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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

It's late evening, and in the flat at the back of Dural, John yells at Lisa that he doesn't understand her - Terry is the one she should be screaming at, not him. Lisa angrily asks him what right he's got to pick her friends. John shouts that Terry is a rapist; Jill was a friend. Lisa says she knows that what Terry did was wrong, but she thinks she can see it from his point of view. John angrily tells her not to start on that bull about Terry's being hung-up - there's no way she can justify rape. Looking annoyed, Lisa cries at John that she can't get through to him. John retorts that if they're going to be together, she's not to have anything more to do with Terry. Lisa snaps that he's got it all worked out. John tells her that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Lisa replies that that's why she said 'no' when he asked her to marry him - she didn't want to get hurt then, either. John asks her what she's talking about. Lisa asks him how she can commit herself to a man who can't cope with problems like an adult. She adds that, if there's another side to him, she hasn't seen it. Looking downhearted, John asks what happens now. Lisa replies that it's up to him. John tells her to go back to Terry if that's what she wants. Lisa smiles sadly, and remarks that he hasn't learnt a thing about her; he doesn't know her at all. She walks out.

In the lounge room in the main house, Charlie remarks to Gordon that Stephen has been a dark horse for all these years, having a twenty-year-old son. Gordon says he's sure he had a good reason for keeping it quiet. Charlie then asks him how Barbara feels about Patricia and Stephen splitting up. Gordon bluntly replies that she hasn't talked about it. He then says he has to get going, as he's heading to Melbourne on business. Charlie asks when they're going to meet Stephen's offspring, and adds that it's exciting having a member of a pop group in the family. Gordon tells her that it's hardly a pop group - Andrew just plays in a band. Charlie asks what the name of the band is. Gordon replies that Stephen told him, but he wasn't really listening. Charlie says it's not important - she just wondered. Gordon tells her that she'll have to ask Stephen. Charlie tells him that he needs to keep up with the times! She then adds that the best way to keep young is to keep up with the bright young stars in the pop scene! Gordon suddenly remembers the band's name, and he tells Charlie that it's 'Hot Wax'. Charlie smiles, and she tells Gordon that if he wasn't so tall, she'd come up there and kiss him! Gordon looks relieved that she doesn't!

The 'phone rings at the Morrell apartment and Patricia answers it, saying "Charlie?" Jill comes on and says no - it's her. Patricia, a note of surprise in her voice, asks how it's going. Jill says she's in Sydney. Patricia asks if Brian has got work there, but Jill sadly says he hasn't - they've split up. Patricia, looking genuinely shocked, says she's sorry, and she asks Jill where she is. She replies that she's in a hotel. She then continues that she's a bit broke, and she was wondering if she could stay with Patricia for a few days. Patricia tells her that of course she can. Jill asks if tomorrow's alright, and Patricia says it is. Jill tells her that she really appreciates it. Patricia looks thoughtful.

In the flat at Dural, Lisa puts a packed bag down on the floor. John asks her where she's going, and she explains that she's spending the night with a friend and then flying back to Melbourne tomorrow. John asks what about her work with Charlie. Lisa says they can keep in touch by 'phone. John asks her if they can talk, but Lisa says she doesn't know what else there is to say. John tells her that she can't just leave him without telling him why. Lisa tells him to think about it. John says it's Terry - she's leaving him for Terry. Lisa tells him that she's not; Terry is just the same as him - she'd never be free. John tells her that he loves her. Lisa says she knows; she thought she loved him, too, but she's not so sure now - she thinks she confused physical attraction for love; she wants him, but she'd be giving up too much. The two of them kiss briefly and hug. John sighs. He says he guesses they've both got some growing up to do. Lisa tells him that she's glad he said it. She picks up her bags.

The next morning, at the Morrell apartment, Charlie tells Patricia that she couldn't have timed it better if she'd tried - she was saying 'bye' to Gordon when Lisa walked in with her bags and a face like a wet weekend; she's split up with John. Patricia listens but then impatiently snaps that she's really not interested in John's love life; she just wants to know if Charlie has found out the name of Andrew's band. Charlie tells her that Gordon was impossibly vague, but Andrew plays with a group called 'Hot Wax'. Patricia asks her why she didn't call her last night. Charlie retorts that she had to go out. Patricia asks where they play, but Charlie says she doesn't know - she supposes they play gigs all over the place. Patricia grabs the newspaper and Charlie asks her what she's doing. Patricia says she's going to find out where they're playing and then go and enjoy the gig. Charlie asks her if she's going to introduce herself. Patricia replies that that's the idea. Charlie warns her that Andrew might think she's a groupie! The front door bell suddenly rings and Patricia says it'll be Jill. Charlie remarks that surely she's not having problems with that exquisite Irishman of hers. Patricia says she doesn't know, but she thinks it's private, so she'd appreciate it if Charlie left them for a while; she'll ring her when she's seen Andrew. The two women go to the front door and Charlie opens it. When she sees Jill, she hugs her and tells her not to worry as she's been exiled! Patricia invites Jill in and tells her that she looks tired. Jill explains that she hasn't been sleeping too well lately. She despondently adds that she's really unhappy... Patricia hugs her.

At Toorak, Wayne snaps at Kevin that he doesn't know what he's talking about - Amanda is on her hols in Sydney. Kevin remarks that if she has shot through, he'd say Wayne is up the creek without a paddle. Wayne snaps that Kevin is talking through his hat. Kevin says he happens to know that Wayne has only got enough money for one year unless Amanda has a kid. Wayne angrily warns Kevin to watch himself, and he tells him to get lost. Kevin asks him if he's giving him the day off. Wayne snaps that he'll give Kevin more than that if he doesn't wipe that smug look off his face. Kevin tells Wayne that he can't sack him - he's got connections, remember?

At the Palmers', Lynn asks Doug if he's looking forward to his and Rosie's weekend away. Doug says he sure is - it'll be nice to get out to the country. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Lynn goes to get it. She finds Gordon standing there. He asks if Beryl is home, and Lynn says she is. She invites him in and they go into the living room. Gordon tells Beryl that he's sorry if he's interrupting. Doug tells him that Rosie will be pleased to see him, and he starts to head off to get her. Gordon asks Beryl if he can have a word with her first. Doug remarks that it must be few months since he's seen Rosie, but Gordon tells him, "Business first!" Doug and Lynn both leave the room. Alone with Beryl, Gordon tells her that something important has come up: he understands that she signed some papers for Wayne; from what Amanda says, she could have been tricked into signing something that she's not aware of. Beryl looks astonished. David comes in and the two men shake hands. Gordon tells Beryl that they'd better both go over to Wayne's. Beryl goes to get her bag. David says to Gordon, "Keeping busy?" Gordon grimly replies, "My son is."

A while later, at Toorak, Wayne snaps at Gordon that he knows he doesn't trust him, but Amanda is not what he'd call a reliable source. Gordon says he wants simply to see the documents that Beryl signed. Wayne says they're in his briefcase, and he asks Kevin to get it from the table in the hall. Wayne says to Beryl that she did read them, didn't she? Gordon tells him that Amanda said he slipped the Power of Attorney form in among the other documents after Beryl read them. Wayne snaps that Amanda will say black is white if it suits her. He adds that she told Kevin his wife was having an affair with some French bloke, just to bust up his marriage. Kevin comes back in and gives Gordon the case. Gordon asks Beryl how many copies she signed, and Beryl says there were six - three originals and three copies. Gordon opens the briefcase and Wayne tells him that the forms are in the red folder. Gordon takes it out, removes the papers and asks Beryl to read them carefully. She looks through them and Wayne asks her if they're the ones she signed. Beryl agrees that they're the ones. Wayne tells Gordon that he can search the whole house if he likes, but he's not going to find a Power of Attorney form there, signed by Beryl. Beryl tells Gordon that she thinks they owe Wayne an apology. Wayne snaps that he's getting used to it - jumping to conclusions is the only exercise Gordy gets these days...

At the Palmers', David curtly says to Lynn that he hopes this isn't going to become a regular thing - Beryl rushing off to business meetings at the drop of a hat. Lynn points out to him that he said the same thing to her when she started modelling - he just doesn't like the idea of women working! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and David goes to answer it. STD pips sound and then Alice comes on. She asks David if the police have been in touch. David says they haven't, and he asks why. Alice tells him that two men escaped from Pentridge last night - and one of them was Joe; she thought he'd have heard the news because it's been on the radio all morning. David tells her that they haven't had it on. Alice cries that she's scared. David asks her what about, pointing out that she's safe up there. Alice asks what about him? - Joe threatened his life; he could come after him. David assures her that the cops will catch up with him before he gets too far. He tells her not to worry - Joe will never find her and Tony at Woombai. Alice cries that Joe is much smarter than people think, but David tells her not to worry about it. Alice pleads with him to please take care. She then says goodbye and hangs up. Lynn asks David if it's Joe Parker. David replies that it's nothing to worry about - he'll be caught before he gets too far.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Beryl tells Wayne that he mustn't blame Gordon - he was only trying to protect her interests. Wayne cheefully says he knows - he would have done the same in his father's position. He then adds that he'll be having a few words with Amanda when he sees her. Beryl tells him that Gordon will probably beat him to it - he's very embarrassed. Wayne snidely remarks that it probably spoilt his day - his father likes to have something on him - to be on the safe side. Beryl says she can't believe it. Wayne tells her that he's made a lot of mistakes and Gordon enjoys rubbing his nose in it. Beryl tells him that she never really believed that he was out to trick her. Wayne thanks her. Elsewhere, in the hallway, Gordon tells Kevin that he wants Wayne to think he's won this round, so Kevin will have to be careful. Kevin asks Gordon how he knows Wayne did get Beryl to sign over the Power of Attorney. Gordon replies bitterly that he knows Wayne - now that Amanda has gone, he'll be after a new meal ticket and Beryl is the prime candidate. Kevin asks how Wayne did it, as there were only six copies there. Gordon replies that one of the copies is probably a forgery - Wayne probably paid an expert to do it. Kevin agrees to keep an eye on him, but he adds that Wayne is always cagey when he's around. Gordon tells him that it sounds like he makes Wayne nervous - keep working on it! Having finished talking to Wayne, Beryl asks Gordon if he can drop her home. Gordon tells her that he's already called a cab. Kevin goes outside to see if it's coming. Beryl remarks that it's been quite a morning, and she follows her son out. Gordon also goes to the front door, looks round at Wayne warily and then leaves. When the house is empty, Wayne smiles and takes a piece of paper from his suit pocket - it's the Power of Attorney form. He then goes to the 'phone and dials a number. He hears the 'phone at the other end ringing and the call is then answered with the words, "Southern Commercial Banking Corporation." Wayne tells the person that he'd like to organise a safety deposit box...

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia asks Jill why, if it was all going so well, did Brian just take off? Jill replies that, two weeks ago, his brother, Michael, flew out from Ireland to tell him that his father had been killed; Brian took it hard - first his fiancée was killed and then his father. She continues that Brian and Michael did a lot of talking and they got really angry with each other; Brian kept brooding and wouldn't tell her what was going on; she eventually got the truth out of him, though: his father's death was a political killing. Patricia, looking wide-eyed, asks if he was murdered. Jill nods. She then continues that Brian and his family were all in the IRA; it wasn't just his fiancée's death that made him leave Ireland - he was turning his back on the whole movement; Michael thought it was Brian's duty to go back to Belfast and make the murderer pay for his father's death. Patricia asks if that's what Brian wanted. Jill sadly says it wasn't - he was always very anti-war; he promised her that he'd never move back, but Michael must have made him change his mind - she came back from shopping one day and they were both gone; she found a note on the kitchen table. She starts to break down as she says it's the only thing of Brian's that she's got left - no photos or keepsakes; just a note saying 'goodbye'. Patricia tells her that he'll come back when he's done what he has to do, but Jill says he won't - the last few days he was there, he was so distant; he was pushing her away so that she wouldn't get hurt. She adds sadly that he'll never get out of Ireland - he's going to get himself killed; she's lost him... She puts her head on Patricia's shoulder.

A while later, Jill is sitting on the settee and Patricia tells her that she's sorry to leave her but she has an appointment that she can't miss. Jill assures her that she'll be alright. Patricia asks her if she has any plans for this afternoon, and Jill says she might take herself off to a movie. Patricia replies that she might have to bring someone home to discuss business, so it might work out quite well. She goes out.

Terry tells Lisa, who's sitting by his bed at the hospital, that he was dreaming about her - he had his bandages off and he could see exactly what she looked like! He adds that her face will be the first thing he sees. Lisa, though, tells him that she won't be there - she has to go back to Melbourne. Terry asks her when she'll be back, but Lisa says it won't be for a while. Terry asks if it's because of what happened to Jill, but Lisa says that's got nothing to do with it. She then confesses that she's left John. Terry comments that he can't say he's sorry to hear it - he never figured John as her type. Lisa says she doesn't know what her type is - it's not John, but it's not him, either; she tells Terry that there was never really any possibility of them getting back together - she couldn't love him like she did six years ago. Terry tells her that she hasn't given him a chance, but Lisa says she's changed too much - she doesn't need love right now, but she could do with a friend. Terry sighs and says it's been a strange week: he found a mother and lost a girlfriend... Lisa gets up and says she has to go. She walks over to the door. Terry asks her if she can hang around until the bandages come off, as he still doesn't know what she looks like. Lisa smiles and says she'll have to be mysterious for once in her life!

Patricia is standing outside a hall, and she sees a young bloke carrying an amplifier. She stops him and asks him if he's with the band. The bloke asks her if she wants an autograph! Patricia tells her that she doesn't unless he's Andrew Green. The bloke tells her that his name is Rod; Andy is in the van. Patricia walks over to the van, which is parked a few feet away, and calls out, "Andy?" to the guy who's rummaging around in the back. Andy jumps out and Patricia introduces herself, adding that she'd like a word with him if he's got a minute. Andy tells her that she looks different to what she sounds like on the 'phone. Patricia says they can talk there or over coffee. Andy, though, asks what the point is - he knows what she's going to ask: is he contesting the will? He continues that it's a waste of time, as he's already made up his mind. Patricia, looking exasperated, tells him that she doesn't know how much he knows about her or this situation, but she thinks he should hear her out, as the futures of a lot of people depend on his decision. Andy says, "Especially yours?" He then adds that he'll do what he thinks is best. Patrica snaps, "For who?" Andy tells her, "For everyone." He then tells her that he's on her side, so she's not to look so dark about it - "I'm going to contest the will." Patricia looks surprised.


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