take her to the station and charge her; she'll appear in the Magistrates' Court in the morning, but the way things happened, she shouldn't have any worries about bail. Alice asks what if Joe dies. The Sergeant tells her that he'd be bowled over if the court didn't go easy on her. He suggests they go, and she can make a statement at the staion. Tony comes in and tells his mother not to say anything until she's got a solicitor. Alice cries that she did it; what she says isn't going to make any difference. Seeing the state she's in, Gilmore says he and his colleague will wait in the passage and give her and Tony a few minutes to themselves. They leave, and Tony asks his mother why she did it. He adds that he and Terry could have tackled him. Alice cries that she she just couldn't take any more. She starts crying, and Tony puts his arm around her. He looks worried.

As Fiona pulled up outside the clinic, she didn't notice a gentleman walking down the road towards her, carrying a newspaper. It's Scott Thompson, and he watches her go in. Inside, when the receptionist suggests to Fiona that she might like to talk to the gentleman who came in with Jill, it's Scott who's standing there when she turns round. She looks shocked to see him, and then angrily asks how he could arrange all this; him of all people; doesn't he know what having a grandchild means to her? Scott calmly replies that he thinks he probably does. He asks Fiona how she is, and she retorts that she's hopping mad. She asks him how on earth he got dragged into it, and Scott explains that Jill called him, told him what she'd been through and asked him for help. Fiona asks why him? Scott replies that his son is the father - he assumes Jill was was telling the truth? Fiona says a reluctant, "Yes." Scott remarks that he's surprised Fiona hasn't let him know before that Terry is alive. Fiona snaps that it was up to Terry to contact him. She continues that Jill shouldn't have dragged him into it. Scott replies that he's not thrilled, but Jill is desperate, and it's easy enough to buy a solution. Fiona snaps that there's no way she's letting Jill go through with it; she wants her out of there right now. Scott tells her that Jill is just discussing it; when the operation takes place-- Fiona interrupts and snaps that there won't be an operation. Scott continues that if it takes place, it will be in a few days' time, in professional conditions, with no risks involved. Fiona snaps at Scott that he hasn't changed one bit - he's still the same cold fish he was two years ago. Scott says he'd prefer to talk about it later. Fiona snaps that they'll talk; they'll talk alright.

At Dural, Stephen tells Barbara that Helen was a lot older than he was. Barbara snaps that Helen was her best friend - she was like a sister to her; when she left with no explanation, no nothing...; she's shocked that Stephen lied to her for twenty years. Stephen tells her that Helen made him promise not to say anything - she was terrified that Barbara would find out about the baby. Barbara snaps at Stephen that he was already married; how did it happen? Stephen replies that Helen was unhappy at the time - he doesn't know why; she was the perfect secretary and left all her problems at home, but there was a conference; their father couldn't go and he went in his place; Helen came too and they were alone for a week. Barbara snaps, "Stephen, rampant stud that he was, couldn't keep his hands to himself." Stephen insists that it wasn't like that. Barbara snaps that the whole idea just makes her...; she tells him that he's hurt so many people through the years because he couldn't keep his hands off women; well, he can add her to the list. Stephen tells his sister that Patricia wanted to cause trouble and she's acting exactly as Patricia intended. Barbara snaps that that's too damn bad.

Jill, Fiona and Scott leave the clinic. Outside, Jill tells Fiona that she shouldn't have come after her - it's her life. Fiona retorts that there are three lives involved, and she tells Jill that she can't kill that child. Scott chips in that he never saw Fiona as a 'right to life-er'. Fiona snaps that they don't need him interfering; it's between Jill and her. Scott looks at Jill and she nods. Scott tells her that he'll meet her in an hour - he has her address. He walks off. Fiona tells Jill that it was wrong of her to bring him into it. Jill cries that she had no one else to go to. Fiona tells her that it's up to Terry to decide whether his father should know about him. Jill snaps at Fiona not to expect her to worry about Terry - she needed help. Fiona says she could have helped; this isn't the sort of help she needs. Jill cries that she tried to kid herself that she could love the baby, but she won't be able to. Fiona cries that it's her grandchild, but Jill retorts that it's her child; she thinks she has the right to do what she wants. Fiona asks her to talk to Matt, but Jill snaps that she's got all the help she needs, so Fiona can stay out of it. She goes to walk off. Fiona yells after her that if she does it, she'll hate her. Jill stops and cries that that's not fair and Fiona knows it. She walks off. Fiona returns to her car and finds a parking ticket under the windscreen wiper. She picks it up and snaps, "Oh damn."

Sometime later, Scott is sitting in the flat at Dural. Fiona is ranting that it's beyond her comprehension, it really is. She snaps at him that it's his grandchild, too. Scott cooly tells Fiona not to expect him to get sentimental about the child of a son he's never even met; when Jill told him about Terry, he was surpised, but after he heard what Terry was like, he felt nothing. Fiona asks him what he means. Scott replies that Terry raped the girl. Fiona tells him that there's more to it than that, but Scott replies that he doesn't care about him - he got along very nicely without Terry for all these years and he'll continue to do so. Fiona asks him if he's not in the least curious. Scott says he isn't, and he tells Fiona not to try to impose her obsession for having a son onto him. Fiona asks him what he means by 'obsession'. In reply, Scott asks her if she knows what he remembers most about their time together two years ago. Fiona says she can't imagine. Scott tells her that it was that time at Woombai when she told him that there had been a baby - their baby; it was very moving. Fiona remarks that at least he's not cynical. Scott continues that he was very moved then because they shared a memory of their original affair - that first argument in The Domain... evenings they spent together... even the unpleaseantness of their breaking-up; all those things were coming back to him as much as anything else - that's why it all meant so much to him after nearly 30 years; and that that is why he can't feel anything about Terry - he doesn't know him; they share nothing - and if that sounds callous, he's sorry. Fiona looks at him pitifully and sadly asks whatever happened to the man she loved. She adds that if that's his attitiude then Terry is better off never knowing him - they both are; if he wants to opt out of seeing Terry, then opt out of his child's life, too - leave Jill to those who care about her - they'll make sure she's well looked after. Scott listens, but then tells Fiona that when he starts something, he finishes it. He suggests that there's nothing more to be said, and he gets up, goes to the door, turns and says, "Goodbye," and leaves. Fiona, looking upset, sits down slowly.

In the lounge room in the main house, Barbara is sitting and looking at some old black-and-white photos of her and Helen from twenty years ago. John comes in and Barbara tells him not to go out to the flat as Fiona has had a bit of an upset. John asks what's wrong, but Barbara just replies that there are a few problems. John asks her if she minds a bit of company then, and she tells him to feel free. Noticing the photo album, John asks to have a look. Barbara tells him that he'll just get a laugh out of a fresh-faced Stephen, but John glumly says he could do with a laugh. Barbara hands him the album and points out her baby brother at the age of 22. John laughs and remarks that it's the same age as him. Barbara smiles and says, "Almost." John tells her, "No - same age." Barbara coments that his birthday isn't for a few days, is it? John doesn't say anything. Barbara says that surely it's not today? John nods, and Barbara tells him that she's very sorry - Gordon sent a card to Angela, but it was only yesterday, and she assumed he was sending it in advance. John tells her not to worry about it - the people who've forgotten have got a lot more reason to remember than she has; it just goes to show how the family is drifting apart... He hands the photo album back. Barbara tells him that he feels lousy and so does she, which makes it one hell of a reason to celebrate! She continues that they're going to share a bottle of champagne. John tells her that it's alright, but Barbara insists, adding that they've got to remember Angela too - it's her day also.

David is lying in a hospital bed, tubes everywhere and a dressing over a wound to his stomach. A ventilator is helping him with his breathing.

In another room, Joe is also lying, bandages wrapped round his body, a ventilator helping him breathe.

At Dural, Barbara and John are laughing when the 'phone suddenly rings. Barbara answers it and Beryl comes on and asks to speak to John. Barbara calls him over and he takes the handset. Beryl tells him that she's got bad news: it's David - there's been some trouble; he's been shot; they've operated and he's in intensive care. Looking shocked, John asks her what she means - was there an accident or something? Beryl says she'd rather not go into it on the 'phone - he's pretty bad, though. John asks which hospital it is, and Beryl replies that it's the local. John asks which one is the local, and Beryl realises that he doesn't know what she means. She explains that they're at Woombai - there have been some things that they didn't tell him because they didn't want him to worry. She tells him to get there as quick as he can, and she'll explain then. John asks Beryl if she's OK. Beryl replies that she's alright, but she'll be a lot better when he's there. John says he'll be there in about four hours. He hangs up and tells Barbara that David has been shot. He adds that that's all he knows, other than that he's at Woombai. He asks if he can borrow a car, and Barbara tells him to take the Volvo - the keys are in the study. She asks if Fiona should go as well, but John replies that, if she has troubles, there's nothing she can do. Barbara points out that if it happened on her property... John replies that he doesn't know if it did - Beryl told him that they were staying at Woombai but she didn't say where it happened. He adds that he'll call Fiona when he gets the full story. He asks Barbara not to say anything. Barbara looks worried.

At the Morrell apartment, Jill drops an envelope onto the coffee table; it's addressed to Patricia. Scott tells her that she's doing the right thing - if she stays there, Fiona will just make a pest of herself. Jill uncertainly says, "Yeah..." Scott asks her if she's ready to go. Jill says she thinks so. Seeing the expression on her face, he tells her that if she doesn't want to stay at his house... Jill tells him that his place will be fine. Scott asks her what her plans are after the operation, but she replies that she doesn't have any idea. Scott tells her that he might be able to help her with work. Jill, though, tells her that he's helped her enough already. She adds that she doesn't like him very much and he doesn't like her - what happened between them two years ago made her pretty sure of that; she just needs him to help her over the next few days; that's all she wants. Scott points out that she'll be on her own afterwards, then; from what Fiona said, if she goes through with this, she won't want a bar of her. Jill retorts that she was on her own when she first came to Sydney, and she survived then... Realising what she might be implying, Scott starts to say that she wouldn't go back... Jill tells him that of course she wouldn't - but she'll manage. She suggests they go.

Barbara is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, watching a TV news report about the shooting at Woombai. The newscaster reports that Joe Parker's wife has been detained, and that the conditions of both men are described as 'critical'. He adds that, in Victoria, two of the men who escaped with Parker were captured; only one man remains at large from the original four escapees. He then turns to sport, and Barbara turns the TV off. She says to Stephen, who's sitting at the bar behind her, that it's shocking. Stephen suggests that, now that it's on the news, perhaps they should tell Fiona. Barbara, though, says she thinks they should leave it until tomorrow. She decides to go to bed. Stephen offers a nightcap, but Barbara declines. Stephen brings up the subject of Helen, and tells his sister that it's a bit like having a carcass in the middle of the living room: she can only walk around it for so long pretending it's not there, but sooner or later it'll stink the place out. Barbara makes it clear that she isn't amused at the analogy. She tells Stephen that she'll get over it by trying to forget it - but at the moment, she's a bit too hurt to do anything. She says goodnight.

At the hospital at Woombai, Terry - still wearing dark glasses - gives Beryl a drink and sits down next to her in the corridor. Beryl asks where Tony is, but Terry says he doesn't know. John suddenly comes round the corner and Beryl immediately stands up; they hug. John looks annoyed to see Terry there, though. John asks Beryl how she is, and she replies that she's alright. John then asks how David is, and Beryl tells him that he's stable, the doctors say; it worries her, though. Terry nods to John, who just mutters, "G'day." Terry then turns to Beryl and tells her that, now that someone's with her, he'll be off. Beryl thanks him. He goes. Beryl tells John that Terry is a nice man. John ignores this and asks her to tell him her side of what happened, as all he's heard was what was said on the car radio.

In David's room, there's noise from the heart monitor, which is emitting a regular beep, and the sound of the ventilator. A nurse is in the room making checks on his condition. As she's about to leave, Tony opens the door and moves as if to come in. The nurse tells him that no visitors are allowed. Tony says he knows - he was just wondering how David's doing. The nurse tells him that he's pretty much the same as the last time he asked. Tony looks over at David and then leaves the room with the nurse.

Out in the corridor, Beryl tells John that there's not much more to it - it was all over in about ten seconds, like some terrible nightmare; if Terry hadn't arrived like he did, they'd all have been dead, she's sure of it. John says a reluctant, "Yeah..." He tells Beryl that David will pull through. Suddenly recalling something, Beryl says she's sorry - it's not the right time but she's just remembered: she wishes John a Happy Birthday, and gives him a hug.

In David's room, the frequency of the beeps from the heart monitor begins to increase. The display on the equipment then begins to display a flat line, and the beeps disappear to be replaced by a continuous tone, signalling that David is dead...


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