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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Patricia tells Andy that she's amazed - she didn't think he'd be so quick to agree. Andy replies that it's because of his dad, basically. Patricia points out that he hardly knows Stephen, but Andy tells her that he knows enough to make up his mind: Stephen has had a rough time since she found out about him and he reckons he deserves a break. Patricia asks Andy if he thinks she's been giving Stephen a hard time. Andy tells her that he's not blaming her, but if he can do something for him - to help him get what's his - he'd like to. Patricia smiles and says it's absolutely fantastic! She suggests he come over to the apartment and she'll get Stephen to be there. Andy says he can't, as he has to continue setting up for tonight, but he suggests he come over in a couple of hours. Patricia says she'll ensure Stephen is there.

Gordon helps Beryl out of the cab outside the Palmers'. She thanks him for lunch. Gordon says he hopes she wasn't too bamboozled by all the business talk. Beryl assures him that he explained things very well! She then brings up the fact that Margaret is due to be released from jail this afternoon. Gordon says he thinks her staying with Wayne is worrying - he hopes he doesn't get up to his tricks on her. Seeing the expression on Beryl's face, he remarks that she's not convinced about the documents. Beryl tells him that unless there's proof... Gordon accepts this. He then says he may contact Margaret later - there are other places to stay. They say their goodbyes. Beryl goes inside and Gordon gets back in the cab.

In the Palmer kitchen, Lynn comments to David that Doug and Rosie should be at Macedon by now. Beryl comes in and David remarks that it's about time. He asks her where she's been. Beryl explains that she was having lunch with Gordon - he was making it up to her for the wild goosechase. David asks her what she means, and Beryl replies that Amanda was out to make trouble again - there was no truth in her story. David listens but then tells her that his and Lynn's news tops that. Beryl asks what it is. David tells her that Joe Parker has escaped from jail; he hands her a newspaper, which has the headline 'Four Prisoners Escape from Pentridge in Daring Breakout'. He adds that there's no need to get panicky about it - the police will let them know as soon as they catch up with him. Beryl asks if they have any idea where he is. Lynn replies that they reckon he's looking for Alice and Tony - that's why she hasn't gone back to the Terrace, as he'll probably think they're still there. David says the cops will catch him, no worries.

Wayne gets out of his car, which is pulled up outside Toorak. Margaret gets out of the passenger side and stands looking at the building. Wayne tells her that it hasn't changed much in the last six months - well, not outside, anyway. He assures her that he really does want to help her. Margaret looks at him and tells him that she really is grateful for everything he's doing. They head for the front door.

As they go inside, Margaret looks around in amazement, and she says the place is lovely. Wayne offers to take her bag upstairs, and adds that he thought they could have a bit of a chat about business after she gets herself settled. Margaret uncertainly says she's not too sure... Wayne tells her not to worry: he'll handle things for her - after all, they are partners. Margaret says, "Yes..." She then asks which room she's in, and Wayne says it's the second on the right. Margaret walks off, briefly pausing as she does so to look at Wayne in bemusement.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia is hugging Stephen. She tells him that her making ultimatums and his refusing to give in... it all seems silly now; all a bit of a non-issue now that Andy has decided to contest the will. Stephen more seriously points out that they can't forget it happened. Patricia smiles and tells him that she loves his serious face! Stephen insists that he means it. Patricia tells him that he's so cute! She then continues that they're together again - that's all that matters; they love each other. They kiss. Stephen then tells Patricia that he wishes she'd try not to interfere, but Patricia replies that he's like a dog with an old bone. She suggests they have some tea, and they go and sit down. Stephen asks what Andy's plans for the money are. Patricia replies that she hasn't the faintest, but she knows he's not interested in the money for himself - he's more concerned about him and what he's been through. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Patricia says that will be him.

Margaret is sitting on the settee in the lounge room at Toorak. Wayne hands her a folder of papers and tells her that it shouldn't take long. Margaret asks what all the papers are. Wayne replies that they're not as bad as they look - she just has to sign them; they're for the bank authorities, mainly. Margaret starts looking through the papers, but Wayne quickly tells her that he's perfectly happy to organise everything. He adds that there's no need for her to waste her time going through all the mumbo jumbo - he's checked it all. As he says this, Margaret comes to the final paper, reads it and then angrily says, "Including this?" Wayne looks at the Power of Attorney form that she's holding, puts on a look of astonishment and says, "I don't..." Margaret interrupts him and snaps that he's not to try and tell her that he doesn't know it's there. She continues that he hasn't changed - he's still the same greedy liar he always was; it's a good job she gave him the rope to hang himself. She asks if he thought dowdy, defenceless Margaret was bound to be pushover, and then continues that, where she's been, they play a lot harder than him - so if he's going to pull a fast one, he's got a fight on his hands and she knows who'll win.

At the Morrell apartment, Andy says to Stephen and Patricia that, from what they said, his grandmother played it rough - so he'd like to help; and because they didn't involve him when she was still alive, he's grateful. Stephen says he's still not sure, but Andy tells him that it's his decision - he wants to do it. Stephen tells him that he appreciates it. He then asks Andy what he'll do with his share, but Andy replies that he doesn't want any - as far as he's concerned, it's all Stephen's. Stephen insists that he couldn't accept it all, but Andy tells him that he'll have to - he's not doing it for himself. Patricia, not wanting Stephen to miss out, interrupts to suggest that they wait until everything's happened - but if they don't do anything soon, there'll be nothing left, the way the others are likely to spend it. Stephen tells Andy to come into the study and they'll call his solicitor.

Wayne snaps at Margaret that she can't blame him for trying to rip her off - she's got no right to the money. Margaret snaps back that he really astonishes her - she doesn't see that he has any right, either. Wayne growls that he changed his name for that old cow - and he got married, too; what did she do to earn it?: nothing. Margaret tells Wayne that he can keep his money and she'll keep hers and hopefully they won't have to see each other again - that sounds like a fair enough arrangement. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne answers it. Patricia comes on, but Wayne snaps that, whatever it is, he's not in the mood for it. Patricia ignores this, and happily replies that she has wonderful news for him. Wayne asks what it is. Patricia breezily replies that, knowing how keen he is on families, she thought he'd be very touched by the news that Stephen's son has arrived on the scene. Wayne tells her to pull the other one, but Patricia continues that she can assure him that he's for real - the result of a little indiscretion twenty years ago; and being a Morrell - a real one - he has every right to challenge the will. Wayne angrily growls, "Is that it?" Patricia says it is. She then lightly adds that he does seem to be having a rough time of it lately - first Amanda leaving him and now this; it seems like he's just not meant to be wealthy... She hangs up. Wayne stares at the 'phone and then does the same. Margaret asks what Patricia wanted. Wayne tells her that, whether she likes it or not, he thinks they're going to need each other's help.

Stephen and Andy come out of the study and Stephen asks Patricia who was on the 'phone. Patricia replies that it was just Charlie. She then suggests that they all go out tonight. Andy, though, says he can't, as he's got a gig. He adds that he'd better make tracks, actually, and he continues that he'll be round in the morning, once he's got a copy of his birth certificate. He goes.

Wayne is pouring a couple of drinks. As he does so, he tells Margaret that if Patricia is telling the truth, it could be up to two years before probate is granted; whether the challenge succeeds or not, the money will still be frozen until then - two years. Margaret asks what they're going to do. Wayne tells her that, apart from trying to prove that the kid isn't Stephen's, he doesn't know. He asks her if she has any ideas. Margaret says, "Perhaps..." She then adds that she doesn't know if she can trust him, though. Wayne snaps that they're in it together, now. Margaret reminds him that he was trying to rip her off only hours ago... Wayne replies that, OK, so she hates his guts - but they're both going to lose if they don't do something. Margaret tells him that she wants him to realise that if he tries to cheat her or pull any tricks, he's going to fall very heavily on his face; if he understands that, they can work, if not together, then in the common interest. She continues that Wayne asked if she has any ideas: well, firstly she's going to ring Gordon and get him to come over - and then, when he arrives, Wayne's going to give a performance...

A while later, Margaret is standing silent and looking upset as Wayne tells his father that she's neurotic - jail's turned her a bit strange. Gordon snaps that there's no need for that kind of talk. He says that Wayne must have done something, but Wayne retorts that he laid some cold hard business facts on the line for her, that's all. Margaret interjects that he kept shouting at her, saying she had no right to the money - she just can't take any more. Wayne looks at Gordon and bitterly comments that he won't believe him. Gordon, though, suggests to Margaret that the sooner they get her out of there, the better. Wayne snaps that he couldn't agree more - he'll be glad to see the back of her. Gordon tells Margaret that she's coming back to Sydney with him. Margaret points out that she hardly knows him - she can't impose. Gordon, though, tells her that the will has made them partners - he won't take 'no' for an answer. He suggests to Margaret that she get packed. As she leaves the room, she looks round at Wayne, who smiles nastily...

A short time later, Margaret and Wayne are standing on the stairs in the hallway, and Margaret tells Wayne that she'll call him if anything develops - hopefully, by the time she's finished, they'll have dropped any ideas of contesting the will. Gordon suddenly calls out from the lounge room to ask Margaret if she's ready. Wayne quickly heads upstairs and Margaret goes downstairs and tells Gordon that he's so kind - she doesn't know what she would have done. As they leave, Wayne watches them from the balcony at the top of the stairs, looking pleased with himself.

It's nighttime, and a police car drives past the Palmers'. The house has lights on in the front window. A man suddenly emerges from the darkness - it's Joe Parker, and he's holding a rifle. He walks slowly up the Palmers' front path and stands by the side of the window. He peers in and can see David standing inside. He then walks back to the pavement, where he loads the rifle; he drops the first bullet, though, and grunts in annoyance. When he's successfully loaded the second bullet, he walks quietly back up to the house. Inside, David jokes with Doug and Rosie that it's a wonder they didn't bring back guard dogs from Macedon! Doug tells his son that as soon as they heard on the radio that the bloke had skipped jail, they didn't waste any time. Beryl tells them that they shouldn't have spoilt their trip. Doug growls that the man is as mad as a meat-axe. As he says this, Joe appears outside the kitchen window. Doug continues that, until he's caught, he thinks they should all move out of there - he and Rosie will go to The Terrace so that there's someone with Lynn and Davey all the time... Joe comes in the open back door... Doug tells David that he and Beryl should take off in the truck first thing in the morning. David tells his father that he's getting carried away, but Doug says they should both go and join Tony and Alice in the country. In the kitchen, Joe overhears this and a thoughtful look crosses his face. Beryl tells David that Doug has a point. David says he doesn't like it, but Lynn chips in that she thinks it's a very sensible idea. Beryl adds that she does, too. David comments that it looks like he's outvoted. Joe leaves through the back door...

The next morning, Rosie, Beryl, David and Doug all come out of the house and walk down the front path. Rosie tells Beryl to take care, and Doug tells her and David to say 'hello' to Tony and Alice. Beryl asks Rosie to give Davey a kiss for her. There are hugs and kisses all round. David opens the back of his truck and piles his and Beryl's bags in. He then closes the door.

Sometime later, David and Beryl are driving along. David says he reckons this isn't such a bad idea after all! Beryl laughs that she told him so! She offers David a barley sugar, and he jokes about how she can't go on a drive anywhere without them! As they talk, they don't realise that they have an unwanted passenger: Joe Parker is hidden in the back; he puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it...

Patricia and Stephen are sitting at the table in the Morrell apartment, and Patricia says she feels positively disgusting! Stephen assures her that she doesn't look it! Patricia remarks that she hasn't had breakfast this late for ages! She then tells Stephen that she's very glad that he stayed last night. Stephen smiles and says, "It was alright, wasn't it!" Patricia tells him that she can promise him one thing: if he goes back to Gordon and Barbara's and collects his things, she'll be waiting. Stephen says it's a deal! Patricia smiles happily and they kiss. She then tenderly says, "Welcome home."

Amanda is sitting at the breakfast table at Dural when Gordon comes in and says he left the newspaper in there somewhere. He asks her how she is this morning, and she replies that she's OK. Gordon remarks that she's late for breakfast, and Amanda explains that she was out late. She asks how Margaret is. Gordon replies that she's a bit shaky, but she'll be alright. Amanda looks downhearted as she tells Gordon that she'll never forget going to see her - it was one of the worst experiences she's ever had; she's glad he got her away from Wayne: he was out to get everything he could out of her - the same as Beryl Palmer. Gordon says to Amanda that she was telling him the truth about the Power of Attorney? Amanda glumly replies, "Trust him to worm his way out of it." Gordon tells her that there's at least some consolation: knowing that the form is no use to him now that the will is being contested; every single penny will be frozen for two years - Beryl's share included - so whatever Wayne did with that document, he might as well throw it away.

Patricia lets Andy into the Morrell apartment and tells him that Stephen has just gone over to Dural to collect his things. She offers him some coffee, but he declines. He then says he thinks they've got troubles: the only way he can prove who his father is is by his birth certificate; he just went over to collect a copy and his father is listed as 'Unknown'...

In the hallway at Dural, Gordon tells Stephen that he's very pleased for him. Stephen says he knows it's not easy for Gordon to accept, but he's happy with Patricia; it works for them. He thanks Gordon for putting up with him. Gordon tells him that he was one of the easier houseguests! Stephen says he'd better pack, as they're expecting Andy. Gordon remarks that his appearance is certainly going to stir things up. Stephen points out that it was his decision to contest. Gordon tells Stephen that he just hopes he gets a fair share - but it's going to create unfortunate repercussions for some people. Stephen says he doesn't think Beryl will care how much she gets - she's a very reasonable woman. Gordon explains that he wasn't thinking about her. He continues that Margaret Dunne is a very sad woman at the moment - after what she's been through, she counted on this windfall to set her on her feet again. Stephen asks if she doesn't know yet. Gordon says he hasn't had the heart to tell her. Stephen remarks that he can't imagine a sister of Patricia's letting anything defeat her. Gordon, though, replies that she really is quite pathetic. At that moment, Margaret comes down the stairs and cheerfully says she heard Stephen was there. She turns to Gordon and brightly says, "Well, aren't you going to introduce me to the man who finally managed to tame Patricia?" Stephen looks at Gordon in surprise.


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