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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia angrily asks Fiona what the hell she's talking about. Fiona yells that Patricia says knows damn well, and she asks what right Patricia has to start telling Terry about her private affairs. Patricia snaps that it's the truth, but Fiona angrily asks her when she's ever worried that. Stephen intervenes and suggests to Fiona that she should leave. Fiona snaps that she might have known he'd take Patricia's side; she adds that he's getting as bad as she is. Stephen, though, calmly says he just wants some peace. Fiona reluctantly says alright - she'll go. She then continues, though, that if there's ever a chance to pay Patricia back, she'll take the greatest pleasure in doing it. She storms out. Patricia shuts the door and snaps that the woman's mad. Stephen asks her what the point is of stirring up trouble between Fiona and her son. Patricia tells him that she didn't mean to - she made a passing remark and he forced the rest out of her. Stephen says it just goes to prove what he's been saying: they've got to get away - he's fed up with all this trouble. Patricia sarcastically snaps that dragging her off to Fiona's riding school will be terrific - Fiona will be breathing down their necks the whole time they're there. Stephen says he's made the bookings and they're going. He tells Patricia that he doesn't want her and Fiona at each other's throats while they're there; he's had enough.

Barbara gives Fiona a cup of tea in the lounge room at Dural, and comments that she hopes she wasn't serious about that threat. Fiona growls that she meant every word. Barbara asks her why she'd want to get involved in another battle with Patricia - there's no way she can hurt her. Fiona retorts that she can if she can get Stephen to wake up to her. Barbara tells her that Stephen is no fool - he knows exactly what Patricia is like, but he loves her anyway. She suggests that Fiona go and see the Hansens and reason with Terry. Fiona, though, says she wouldn't waste her breath. She continues that Patricia doesn't know it, but she's done her a big favour: she's reminded her what Terry is really like. Barbara suggests to Fiona that she's over-reacting, but Fiona snaps that Terry has got nothing to be proud of - and he certainly can't look down his nose at her. Looking impatient, Barbara asks what he did originally to make Fiona dislike him so much. Fiona, though, says she'd rather not say; she just can't pretend it never happened, however much she wants to. Barbara points out that she was doing a good job up until today. She suggests that Fiona is just angry at him for rejecting her. Fiona snaps that she's damn right - she's angry at him and she's angry at Patricia and she intends to stay that way.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia has finished packing her bag. She takes a peek in Stephen's bag and is surprised to find that he's only packed casual clothes. Patricia tells him that he can't take those, but Stephen retorts that he wants to relax - he can't take the pressure anymore. Patricia asks if he's implying that everything depends on this holiday. Stephen replies that he is - including their marriage, he thinks.

Lynn is sitting at the kitchen table in the Palmer house when Kevin gets home. Beryl asks her if she's sure she's doing the right thing. Lynn sadly says she has to try. Beryl goes out into the living room and tells Kevin that his wife is waiting to talk to him. Kevin says that's great - she's finally woken up to herself. Beryl warns, "Kevin..." Kevin goes into the kitchen and, seeing the expression upon Lynn's face, tells her to smile. He then continues that he's glad she's there - he knew she'd see how he felt eventually. Lynn starts to ask if he thinks she's come to apologise, but Kevin interrupts and tells her not to worry about Phillipe - he can forget that; the main thing is that she isn't making him feel lousy anymore. He adds that, when you're in the right... This time it's Lynn's turn to interrupt, and she tells Kevin that she's not there to apologise - he's the one with the apologising to do. When she sees the expression that crosses his face, she tells him not to look so surprised - he hasn't contacted her in days, and he didn't even tell her about Beryl's inheritance. Kevin asks her why she's there, if it's not to make up. Lynn replies that she can't handle the way things are, and if he's not prepared to make an effort, then she wants a divorce. Kevin barely pauses for thought before saying, "OK - go for it." Looking shocked, Lynn asks him if he doesn't have anything to say. Kevin replies that he doesn't if she still thinks she's in the right, and he tells her to come back when she does want to apologise. He heads out the back door. Lynn walks out into the living room, tears streaming down her face. She then runs out of the house.

Later that evening, Beryl snaps at Kevin that he didn't make any attempt to understand what Lynn was trying to say. Kevin retorts that she was the one who asked for a divorce. Beryl tells him that Lynn never expected him to agree. Kevin angrily asks if he's supposed to beg her to take him back, and Beryl replies that of course he isn't; Lynn left there in tears because he wouldn't lift a finger to save their marriage. Kevin snaps that Lynn brought that on herself. Growing increasingly angry, Beryl tells Kevin that she didn't want to take sides, but he's forcing her to. She asks: who walked out? He did. Who wasn't prepared to trust the other parther? Him. And who got tangled up with that spoilt little brat, Amanda Morrell? Him. Kevin snaps that it wasn't all one way: Lynn went off with Davey; Lynn went around with a guy in Paris and then brought him back to live in same house as them and make a fool of him... Beryl snaps at him that he's just making a fool of himself. Kevin snaps back that Lynn is welcome to a divorce - but she can't have Davey; he wants custody and he'll make damn sure he gets it. He storms out. Beryl sighs, heavily.

The next morning, Stephen is in the reception area at the riding school, and he tells the receptionist that he's going out. He then asks if she can arrange for breakfast to be delivered to his wife in an hour - and let her know that he'll be down by the waterhole, fishing. The receptionist tells him that, if they're not biting, there's a tour this morning to the local winery. She hands Stephen a leaflet, and he thanks her, but says he'll stick with fishing - he wants to stay away from crowds.

As he walks to the waterhole, Stephen passes the Woombai homestead, and he comes across a guy outside with his head under the bonnet of a car. He asks the guy if he's having trouble, and the guy replies that he's trying to fix the radiator hose. The guy stands up straight and Stephen is shocked to see that it's Tony. Tony looks equally shocked at seeing Stephen. Stephen comments that he's glad Tony has found another hobby - cars instead of guns. He then adds that he knows shooting Patricia was an accident. Tony says yeah, but he adds that it still makes him feel cold every time he thinks about it. Stephen tells Tony that he'd give him a hand to show that there are no hard feelings, but it's all a mystery to him! Tony says he's got to test the radiator, and he asks Stephen to whop off the radiator cap while he gives the engine a few revs. He hands Stephen a cloth to use, but Stephen doesn't think and puts his hand directly on the cap. He immediately recoils in pain, having been burnt by the hot metal. He curses at himself, saying he wasn't even thinking. Tony grimly comments that he must be bad news for Stephen and his missus!

The two of them go inside, where Tony introduces Stephen to his mother. Alice sees Stephen holding his hand in pain and asks what he's done to it. Stephen explains that he burnt it. Alice asks Tony to go and get the first aid kit from the bathroom, and she tells Stephen to take a seat. Stephen sits down and, seeing Alice holding a camera, asks her if she's there on holiday. Alice says she is. She adds that she always left the camera for the kids to use - she never had much use for it herself. Stephen remarks on her having other children, and she explains that there are a couple of younger ones at school. She then adds that her husband insisted on giving Tony and her a trip away as a treat while he's working. Tony comes in and overhears his mother's story, but doesn't say anything. He hands her the first aid kit. She tells him that she'll look after Stephen, and she asks Tony to put the film in the camera.

In the reception area at the riding school, the receptionist tells Patricia that she got the impression that Stephen wasn't overly keen on visiting the winery. Patricia assures her that she'll talk him into it! She turns round to go and sit down and almost bumps into a man standing behind her. She's shocked when she recognises him as Matt Kennedy. Matt looks just as surprised and remarks that she's the last person he expected to run into...

Matt cheekily asks if he doesn't get a kiss. Patricia retorts that she can't remember what he called her the last time she saw him... Matt recalls that he called her a dragon - or maybe it was a battleaxe; he often gets carried away! Patricia asks him what he's doing there, and he explains that he's having a breather. He adds that he'd be glad to bite his words about calling her a dragon. As she stands there, Patricia lights a cigarette and she tells Matt that her husband is waiting. She goes to head out, and Matt calls out that he'll see her around. Patricia says he won't if she can help it. Matt then calls out to her to take care - and he adds that the cigarettes will kill her!

Stephen tells Alice that the bandages she's put on his hand are a work of art! He then adds that they shouldn't interfere with his fishing too much. Tony asks him if he know any good spots, and adds that he knows a good place. Stephen says he thought he might check out the waterhole. He then suggests to Tony that he could drop down when he's finished working on the car. Alice offers Stephen a cup of tea, but Stephen explains that he has to meet his wife, so he'd better make tracks. He gets up and goes. Alice remarks to Tony that he's a nice man. Tony says yeah, and he looks thoughtful.

Patricia is waiting for Stephen down by the waterhole, and he apologises to her for keeping her waiting. Patricia notices the bandages on his hand and asks what happened. Stephen explains about the car. He then looks around and remarks that the waterhole is beautiful. Birdsong in the background prompts him to ask what it is, and Patricia replies that it's a silver-throated Woombai warbler. Stephen looks interested and says, "Really?" Patricia laughs and asks how should she know?! Stephen smiles and asks her if she's glad she came. Patricia says she is. She then continues that, to show she's in the spirit of things, she's got some tickets for the trip to the winery. Stephen's face drops, and he says he was looking forward to a day's fishing. Patricia says she can cash them in, but Stephen tells her to go. Patricia suggests that they can meet later for a lovely dinner. Stephen says, "Bravo," and he adds that if he could use his hand, he'd clap! He tells Patricia that it's nice to see her relaxing. They kiss and Patricia heads off.

In the reception area, Patricia tells the receptionist that she was right, and she asks if she can cash in one of her tickets. The receptionist tells her that that's fine, as there's a gentleman waiting in hope of a cancellation. Patricia turns round and sees Matt there. She quickly tells the receptionist that she'll cash in both tickets, but Matt says to her that he's sure they can be pleasant to each other for one day. He adds that he'll even sit next to her in the bus if she promises not to smoke! Patricia sarcastically asks if she's allowed to drink. Matt tells her that she can have a few sips at a time, adding that it's not polite to get rolling at wine tastings! Patricia laughs, and agrees to call a truce for one day. Matt promises her that, by tonight, they'll be the best of friends!

John walks into the lounge room at Dural and tells Barbara that he's got the carton of milk she wanted. Barbara asks how much it was, but John tells her to forget it - he thinks he can shout them a carton of milk after all the things she and Gordon have done for him! Changing the subject, Barbara asks him if he's worried about Fiona. John replies that it's hit her hard, having Terry turn on her. Barbara snaps that she could wring Patricia's neck. John says Fiona will get over it, but Barbara points out that Terry was like a dream come true. John says Fiona has always had a hang-up about being mum to everyone - him and Jill especially - because she never got over losing her baby; like he said to her, they couldn't ask for a much better mum. Barbara comments that Fiona is very bitter, and she adds that she's worried about the way Fiona wants to lash out. John says he'll try talking to her. At that moment, Fiona comes in and snaps that there he is. She tells him that Lisa rang - she won't be coming back for a few days. John remarks that he supposes Terry is upset. Fiona just snaps, "Yes." John tells her that she's got to understand that the poor guy's been thrown; he remembers when he first found out about her that it was a bit of a shock. Fiona grimly replies that he didn't treat her like dirt. She then comments to John that she expected him to be straight down there before she'd even finished telling him - he was the one who's been snapping and snarling about Terry. John replies that he was making something out of nothing; he adds that he's mucked up so many things by going off half-cocked, but not this time. He walks off to take the milk into the kitchen. Alone with Fiona, Barbara tells her that John is right. Fiona snaps that he's being a fool - Terry can't be trusted; John wouldn't be so blasé if he knew as much as her. Barbara snaps at Fiona to for heaven's sake tell John whatever it is; she's sick and tired of her dropping hints and saying nothing. Fiona snaps, "Thankyou very much." Barbara tells her that she's not unsympathetic, but Fiona had better make up her mind as to if she's going to spit it out once and for all - and if not , then she should keep the subject to herself. She storms out to get some fresh air.

Tony is with Stephen at the Woombai waterhole, showing him how to tie the bait onto his fishing line. A while later, Stephen casts the line into the water, and Tony does likewise. The two of them stand there smiling. Sometime later still, Stephen is lying on a blanket, apparently asleep. Tony is still sitting with his rod, and he suddenly yells, "Wayhey!" He starts reeling a fish in. A few minutes later, the fish is hanging from the fallen branch of a tree, and Tony holds it up while Stephen takes a photo. Later again, Stephen is reeling his own rod in when he loses his balance and falls in the water! As he staggers backwards onto the shore, he falls again, onto the mud in the grass! He and Tony both end up laughing!

Alice is doing some tidying up in the homestead living room when Stephen and Tony come in. She remarks on the state of the pair of them and adds that she hopes it was all worthwhile! Tony takes the basket of fish out to the freezer, and Stephen sits down at the table. Alice thanks him for asking Tony along, and Stephen replies that he was good company. Alice sadly says she wishes Tony's father had taken him on outings when he was younger... She then realises that she's contradicted what she said earlier, but Stephen says it's alright: Tony told him the story. Alice says she feels so ashamed - that's why she lied earlier. Stephen tells her that he understands, and he says she must have been through a lot to keep her family together. Alice says she thought she was going to have trouble with Tony as well, but then David Palmer took an interest in him; she managed fairly well with her daughter, but her boys need a man's advice to help them through the bad patches. Stephen tells Alice that he admires her for not going under. Alice replies that you do what you have to. Stephen, suddenly looking distant, says, "Some people do..." Coming back to reality, he then says he'd better get going. Tony, who has just walked back into the room, suggests that they could do it again. Stephen says he'd like to.

The receptionist at the riding school asks Stephen how the fishing was, and he tells her that it was fine. He then asks when the bus gets back, and the receptionist says it won't be for a couple of hours. Stephen asks if can make a call, and the receptionist hands him the 'phone. He dials a number and gets through to Malcolm. Malcolm asks how the holiday is, and Stephen replies that he's really starting to relax. Malcolm says, "Just your luck!" He asks Stephen what his worry is, and Stephen explains that he's ringing about the matter they discussed the other night. Malcolm says he assumes Stephen has decided to let sleeping dogs lie, but Stephen replies that he's sorry to disappoint him. Malcolm asks if Stephen seriously wants him to set the ball rolling. Stephen replies that he's given it a lot of thought. Malcolm asks him if he's thought about all the possible consequences, and Stephen says he's thought about all those that he can think of. He tells Malcolm that he just had a great afternoon there, and it helped him make up his mind. Malcolm tells him that it's up to him. Stephen replies that it's a risk he has to take. He hangs up and stares into space, looking thoughtful.

John and Barbara are sitting doing a jigsaw in the lounge room at Dural when Fiona comes in and says she has something rather unpleasant to say, concerning Terry. Barbara gets up to leave, but Fiona tells her that she helped her decide to make a clean breast of it, so she can stay. John snaps that if it's what Fiona was on about this morning, he's not interested - he trusts Lisa and he trusts Terry. Fiona snaps, "More fool you. Trusting Terry, I mean." John asks her why she let Terry work at Woombai, then?; why re-hire him?; why bend over backwards to help him after the accident, if he's such a creep? Fiona snaps that if John cares about Lisa, he's going to stop and listen. She continues that she hates to have to say this, because she desperately wanted to love that boy, but he is nothing but a despicable animal. John shakes his head. Fiona angrily asks what else he'd call a rapist - because that's what he is: he's the one who raped Jill. John stares at her.


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