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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Stephen and Andrew walk outside, and Stephen says to his son that he thinks he was ready for anything except Andrew knowing who he was. Andrew explains that his mum reckoned it was best if he knew the truth from the start. Stephen remarks that she's a wise woman. He asks Andrew if he was ever tempted to look him up, and Andy replies that he was lots of times, but his mum didn't want him to make contact. Stephen asks him if his mum told him that he wanted to say in touch. Andy replies that they used to argue about it - he reckoned Stephen owed his mum. Stephen asks how she is, and Andrew tells him that she's good - she's got a job she likes, a unit, friends... he's her only headache! Stephen asks why, and Andrew explains that it's the band: his mother can't see him getting anywhere with it; she wanted him to go to uni, but now he's doing what he wants to do. Stephen says to Andrew that, when he's finished practising... his place isn't far from there; they could go and catch up. Andrew says he'll go and tell the band he's going to cut out for a while.

At the Morrell apartment sometime later, Andrew tells Stephen that he's been breaking his neck to get into the band since he was 15; he finally made it a couple of years ago. Stephen asks him if they get much work, and Andrew replies that they're getting there - and he has some casual work as a barman. He adds that money doesn't really bother him; it's music he cares about. Stephen comments that it must be good to care about something so much, but Andrew says he's never really thought about it. He then asks Stephen what he cares about, and Stephen muses that that's a good question... Looking around, Andrew comments that it's a nice place, and Stephen thanks him. Andrew asks him if his kids live with him, but Stephen explains that Samantha is overseas and Amanda is in Melbourne. Andrew comments that he has two sisters, eh?! Stephen gives him an orange juice, and the two of them sit down. Andrew tells Stephen that he'd he interested to know why he looked him up . Stephen says, "It's difficult to explain, Andrew." Andrew tells him to call him Andy. Stephen continues that he hopes Andy doesn't mind some boring personal history, but it might help him understand. Andy tells him to shoot. Stephen continues that money has always been very important to him: he's spent most of his life chasing it and spending it, and he never really stopped to think if it was making him happy; when he did, it made him rethink a lot of his values. Andy laughs that surely he's not saying he's going off to live on a commune! Stephen says he can't really see his wife at a commune! He then tells Andy about how he and Patricia went to Woombai; it put him in contact with a boy and his mother - Tony and Alice Parker; Tony told him what his mother had been through to keep her family together; it was an appalling story, and it made him feel ashamed of himself - he shouldn't have let Helen put him off so easily; Tony's story made him see how weak he'd been. Andy points out that it's a bit too late for the 'father and son' bit now. Stephen suggests that they could still get to know each other. He then adds that he realises he's laying a lot on Andy. Andy tells him that if he hadn't been up-front with him, he wouldn't have wanted to know. Stephen says his mother had always wanted a grandson, but he only had daughters...; then he remarried, but when Andy hears what happened, he thinks he'll understand why he didn't look him up sooner. He suggests they have another drink first, and he goes to the bar. Andy remarks that it must be some story, and Stephen says it is...

In the hallway at Toorak, Gordon tells Wayne that he'll give him a ring when he's free - they can work out some time to go over the details. Amanda comes downstairs and asks Gordon if he's going home. He says he isn't yet. Kevin comes out from the study and tells Gordon that he forgot his car keys. Gordon takes them gratefully and tells Kevin to give his regards to Lynn. Kevin's face drops and he says that could be a bit hard, as they don't see much of each other these days; in fact, they're getting a divorce. Amanda turns to look at him in shock. In the lounge room, Wayne smiles, broadly. Gordon tells Kevin that he's sorry. Kevin, though, bluntly says that if something's not working, you end it. He walks off, leaving Gordon looking worried. He says to Amanda that he he never thought those two would split up, and he asks her if she knows what the problem is. Amanda says she doesn't, but she looks worried. Gordon goes, and Wayne immediately calls out to Amanda to come into the lounge room. She joins him and he curtly remarks, "Trust Kevin to end up in the divorce courts." Amanda snaps that she wishes she was. Wayne asks her if she's feeling guilty, and he adds that he thought she'd be happy; after all, she went all out to get at them. Amanda snaps that she just wanted to stir; she never thought it would go as far as divorce. Wayne growls that Kevin deserves all he gets. Amanda snaps back at him that he deserved to be ditched by Jill, but it still hurts. Wayne snaps that love's a mug's game. Amanda asks him how he'd feel if he never saw Jill again, but Wayne snaps that his private life is none of her business. Amanda angrily points out that she's only his wife. Wayne snaps that that's right - so she should stop worrying about losers like Kevin. Amanda pointedly asks him why he's so touchy - is he still in love with Jill? Wayne goes to walk out, snapping, "Don't be so stupid," as he does so. When he's gone, Amanda murmurs, "Well, well, well... so we're human after all..."

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen tells Andy to say something. Andy says it's the sickest story he's ever heard; he's glad he never met Dee. Stephen says he supposes he wishes he'd never met him, either. Andy continues that Stephen could have had all that money if he'd dragged him out of the woodwork before she died - why didn't he? Stephen replies that he thought about it, but he couldn't do it. Andy asks why. Stephen tells him that, when you're dealing with a woman like Dee, you fight dirty or you're out of the game; he didn't feel guilty about ripping her off then and he doesn't now - but if she had found out about him, his life would never have been his own; she'd messed up enough lives already. Andy says she would have had Buckley's if she'd tried. Stephen says he realises that now, but he had to go with his instincts. Andy asks him what made him walk away from the whole carry-on. Stephen replies that he needed to get his self respect back. Andy asks him if he's glad he did it. Stephen replies that it's taken him a long time, but he's finally realised that money isn't everything. Andy remarks that it's a hell of a way to learn. He asks Stephen if he's now skint, and Stephen says he is unless he takes the job he's been offered. Andy suggests that he'd be better selling the apartment and living on the interest, but Stephen says it's not his to sell. He grimly adds that he's a bit of a charity case at the moment. Suddenly realising the time, Andy says he'd better get back to the band, as they'll be wondering where he is. He asks Stephen if he can take down his telephone number, and Stephen tells him to write his number on the pad. Changing the subject, Andy tells Stephen that the band are playing a gig at a local pub tonight, and he asks him if he wants to come. Looking down at the suit he's wearing, Stephen asks if he'll fit in! Andy asks him if he's got any other clothes. Stephen says he's got a pair of jeans. Andy tells him that he'll make a gig-goer of him yet!

Amanda is sitting on the stairs in the hallway at Toorak when Kevin comes along. She asks him what the story is about the divorce, but Kevin says there's nothing to tell. Amanda asks him if it's because of them. Kevin asks what if is? Amanda tells him not to be an idiot; if he had a marriage like hers he'd have something to complain about, but he and Lynn could be so happy if he wasn't so stubborn. Kevin tells her to keep out of it. Amanda, though, asks him if he wants to know the real reason their marriage went down the drain. Kevin looks at her as she tells him, "I made it happen."

David arrives home at the Palmer house, goes into the kitchen and is surprised to find Doug standing there! He asks him what he's doing there, and Doug tells him that family should stick together when there's trouble; as soon as Beryl 'phoned him about Kevin and Lynn's divorce, he decided to come down. David tells his father and Rosie - who's just come in - that it's good to see them, but their trip is a waste of money - Kevin won't listen to him. Doug gets a couple of beers out of the 'fridge. Rosie tells David that they were thrilled when they heard about Beryl's windfall. Doug gives David a note which was stuck to the 'fridge: it's from Beryl, to say that she's gone to see Susie and Aileen and Bob, to see how she can help them when the money comes through. David reads the note. He then tells Doug and Rosie that it was good of them both to come down. Doug says he's not going until he's talked some sense into that grandson of his.

Lynn is playing with Davey in the park when Kevin walks over to her. She looks surprised to see him. He tells her that there's so much he wants to say. Looking worried, Lynn tells him that if it's about the divorce... Kevin interrupts, though, and says he doesn't want a divorce. He continues that he's been an idiot, listening to Amanda - she finally told him the truth and he's learnt his lesson. He asks Lynn to take him back, adding that he's been so stupid. He picks up Davey and tells Lynn that he wants him to come home! Lynn smiles, and she tells Kevin that she never wanted a divorce - she just wanted to shake him up a bit. Kevin says she sure did that - he's never been more miserable in all his life. He tells Lynn that he's sorry he hurt her; he loves her. Lynn replies that she loves him, too! They hug tightly.

At the Palmers', Doug asks where Kevin has got to. David says he hasn't got a clue. He asks his father if he's worked out what he's going to say to him, and Doug says he has. They suddenly hear the front door bang shut and Kevin calls out to ask if anyone's home. Rosie tells Doug not to go at him like a bull at the gate. Kevin comes into the living room and Doug tells him that he wants a word with him. He continues that he doesn't want to know the details, he just wants to tell him that he's making a big mistake. Kevin tries to protest that there's no problem, but Doug doesn't listen. David and are Rosie are in the kitchen and hear as Doug says he knows Kevin has got a stubborn streak, but he's not going to watch him making a mess of his life. The two of them sit down, and Doug asks Kevin what exactly the problem is. Kevin tells him that it's pretty complicated. Doug insists that that's no reason to give up. Kevin replies that he'd be willing if Lynn was. Doug tells him to go to the Terrace and see Lynn now. Kevin explains that she's actually next door, and he suggests that he ask her over for a talk. Doug smiles and says that's a bonzer idea! Kevin thanks his grandfather for the good advice, and the two of them shake hands! Kevin heads out to see Lynn and Doug goes into the kitchen. He tells David and Rosie that he talked Kevin out of the divorce. Rosie tells him that he's a wonder!

At the Hansens', Terry takes a swigs from a can of beer. He suddenly hears a noise and asks who's there. John says it's him. He tells Terry that he's had all day to think it over: either he asks Lisa to leave or he tells her about Jill. Terry angrily snaps, "Some kind of mate you turned out to be." John ignores this, though, and asks Terry again if he's going to tell Lisa. Terry snaps that John makes him want to puke - first he pinches his girl and then-- John interrupts him and tells him that he and Lisa were finished a long time ago. Terry asks him why he's risking his neck to get Lisa away from him, then. John snaps that it's about him raping Jill. Terry growls that he thought she was a pro, and if his money wasn't good enough for her, then... John asks if a pro is fair game in his book. Terry retorts that he just thought she was playing hard to get. They suddenly hear Lisa's voice, and John tells Terry that this is it: does he want to make it easy on himself or does he want to do it the hard way? Lisa comes in and says Enid has a migraine - and she'll probably have one after she's spoken to Charlie about the work she hasn't done! Terry asks Lisa if she'd do better if she didn't have to worry about him; if she was in Sydney. Lisa admits that she would. Terry tells her to take off, then. Looking concerned, Lisa asks him who would look after him. Terry assures her that he'll be alright. John chips in that Terry was just saying how worried about her he was. Lisa asks him if he's sure he'll be alright, and Terry says he's positive. John tells Lisa that they can stay at Woombai tonight. Terry heads off to the kitchen to get another beer, and Lisa offer to help, but John tells her to leave it. Lisa points out that he's upset, but John tells her that he's figured out that it's not going to work out between her and him. Lisa asks if he said that. John says he did, and he adds that they weren't really talking about work when she came in. Lisa asks what Terry said. John replies that Terry wants to cut off without talking about it. He tells Lisa to make it easy on him.

Doug is standing by the closed kitchen door at the Palmers', trying to listen to the conversation in the living room. David asks him if he can hear anything, but Doug says they must be whispering. Rosie remarks that at least they're not shouting. In the living room, Lynn smiles as she asks Kevin if they should keep them in suspense any longer. They decide to go and tell everyone the good news. The two of them go into the kitchen and Kevin tells David, Doug and Rosie that the divorce is officially over! Rosie hugs Lynn, and Kevin tells David that he's sorry he didn't listen to him when he tried to knock some sense into him. He then adds that Lynn isn't the only person he's been stupid with; he turns to David and tells him that he's given him heaps over Tony and Davey, so while he's being sensible, no hard feelings? David agrees, and the two men shake hands.

At the Hansens', John asks Lisa if she's ready. Lisa asks what the hurry is, but John just says he'd rather get going. Terry comes into the room, the worse for wear. Lisa asks him if there's anything she can do for him before she goes. Terry tells her that he left his can of beer on the table, and Lisa goes to get it. When they're alone, John tells Terry not to try to see Lisa when he goes back to the eye hospital. Terry threatens that as soon as he's got the bandages off, he'll come looking for John. John sarcastically says he's shaking in his boots... Lisa comes back in and tells Terry to give her a ring from the eye hospital and she'll come in for the unveiling. She then adds that everything will be alright. Terry tells her to look after herself, and he adds that he loves her. Lisa says, "Goodbye, Terry," and she goes. Remaining behind for a second, John growls that he just had to do it. Terry tells him to get out. When he's gone, Terry scrunches up his beer can and throws it on the ground in anger.

Stephen and Andy arrive back at the Morrell apartment after the gig, and Stephen says he enjoyed himself. Andy asks when he's going to meet Patricia, but Stephen replies that it'll be when he's paved the way a little. Andy asks if she'll kick up a fuss about him. Stephen says she won't - it's just his timing in getting in touch with him that will cause problems. Andy points out that, if she loved Stephen enough to walk away from money... Stephen explains that she's finding it difficult to adjust to having so little; this could be the straw that broke the camel's back. Andy jokes that Stephen would cop it if Patricia heard him comparing her to a camel! Stephen smiles but then says she's very beautiful, actually. He takes out a photo of her from his wallet and shows Andy. Andy looks at it and agrees. Stephen continues that she's the kind of woman who you can never afford to take for granted - he hopes she understands about him. He then adds that, still, she's stuck by him so far, and she will this time; he knows she will. He looks worried, though...


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