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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A while later, Wayne says to Amanda, "Talk about easy." Amanda angrily asks him if he has to crow so much. Wayne asks why he shouldn't, and Amanda retorts that anyone would think it's something to be proud of. Changing the subject slightly, Wayne says he hopes Amanda has got her story straight for this afternoon, when she sees Margaret. Amanda assures him that she'll be a good girl. She then snaps that it's a wonderful way of spending an afternoon - visiting a prison. Wayne tells her to just win Margaret over - he wants her more than happy to take up their offer to stay at Toorak; she's to let Margaret know that he has nothing more to do with Patricia. Amanda says she knows - and it makes her sick. She adds that if only Dee knew what she'd started. Wayne smiles and says he bets she'd be tickled pink!

Tony is driving along a track near Woombai when the car suddenly comes to a stop. Looking frustrated, he gets out, slamming the door as he does so. He goes and lifts up the bonnet; steam immediately starts pouring out of the engine. Tony looks at it and scratches his head.

Terry sitting on the verandah at the Hansens' and he asks his mother for another beer. Enid asks him if he hasn't had enough. A car suddenly pulls up with steam pouring out of it and Enid walks over to see who it is. Tony gets out and asks if can see Terry, as he thought he might be able to help him. Enid tells him that Terry can't really do anything at the moment. Tony tells her that he heard about the accident and thought Terry might need some cheering up. Enid agrees and takes him over to the verandah. She then goes inside. Tony asks Terry if he remembers him. Terry asks how he should know who's standing there, and Tony replies that he reckoned Terry might recognise his sexy voice! Terry laughs and asks him what he's doing there. Tony replies that he thought he might con Terry into giving him some help - his car radiator has packed up; he thought Terry might know where he can get a cheap second-hand one. Terry gives him a name and Tony thanks him. He then asks Terry what he's been doing with himself. Terry says it's obvious, isn't it? Tony remarks that he thought Terry could find a better excuse to get stuck into the grog. He asks him if he wants to come fishing tomorrow. Terry points out that he wouldn't be able to see what he's doing, but Tony tells him that he only has to feel the line - he can say whether the fish are big enough to keep. Terry agrees, and Tony tells him that he'll see him at 8am tomorrow. He goes, leaving Terry laughing.

Barbara is pruning some shrubs in the garden at Dural when John walks over. He asks her if she's keeping an eye out for Stephen, but she indignantly tells him that she isn't - she's just gardening. A car suddenly roars up the driveway - it's Stephen's. Barbara says to John that she'd be interested to know how her brother's meeting went with Patricia. John says he's got his fingers crossed that it wasn't a success. Stephen gets out of his car and walks over. John asks how it went, but Stephen snaps that he'd rather not talk about it. He storms off. Barbara remarks to John that it was obviously a disaster. John tells her that the worse it is, the better. Barbara points out that Stephen is obviously taking it very hard, but John retorts that, even if it hurts a bit now, he'll still be a damn sight better off without her in the long run.

Inside, Stephen is at the bar, pouring himself a drink. John comes in and remarks that he takes it it hasn't been a good day. Stephen reiterates that he said he'd rather not talk about it. John tells him that he'll be better off without Patricia, but Stephen suggests to him that he mind his own business. John persists, saying he's been through so much with her himself - she's the most selfish person he's ever met. Stephen snaps that he thinks he should be the one to make judgements concerning his own wife; he told John to mind his own business and he means it.

Wayne comes out of Toorak, dressed in his running gear. Amanda is just arriving home, and he asks her how it went. Amanda snaps that she's never felt so rotten in her life - Margaret was so down, and Wayne is going to rip her off. Wayne growls that he thought he wasn't going to hear Amanda whinging again, and he adds that it's time she accepted that she's only got a couple of things going for her: one of them is him - whether she likes it or not - and the other is money, and he knows she likes that. Amanda storms inside. Wayne calls after her that Kevin is in there - he might cheer her up.

Kevin is reading the newspaper in the lounge room when Amanda comes in. She tells him that Wayne said he was there. Looking at her, Kevin asks her if she's alright. Amanda indignantly asks why shouldn't she be? Kevin tells her that she doesn't look too good, but Amanda says it's just a headache. She then asks Kevin what he's doing there, and Kevin explains that he wanted to thank her for coming clean. Amanda tells him that she'd hate to think that she was the reason for his and Lynn's marriage breaking up. Still looking at how upset she appears, Kevin tells her that she's not putting on a very good act. Amanda glumly says she knows - but she can't help it. Kevin suggests that, if it's that bad with Wayne, why not up and leave him? Amanda says it sounds so easy. Kevin says it is. Amanda asks where she'd go. Kevin points out that she's got her mum and dad - they're not together, but she's still got her family. Amanda sadly says she doesn't think they'd be much help - her mother certainly wouldn't want her hanging around. Kevin asks about Stephen, and Amanda says she thinks she's left it too late with him. Kevin tells her that he reckons he'd give her a second chance; and Barbara is a nice lady - she'd let Amanda stay with her. Amanda uncertainly says she doesn't know... Kevin tells her to think about it. He then says he'd better go. As he gets up, he says to Amanda that he hopes she doesn't think he's sticking his nose in. Amanda tells him that it's nice that he cares after all the trouble she caused him. He goes. Amanda immediately walks over to the telephone directory and looks up a number. She then dials it, hears the call ringing and it is then answered by a woman who says, "Reservations. Where to?" Amanda tells her, "Sydney," and adds that she wants the 9am flight tomorrow. The reservations clerk asks if it's a return. Amanda says, "No - one way."

Wayne is out jogging when he sees a tram go past and then stop. Rosie alights and suddenly spots Wayne in the distance. Wayne sees her, as well, and they stare at each other for several seconds, Rosie looking very upset.

Sometime later, Wayne and Rosie walk into Toorak. Rosie is saying to Wayne that she somehow always managed to excuse what he's done before, but not any more - whether she likes it or not, there's something in him that's not very nice, and there's nothing she can do about it; and as much as it breaks her heart, she's washing her hands of him. Wayne cries that she can't. He tells her that, when he tried to kill himself, that was because she turned against him; she's the only real friend he's got left. Rosie tells him that there's one thing that would help to change her mind. Wayne asks what it is. Rosie tells him to give up the ridiculous arrangement with Amanda; let her live her own life; everything they're makes a mockery of marriage. Wayne cries that he can't give it up. Rosie sadly says, "There you go..." Wayne tells her that he's put too much into it - he can't back out now. Rosie cries that it's such a pity he can't change - just a bit. She continues, "I love you, Wayne - but you're no good - and you'll only ever break my heart." She sadly tells a shocked Wayne that there's no way she can be his friend.

Later that night, Rosie is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the Palmers', knitting. Doug asks her to come to bed, as it's almost midnight, but Rosie says she only has a couple of rows to go. Doug asks her if she's still upset over Wayne. Rosie says she'll get over it; it's going to take a long while, though - when you look after someone all your life... it's hard - it really is. Doug tenderly says he knows. Rosie continues that she tried with him. Doug tells her that some kids are just born bad. Rosie cries that she gave that boy more love and devotion than most kids get in a lifetime. Doug tells her that she's made the break now - she should just get him out of her mind. Rosie cries that it's like she said - it's going to take a while. She and Doug get up and head off to their bedroom.

The next morning, Amanda creeps downstairs at Toorak, checking behind her every couple of seconds to make sure Wayne isn't there. She's holding a piece of paper, which she places on the desk in the hallway. She then opens the front door, looks behind her one more time, and goes out.

At Woombai, Tony guides Terry to where to sit by the waterhole. He opens the basket that Terry has brought and laughs that he reckons there's enough food for tea, as well! Terry tells Tony that he was surprised to see him yesterday, as he thought he was up with the rodeo mob. Tony explains that he packed it in. Terry asks why, and Tony tells him that he had to get back to the city - his mum needed a bit of looking after; his old man was being a bit of a pain, so he brought her up there to Woombai for a bit of a rest; Mrs. Thompson has been been pretty good, putting them up and that. Terry, suddenly looking angry, asks if they're staying with her, and he asks Tony if that's why he's there. Tony replies that it's like he said - his old man had been carrying on. Terry snaps that he meant today - bringing him there. Tony tells him that he's there 'cos he likes fishing. Terry snaps that there's no point Fiona trying to get on-side with him. Tony replies that he doesn't know what Terry is talking about; as far as he's concerned, Fiona is alright. He adds that he reckons going blind has made Terry funny in the head!

Wayne comes downstairs at Toorak, and calls out for Amanda. He goes into the lounge room, but it's empty. He then goes in the living room, but that is empty as well. He calls out Amanda's name again, but there's no answer. He goes to head down the hallway, towards her quarters, when he suddenly notices the piece of paper on the table by the 'phone. He picks it up and reads it. It says, 'I've had enough.' Wayne looks annoyed.

John completes a swim in the pool at Dural and, wearing just his trunks, walks over to the front door just as a taxi pulls away. He sees Amanda standing in the porch, and, looking surprised, asks her what she's doing there. Amanda replies that she's house hunting - she's left Wayne and she's come to see if Aunty Barbara will let her stay there. John tells her that there's someone inside who'll be interested to hear her say that. The two of them go in, and Barbara runs down the stairs and hugs her niece. She asks her what she's doing there, and Amanda replies that she's there to...; she asks if she can she stay for a while, adding that she'll pay for her board. Barbara asks what's wrong, and Amanda explains that she's walked out on Wayne - she had to. Barbara, looking happy, tells her that she can stay for as long as she likes - providing she doesn't leave her clothes lying around in the bathroom! John chips in that there's something Amanda doesn't know - Stephen. Barbara says, "Oh yes!" She tells Amanda that her father is there - he's walked out on Patricia! Amanda smiles and says, "You're kidding!" She asks where he is, and Barbara tells her that he was in the lounge room the last time she looked. Amanda goes in there. John comments to Barbara that it's stupid people being happy about splitting up. Barbara asks why, when they should never have been together in the first place.

In the lounge room, Stephen tells Amanda that he doesn't want to hear anything she has to say about Patricia. Amanda repeats that she only said she was pleased to hear he's left her. Stephen tells his daughter that he's not interested in her opinions, and she can catch the next 'plane back to Melbourne if that's the only reason she's there. Amanda, looking slightly crestfallen, tells her father that all she wanted to say was that she's finally come to her senses: she's left Wayne. Seeing the expression on Stephen's face, she tells him not to look like that - she's left him for good. Stephen says he's very pleased, and he gives her a hug.

A while later, Stephen, Barbara and Amanda are all sitting in the lounge room, and Amanda asks Barbara what she's grinning about. Barbara tells her that it's nice to see her and her father so happy. Stephen comments that he hopes she's not going to crow, as he doesn't want her thinking that he and Patricia will work out like Amanda and Wayne, because their marriage is far from over. Barbara retorts that she's never made any bones about saying his marriage to Patricia is a mistake - and he should know that she doesn't sit around knitting, waiting for heads to roll. Stephen says he knows - he just doesn't want anyone thinking that he and Patricia are finished. He then continues that, while they're being honest with each other, there's something else they both should know. He turns to Amanda and tells her that she has a brother. Barbara laughs at him to talk sense. Stephen tells her that it's true. Seeing the expressions of shock on the two women's faces, Stephen says he'll make a nice cup of tea while they're getting over it!

By the waterhole at Woombai, Tony is eating, and he remarks that Mrs. Hansen sure knows how to pack a picnic lunch! He then tells Terry that they didn't do too bad with the fish they caught. Terry points out that he's only got Tony's word for it - they could have caught boots or anything! He decides he's going to have a bit of a sleep. Tony suggests they go for a swim, but Terry says, "No way." Tony calls him a piker! Terry, though, says it's too soon after lunch - they could get cramps. Tony laughs that that's just an old wives' tale! Terry also points out that if he gets his bandages wet, his eyes will get infected. Tony gives up trying to persuade him, and he strips down to his boxers. Terry tells him to have fun!

At Dural, Barbara remarks to Stephen that, from what he said, they were very close - she must have known the mother. Stephen, though, tells her that she didn't. He adds that he's not going to tell her who it was - he doesn't think she'll even have heard of the woman involved. Amanda tells him that she couldn't care less - she just knows that she's very proud of him. She hugs him as she adds that she's pleased he didn't use his son to get Dee's money. Stephen explains that that's what's caused the problem with Patricia. Barbara asks if she wanted him to hold up Andrew as his son and heir. Stephen replies that that's it exactly - but he couldn't go along with it. Barbara tells him that she's very proud of him, too. She then adds that she doesn't want to cause more trouble between him and Patricia, but if she just wants the money, there's no way the marriage is going to work. Stephen smiles and says it's nice to know he still has as sister who understands him. Amanda points out, "And a daughter!" Stephen tells them both that, if Dee taught him one thing, it's how not to treat people - and that includes Patricia - and his son. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and he gets up to answer it at the bar. STD pips sound and then Wayne comes on and asks for Amanda. Stephen curtly tells him that she doesn't want to talk to him. Wayne snaps that he's her husband. Stephen retorts that he doesn't care if Wayne is King Kong - he can't talk to her. Wayne growls that he's not asking, he's telling. Stephen snaps that he's telling him to leave her alone. He hangs up and Amanda thanks him, as she couldn't have faced talking to him. Barbara says she could have! Amanda says she's so glad to be there.

At Woombai, Tony is in the water while Terry is lying back on the bank. Tony suddenly yells out in pain, and he cries to Terry that he needs help - he's got cramp. He start trying to tread water, but Terry disbelievingly just calls out, "Yeah, sure!" Tony continues to cry out that he's got cramp and he begins to go underwater. Terry suddenly realises that he's serious, and he gets up and yells that he's coming. With the bandages still over his eyes, he wades into the water. He yells at Tony to keep shouting, so that he can find him. Tony continues to have trouble staying above water. As he wades through the water, completely blind, the yells stop. Terry cries out, "Mate...? Tony...? Tony..."


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