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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Fiona gets back to Dural and Amanda asks her if she's had a good day, adding that Charlie told her about Jill being back in town. Fiona just snaps that she wishes Charlie would mind her own damn business. Amanda says she's sure she didn't mean any harm. Fiona explains that it's just that Jill is upset about a few things and they-- Amanda says, "Had an argument?" She then adds that she wouldn't worry - it'll blow over. Fiona, though, says it wasn't an argument - they just decided not to see each other again - for various reasons. Amanda remarks that it seems a pity, and Fiona agrees that yes, it is. She then asks if anyone's mentioned to Johnny that Jill is in Sydney. Amanda tells him that he went out before Charlie left and he hasn't been back since, so no. Fiona says she's glad, as the last thing Jill needs is for John to get in on the act. Amanda assures her that mum's the word.

Doug and Rosie are doing the front garden at the Palmers' when Lynn walks up the front path. She asks if everything's alright, and Rosie says it is. She adds that she'll do a bit inside before they go. Lynn laughs as she asks how the inside can get dirty when there's no one there! She then continues that she asked her mum and dad to keep an eye on the place too. Rosie comments that, if Tony's dad has got any sense, he'll be out of the State by now. Doug asks Lynn if she said very much to her parents about what's happening. Lynn replies that they aleady knew that Joe Parker had escaped, and she told them that he might turn up round there as he's looking for David. The three of them suddenly hear the 'phone ringing indoors, and Doug, after spending a few seconds trying to locate the house keys and eventually finding them in his shirt pocket, heads in to answer it. When he picks up the receiver, he hears STD pips and says, "David?" It isn't, though - it's Alice, and she explains that she was wondering what time to expect David and Beryl. Doug tells her that they're taking their time and won't be there before tomorrow arvo. Alice says she just wanted to make sure they got away OK. Doug tells her, "No worries," and adds that everything's fine at that end. Alice tells him that she's sorry to have bothered him, but Doug says it's no bother. Alice thanks him again and they both hang up. At Woombai, Alice turns to Tony and tells him that David and Beryl are taking their time getting there. Tony smiles as he reminds his mother that he told her there was nothing to get all screwed up about. Alice grimly says she won't rest until Joe is captured. Tony tells her not to worry - he won't find them there.

Rosie is forking over the earth in the Palmers' front garden when she suddenly spots something in the ground. She picks it up just as Doug comes back out of the house - it's a bullet. Doug asks her where she found it, and Rosie points out the spot. Doug tells her that they can't jump to conclusions, but Rosie replies that she knows they're both thinking the same thing: it must have been Joe Parker or one of his mates - they came round there last night and found no one at home. She asks if they should let the police know, and Doug says, "Too right." He then adds that Joe Parker's time is running out - they'll pick him up before long, mark his words.

Patricia arrives back at the Morrell apartment and tells Matt that she's sorry to have kept him waiting but she decided to catch the five o'clock movie. Matt replies that it's no problem - he had Jill to keep him company. Jill sadly remarks that she wasn't much company. Patricia asks if things didn't go too well with Fiona, and Jill replies that she won't be seeing her again. She decides to have a lie down, and leaves the room. When she's gone, Patricia curses, "Damn Fiona," adding that Jill is depressed enough already without her making it worse. She then adds that Jill has had lots of problems but she's a sensible girl and she'll come good. Matt asks if she's seeing a doctor or anything, which leads Patricia to ask humourously if he's drumming up trade! Matt takes a card out of his shirt pocket and tells Patricia to give it to Jill. He adds that there won't be any fee, because he doesn't want to be accused of soliciting business! Patricia wryly comments that she thought he'd only be in it for the money! Matt replies that friends are different - he even takes them out to dinner... Realising what he's implying, Patricia tells him that things have changed since he was last there: she and Stephen are back together again. Matt tells her that he's glad. Patricia tells him that it doesn't mean he has to rush off - she'll get him another beer. Matt remarks that she seems to be on top of it all - she's solved all her problems now that Stephen's back. Patricia smiles and tells him that that's not quite the case - but she bought something today that she thinks might just do the trick...

Sometime later, Patricia gets out of a cab, pays the driver and tells him to keep the change. As she stands on the pavement, she turns the mini tape recorder on and puts it in her handbag. She then walks up the path and the steps to the Green house and knocks on the door. Inside, Helen is vacuuming and doesn't hear anything initially, but then Patricia knocks again and she turns off the machine. She goes to the door and when she answers it, Patricia explains that she's looking for Helen Green. Helen says that's her. Looking surprised, Patricia asks her if she's Andy mother. Helen says that's right, and she asks if this is about Andy. Patricia says she wonders if they could have a few words. Helen asks her who she is, and, after pausing momentarily, Patricia introduces herself. Helen immediately snaps at her that she shouldn't have come, and she asks her to please leave. Patricia ignores this and says she just wants a few minutes to discuss things. She adds that she doesn't understand Helen's attitude. Helen snaps that she doesn't have to explain anything to her. Patricia asks for just a few minutes - they really don't want to have to subpoena her to appear in court... Helen looks at her sharply. Patricia continues that she just wants to understand her reasons.

The tape player is on the table at the Morrell apartment and it's playing a recording of Helen saying that she was woman of 40 and Stephen was only 22 - and he was married; she didn't want to make the affair public then and she certainly doesn't want to now. Patricia's voice is heard asking her if she's not denying that Stephen is Andy's father, and Helen replies that of course she's not denying it - but she's certainly not getting up in court to talk about it. Patricia turns the machine off, and Charlie, who's sitting with her, remarks that it's like something out of a James Bond movie! She asks what Stephen will say, as he told her not to interfere. Patricia replies that, once he sees that this means they can get the money, he'll calm down. She adds that she'll drop into Malcolm Crosby's later and make sure it stands up as evidence. Charlie gets up to leave, but as she does so, Jill comes out of her room. Charlie remarks that she looks like a wreck. Jill sarcastically thanks her! Charlie suggests to her that she come shopping with her and Patricia, to look for maternity dresses. Jill, though, asks what she'd use for money. Charlie says she's sure Patricia will float her a loan, and Patricia agrees that of course she will. Jill, though, says she doesn't feel like shopping anyway. Patricia and Charlie leave her to it and head out. Jill stands there for a moment, looking worried. She then takes a card out of the pocket of her outfit and goes to the 'phone. She dials a number and Matt answers. Jill tells him that Patricia gave her his card, and she'd like to make an appointment for sometime today. Matt replies that he has to come across that way in half an hour, so perhaps he can call in? Jill says that would be good - she has to talk to someone...

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Amanda, who's dressed in just her swimming costume, walks into the lounge room and answers it using the receiver on the bar. STD pips sound and then Wayne comes on and bluntly asks if Gordon is there. Amanda smiles and says she thinks so. Wayne snaps that he'd like to speak to him. Amanda tauntingly asks him if he's not going to say hello to his wife first - after all, he had so much to say when they were together. She then adds that it must have given him a hell of a fright when he found out that she'd told Gordon about the Power of Attorney. Sounding disinterested, Wayne sarcastically replies that he was shaking in his boots. Amanda asks him how he managed to fool his father - a forgery of Beryl's signature? She then continues that she might have some news he'd be interested in. Wayne growls that he's not interested in anything she can tell him. Amanda taunts that he wouldn't want to know about Jill, then. Wayne quickly asks what about her? Amanda tells him that she's back in town - her husband's left her and she's apparently pretty upset; he wouldn't be interested in that, though...

A short time later, Wayne is on the 'phone to Jill, but she tells him that she doesn't need his help. Wayne says she's still going to have the baby, isn't she? Jill says she is. Wayne continues that she's going to need help, then; if she'd stayed with him in the first place... Jill tells him that there's no point in them talking, but Wayne retorts that she can't blame him - she was married to him and living with Brian. Jill points out that she was still married to Brian. Wayne tells her that he doesn't want to hassle her but he still loves her - she's going to needs someone's help, so why not his? There's suddenly a knock at the door of the Morrell apartment, and Jill tells Wayne that she has to get it. Wayne tells her to leave it, but Jill snaps back at him to stay out of her life. She slams the 'phone down. She then goes to answer the door; the visitor is Matt. As Jill stands there, she suddenly appears to faint, and Matt catches her as she almost falls. Jill cries that she's sorry. Matt helps her over to a chair and tells her to close her eyes for a minute. He then continues that she'd better tell him all about it.

John is sitting in the flat at Dural, and he asks Fiona what time the doctors are seeing Terry. Fiona replies that it's at around eleven o'clock - that's why she's in such hurry: she wants to be there when they take his bandages off; if everything goes fine, he'll be able to come home. John says to her that she's not bringing him back there? Fiona snaps that no, she isn't - she's booked his flight to Woombai. John says that's probably better. He then says that he thought he and Fiona might go out to dinner tonight. Fiona asks why, but, looking disappointed that she doesn't know immediately, John says it doesn't matter - it isn't important. Fiona tells him that she'll give him a call from the hospital. She then adds that she knows he and Terry don't get on, but maybe one day... John says he doubts it.

At the Morrell apartment, Jill tells Matt that she didn't realise how much she'd come to depend on Fiona - but it seems that the poeple she loves the most are always the ones that end up hurting her: Fiona, John, Brian... She then tells Matt that she hardly knows him, but she had no one else to talk to - Patricia has always been very nice, but she doesn't think she really understands. Matt adds that she's not exactly the cry-on-the-shoulder type. Jill continues that she's told him everything - what does he think she should do? Matt replies that he doesn't give advice - he helps people see things more clearly so that they can make decisions. He asks Jill she wants to do. She replies that she wants to let Fiona help her, but every time she thinks about Terry, she wants to forget about the pregnancy. Matt asks her if she means she wants to terminate it, and Jill says, "Yeah..." Matt says he thought she wanted it. Jill replies that it depends on her mood - what if she can't look after it properly or if she starts to hate it because of what happened? Matt asks her why she doesn't want to see Terry, adding that it might not be that bad - the more she faces up to him, the less afraid of him she'll be. Jill remarks that she thought he didn't give advice. She then adds that she doesn't know if she can face Terry again. Matt points out that it's her decision. Jill sighs.

Fiona is walking along a corridor at the hospital with a nurse, and she says, "Gone? Gone where?" The nurse replies that he didn't say; the doctor removed his bandages and was quite satisified with Terry's eyes - he'll need to wear dark glasses for a few days, but it's nothing to worry about. Fiona explains that she came to get him. The nurse replies that he didn't say anything, and she asks if he knew she was coming. Fiona says he did. She then asks if he said where he going. The nurse tells her that he made some remark about having a debt to pay. A worried expression crosses Fiona's face.

John is standing in the doorway of the flat, looking at an envelope - which looks as if it contains a card - addressed to him. He starts to open it, but then the 'phone starts ringing and he puts the envelope down. He answers it and Fiona comes on and tells him that Terry has signed himself out of the hospital; she reminds him that Terry said he had a score to settle with him as soon as he could see again. John asks if he's on his way there. Fiona says it's the sort of crazy thing he'd do. She then tells John to take it easy with him. John asks if he's supposed to let Terry thump him. Fiona tells him to just calm him down. John says he's not making any promises. Fiona pleads with him, and John reluctantly agrees to try and cool things down with him. Fiona thanks him.

Outside, Terry gets out of a taxi.

There's a thump on the door of the flat, and John goes to answer it, pausing momentarily before he opens it. When he does, Terry snarls, "G'day 'mate'." John asks him what he's doing there. Terry reminds him that he told him he'd come and get him when he got the bandages off. John starts to tell him that there's no point, but Terry grabs him and pushes him roughly against the wall. He growls that John broke up him and Lisa, and he asks if John reckons he's not going to take him apart for that. He snarls that they should go outside, but John points out that one punch from him and Terry could go blind permanently - is that what he wants? Terry growls at him to stop trying to talk his way out of it. John snaps that he's going back to the house, and he tells Terry to wait until Fiona gets back - they'll have it out when Terry's eyes are back properly. He walks out, but Terry yells after him that they're going to have it out right now.

Jill walks up to Dural. Before she can knock on the door, Amanda opens it and explains that she saw the taxi pulling away. She invites Jill in.

John is walking past the swimming pool, en route to the main house. Terry follows him and snarls at him not to think he's just going to walk away from it. He throws a punch at John, but it misses. John grabs him and they both fall into the pool, where they start grappling with each other.

Inside, in the lounge room, Amanda tells Jill that she was sorry to hear about her husband going back to to Ireland. Jill thanks her. She then continues that she doesn't mean to be rude but she'd really like to see Fiona. Amanda says she's probably out in the flat. Jill thanks her and heads out. Amanda suddenly remembers something, and she runs after her. She catches up with Jill outside, and tells her that she remembers that Fiona went to the hospital. Jill thanks her again and is about to walk off when she suddenly spots Terry and John fighting in the pool. Amanda runs over to the side of the pool and snaps that they're stupid idiots. She kneels down by the pool edge and tells John to stop it; he's holding Terry under the water. He lets Terry resurface, and Amanda grabs him and helps him out. Having seen what happened, Jill runs inside, looking upset. She then appears to think of something, and goes to the 'phone on the bar. She opens her handbag and takes out a piece of paper. She then sighs heavily.

Outside, Amanda helps both John and Terry onto the side of the pool and yells at them that they're like two stupid kids - they're both pathetic. She storms off. John reaches into the water and grabs Terry's dark glasses, which he gives back to him. Terry snaps that they haven't finished yet, but John snaps back that he can go blind, then; after what he did to Jill, it would serve him right.

On the 'phone, Jill cries that there's no other way - the person she's speaking to is the last person she should be calling but they've got to help her. Amanda suddenly comes in and Jill takes the 'phone away from her ear to ask if the two men are alright. Amanda just asks who cares. She heads back out into hallway, and looks intrigued as she hears Jill saying on the 'phone that she didn't really want to ring but no one else involved would help her. Amanda walks off. Jill continues that she knows it sounds awful but she can't have the baby - she has to get rid of it. Barbara suddenly arrives home and heads from the hallway into the lounge room. Jill writes down that she has an appointment at three o'clock, and she turns to leave. She's startled to find Barbara standing right behind her. Quickly recovering her composure, she says she hopes Barbara doesn't mind her using the 'phone. Barbara says she's sure they can afford twenty cents! She then continues that Fiona will be very happy that she's there. Jill, though, says she has to go. She starts to run to the front door, but Barbara follows and asks her if she's not going to wait. Jill just says she can't stay. Barbara asks what's wrong, but when Jill says it's nothing, Barbara snaps, "Nothing, my eye." She adds that she doesn't like to be a busybody, but if someone comes visiting in her home and leave in tears then she'd like to know why. Jill cries that she thought she could do what Fiona wants and live with Terry around, but she just saw him and John out by pool - they were fighting; she can't handle that sort of thing anymore - she just can't. Barbara tells her to come and sit down, and she'll go and deal with what's going on. Jill, though, cries that she knows what she's got to do - nothing Fiona says will change that. She runs out, leaving Barbara looking astonished.

Terry is still sitting at the side of the pool; his shirt is ripped. Barbara comes out and angrily asks what's going on. Terry tells her that he's sorry about the fuss, and he asks if she's been talking to Amanda. Barbara says she hasn't, and she asks if she's mixed up in it as well. Terry explains that it was Amanda who split them up. Barbara asks him if he's been fighting. Terry growls that he said he'd get John. Barbara asks where John is now, and Terry replies that he supposes he's in the flat. Barbara then angrily yells at Terry that how dare he come there starting fights - she doesn't care what his problems are; he can go in the house and get dried off, and as soon as Fiona comes back, she wants him out.

Jill half staggers and half runs down the driveway at Dural. When she gets to the end, she sits down on a small wall at the side. Tears are streaming down her face...


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