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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Terry yells out Tony's name several times, but there's no response. He continues to turn his head, trying to hear something, but there's just silence. Eventually, in desperation, he pulls the bandages off his eyes. He looks around; everything is blurred. He then dives underwater but comes up a few seconds later, still unable to find Tony. He looks around some more and then goes under again. There are faint ripples in the middle of the waterhole. The stillness is suddenly disturbed as Terry comes back up, holding Tony. He starts swimming to shore; Tony is barely conscious. Terry lifts him onto the the bank and tells him that he'll be right. He starts performing mouth-to-mouth, but Tony lies there, not moving. After a few seconds, though, he starts breathing. Terry slaps his face and tells him to come on. As Tony begins to regain consciousness, Terry encouragingly tells him that he's a good boy.

Alice is standing on the verandah at Woombai when she spots Terry carrying Tony towards her, wrapped in a blanket. Looking shocked, she asks what happened. Terry tells her that he'll be alright - he just had a slight accident swimming at the waterhole. He puts Tony down and Alice hugs her son. She then looks at Terry and, noticing he doesn't have his bandages on, asks what's wrong with his eyes. Terry tells her that he's alright - he had no choice. He then asks her to find some blankets while he calls an ambulance.

A short time later, Terry is inside and he comes off the 'phone. He puts his fingers to his eyes, as if to clear them or ease the pain. He then looks over at the living room table and notices a decanter of brandy. He walks over to it and picks it up. Fiona suddenly comes in and, standing behind him, curtly comments that she doesn't remember inviting him in and saying he could help himself to her drinks. Terry snaps that he needs a shot of brandy, and he angrily asks if she minds. Fiona tells him that she does. She then snaps that he's dripping all over the carpet. She starts to walk around to face him, and as she does so, she notices that he hasn't got his bandages on. Realising something's wrong, she asks what happened. Terry tells her that Tony got himself into trouble down at the waterhole. Fiona asks Terry if he's saying he had to fish him out. Terry wisecracks that it's a good job the quacks in Sydney knew what they were doing, or he would never have found the kid! Fiona looks at him and tells him that his eyes look awful. Terry says he'll be OK, but Fiona tells him to get in the ambulance with Tony; she'll get him to the eye hospital in Sydney if that's what has to be done. Terry snaps at her to leave it - he doesn't need her help. Fiona snaps back that she's had a stomachful of his rudeness - they might not get on, but there's no way she's having him being blind on her conscience. Terry snaps that he can fix it himself, but Fiona tells him no: he'll do as he's told; it may take him a while to get used to the idea but he's going to start behaving like a grown man.

Stephen is at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and Patricia offers him a drink. He declines, but Patricia says she'll have one. Getting straight to business, Stephen asks her if her ultimatum still stands. Patricia asks him if he's been thinking about it. Stephen replies that he hasn't thought about anything else for the last 24 hours. He then adds that, if their marriage relies on him convincing Andrew to challenge Dee's will, they might as well call it quits. Patricia, looking surprised, says, "Like that?" Stephen says, "Yeah." Patricia tells him that she's prepared to talk about it, but Stephen asks what the point would be - even if he went along with her, Andrew has no interest in contesting the will. Patricia asks if he asked Andrew. Stephen retorts that Andrew doesn't care about money - and he certainly wouldn't go along with any scheme Patricia may think up. He tells Patricia that he loves her, and he wants this nonsense between them to be over, but he's not going to change his mind. Patricia asks him if this really means that much to him. Stephen replies that it does. Patricia says she doesn't know what she's supposed to say. Stephen tells her to either forget about this absurd ultimatum or their marriage is over. Patricia looks down and doesn't respond. Stephen says, "I see." He stands up, tells Patricia that there's nothing more to say, and walks out.

Sometime later, Charlie is at the apartment, and Patricia is ranting that she never thought Stephen could be so pig-headed - he didn't even give her a chance to think about it. She asks what she can do to make him convince Andrew to contest the will. Charlie remarks that Stephen really has affected her judgement. Patricia looks at her as she continues that it's obvious: make him jealous - it's the oldest trick in the world and it works every time. Patricia, a sly look on her face, says she might have something there. She goes to the 'phone.

Matt is sitting at the desk in his office when the 'phone starts ringing. He answers it and Patricia comes on. She jokes that she doesn't suppose he remembers her. Matt points out that it was was only two days ago! He asks what the trouble is, and Patricia tells him that she wondered if he'd like to have dinner with her tonight - at her place. Matt uncertainly says he doesn't know about tonight, but Patricia assures him that she's not ringing to play games. Matt agrees and says he'd like to. He asks about Stephen, but Patricia says he won't be there. Matt says, "I see..." He then tells her that he'll see her at 6pm. Patricia smiles...

Fiona is on the 'phone at the hospital in Sydney, and she tells Lisa - who's in the flat at Dural - that the doctors at Woombai thought Terry would be be better with the specialists, so he's back in the city. Lisa tells her that she and John will be right over, and she hangs up. She then turns to John and explains about Terry being back in the eye hospital. John asks what he did, and Lisa explains that he had to save some kid from drowning. John asks what kid, but Lisa tells him that Fiona didn't say. She tells him to shake a leg so that they can get there and see him. Not wanting Lisa anywhere near Terry, John tells her that he might not be up to visitors, but Lisa replies that of course he is. She says she'll go and get changed, and she asks John if he's going to do the same. John continues that he doesn't think they should go - she's held Terry's hand enough. Lisa retorts that Terry needs his friends around him. Annoyed and surprised by John's atttitude, she picks up her keys and says she won't bother getting changed. She heads for the front door and asks John if he's coming. John doesn't move, and so Lisa snaps at him to suit himself. She walks out. She heads into the main house and is about to walk outside when John catches up with her and tells her to hang on. Lisa curtly tells him that she doesn't know what's eating him. Looking frustrated, John tells her that he didn't want to have to say this, but he's going to have to. Lisa asks what he means. John continues that she thinks Terry's alright - a real hero; he isn't - Terry is a rapist. Lisa stares at him.

Alice gives Tony a small bottle of pills, and Tony growls that he hates taking tablets. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Alice answers it. A woman comes on and asks if Fiona is there. Alice says she isn't, and she asks who's calling. The woman asks who she's speaking to, and Alice explains that she's a guest of Fiona's. She asks if she can help. The woman introduces herself - it's Jill. She explains that she's a friend of Fiona's, and she asks when Fiona will be back. Alice tells her that she doesn't know - she's gone to Sydney with Terry Hansen. Jill looks shocked when she hears this. Alice asks if there's a message, but Jill says there isn't. She asks Alice if she knows whether Fiona is staying at the Hamilton house. Alice says she is. There's a knock on the door of the 'phone box that Jill is using, and she tells the man that's standing there that she won't be long - she's just got one more call to make.

Lisa and John are sitting on the stairs in the hallway at Dural. John tells Lisa that whether Terry thought Jill was a prostitute or not, she's still a human being - there's no excuse for what he did. He then tells Lisa that the way she was rushing off to make sure he was alright, he thought she should know the facts - so now she knows why he doesn't want her to have anything to do with him. Lisa listens, but then tells John that he's looking at it too simply - he doesn't know all the details. John angrily asks what there is to know: Terry raped Jill; she shouldn't go making excuses. The 'phone starts ringing, and John goes to answer it. STD pips sound, and when they've finished, he says, "The Hamilton house." From the 'phonebox, Jill looks at the 'phone in horror and hangs up. At Dural, John asks the caller if they're still there. When he doesn't get a response, he hangs up as well. Lisa tells him that she doesn't want to argue with him at the moment - she wants to go and see Terry; she hasn't got time to go into it, but there is an explanation for it. John incredulously asks how can there be? Lisa replies that it sounds crazy but she thinks the reason he raped Jill is also the reason why he won't have anything to do with Fiona. She asks John to trust her, adding that she thinks she knows what Terry's problem is and she's going to try and help him.

Jill comes out of the 'phone box and the man asks her if the 'phone is free now. Jill says it is. The man asks Jill if she's going to go and join her husband, adding that he heard that Brian left town a few days ago. Jill uncertainly says, "Yeah..." She then adds that they're moving to Sydney. The man wishes her good luck. Jill picks up her bag; as she stands up, it is noticeable that her pregnancy is beginning to show. She walks to the side of the road and looks worried. She then stops and takes a piece of paper out of her pocket. She reads it. It says:

"I love you very much Jill but I had no other choice. I hope you understand. You'll always be in my thoughts. God bless you and keep you. Brian."

Jill looks at it, sadly. She then sighs heavily.

Matt arrives at the Morrell apartment and hands Patricia the evening mail. She thanks him for coming. Matt gives her a bottle of wine, and Patricia tells him to sit down. She asks him if he'd like a Martini to begin with. Matt accepts, looking very pleased with himself.

At the hospital, Terry growls, "The mongrel." He angrily adds that John said he wouldn't say anything, and he threatens that John should just wait until he gets out of there. Lisa calmly tells him that it's alright, but Terry asks how. Lisa tells him that she thinks she understands why he did it. Terry again asks how, adding that it was the worst thing he ever did in his life. Lisa brings up the story he told her about Vietnam, that prostitute and the boy, saying it explains a lot; it doesn't excuse what he did, and he'll never be able to make it up to Jill, but at least there's some explanation. Terry snaps that it's not one he can accept. Lisa reminds him that he saved those men from the bush fire, and he's in the hospital now because he risked losing his sight saving a kid from drowning: most of what he is is good - he shouldn't be judged on just one mistake. Terry tells her that not many people think like that. Lisa replies that she thinks Fiona does. Terry angrily snaps at Lisa to leave Fiona out of it. Lisa tells him that Fiona is very upset at the way he's treating her; she's sitting outside even now. She continues that she could never hate him and neither could Fiona. She gets up to leave and goes out into the corridor. She joins Fiona, who asks how it went. Lisa says it was alright. Fiona asks her if she told him that she knows about him and Jill. Lisa says she did. She adds that she tried to tell him that she understood and doesn't hate him for it. Fiona asks her if he believed her. Lisa says she hopes so. She then continues that, a couple of times lately, Terry tried to tell her about Vietnam and what it was like to be there; it sounds pretty awful - he saw some terrible things and it left him with very mixed feelings about prostitutes. Fiona remarks that that's putting it mildly! Fiona says they're the absolutes dregs as far as he's concerned. Lisa tells her that, because she tried to understand why he raped Jill, he feels he owes her a chance to say her piece. Fiona, looking surprised, smiles happily.

A short time later, Fiona is in Terry's room. She tells Terry that the doctors don't seem to think he's done his eyes too much harm - he's very lucky. Terry tells her to skip the smalltalk - just say what she wants to say. Fiona remarks that it sounds like he doesn't want to hear. Terry snaps that he asked her in, didn't he? He then quickly apologises and tells her that he wants to hear her story - really.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia and Matt are sitting on the settee, the lights dimmed. Patricia tells Matt that she's missed him since Woombai. Matt comments that that's a change of tune. Patricia replies that it's a woman's privilege. They suddenly lean towards each other and kiss. When they pull apart, Matt gets up and says he'll go and put the electric blanket on. Patricia curtly asks him what he's talking about. Matt says he's sorry - he must have misread the signs. He asks Patricia what she's trying to do. Patricia snaps back angrily, asking him what he's trying to do. Matt tells her that they both know that she's putting on an act, and he asks her what the problem is: is it a case of her trying to console herself because Stephen walked out? He then continues that he gets it: it's a case of making Stephen jealous. Patricia, realising she's been found out, asks if she's that obvious. Matt reminds her that he's a shrink! He continues that she no more wants to go to bed with him than fly to the moon. Patricia says she's sorry. Matt replies that he is, too. Patricia says she feels like such a fool. Matt tells her that she's confused and upset - it's nothing to be ashamed of; she's just lucky she picked him to try it on! Patricia comments that that that will teach her to listen to Charlie!

At the hospital, Fiona tells Terry that, when the war came their way, suddenly Sydney was full of big-spending Americans - the place came alive. She continues that, one night, she and a girlfriend went out with a couple of servicemen - they'd never seen that much money in their life, and the men spent it like water; she didn't for one minute think that it wasn't her fascinating company that they were paying for - but when her date propositioned her, she fled, and ran all the way home; then she had second thoughts - it didn't take too many brains to realise that she could take one hell of a lot more money home than she was from the factory; it wasn't difficult to kid herself that it was the right thing to do; the trouble was, in no time at all, she was hooked on the bright lights and the good times - she always had plenty of nice new clothes and pieces for the house... Terry chips in that it must have seemed like Christmas. Fiona replies, "Every day of the week." She goes on that, when you get locked into a situation like that, there doesn't seem to be any way you can get off the merry-go-round - but there was a way when she thought she could get off: she met a man and fell hopelessly in love with him. Terry asks, "My dad?" Fiona tells him that it was: Scott Thompson was his name; he was wealthy and he had a promising political career; when she found out she was pregnant, she called it off; she left town and went to stay with her grandparents until her baby was born - she was determined to find a new life for the two of them; but then he died - or so she was led to believe - and there was nothing else. She sobs that she went back to the only life she knew. Recovering her composure slightly, she thanks Terry for at least hearing her out. She adds that Lisa has told her a little of his story, so maybe they know a bit more about each other now. Terry lies there, not moving, as Fiona stands up and sadly says, "Goodbye. Good luck." She's about to leave the room when Terry suddenly calls out to hang on. He tells her that there's no reason why they have to go on ignoring each other; he'd like to get to know her better - if she's interested, that is. Fiona starts smiling and crying simultaneously. Terry asks her what's wrong, but she happily sobs, "Oh nothing!"


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