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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

An alarm bell starts ringing throughout the hospital, and a number of nurses rush to David's room. As they run past John and Beryl, John remarks to Beryl that something's going on. As another nurse dashes past, Beryl, looking worried, asks her if there's been a change in David's condition. The nurse just tells her that the doctor will let her know as soon as he's free.

In David's room, the doctor is pumping David's chest to try and get his heart started again. Beryl stands in the doorway, watching and looking horrified. The doctor pauses a moment and then starts the resuscitation procedure again. A nurse notices Beryl standing in the doorway and asks her to wait outside. Beryl stands there looking terrified as the defibrillation equipment is then brought out and charged up.

Out in the corridor, Tony walks round the corner and asks John if it's Joe that the alarm is ringing for. John, though, tells him that it's David. Tony comments, "Poor him." He then adds that he's glad it's not his dad. John, looking surprised, asks him what he's worried about Joe for. Tony retorts that, if his father dies, his mum is up for murder - not that his dad will stuff it; he's as tough as nails, his old man. John offers him some coffee. Tony tells John that he's as worried about Dave as he is - but in his own way, his old man was good to him when he was a kid; he's still his dad, even after what he did. John says they should hope they both pull through.

In David's room, the nurse tells the doctor that she's getting a pulse - it's steady and holding. The doctor tells her to make sure that there's a nurse with David at all times. He then turns to Beryl and tells her that David has got every chance. A look of immense relief crosses Beryl's face, and she goes to tell John.

She walks slowly round the corner of the corridor, and when she gets to John, she gives him a huge hug and tells him that David is alive - but only just. John murmurs, "Thank God." He tells Beryl to come and sit down. Tony offers her some coffee, but John says he'll get them. He walks off. Tony helps Beryl sit down, and he asks what happened. Beryl cries that his heart stopped... and it took a mahine to get it to start... he was dead and now he's alive... Tears start streaming down her face. Tony, looking awkward, tells her that she'll feel better after a good cry. Beryl laughs with happiness through her tears.

A doctor pulls a sheet over the head of a patient and tells the nurse that there's nothing more they can do for him: Joe Parker is dead. The doctor says he'll tell the relatives. As he walks along the corridor, John stops him and asks how his patient is. The doctor replies that he's afraid they lost him - they did what they could, but there were four gunshot wounds at close range. John asks him if he's talking about Joe Parker, and the doctor says he is. John says he thought he was talking about David. The doctor explains that David is Dr. Rankin's patient. He then says he's got to tell Mr Parker's son, but John says he'll tell him, and he suggests that Dr. Clearey go and ring Mrs Parker. Dr. Clearey agrees and he walks off. John walks over to where Tony and Beryl are sitting. He sits down next to them, slowly, and then turns to Tony. He tells him that he's been talking to Dr. Clearey: Joe didn't make it. Tears immediately appear to well-up in Tony's eyes, but he just remarks that it's the luck of the draw - he supposes the doctors did what they could. Beryl asks John if someone's telling Mrs. Parker. John replies that says Dr Cleary's ringing her. Tony cries that his mum's not having a very good day. He continues that Joe always said he'd get her - and now he did; now she's up for murder. He starts crying.

Margaret is watching television in the lounge room at Dural when Amanda comes in. She asks Margaret if she's the only one still up, and Margaret replies that everyone decided to have an early night. She gets up and turns the TV off. Amanda pours herself a drink at the bar, and as she does so, she tells Margaret that there's something she wanted to talk to her about: she's invited Andy Green around tomorrow - well, her father has - but the fact that he's contesting Dee's will means Margaret could miss out on the money. Margaret asks Amanda if she's worried about what will happen if they run into each other. She then continues that, whatever happens, Andy's a relative of the Morrells; she's not; if the court rules in his favour, so be it. Amanda explains that she just didn't want to cause any unpleasantries. Margaret tells her to stop worrying - she's put the business from her mind, so why doesn't Amanda?

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia tells Charlie that Margaret drove the car straight at her. Charlie smiles and replies that she did the same thing to her first husband; unfortunately she missed and hit a tree; she did an enormous amount of damage to the car! Patricia listens and then snaps that she's not exaggerating - if she hadn't jumped, she'd be history by now; and then Margaret started making those stupid threats. Charlie points out that if Margaret tries anything, Patricia can deal with her; she has before - Margaret is just a pathetic little person. Patricia retorts that Margaret has changed; before, she used to fight to survive; now she thinks Margaret would frighten her just for the pleasure of it. Charlie slyly remarks that she must go and meet her... She asks if she's staying at Dural, and Patricia says she is. She then adds to give Stephen her best. Charlie suggests that Patricia go over there herself, but Patricia snaps that she's done all the grovelling she's going to do. Charlie points out to Patricia that it's her fault he left her. Patricia snaps that she wasn't going to sit back and let a fortune slip through her fingers. Charlie tells Patricia that she shouldn't have openly defied him like that. Patricia retorts that if Stephen can't accept her the way she is, then to hell with him.

In David's hospital room, Dr. Rankin tells Beryl that they've stabilised David's condition; if he makes it through the night, he's got every chance of making a good recovery. Beryl asks if she can stay with him. Dr. Rankin tells her that she can, although he adds that the chair isn't very comfortable. Beryl assures him that she doesn't mind. Dr. Rankin and the nurse leave the room. Beryl sits down by David's bed and looks at her unconscious husband. She then sobs that she loves him...

The next morning, outside, in the hospital grounds, Beryl, Tony and John are eating breakfast, and Beryl tells Tony to hurry up as he doesn't want to be late for court. John, suddenly looking annoyed, says they've got company, and Beryl looks up to see Terry walking towards them. Turning to Tony and seeing the sad expression on his face, John tells him to snap out of it, as he's not going to help his mother like that. Tony says must be some way he can raise the money - what if he sold his heap? John, though, asks him where he'll get the rest from. Tony snaps at him that he's a big help. Terry joins them and sits down. Beryl offers him a cuppa and Terry tells her that it's good to see her looking so bright. He then tells John that he was glad to hear his old boy's going to pull through. He also turns to Tony and tells him that he's sorry about his dad. Tony asks Terry if he knows anyone who wants to buy a car. Beryl chips in to explain that it's for money for Alice's defence - she was going to put it up, but her money hasn't come through yet. Terry suggests he have a whip-round in town. Tony tells him that people don't even know him and his mother. Terry, though, replies that they know of them. Beryl says she thinks it's a great idea, and she heads off to find her bag and get some money. John sourly says he can't see too many people coughing up, but Terry retorts that he was down the club last night and everyone reckoned Tony's old lady deserves a medal - so if he asks, they'll cough up. John growls at him that he wouldn't get a brass razoo if people knew what he was really like. Tony snaps at John that he doesn't know what he's got against Terry, but Terry's his mate, and he's trying to help. John snaps back at Tony that he doesn't even know what he's talking about. Beryl returns and hands Terry a note. Terry says he'd better get going. John takes out $10 and hands it to Terry. Beryl remarks to John that he can't afford it, but John snaps that it's OK. Terry tells them all that he'll see them around. When he's gone, Beryl comments that he's the salt of the earth. John looks annoyed.

Charlie walks into Dural with Amanda and tells her that Dee's money may be all tied up, but at least a Cook original is an investment. Amanda assures Charlie that she'll be at the launch bash for the collection, and she adds that she'll give Fiona and Barbara their invitations as well. The two of them head into the lounge room and Charlie sits down. As she does so, she says to Amanda to tell Barbara that she'll understand if she can't make it - with all the houseguests at the moment, she must be quite flat out - although from what she's heard, they could all end up murdered in their beds. Charlie doesn't notice Margaret coming into the room behind her as she says this. Amanda sees her, though, and warns, "Charlie..." Charlie doesn't take the hint, and continues that she knows what she's talking about: Patricia told her that her sister had gone quite troppo. Margaret says, "Really?" When Charlie turns round in shock, Margaret introduces herself. Amanda tells her that she'll have to make allowances for Charlie, as she suffers from foot-in-the-mouth disease! Margaret tells Charlie that she can assure her that she's not a threat to anyone. Charlie asks her what about the threats she made yesterday. A look of puzzlement crosses Margaret's face, and Amanda chips in that Patricia has been doing another one of her hatchet jobs. Charlie asks Margaret if she didn't try and run Patricia down. Margaret assures her that it was an accident. Charlie, looking sheepish, says she's made a fool of herself... Margaret tells her not to be silly, and she offers her a coffee. Amanda says she's got to get ready for Andy, and she leaves the room. Charlie and Margaret move over to the living room table, where Margaret pours the coffee. As she does so, Charlie asks her what it's like in jail. Margaret offers Charlie milk, but Charlie says she'll have it black. Margaret pours milk into the cup anyway, and Charlie points out that she said she wanted it black. Margaret angrily snaps at her that she'll take what she gets. Charlie looks shocked, and Margaret quickly tells her that she was only joking: that was her way of showing Charlie what it's like in jail - you do what you're told when you're told, no questions. Charlie suggests that surely you get a choice between black and white coffee, and Margaret replies that she was just using it as an example. Charlie tells her that she certainly made her point - it must have been absolutely beastly. Margaret replies that it certainly made her rethink some of her values - like life's too short trying to waste time getting back at people. She adds that she tried to explain that to Patricia but she didn't want to know. Charlie tells her that she can be rather stubborn at times. Margaret says she shouldn't have approached her when she was so upset about Stephen. Charlie says Patricia was crazy about him. Margaret remarks that at least her sister has got Charlie to pull her through. Charlie says she knows how hard it can be when the man in you life walks out. Margaret asks Charlie if she thinks Patricia will go to pieces again. Charlie asks her if she means like she did with David. Margaret tells her that Patricia was so hysterical yesterday - she'd hate her to have another breakdown. Charlie tells her not to worry - she's taking Patricia to a charity do today; it'll get her out and about. Margaret repeats, "Today?" Charlie confirms this, and adds that she and Patricia are picking up the old duck who's organising the do. She then tells Margaret that it was very nice meeting her, and adds that they must keep in touch.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia tells Charlie that Margaret is trying to con everyone into thinking she's Miss. Goody-Two-Shoes and she's the Wicked Witch of the West. Charlie asks why she'd do that, and Patricia replies that it's so that no one will believe she's trying to get to her. Charlie says she's been round long enough to recognise a phony when she sees one. Patricia retorts that so she should: she was married to three prime specimens! Charlie starts to say that if this is going to get personal... Patricia snaps at her to look who's talking: does she believe her or Margaret? Charlie indignantly insists that she was only trying to help. Patricia assures her that she has: yesterday she was letting Margaret get to her, but now, if she tries anything, she'll get what's coming to her. The two of them go out.

Margaret walks downstairs at Dural. She picks up the newspaper from the table in the hallway and finds a set of keys underneath. She picks them up, but then there's a knock on the front door and she quickly puts them down again. She answers the door - it's Andy. She invites him in and calls Amanda. The two of them then go into the lounge room, where Margaret offers Andy a drink. Andy replies, "No I'll be right, Mrs. Hamilton." Margaret explains who she is, and Andy, looking awkward, says, "Oh..." Margaret tells him not to be uncomfortable, but Andy says it's just a bit awkward. Margaret tells him that he has more right to Mrs. Morrell's money than her. Andy says he wonders if that's how the judge will see it. Amanda comes in at that moment and tells him that Patricia hopes so - she's always been the one with the money; she can't stand Margaret now that the tables have turned. Margaret jokes that Amanda is her champion! She introduces Andy to his half-sister, and Amanda asks what they do - shake hands?! They do! Margaret tells them that she'll leave them to it and go to her room, as she's in the middle of a crossword and likes to cheat on her own! She heads out into the hallway as Amanda tells Andy to sit down. She then picks up the set of keys from the table and walks to the front door. As she opens it, she looks around and then quietly heads out.

A while later, Margaret knocks on the front door of the Morrell apartment, but there's no answer. She takes out the set of keys, picks one, puts it in the lock and turns it. The door opens and Margaret lets herself into the flat. She calls out, "Patricia?" When there's no answer, she closes the door. She takes a look around and then walks over to the stereo. She presses on one of the switches and the cassette player opens.

At the hospital, David's heart monitor is making a regular beeping noise. He suddenly begins to regain consciousness, but Beryl tells him not to move. She adds that he'll be fine. David murmurs, "The others?" Beryl replies, "A scratch." David then asks about Joe Parker, and Beryl tells him, "He died." She says she'll go and get Dr Rankin, but David asks her to stay. Beryl smiles and tells him that she loves him.

A short time later, out in the corridor, John asks Beryl if he can see him. Beryl suggests maybe later. Terry comes over and Beryl tells him to guess who she's been talking to! Terry guesses, and then adds that he bets he's been complaining about the food! Beryl says she'd better 'phone the others. Before she does so, she asks Terry what's happening with the Parkers, and Terry tells her that they're fine - a mate of his put them onto a great solicitor. Beryl smiles and remarks to John that Terry gets thing done! She walks off to make the call. John snaps at Terry that if he blew the whistle on him, he wouldn't be the local hero much longer. Terry snaps back at him to do what he likes: go right ahead if that's the way he wants to do his fighting. He then growls that John kicked in ten bucks, right? He takes out $10 and tells John that they don't need his money round there, and they don't need him, either. He drops the note on the floor and walks off.

Patricia arrives back at the apartment, and as she opens the front door, she hears music playing. She then notices Margaret sitting on the settee, reading a magazine. She angrily asks her what on earth she's doing there. Margaret 'innocently' asks Patricia if she had a nice lunch, but Patricia ignores this and asks her sister how she got in. Margaret retorts that it was through the front door. She adds that they taught her much more than how to sew mailbags in jail... Patricia asks her if she picked the lock, and Margaret taunts that she might have. Patricia orders her to get out, and she goes to turn the stereo off. Margaret tells her not to, though, as she's been doing some tinkering while Patricia has been away, and she'll be electrocuted if she tries to turn it off. Patricia snaps at her not to be stupid. Margaret retorts that she worked in the electrical shop; she does have some technical knowhow. She adds that if Patricia thinks she's bluffing, go ahead - there are plenty of domestic accidents... Patricia snaps that if Margaret was going to set her up, she'd hardly be warning her. Margaret tells her to go ahead then - she has nothing to worry about, does she... Patricia looks at the stereo warily but doesn't touch it. Margaret stands up and goes and faces her sister. She reaches out and turns the stereo off, saying as she does so that she didn't think Patricia had the guts. Patricia looks furious. Margaret tells her that this is just to let her know that she can get her any time she wants - only there won't be a warning next time. She then adds that Patricia's not to try and change the locks as it would just be a waste of money. She goes, leaving Patricia standing there, looking furious.


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