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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona arrives at Woombai, and Alice tells her that it's nice to meet her. She adds that she and Tony are very grateful for what she's done for them. Tony asks Fiona if he can take her bag, and she hands it over and points him towards her room. He walks off, and Fiona remarks that he's a nice boy. Alice explains that it's thanks to David, and Fiona remarks, "The salt of the earth, the Palmers." Changing the subject, Alice tells Fiona that she just missed John and Lisa, but Fiona says they called her last night. Alice offers her a drink, but Fiona declines, saying she has urgent business to attend to.

Patricia walks into the reception area at the riding school. Charlie is talking to Matt, who looks completely bored. Patricia smiles! Matt suddenly notices her and cheers up immediately. He tells her that he thought she'd left without them. Charlie goes to get changed to go riding. Matt tells Patricia that she's made her point - he supposes he has been pestering her - but he hopes he's not as bad as Charlie! Patricia says, "Not quite!" Matt suggests that the two of them could have one last ride together, and then he'll retire gracefully. Patricia points out that Charlie is expecting them, but Matt asks her if she would want to spend the last three hours of her holiday with Charlie! Patricia agrees that they can go for a nice platonic ride. Matt says that's fine by him. They go out.

Fiona is walking in the grounds, looking thoughtful, when she spots Matt and Patricia out riding; they're both laughing and apparently enjoying themselves immensely. Fiona looks worried.

Charlie is in the reception area when Fiona walks in. Fiona asks if Stephen is around, but Charlie says he isn't at the moment. She then asks Fiona if she saw Patricia, as she and Matt have disappeared. Fiona replies that she saw them out riding, and Charlie immediately snaps that she wishes Patricia would make up her mind: she gets her down there to play chaperone and then she goes running off on her own with the man. She curtly adds that sometimes she can't figure her out.

Stephen's car pulls up at Woombai and he gets out. Charlie is wandering along by the side of the track and she walks over to him and asks him how Sydney was. Stephen replies that he got a few important things underway. Charlie tells him that Fiona is looking for him.

Stephen goes into the reception area. Fiona is behind the desk, and Stephen says to her that Charlie told him that she wants to see him. Fiona says she does. She then continues that she's sorry about the other day - she still thinks Patricia was out to make trouble, but it was very rude of her to come barging in like that. Stephen agrees that, yes, it was. Fiona smiles uncomfortably and says she hopes it's not going to spoil things between them. Stephen tells her that it's Patricia she should be apologising to. Fiona replies that, with the feeling that's built up between them over the years, she could never apologise to her - for anything. Changing the subject, she tells Stephen that there's something rather private that she wants to discuss with him. She asks if his car is outside, and he says it is. She suggests that perhaps he could drive her back to the house. Stephen says he has to see Patricia, but Fiona assures him that it won't take long - and it might be better if they talk before he sees her. Stephen agrees.

A short time later, at Woombai, Fiona tells Stephen that, the crux of the matter is, the riding school is going to be a much larger operation, and Alan Pascoe is just not up to handling it; he's good with the horses and the men, but he's not exactly a charmer when it comes to the guests! Stephen asks Fiona if she thinks he is. Fiona continues that, as a job, it might seem like a bit of a comedown, but the money's good - not as good, but good. She adds that she guesses what she's offering is a way to 'opt out' if he wants it; he gets a new lifestyle and she the get best manager she can get. She asks him if he's interested. Stephen looks thoughtful and he says he's going through bit of a 'phase' at the moment; the way he's thinking it, it's very tempting - but he'd have to talk it over with Patricia. Fiona grimly says, "Of course..." Stephen suddenly remarks that, ten minutes ago Fiona was saying she and Patricia couldn't get on, so why should she want her on her property? Fiona tells him that if he's there, she'll spend most of her time in the city; she and Patricia won't see much of each other. Stephen says he'll see what she thinks...

Patricia and Matt enter the reception area to find it empty. Matt comments that he expected Charlie to be there. He then thanks Patricia for a nice end to his holiday. Patricia tells him that it's her pleasure. Taking his wallet out, Matt says this isn't another come on - he's going to be practical now. He hands her his card and continues that she's one of most attractive women he's ever met - so if she's ever in the mood, call him. Patricia reiterates that she told him that she's not interested. Matt tells her to think of all the fun she'll have tearing it up, then!

Beryl is in the Palmers' living room, and she remarks to Doug that, five minutes after he arrives, he solves all their problems! Rosie tells Beryl that they're so happy for her - all that money. Beryl thanks her. She then says Susie sends her love, and so do Bob and Aileen too. Rosie offers to get lunch, and Beryl says she'll help, but Rosie tells her that it's nearly ready. Doug tells Beryl that it's a good thing the money hasn't changed her. Beryl replies that she won't even see any of it for three weeks, until probate comes through. She heads off to the kitchen to help Rosie, and Doug and David sit down. Doug tells his son that he won't find too many who think of others like Beryl does. David agrees that she's one in a million. Doug suggests that it's going to complicate things - they'll have lawyers to think about, accountants... he had to get used to it himself with the hydroponics farm. He asks who's going to do those things for Beryl, but David replies that she's going to do it herself, when she's got some experience - with some with help from Kevin. Doug looks astonished and says he's got to be joking. David tells his father that that's what he said, but she got snaky, so he suggests Doug keep his voice down. Doug continues that it's not the sort of thing a woman should be doing. David points out that it's Beryl's money! Doug warns his son to watch it, or he won't be the one wearing the pants. He adds that women and business do not mix!

At Toorak, Amanda kisses Gordon goodbye. Gordon asks her if she's sure she's alright. Amanda replies that she's been through it with her father and with Barbara; she thanks him for worrying, anyway. Gordon tells her that if she ever changes her mind, she's got a home with them. Wayne snaps at his father that he never gives up. Gordon just glares at him. He then turns, kisses Amanda goodbye and goes. Wayne growls to Amanda that he thought she'd be bored with all that by now. Amanda retorts that it's nice to think they still care about her. The two of them head into the lounge room. Wayne tells his wife that, at least with Gordon out of the way, he can start to work on Beryl and Margaret. He continues that he can get Beryl over there this afternoon and start work on her. He then tells Amanda that she is going to the jail - he's fixed up a time for her to visit Margaret; she can introduce herself to her and get her trusting her; he adds that Margaret can't stand him. Amanda quietly murmurs, "I wonder why..." Wayne says, "What?" but Amanda quickly replies, "Nothing!" Wayne tells her not to start getting all noble like she did with Kevin Palmer; that didn't cost them anything. Amanda asks him if he hasn't got enough money, but Wayne retorts that they've nothing unless she has a son; he's just hedging their bets in case she doesn't come up with the goods. He tells her, "You're going to visit Margaret - alright?"

In the reception area at the riding school, Stephen asks Charlie if she's sure she won't join them. Charlie says she won't, and she goes. Patricia sits down and asks how Sydney was. Stephen, who's standing by the reception desk, replies that everything went OK. Patricia says, "No more office politicking?" Stephen tells her that everything seemed fine. Patricia immediately queries, "Seemed fine?" Stephen assures her that it was fine. Looking at his demeanour, Patricia asks what the problem is, then. Stephen starts to say that, when he was in Sydney, he went to see... Patricia says, "Yes?" Stephen continues that she's got to understand... Patricia remarks that it sounds serious. Suddenly losing his bottle, Stephen tells her that Fiona has offered him a job. Patricia laughs, "You're joking!" Stephen ignores this and explains that she wants him to manage the place. Patricia asks if that was what he was so nervous about, and Stephen says it was. Patricia asks him why, as he can't be seriously considering it. Stephen points out that it might solve a few problems, but Patricia snaps that they don't want to be stuck there. Stephen tells her that he might want to be. He decides to go for a walk. Patricia asks him if that was the only problem, and Stephen says it was. Patricia remarks that it's got him very on edge. Stephen tells her that it's a big decision...

A while later, Patricia is at Woombai, and she tells Fiona that she knows she's trying to cause trouble between Stephen and her, but she's wasting her time. Fiona ignores this and bluntly asks Patricia to leave. Patricia says she'll go when she's finished. She then continues that she bets Fiona couldn't wait to hop on her broomstick and get down there. She continues that she doesn't have a chance in hell of breaking up her and Stephen. Fiona retorts that she can't see Patricia joining him down there, but Patricia confidently says he'll never accept the offer. Fiona remarks that he seemed very keen earlier. Patricia snaps that Stephen is a very talented businessman; she's got nothing to offer him. Fiona retorts that there's peace, tranquility, fresh air... and without Patricia there'll be no in-fighting; that might sound like a very attractive package to someone who'd had a gutful of big business. Patricia angrily snaps that she managed to keep Stephen while Dee was alive - if she can beat Dee, Fiona doesn't stand a chance. She adds that she and Stephen are both very happy and there's nothing Fiona can do about it. She goes to walk out, but Fiona asks her if she's so happy that she's playing around with Matt Kennedy. Patricia tells Fiona that she really is a ridiculous woman.

Stephen is out walking in the grounds. From a distance, he watches intently as Alice and Tony laugh, run around and throw a stick for a dog.

Beryl arrives at Toorak. Wayne lets her in and says he hopes he didn't ring at an inconvenient time. Beryl says she didn't have anything on this afternoon. Wayne offers her a drink, but she declines. She sits down on the settee in the lounge room. Wayne tells her that there's quite a bit to discuss, but there's something he'd like to get out of the way first: he and Amanda have talked it over, and he hopes she doesn't say no. He goes to the desk and picks up a piece of paper. He then continues that it must be very frustrating waiting for probate to be settled, and they thought this might help. He gives Beryl the piece of paper - a cheque. Beryl looks at it in astonishment and asks what it's for. Wayne tells her that it's play money until she gets her share of the will. He quickly adds that it's obligation free. Beryl says she can't... Wayne asks her if she doesn't trust him. Beryl replies that it's not that. Wayne tells her that he doesn't blame her. He then asks if he can say just one thing. Beryl agrees. Wayne says that, in a situation that involves Patricia, Dee, Stephen and Amanda, there are no rights and wrongs - the Morrells are a crazy family; he's done things that he's not proud of, and he hopes to make up for them. Beryl comments that it depends how he does it. Wayne tells her that he's going to use his money for as much good as he can, and he imagines she feels the same. Beryl nods. Wayne says that's good; it's a start. He gives her the cheque again, and Beryl says it very nice, but no thankyou. Wayne says that's fair enough - he just wants her to trust him, as he does have a lot of bad PR to live down. He continues that he feels lucky in a lot of ways - it's as if Dee's given him a second chance, and he's not going to waste it...

Stephen is standing in the riding school reception, looking thoughtful, when Patricia comes in. He comments that he wondered where she'd got to. She replies that she's been walking... thinking... she just can't understand him even considering working there; it seems such a cop out. Stephen tells her that it's nothing to get upset about, but Patricia points out that it's obviously playing on his mind. Stephen suddenly admits that he was just using that as an excuse to avoid the main issue. Patricia stares at him. Stephen tells her, "I didn't go to Sydney for business reasons. I went to track down my illegitimate son." Patricia looks shocked.

A short time later, Stephen says that, having ignored the kid for twenty years, he wasn't going to drag him out of the woodwork just to make Dee happy; he wanted to keep his self respect; now, though, getting in touch can't be misinterpreted. He adds that he's a nice kid - he's glad he did the right thing by him. Looking astounded, Patricia asks what about her? She rants that he has put her through the most unbelievable hell for that woman - and if she'd had her grandson, they would have had the money and had the house, and she wouldn't have had to have gone through all that humiliation; Dee humiliated her. She continues that Stephen was fine; she was the one Dee was trying to get at; how could he let her go through all that when he could have stopped it 'like that'? Stephen says Dee would have taken over Andrew's life, but Patricia asks, "So what?" She adds that she's his wife - she's supposed to take priority over everyone. Stephen retorts that telling Dee about Andrew would have meant involving a completely innocent person. Looking livid, Patricia asks what hell she was when she married him; she didn't have any choice - she was dragged into the whole mess before she knew what was going on. Stephen asks if it would have made any difference. Patricia snaps that it woudn't have before today, but now... she's just going through hell for him; she put up with all of that because she loved him - but how can she love somebody who treats her like that?; when she married him, she admired him; she thought he was strong; what kind of fool does that make her? She storms out, leaving Stephen looking worried.

Matt is packing his bags in his car when Patricia comes out from the reception area, looking upset. He asks her if she's alright, but she snaps at him to mind his own business. She slowly walks over to a nearby pillar and leans against it, tears falling down her face. After a few seconds, she turns to look at Matt and calls to him. She walks over to his car and asks if he could wait for five minutes, as she's coming with him.

Stephen is pacing in the reception area when Patricia comes in. He asks if it would help if he said 'sorry'. Patricia snaps that it wouldn't. She then tells him that she's going back to Sydney - Matt Kennedy is giving her a lift. Stephen points out that it hardly seems fair involving a stranger in it, but Patricia snaps that that seems to be his favourite line at the moment. Stephen tells her that he'll see her in a few days - he'll give her time to calm down. Patricia, though, retorts that she isn't going to calm down. She tells Stephen that she doesn't think he understands: when he comes back to Sydney, they're going to have to sort out new living arrangements. To his shock, she announces, "I'm leaving you."


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