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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Fiona arrives back at Dural and asks Barbara, who comes out into the hallway, if Terry turned up. Barbara just snaps that the fight took place in the pool. Looking shocked, Fiona says she's so sorry. Barbara assures her that it's not her fault, but she adds that she's furious with Terry. Fiona comments that she doesn't blame her - she'll have a piece of him herself. She asks if his eyes are alright, what with the chlorine in the pool. Barbara replies that she thinks they've been stinging but she's sure they'll be fine. She then tells Fiona that she has another problem on her hands. She's about to elaborate when Terry comes in from the flat; she hands him a pile of clothes that she's holding. Terry turns to Fiona and tells her that he's sorry if he caused trouble with her friends - but he's not apologising to John; he asked for it. Fiona angrily snaps at him, asking him when he's going to grow up. Terry reminds her that he said sorry, but Fiona angrily asks if that makes it alright - because it doesn't. Terry tells her that that's all he can say - he didn't think. Fiona snaps that he certainly didn't; what about his eyes? Terry assures her that they're fine. Fiona sarcastically asks him if he's a doctor now. Terry snaps back that she's treating him like a child, but Fiona reminds him that he's just had his bandages off; she wants to get him to hospital for a check-up. Terry snaps that he won't go, as he's had enough of that place for a lifetime; he's going home - if there are any problems, he can see a doctor there. Fiona curtly points out that the specialists are there in Sydney, but Terry retorts that he doesn't care - he's going home. Fiona reluctantly says alright, and she takes his 'plane ticket out of her bag. Terry snaps that he can hitch, but Fiona angrily snaps that she's had his nonsense up to 'there' - he's going to fly home as she planned and the first thing he'll do is see a doctor and hope to goodness that he isn't put back in hospital. Terry snaps that he can see fine, but Fiona snaps that it's no thanks to his stupidity. She tells him to make himself presentable for the flight, as he has to leave in ten minutes.

Fiona walks into the flat; John is sitting on the couch, looking at the card that was in the envelope he was holding before the fight. He quickly puts it down. Fiona he angrily asks him what he said. John retorts that he did all he could, but he wasn't going to let Terry hit him. Fiona asks what about Terry's eyes. John snaps that he doesn't care about them; why should he? Fiona sadly says she just expected more. John tells her that the less she has to do with Terry, the better, he reckons. Fiona snaps that she hasn't come for advice. John snaps that she came to have go at him; well, he's had a gutful of Terry and the whole damn mess. He tells Fiona that Terry has changed her. Fiona tells him not to be ridiculous, but John insists that of course he has: she puts him ahead of everyone now; all her friends take second place to a rapist. Fiona replies that whatever Terry is, he's her son, and she's the same as she ever was. John says he doesn't think so - she doesn't even remember what day it is, she's so worried about her precious Terry. Fiona listens to this and then walks out impatiently. John sits back down and looks at the card again. It's a birthday card, and written inside is 'Wishing we could be together on our birthday. You know I'll be thinking of you. Love and miss you. Angela'. John looks upset.

Stephen has arrived back at the Morrell apartment after his business trip, and he hugs Patricia as he tells her that it's good to be home. Patricia jokes that at least his being away gives him a break from her! Stephen asks her if she wants a drink, but she declines. He goes to get himself one, and walks over to the bar. As he does so, Patricia picks up the mini tape recorder and removes the tape. She gives it to Stephen, who asks what it is. Patricia replies that it's the answer to all their problems. She continues that she knows what he said, but she's impulsive - and it's a good thing she was. Stephen asks her what she means. Patricia tells him that she has Helen Green on tape admitting that he's Andy's father; it's all the evidence they need to contest the will. Stephen sternly asks her how she got it. Patricia asks him not to be angry, but Stephen just asks again how she got the tape. Patricia explains that she went to see her; she had a pocket recorder in her bag. Stephen angrily asks what he said before he left. Patricia retorts that she couldn't just sit around and do nothing. Stephen, though, snaps that it's the last damn straw; he starts ripping the tape out of the cassette as he reminds Patricia that he told her that she mustn't on any account go near Helen. He grabs her arm and snaps that she stayed true to form and did exactly what she wanted to. Patricia snaps at him to let go of her. Stephen angrily asks her how many times she's smiled and promised not to do something, and then gone behind his back and done it anyway. Patricia snaps that she doesn't know what he's getting so hysterical about. Stephen snaps that it's his pride; he's done all he could to keep on loving her - he put up with her tantrum at Woombai when she found out about Andy; he put up with her going to see Andy and her lack of sympathy about his new job; her whole mercenary attitude - but he's not listening to any more apologies or promises - he's getting out while he still has a little self-esteem. He walks to the door and picks up his upopened suitcase. Patricia snaps that he's blowing this all out of proportion, but Stephen snaps back that the fact that she thinks so proves they have a problem. He adds that he'll be talking to Malcolm about a divorce. Looking shocked, Patricia cries that he can't be serious, but Stephen snaps back, "Believe me - this time I am." He storms out.

A while later, Stephen gets out of his car, which is parked outside Dural. As he walks up to the door, Margaret comes out and tells him that Barbara has allowed her to borrow one of the cars, to go shopping. Stephen ignores this and tells her that she might as well know, as everyone will know soon: he's left Patricia. A looks of delight slowly crosses Margaret's face...

Inside, Stephen tells Barbara that Patricia has pushed him too far. Barbara reminds him about the last time - over Andy: there was talk of divorce then. Stephen insists that this is different. Barbara comments that if he says so... She then adds, though, that it's such a trivial thing to get excited about. Stephen snaps that it's the principle; it's the last in a whole string of things; he can't live with a woman who treats him as a joke. Barbara sourly remarks that that's Patricia's style - she treated Gordon as a joke for years. Stephen snaps, "More fool him." Barbara reminds her brother that she did warn him. Stephen glumly remarks that you learn by your mistakes. Barbara asks what he'll do when he cools down; when Patricia rings - which she will. Stephen says he'll dig his heels in. Barbara tells him that he's still in love with her - even she can see that. Stephen snaps that he'll make himself stop loving her.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia draws on a cigarette, exhales and then stubs the cigarette out. As she does this, there's a thoughtful look on her face. She gets up, goes to the 'phone on the bar, picks up the handset and dials a number. Before it's answered, though, she hangs up, looking worried.

David's truck pulls up at Woombai. David gets out of the driver's side and walks round and helps Beryl out of the passenger side. He comments that he's glad that's over, and Beryl replies that she is, too! She adds that she loves coming there, as it's so relaxing. She then tells David to remind her to ring John. Tony suddenly comes over and remarks that they took their time. Beryl explains that they stayed at a motel last night - they decided to make a bit of a holiday of it. Tony tells them that they'd be mad not to. He then continues that his mum is out the back. David says he'll get the stuff for Alan Pascoe first. Tony asks him what he means, and David explains that he rang Alan to see if there was anything he could pick up on the way; he's got some stuff for him. Tony asks him if he wants a hand, but David says there'll be plenty of blokes to help. He gets back in his truck and drives off. Tony tells Beryl that his mum has baked a special cake for tea; she feels pretty bad about forcing them to leave Melbourne. Beryl tells him that just because his father got out of jail, she and David can't blame him and Alice. Tony remarks that just as long as they don't have any more troubles because of it. Beryl agrees that that's the main thing.

David drives his truck along a track and passes an empty car parked at the side of the road. When he's gone past, Joe Parker gets up from where he was hiding in the car. He picks up his rifle and gets out. He looks around for a few seconds and then heads towards the homestead...

Inside, Beryl walks from the kitchen into the living room and puts the cake on the table, commenting as she does so that it looks delicious. Alice calls out from the kitchen that it's Tony' favourite! In the living room, Beryl suddenly hears a clicking sound behind her, as if a gun is being loaded. She slowly turns round and finds Joe standing there, pointing the rifle straight at her. She mutters, "Oh my God... " Joe tells her to put down the knife that she's holding. Beryl nervously asks him how he found them. Joe just menacingly repeats his order to put the knife down. She does. Joe then tells her to call the others in. Beryl calls to Tony and to Alice to come in there. Tony calls back that he's waiting for the kettle to boil, but Beryl says it's important. Tony comes in and stops in his tracks when he sees his father and the rifle. Alice follows and does the same. Joe snarls at them all to sit down. Tony moves towards his father, but Joe snaps at him to sit. He, Beryl and Alice all go and sit on the couch. Joe then growls that now all they need is the boyfriend. Beryl looks scared.

A short time later, Joe takes a piece of cake and stuffs it in his mouth. Alice looks at him in terror. Tony tells his father that he's crazy, but Joe snaps at him that he told him to shut his face. Tony tells his father that he won't kill them - he'll never get away with it. Joe snaps that they'll have to catch him first. Tony retorts that of course they'll catch him - he's not that thick, is he? Joe walks over to Tony and growls that he's smart enough to put him in his place. Tony asks him what he reckons he'll do. Alice interrupts the confrontation, though, and tells her husband that he's got it all wrong. Joe growls that he doesn't reckon he has, and he tells Alice to shut her mouth. He starts pacing the room. Beryl asks him how he found them. Joe tells her that he was in the back of the truck when they left Melbourne, and he thanks her for getting him past the roadblocks. Beryl looks guilty. Joe continues that he pinched a car after that and followed them. He then angrily snaps that David is taking his time, isn't he? Beryl nervously asks him what he's going to do when David gets there. Joe just glares at her. Beryl looks terrified.

Patricia is sitting in the Morrell apartment, listening to classical music turned up to a very high volume. She looks upset. She gets up and turns the music off and then goes over to the 'phone and dials a number. Barbara answers. Patricia curtly says she assumes Stephen is there, and she asks to speak to him. Barbara tauntingly says she'll try and find him; she turns to Stephen and asks him if he wants to speak to her. Stephen says he doesn't. Barbara asks Patricia if she heard that. Patricia snaps that he's behaving like a small child, and she tells Barbara to let Stephen know to expect her. She slams the 'phone down and goes out.

Fiona comes into Dural and Barbara joins her in the hallway and asks if Terry got off alright. Fiona says he did, adding that she just hopes he sees a doctor. Barbara tells her that she's sorry she missed her before the airport, but she thinks Fiona has a problem on her hands - and she doesn't think Fiona is meant to know about it. Before she can go any further, though, the 'phone rings and when Barbara answers it, Matt comes on. He explains that he's trying to get hold of Fiona. Barbara hands the 'phone over and Fiona asks Matt what she can do. Matt says he was wondering how it went with Jill. Fiona, looking puzzled, says she doesn't understand. Matt asks her if Jill didn't come and see her. Fiona replies, "Not to my knowledge." She turns to Barbara and asks if Jill called to see her. Barbara explains that that's what she was going to tell her: Jill was there during the fight; she left very upset. Fiona asks if Jill wanted to speak to her. Barbara tells her that the brouhaha frightened her away. Fiona returns to the 'phone and tells Matt that Jill has been and gone. She then asks him how he's involved, and he explains that he talked to her at Patricia's - she was very confused. Fiona remarks that he can say that again. Matt asks what Barbara meant about a brouhaha, adding that the last thing Jill needs is another upset. Fiona tells him that there was a fight, and Matt asks who was involved. Fiona explains that it was between John and Terry; she asks Matt if Jill told him about that. Matt says she did. He then tells Fiona to try and get on to Jill, as she could do something silly. Fiona asks if he means she could get rid of the baby. Matt replies that she was talking about it. Barbara interrupts Fiona and says she assumes Matt is worried about Jill. Fiona asks Barbara if she knows anything. Barbara replies that she caught her talking on the 'phone - she was arranging something; she was writing some address down. Fiona relays this to Matt, who says he heard. He then adds that he knows who it might be: Wayne Hamilton offered to help her. Fiona retorts that Jill wouldn't take any help from him, but Matt replies that she's desperate enough. In the hallway at Dural, Barbara is rubbing a pencil over the sheet of paper that was under the sheet Jill wrote on, and an address is being revealed. She hands it to Fiona, who reads it - it says 'Dr. C. Amberley, 43 Tenner Drive, Hornsby'. Fiona looks worried and cries, "Oh no..."

Jill is standing outside the clinic; the list of doctors' names are on a sign outside. Looking nervous, she goes in.

At Woombai, David is walking across a field towards the homestead, and as he opens a gate, he spots Alice running towards him. He closes the gate behind him and then says a cheery, "Hi." He notices that Alice is out of breath, and asks what's wrong. Alice breathlessly tells him that Joe is there - in the house - and he's got a gun and is making crazy threats. David mutters, "Hell." He asks how Joe found them, and Alice tells him that he followed him and Beryl from Melbourne. David says he'll call the police, but Alice stops him and tells him that Joe sent her to find him - he's got Beryl and Tony, and he threatened that the first sign of the police, he'll kill them. David asks her if she reckons he would. Alice cries that she thinks so - she's seen him mad before, but never like this; she's terrified. David asks what Joe would do if he went in. Alice says she doens't know - shoot, maybe. David says he'd better risk it - he could talk him into letting Tony and Beryl go. Alice tells him that Joe wants them both; if he goes in without her, he won't have a chance; Joe's angry, and when he's like that, there's no talking to him; it's got to be both of them. David looks at the homestead.

Fiona pulls up in her car, outside the clinic. She gets out and goes in. Inside, the receptionist asks if she can help. Fiona explains that she's looking for Jill O'Donnel. The receptionist tells her that she's with the doctor right now. Fiona insists that she must see her, and she asks the receptionist if she can tell Jill that she's there. The receptionist says she's very sorry but... Fiona interrupts and says she knows why Jill is there - and the receptionist must take her to her. The receptionist asks Fiona if she'd like to speak to the gentleman who came with Jill. Fiona impatiently says she will eventually, but right now she wants to see Jill. The receptionist tells her that she can't. She then tells Fiona that the gentleman who came with Jill has just come back - perhaps he can help? Looking round, Fiona sees who's standing there and a shocked expression crosses her face. She angrily asks how he could arrange all this; him of all people; doesn't he know what having a grandchild means to her?

In the hallway at Dural, Stephen snaps at Patricia that he doesn't know why she bothered coming - he's said it all before. Patricia snaps that he got hysterical and huffed out; a divorce is something they need to discuss. Barbara curtly chips in that she'd like to throw Patricia out, but this just causes Patricia to snap at her that things would be a lot easier if she wasn't hovering. Barbara retorts that it was Patricia who barged in; she's staying put. Patricia snaps at Stephen that if they're going to have a domestic, they should talk about it at home. Stephen incredulously asks her if she thinks this is a domestic tiff. He then continues that they're splitting up - he's not changing his mind so she may as well leave. Patricia snaps that this has come out of nowhere, but Stephen snaps that it's been building up for months. Patricia snaps that she was only trying to help him, but Stephen snaps back that he doesn't want her help anymore. He tells her to go, as she's just making a fool of herself. Patricia snaps that he's so weak - she'll be better off without him. As she makes to go, she turns to Barbara and tells her not to look so smug. She then asks her if Stephen has told her who Andrew's mother is, yet. Stephen looks at his wife nervously and warns, "Patricia..." Staring Barbara in the face, Patricia continues that it's all a big mystery: "Her name's Helen Green - ring any bells?" Barbara looks shocked, and Patricia snidely remarks that she can see it does. She turns to Stephen and tells him to explain his way out of that one. Stephen look at Barbara and says he can explain. Barbara snaps that it had better be damn good.

Patricia is walking down the driveway when a car starts coming up the drive towards her. The car suddenly increases speed and starts charging straight at her. As it's almost upon her, Patricia dives to the side of the drive and the car screeches to a halt. Patricia gets up and yells at the driver that they could have killed her. Margaret's voice calls out, "Yes, I could, couldn't I." She gets out of the car and walks over to Patricia who snaps that she heard her sister was back. Margaret tells her that this was just a scare - she wasn't really going to hit her. Patricia tauntingly tells her not to get carried away. Margaret grabs her sister's blouse and snaps that she doesn't know what six months inside would have done to Patricia, but she knows what they did to her, so Patricia's not to treat her as a joke; she learnt a lot of things in there and she intends to use them. Patricia tells Margaret that she'd be laughable if she wasn't so pathetic. Margaret snarls that Martin put a gun to his head because of Patricia, and she won't be happy until Patricia wants to do the same. She lets her go and walks off.

In the living room at Woombai, David tells Joe that he's got to see that what he's doing is crazy. Joe growls back that David is the one who wanted to talk, but he told him it would be a waste of time. David tells Joe that he's the one he's got it in for - let the others go. Joe growls, "No." He then snarls that they must all have thought themselves pretty smart when Tony set him up. Tony tells his father that it was his idea - the rest of them had nothing to do with it. Joe snaps that he doesn't care whose idea it was - they all had a pretty good laugh; but it's not too funny now, is it? Alice stands up and begs with her husband not to hurt them - please. Joe ignores this. He loads his rifle and points it at her. He tells her that he could just as easily start with her; he wanted to keep her 'til last, but he'll start with her if she makes him. Alice stands there crying. David looks down. Beryl looks up at him.

Outside, sitting in a car, Terry thanks a mate for the lift. His mate tells him that Tony will be pleased to see him, as he's quite a hero to him after what he did!

Inside, Joe tells David that he'll be first. David tells Joe to do what he likes with him, but his wife has got nothing to do with it. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Terry calls out that it's him. Tony calls out to him to come in. Terry walks into the room and Joe immediately turns and points the rifle at him. Looking shocked, Terry asks what's going on.

From outside, a shot is suddenly heard ringing out. Beryl is then heard crying, "Nooooooo.... David..........." A further four shots ring out in quick succession...


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