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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

John stares at Fiona for several seconds and then disbelievingly says, "Oh, come on..." Fiona asks him if he thinks she'd make it up. John says he doesn't understand, but Fiona tells him that it's the truth; no matter how much he considers Terry to be a mate, it doesn't change the sort of person he is. John angrily asks her why she didn't tell him before. Fiona replies that there were many reasons - Jill mainly: she wanted it kept quiet - she felt so ashamed. John starts to walk out of the room, and Fiona asks him where he's going. John asks her where she thinks. He goes. Fiona turns to Barbara and shakily asks if she can pour herself a drink. Barbara tells her to go ahead. She then remarks that that was the big bombshell. Fiona replies that she wanted to tell her before, but she couldn't. Barbara says she doesn't think she should have now. She then adds that she assumes Lisa doesn't know, and she asks if she's in any danger. Fiona says she isn't. Barbara asks her why she brought it up, as she knows it's going to cause unbelievable trouble. She adds that Fiona just wants to get back at Terry. Fiona snaps that she feels insulted and hurt. Barbara says she understands that, but it doesn't change the fact that, by telling John, she's being purely vindictive. Fiona yells that Barbara can think what she likes, but as far as she's concerned, she hasn't got any apologising to do to anyone. She storms out, leaving Barbara looking worried.

Lisa and Terry are sitting with Warren Hansen in the Hansens' lounge room. Terry is listening to music through a pair of headphones. Warren comments to Lisa that he reckons Terry would have made a good Country and Western singer! Lisa laughs that he certainly dresses for it! Warren says it's a shame he can't sing! Suddenly becoming serious, Warren then tells Lisa that it's made a world of difference to Terry, having her around - she couldn't find anyone more decent and honest than him. He continues that he and Enid were a bit worried what would happen when Terry found out that Fiona was his real mum, but Terry told Enid that it's her he thinks of as his mother. Lisa says she's sure he loves both him and Enid as much as he ever did. Warren tells Lisa that Terry has always liked her; nothing would make him and Enid happier than if she ended up as part of the family. Lisa looks worried.

John runs downstairs at Dural with a packed bag. He looks on the table in the hallway for his car keys, but Barbara is holding then and she asks him if they're what he's looking for. John goes to take them, but Barbara moves her hand away. She suggests to him that they have a talk before he goes rushing off to Woombai. She then adds that it seems he has a rather short memory - didn't she hear him say to Fiona this morning that he's not going to go off half-cocked anymore? John retorts that he isn't - he knows everything he needs to: Terry raped Jill - that's enough for him. Barbara asks him if going to go in there in the middle of the night, drag everyone out of their beds and start abusing a blind man. John snaps that he'll do more than abuse him. Barbara tells him that it can wait until the morning. John, though, snaps that Terry is with Lisa. Barbara tells him that Lisa isn't in any danger - even Fiona admits that; she told her so herself. She suggests to him that he go and sleep on it, and get an early start in the morning when he's worked out exactly what he wants to say. John snaps that he knows now what he wants to say - but he agrees to wait until the morning. Barbara gives him his keys. She says to him that she's not trying to tell him what to do, but a lot of people are going to get hurt, and she thinks everyone should start off with a level head.

Freddy is at the Hansens', and Terry asks him if he wants to stay for tea. Freddy accepts, and Lisa goes to tell Enid to set an extra place. Terry and Freddy go outside and Terry sits down. He then asks Freddy if he's standing, and when he says he is, he tells him to sit down as well, as he's making the place look ugly! Freddy sits down and then asks what Lisa is doing there. Terry replies that she's looking after him. Freddy asks if there's any word on the garage that Fiona is supposed to be buying. Terry growls that the deal is off, and he adds that there's nothing he wants from that lady.

John is in the lounge room at Dural when Fiona comes in. She says Barbara told her that he's not going to Woombai until the morning. John says he wants to know everything that happened. Fiona points out that she told him, but John retorts that she told him what happened; he wants to know how it happened... why Jill didn't contact the police... and what Fiona said to Terry. Fiona sits down and says it was such an ugly thing; she's not trying to make excuses, but it's over; Jill's recovered and she's happy now - she's got Brian and she probably just wants to forget about it. She suggests that maybe it was wrong of her to bring it up, but John snaps, "No way," and he tells Fiona that he wants all the details so that he can make up his own mind what to do. Fiona tells him that she really doesn't think it concerns him, but John incredulously says, "Come on..." Fiona tells him that everyone else wants to forget it, but John retorts that she told him about it, so she can't say she wants to forget. Fiona sadly says she wishes she could. She cries that John is only making it worse: Terry is her son. John snaps that he raped Jill - they can't ignore that. Fiona cries that she wants to but she can't - she loves him and he hates her...

In the reception area at the riding school, Matt asks Patricia if she enjoyed her day. Patricia says she did. Stephen comes in and joins them, and Patricia kisses him. She asks him if they caught many fish, and Stephen replies that Tony is putting them in the deep freeze right now! He then looks at Matt and asks if they've met. Matt says they did, once before. Patricia chips in that it was at Gordon and Barbara's wedding - Dr. Kennedy helped Angela get her memory back. Stephen remembers, and he asks Matt if he's on holiday there. Matt says he is, and will be there for a few more days. He adds that he expects they'll run into each other again, and he walks off. Stephen comments to Patricia that he seems like a nice chap. Patricia says he likes the sound of his own voice. They go and sit down. Stephen says he had a call from Malcolm this afternoon - he wants some signatures; it means he has to go to Sydney tomorrow. Patricia tells him that she'll come with him, but Stephen points out that it took him long enough to get her up there in the first place! Patricia says she's a difficult wife, is she?! Stephen says she is sometimes - but he still loves her! Patricia asks him if he's alright. He replies that he's never felt better in his life.

The next morning, Stephen and Patricia walk out to Stephen's car. Stephen tells his wife that he'll miss her. Patricia points out that he'll only be gone a day! Stephen puts his bag in the car and Patricia tells him to say 'hello' to Malcolm for her. Stephen gets in and drives off. As he goes, Matt comes out from the reception area. He walks over to Patricia and asks her if she's a free agent. Patricia tells him that Stephen will be back tomorrow. Matt says it gives them all day, then. Patricia asks, "For what?" Matt suggests horseriding, seeing as they're both dressed for it. Patricia agrees, but says she might just go and make a 'phone call first. Matt says they've got all day. As Patricia walks off, he smiles...

In the reception area, Patricia is on the 'phone and she says Matt is handsome and he's looking for some fun; on a scale of 1 to 10, he's probably an 11! It's Charlie on the other end, and she says he's married, she supposes. Patricia says no - he's free as a bird! Charlie asks her what she's waiting for, then, but Patricia replies that she doesn't want him for herself - she was thinking about Charlie! She suggests to her friend that she hop on a 'plane and fly up there. Charlie says she'd love to, but she can't, as she's got a luncheon date and a hairdresser's appointment. Patricia tells her that Matt is 6 ft, has a beautiful smile, dimples... Charlie tells Patricia that she's making her go weak at the knees! She gives in and tells Patricia not to let anyone near him until she gets there! Patricia hangs up and smiles...

Before setting off, Charlie heads to Dural to see Lisa, but Barbara tells her that she's not there - she's at Woombai, staying with the Hansens. Charlie says, "Talk about coincidence!" Barbara asks her what she means, and Charlie explains that she's going to Woombai - Patricia and Stephen are up there and she thought she'd join them. Fiona, who's also in the room, asks if they're up at the riding school. Charlie explains that they're getting aawy from it all. She then adds that she only popped in to give Lisa the contract. Fiona asks when Patricia and Stephen went up, and Charlie says it was the day before yesterday. She then adds that she'd better be going. Fiona tells her that she'll probably see her up there, as she's got unfinished business to attend to. Barbara stares at Fiona suspiciously. Charlie says she'll see herself out, and she goes. Barbara immediately asks Fiona what unfinished business she has, and she asks her if she's thinking of having another go at Patricia. Fiona curtly replies that Woombai happens to be where she lives...

John has arrived at the Hansens', but Warren tells him that he missed Terry and Lisa - they left about half an hour ago. John asks where they were going, and Warren says they went for a drive; Terry had to get out of the house. He suggests to John that he wait around, and John says he will. He asks if Lisa is enjoying her stay there, and Warren says he thinks so. John asks if she and Terry are getting on well, and Warren says they seem to be. He comments on the fact that they're getting back together after all these years, and adds that it's a bit of a turn-up. John is grim-faced.

Terry and Lisa are walking along in the grounds of Woombai, talking about the old bush dances they used to go to. Lisa is making fun of Terry's lack of dancing abilities! They arrive back at the car, and Lisa says they'd better get back. Terry says there's no hurry, but Lisa says she promised Enid that she'd help with lunch. Terry suddenly announces that he wants to drive. Lisa incredulously says, "What?" Terry tells her that he's been itching to, ever since they came out this morning. Lisa points out that he'll run them off the road, but Terry says she can tell him if he's veering left or right. Lisa reluctantly agrees, but tells him not to to go too fast.

A short time later, Terry is driving as Lisa sits in the passenger seat, guiding him. She tells him to turn sharp left and then to go straight - but not too fast. Terry looks to be having fun as he gradually puts his foot down on the accelerator! Lisa tells him to turn right, but not too fast; she then tells him repeatedly to slow down. Terry is smiling as he drives along, and Lisa eventually asks him to please stop. She looks upset as the car comes to a halt, and Terry tells her that he's sorry. He then tells her that he's glad she's there. Lisa tells him to slide over, as she's driving. She gets out of the car and goes round to the driver's side. She gets in and drives off.

Warren Hansen asks John if he's staying long in the district, but John replies that he hasn't decided yet. They suddenly hear a car pull up, and Warren says it'll be Terry and Lisa. Terry comes in and Lisa, looking surprised, asks John what he's doing there. John calmly replies that he wanted to see how the invalid was getting on. Terry says he's fine. Warren says he'll leave them to it, and Lisa chips in that she'll go and help Enid in the kitchen; she tells John that she'll talk to him later. When she's gone, Terry goes to sit down, but John grabs the lapels of his jacket and snaps that he ought to knock the living daylights out of him. Terry tells him to get his hands off. John ignores this and snaps that he doesn't care if Terry is blind or not - they've got a score to settle. Terry snaps that he thinks John had better leave, but John says he won't until he's had his say; he suggests they go somewhere private. Terry snaps that he's not going anywhere - the way he feels about Fiona is his business. John growls that it's nothing to do with that; he knows what Terry did to Jill...

Outside, John angrily tells Terry that he wouldn't feel sorry about being blind, because right now, it's the only thing stopping him smashing Terry's face in. He asks what sort of a bloke would do what Terry did to Jill and think it was OK because they thought she was a pro? Terry retorts that he's not saying that what he did was right; he's saying he's sorry. John snaps that that's pathetic. Terry says that what he did to Jill was wrong, and he'd do anything to make it up to her, but he's not going to stand there and listen to John mouthing off about it. John warns Terry that he doesn't want him anywhere near Lisa, but Terry snaps that he'll see who he damn well likes. John threatens that if he does, he'll tell her the truth. He adds that there's no way Terry's going to get her; she's his, so Terry can give up easily or he can make it nasty for himself. Terry sighs.

In the reception area at the riding school, Charlie flirtatiously tells Matt that he simply must take her horseriding after lunch. Matt, though, says he's sorry, but he he took Patricia, this morning. Charlie says he wouldn't let her go on her lonesome... Matt replies that he might have to. Charlie says, "Never mind," and she adds that she's sure there are lots of other things they can do... Patricia chips in that Matt will think of something. Charlie tells Matt that she may not have had many brains at school, but she did excel in persistence! Patricia suggests to her that she go and freshen up while she orders some drinks. Charlie agrees and heads off. Matt immediately asks Patricia where she found Charlie - an escort agency?! Patricia tells him that she's a friend. Matt asks if she's just come to 'lend a hand'? Patricia 'innocently' asks him what he's talking about. Matt replies that she asked Charlie along to keep him at arm's length. Patricia, though, says it's not exactly like that - she just wanted him to know how it feels to be around somebody who won't take 'no' for an answer. Matt remarks that he's being taught a lesson, and adds that he guesses he asked for it. Patricia tells him that he certainly did!

Stephen gets out of his car, having parked it by the side of the road. As he stands on the pavement, there's music coming from somewhere nearby. Stephen looks at a piece of paper he's holding and then walks up a path towards a nearby building. There's a van parked outside. He wanders in through the open door, and as he steps into a large hall, the music becomes considerably louder. He takes a few paces into the hall and then stops and stands watching as a band, consisting of four young guys, plays on the stage. The music suddenly stops and the lead singer asks Stephen if there's something they can do for him. Stephen tells him that he was just passing and he heard the music - he'd like to stay and listen for a while, if that's alright. The singer says that's OK, as long as he doesn't make any noise. He starts to count the band into playing again, but the group's bassist is staring at Stephen intently, and he asks his mate if they can take five. He takes off his guitar, climbs down from the stage and starts walking slowly towards Stephen, staring at him all the time as he does so. When he's a couple of yards away, Stephen says, "You wouldn't be Andrew Green, by any chance?" Andrew replies that, yes, he is - and he reckons he knows who Stephen is, too; he's seen photos of him; he's a bit older, but he can still pick him. He says, "You're my father, aren't you?" Stephen replies, "Yes. Yes I am..."


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